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speech regression in 3 year old

i posted in this forum about mu daughter and got a suggestion of medicine but it has not worked
here are her details again any suggestion would be highly appreciated
age:03.2 years old
sex: female
weight: 17 kgs
height: 39 inches
body type:normal
she has speech regression and autism like symtoms
the pregnancy was really easy and uneventful was born through normal delivery she weighed 3.3 kgs at birth
, cried immediately all in all everything was as normal as one can hope for
she achieved all her milestones had a vocabulary of 35 words by 1 year. used to respond to her name point at things etc
after 15 months she started loosing speech like instead of mama would say ma, stopped learning new words and then she was totally silent
she is excellent at non verbal communication
sleeping habits are good, she sleeps for 12 hours 7/8pm to 7/8am
loves milk
sometimes eats whatever we give at other time doesnt take solids all day
is very stubborn
doesnt socialize
like arranging objects in order
doesnt role play
doesnt respond to name or threats
has a habit eating chalk mud
holds poop in
bites her lower lip all the time
loves to take a bath
has mild eczema
we can not pin point exactly why this happened but we have a fear that it was because of the vitamin A vaccine because its was short and only one doctor had it and he gave it to her when she was 15 months old
medication: nat mur 6 1 week then nat mur 30 twice a week for 3 months and bryta carb on sunday for 3 months
if you need more information let me know
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  Umeedalam on 2018-04-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try ars. alb. 30c, one pill/drop as a dose, two times per day for four to five days only.

Observe changes over a week and report.
maheeru 2 years ago
How to give it in globules form ??
Umeedalam 2 years ago
You can give one globule as a dose.
maheeru 2 years ago
hello dr Maheeru
today is the 5th day of giving my DD ars alb should i report this week or 1 week after giving medicine for 5 days???
Umeedalam 2 years ago
Wait and let the doses act for some days. Then you can report.
maheeru 2 years ago
Respected sir
I would like report the changes i have observed in my daughter since i started giving her ars alb as its been a week now
1. She is calmer.
2. Eye contact has increased (previously there was none or just for a few seconds).
3. She has not woken up crying once in the niddle of the night before she would do it daily and go back to sleep after getting a bottle of milk.
4. Has been coming to me and her father for cuddles which she had not done in a year.
5. She used to place five snacks like french fries jn a line on table then take one chew it place it back on the table and repeat with all five and then eat them. She stoped doing that.but today i saw her again putting 5 fries on the table but she didnt repeat the chewing ritual.
6. She also played with toys in number of 5 .. which she is not doing anymore
7. She has been saying amma which she used to call her grand mother .. but not using the word to call her rather to tell us that she wants to go see her ..
Please note that the changes are hardly in 5 percent of her condition yet we are really excited and want to know if its because of the medicine ..
Kindly reply asap .. looking forward to hearing from you
Umeedalam 2 years ago
Yes it's medicine's beneficial action.
maheeru 2 years ago
Dr maheeru Please reply to my post
mariz 2 years ago
o what do you suggest we do next ?
Umeedalam 2 years ago
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Umeedalam 2 years ago
Leave one more week without medicine. Meanwhile buy Ars. alb. 200c.

After this week, start ars. alb. 200c. One dose will be two globules. Once a week this needs to be given(one dose per week) to the maximum of eight doses.

Any drastic changes keep me posted.
maheeru 2 years ago
sir i would like to give her in water how many drops in how much water please tell me ..
Umeedalam 2 years ago
Is there any reason why you want to give in water? Like giving the medicine in water will make her take it readily/easily?

In that case have a disposable glass and a stirrer. Dissolve two pills/drops/globules in 50ml water in the glass and give the water to her. It does not matter if she leaves a part of the solution unconsumed as long as she does intake some quantity.
maheeru 2 years ago
the reason is in case of globules or pills she does not take just 2 .. she wants alot of them and throws tantrums so its easier to give in water ,, thank you very much i will start giving her the medicine this sunday and will report any significant changes
Umeedalam 2 years ago
Dr i would like to update you on my daughters condition . On sunday i gave her the third dose of ars alb 200 but i have not seen any change in her condition . When i gave her ars alb 30 the change was immediately visible . So i wanted to ask for your advise as to what should we do ?
Umeedalam 2 years ago
Any thing different while giving 200c compared to the previous time when you were giving 30c?
maheeru 2 years ago
no not really everything is pretty much the same .. and the changes that 30 c brought are also there
Umeedalam 2 years ago
This is some sort of block.

Try Ars. alb. 6c one pill/drop on three consecutive days. Let me know even if a very small change is noticed in a few days following the medicine.
maheeru 2 years ago
today i gave her second dose of 6c and she has been over emotional since yesterday crying over nothing she almost never cries and she has been shedding tears .. other than that there is no change and i was wondering if its the medicine
Umeedalam 2 years ago
Don't give the third dose on the third consecutive day. Leave a gap of four days without medicine and then give that dose. Report after that dose.
maheeru 2 years ago
I gave her the 3rd dose today ...
Last 4 days were the worst although she didnt cry on nothing like when i was giving her 6c but she wasnt her usual cheery self and was cring a little bit too and she didnt take a single bite of anythig solid and she started avoiding cuddles and eyecontact stoped taking commands and the worst of all i had trained her to pee in the toilet a month ago and there had been no accidents for weeks, she would either tell me or hold it in and wait for me to take her but now its like she is an infant i had to put a diaper on her she is somehow worse than before we gave her 30c ...
after the 3rd dose around 8 in the morning she asked for food around 12 but only took a few bites and her mood was better than last 6 days as in no cring episode
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Umeedalam 2 years ago
Ok. Leave 5 to 6 days gap between doses and go back to 30c.

Dissolve two pills/drops of ars. alb. 30c in a 200ml water bottle. From this bottle shake it up and down gently for four times and transfer half a teaspoon of medicinal solution to a disposable cup or glass where you will add little water possibly not more than 50ml water and give the dose to her.

Preserve the medicinal bottle of 200ml. Keep it away from sunlight and moisture. For the second dose you will shake this bottle and transfer half a teaspoon solution to the glass(glass will be added 50ml water afresh).

Give her two doses with a gap of 6 days and report.
maheeru 2 years ago
2 consecutive doses or 6 days gap between each dose too ??
Umeedalam 2 years ago
No consecutive dose for her unless specifically mentioned.

Give a gap of six days between doses.
maheeru 2 years ago
Today i have my DD the first dose exactly as you instructed and she has been crying all day .. without any reason .. this is heart breaking and unbearable .. why does she cry and why did you think ars abl. Is her medicine ??? And please we have been at it for a while now and it isnt working
Umeedalam 2 years ago

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