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excessive urination, sexual weekness and night emission problem 6


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Excessive urination at night

I am 75 yrs old male, diabetic with mild hypertension.
I am suffering from chronic ailments since 2006 . In March 2006 I had severe reaction from an allopathic medicine named offlin .I was hospitalized for 3 weeks and bedridden for almost two years.
In July 2015 I had an attach of fever. The fever used to rise in night and come down a bit in day but the temperature kept rising.Homeopathic treatment didn't help and I was hospitalized in September 2015. I was diagnosed with UTI ( e coli)
There was relapse in March 2016 and September 2016 but symptoms subsided with treatments at home without hospitalization.
I ,however,developed low grade fever with the temperature rising at night ,with morning temperature 99 to 99.5 F .
In April 2017 I developed high temperature which rose to 103 F and I was hospitalized again .
It was again UTI (e-coli and pseudomonas). I was admitted on 19/4/2017 and discharged on 10/05/2017 .within a few days I developed high temperature and admitted again in another hospital. They found pseudomonas still present and also subacute thrombo embolism . I was discharged on 06/06/2017 with low grade fever still persisting. Blood thinner was prescribed for thrombo embolism.
I again developed high fever and was hospitalized in September 2017 .it was again UTI with pseudomonas.
I was discharged on 05/10/2017 with internal catheter , which was removed on 22/10/2017 . Ever since then I am having subnormal urination during day and excessive urination during night.This is extremely troublesome and distressing due to which sleep is badly disturbed.

At present lab tests show no UTI enlarged prostate (60 gm ) elevated tlc 14300

Present problems

Total absence of feeling of well being since 2006

Feeling tired and exhausted always

Persistent feeling of sickness and malaise

Helplessness and hopelessness about future

Fear of death

Lack of body warmth . I am always chilly .HAve to wear woolens in mild summer. Keep catching cold repeatedly. Even now I seem to have caught cold

Apprehensive about fatal illness on slightest sickness

Nights are terrible with bad dreams and very sickly feeling

I wake up totally tired and exhausted. Morning is worst period of day.

Low grade fever with nightly rise in the temperature.the temperature is around,99 to 99.5 F at bedtime rising to around 100 in morning

Stiff toes with feeling of swollen soles

Difficulty in walking, very slow and difficult gait . Pain in inner sides of knees on a few steps.

Pain in left shoulder. Can not sleep on left side

Severe chronic constipation. No satisfactory stools even with daily ayurvedic laxative (nityam ) at bedtime.lack of appetite

Current medicines
Urimax 8 morning
Januvia 100 and metlor ,25 at lunch
Acetrom 3 evening
Lantus,18 units at bedtime
Lycopodium 0/8 one dose at bedtime for last two months with situation worsening gradually

I am really desperate.Fear of impeding death haunting me
I sincerely beg for help

Thanks and regards
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  kks on 2018-03-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You take a dose if lachesis 200 in evening time.some more information you give me like constitution & your behaviour before illness & after that.
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Thanks a lot Doctor for extremely prompt response
Before the reaction to allopathic medicine in 2006 I was in robust health
I had following serious illnesses
Scabies at the age of 7
Measles at the age of 16
Kidney stone at the age of 30
Chicken pox at the age of 38
I recovered from these illnesses fully to full vigor and strength
I could withstand extreme weather,hot or cold , without slightest discomfort
Now I am vulnerable to both heat and cold.
I keep catching cold repeatedly. Even now I seem to have caught cold. My left nostril keeps getting blocked , specially at night which is extremely distressing and disturbing sleep combined with excessive urination at night. I can feel phlegm dripping down the rear of my throat.
I could walk for several kms climb steep hills without getting tired or exhausted
With repeated attacks of illnesses and hospitalization ,now I get exhausted after even slight exertion
I'm very fond of books and movies but now I can't go to movies due to debility and prostration . Even reading is very tiring.
I'm shy by nature but obstinate with streak of jealousy . I tend to shed tears and my throat gets choked impeding clear speech while discussing emotional or sentimental matters
I consider myself to be well mannered. I don't use abusive or foul language
I am bestowed with sense of humor but it is fading away fast.
I'm of average build weighing 62-65 kg when in good health. Now I weigh around 56 kg
I was mentally strong when in good health but now I am timid with fear of serious illnesses and impeding death continuously haunting me.i have lost hope of survival
Earlier I forgot to mention that I suffered from blind piles which disappeared when I was around 30 . The piles have reappeared about two months ago . The ring around anus is slightly swollen obstructing proper passage of stools. Once in awhile there are a few drops of blood as well.
I do hope I have given requisite details. If there is anything further you need to know ,please let me know
Kindly advise further course of action and medicines .
Thanks and regards
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kks 5 years ago
Hello Doctor
I have taken Lachesis 200 one dose yesterday evening as advised. The morning temperature was 100°F today and there was a rise of 1° in the night
I have sent some more information about myself yesterday
I have mentioned about recurrence of piles.
Yesterday night I felt burning in stomach around 4 AM for a while. It subsided after I took a glass of water.
Today morning also there were drops of blood with stools and the quantity was more than yesterday.
Kindly consider and advise further course of action and medication
Thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
Hello Doctor
My condition is deteriorating fast
Fever is rising
Please reply
Thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
Sorry for delay, take aesculus 30 6 pills two times a day. At present you start that then report me after 2 days
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Thanks a lot Sir
Truly obliged
I will take the medicine as advised and report back
Thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
Dr Nishat , Sir
I have started aesculus 30 as advised and will report back after two days.
Should I continue the medicine after two days or wait for your further advice . thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
After two days, how will you feel with this medicine then I will advice you
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Thanks a lot Dr
kks 5 years ago
Hello Dr Nishat
I have taken aesculus 30 for last two days,as advised
My condition has considerably deteteriorated
The temperature is going up yesterday morning it was 100°F and yesterday night it was 99.2. today morning temperature has gone up to 100.6°F
There is no relief in excessive urination at night
Constipation continues to be as severe as before
Swelling on the rim of anus due to blind piles is as before but the bleeding is less
Morning continues to be worst part of the day
Weekness and debility are increasing.
Even sligh exertion causes rise in the temperature and pulse rate
Yesterday I felt chilly during day for several hours ,and I had to wear woolens even though it's summer
During night I have to wear several woolens and wrap myself in blanket and I keep catching cold. My left nostril keeps getting blocked repeatedly specially during night . I am not getting proper sleep due to blocked nostril and excessive urination
The feeling of hopelessness and fear of death are haunting me more and more
Kindly review and advise further course of action
I am really desperate
Kindly treat it as SOS
Thanks and regards
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kks 5 years ago
Continue aesculus for 2 days more. Are you see any dreams during sleeping. If yes then specify what kind of it.
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Dr Nishat Sir
I'm now taking aesculus 30 for further two days as advised
My condition has deteriorated further
Morning temperature today was 101°f
Yesterday night I had terrible time sleep was disturbed due to blocked left nostril . When the nostril opened the inhaled breath caused chill in left lung and I had to drink hot water for relief .it was very uncomfortable
I got my tlc checked. It has risen from 14,300 to 16,200 in one month
There is no relief in any symptoms
I have unpleasant dreams throughout night but I forget the details on waking . The dreams fill me with fear and hopelessness
Kindly review and advise further medication
Thanks and Regards
kks 5 years ago
Sorry for delayed reply, I review your case, & come to a conclusion that you take Arsenic 30, twice daily for 2 days then reply me
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Thanks a lot Doctor
I have started talking ars ars alb 30 as advised and shall revert back
Thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
Hello Doctor
I have taken ars alb 30 as advised, for two day
My condition continues to deteriorate with no relief
Kindly review
Thanks a lot
kks 5 years ago
Please give me once again your present symptoms
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Kks- if you have not been to a real dr. To get urine tested
And other things that dr may want to test, I advise you
To do that. This has gone on too long. Remedies
Can be chosen better if there are test indications of what
Is the real cause.
simone717 5 years ago
Dr simone, if you are advising us then it is good. But this is not a way of talking that if you have not been a real dr. I am a real homeopath & I treat according to homeopathy means on symptomatic basis.
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
I know and respect that you are a real homeopath.
But online prescribing is difficult, so if a person
Is not having results, and they are Deteriorating?

Then common sense is go see a dr face to face-
Get some tests done - I have seen people on here
Over the years - go for months with no result and
Have serious health problems because they needed
To see a real md and find facts that they did not know and
Prescriber did not know.

I am not doubting your ability- I just think
Something else may be going on and should
Be found out.

Appreciate your being on here.


simone717 5 years ago

You have leukocytosis.
There are causes for this, infection, reactions to medications you are taking
And other non infection related causes.

Md’s can tell you after looking at the type of white blood cells in your count,
What the cause is. If it is reactions to your present medications, then
Homeopathy is not going to fix this. You would have to change meds,
So you need to find out exactly what is causing the high white count.
simone717 5 years ago
Respected Doctors Nishat and Simone
I have been several Doctors .
Presently urine is clear and sterile
Thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
Extremely sorry Dr Simone . I missed out on leucocytosis . Could you kindly advise what tests are needed
Thanks and regards
kks 5 years ago
Thank you dr simone for showing me another way of thinking in the way of treatment.
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
When you visit the md last time. Show me report if anything indicated.
you are not improving with the given medicine, thats why I am asking to give once again your present symptoms.
Nishat Parveen 5 years ago
Hi all,
I think it is a possibility that other meds are a block to the cure.

One needs to go to a hematologist expert.
Causes can be viral infections, malaria, drug hypersensitivity,
Auto immune disease, endocrine disorders are some of them.

The hematologist, takes your blood smear
And by looking at types of white cells can
Determine reactive causes such as drug hypersensitivity.
If it is not drug hypersensitivity, they then look
At bone marrow, and peripheral blood samples.

The key to this is right diagnosis. I am not a dr.
And this is complicated - as far as types of further
Tests. The first step is having the hematologist
Determine if you are having drug sensitivity.
simone717 5 years ago

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