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Lycopodium or a more specific remedy?

For some years I have been suffering from (chronic) complaints (fear of taking responsibility for important decisions, suppression of emotions, certain occasionally strongly itchy skin areas in the perineum, declining gums, unstable teeth, receding gums, myopia, now increasing hair loss, pressure in the groin area). I treated them myself: with physical exercise, eating no sugar but healthy food, eye training or homeopathic remedies.

In January 2016, after a long decision-making process, I also visited a homeopath for these complaints.

However, my symptoms have not improved since I started treatment with her. On the other hand, in February 2016 there was another impairment, an inguinal hernia. Hadn't Samuel Hahnemann written in § 2 of his organon, "The highest ideal of healing is fast, gentle, lasting restoration of health"? The restoration of health certainly takes longer in chronic conditions, perhaps I did not have the necessary patience.

I went to see another homeopath again in early 2018. The feedback from patients on her website seemed promising. More concretely than other patients, who expressed themselves on other internet sides to her treatment, they could say, which complaints disappeared by which homeopathic treatments. After a quite detailed anamnesis she described me Sulphur.

I had the impression that the first homeopath knew a lot, but was not particularly systematic. It was more of an experimental jumping between different remedies. I was surprised that immediately after the initial consultation she chose certain medicaments without consulting a repertory or software. I should take Staphisagria XM and after about three weeks Carcinosium C200 three weeks back to back at an interval of one week. I followed her homeopathic prescription, consulted her in her practice a second time and remained in contact with her until November 2016, but there was no improvement in my complaint.

The second homeopath, whose website I found much more meaningful than that of other homeopaths, initially carried out a longer anamnesis. Then, however, she did not recommend me a specific remedy that was exactly tailored to my complaints, but probably the most general remedy available for homeopaths: Sulphur. After her prescription I took it for about a month, first daily, then every two days as Q-potency. I got bills, but my complaints did not improve.

Moreover, I was not satisfied with the communication I experienced with her and then I intensified the research on my own. I used different homeopathic books, drug descriptions and the ABC Remedy Finder App. I read many posts in the internet and in your forum. I have researched for a remedy myself that covers my main complaints on the one hand and other symptoms as well on the other. I compared different remedies and I have shortlisted Lycopodium, Nitricum Acidum, Natrium Muriaticum and Staphisagria.

I'm currently leaning towards Lycopodium. Or are there good reasons for choosing another drug? The problem with Lycopodium, however, seems to be that it covers the symptoms in general quite well but in particular there may be remedies which fit more precisely to the itching, like Dolichios pruriens. This time I would like to try the Kent scheme of a stepwise enlargement of the potencies, i.e. from C200 over C1000 to XM or higher. Could you give me some advices? I would be grateful.

Regards Tangram
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  Tangram on 2018-07-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Two weeks ago, I have posted the text above. I have been waiting for your response. In the meantime, my overall health situation did not improve. Some symptoms have become slightly less painful, others have been added.

I believe it is important to give remedies enough time to work. Therefore I am skeptical about taking high potencies more often in short periods in succession. Before posting in your forum, I did some research on your website in order to get a clearer picture about taking high potencies. In the end, I took Lycopodium C30 for six days in a row between 4th July and 9th July, once a day.

Since then, the overall pressure in the groin area has decreased. Swellings became less. The itching in the area of the perineum has increased, however. When I scratch the right side of the perineum, it is as if these scratching impulses go over a line and then painfully activate certain organs in the right groin area.

After drinking beer or more than 200 millilitres of normal, i.e. sulphured wine, the itching the next morning becomes particularly unpleasant, just as when I think of obligations or unpleasant things in the future.

A week ago I treated a bump on the left thigh I got from a bed edge with massage and Arnica C30. It worked pretty well.

Three days ago, I was rubbing on an area about 5 x 20 cm on the inside of my left thigh. The skin of my legs was very sensitive. I have a varicose vein on the inside of my left thigh. With sport and yoga I believe I can keep it small. This area became inflamed after I applied a facial cream, but I did not take any homeopathic remedies afterwards. The skin turned red, became bloody and and yesterday pimples formed there.

I have added this information about recent physical phenomena here for the sake of completeness, my main complaints, which I described in the first entry, have hardly changed.

I would be happy if you could give me information about a helpful medicine, the right potency and appropriate intake intervals.

Best regards

Tangram 5 years ago
You possibly have analysed well. Lyc seems a good remedy for your presenting symptoms.

Also since you have used 30c and seen some results, the natural progression would be to use 200c. You can dose once every 8 to 10 days. You can go upto six or eight doses.

Not leaving the task to others, you tried on your own---very good :) Also when you come across a good homeopath, do not leave him/her as it's very hard to find a good homeopath.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thank you very much for your reply and your hints, Dr. Maheeru. I would like to go further with the dose you have mentioned in your post. I think you are right. It is certainly very difficult to find a good homeopath. For me it is not only someone who knows a lot and has a lot of experience, but also someone who, as C.G. Jung says, knows his own shadow and with whom a person seeking advice can communicate well.
Tangram 5 years ago
You captured my sentiments about the good h'path well. Homeopathy is a great leveller. Sometimes a beginner sticking to basics can produce results while an experienced expert can get stuck. Additionally i endorse your sentiment of finding a h'path with good communication, i have had people telling me that with nasty personality and behaviour(it could be a simple request to reveal a medicine name that could have triggered these episodes) some h'paths reduced them to tears during visits.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hello readers of this post, hello Dr. Maheeru

I live in a country where I do not know a pharmacy that sells homeopathic remedies. As far as I know, it can only be obtained from homeopaths or by deliveries from abroad.

From mid-July to mid-August, I was abroad and there I purchased various homeopathic remedies, so that on Friday 17 August I finally took five globules Lycopodium 200C. Afterwards the itching at the perineum decreased slightly. At the moment I do not feel any pressure in the groin region. The swelling of the abdomen has also decreased. Every now and then I have a drink, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. But on 17 August, the day before and also the following day, I did not drink alcohol. The following week, however, I drank two doses of beer and three glasses of wine. After drinking beer and wine the itching became more noticeable all over the body, especially at the perineum. Maybe it would be better to drink no alcohol at all.

But then, also after drinking no alcohol, I experienced itching during the night on Thursday, August 23rd. The itching is perhaps also related to the tropical temperatures and the high humidity we are exposed to here. I also noticed itching in my back and arms, as well as itching in the perineum, that's still prickly, but has lost intensity.

The swollen veins on the left lower leg (are there varicose spots as I suspect?) itch, sometimes hellish, sometimes less. The skin on the left and right shinbone feels like parchment, it feels poorly supplied with blood, rather thin and sensitive. The same applies to the skin on the upper part of the left and right side forearm.

Treatment of the varicose parts of the lower legs with "healing clay" (natural clay for at least two hours) daily from Monday, 20 August. After that: The swelling of the veins recedes, but blue discoloration of the veins remains over an area of 20 x 5 cm. Yesterday (30 Aug.): Additional treatment of itchy skin rash on the lower legs with the Schüssler ointment No. 8, Natrium chloraticum. The itching decreases and small red spots such as rubella appear on the skin around and near the shinbone.

At rest, little itching on the lower legs at night. Also in the morning hardly any itching on the lower legs. Less itching at the perineum in the morning immediately after waking up. Could this be a sign that in the sense of Hering's rule the skin disease migrates from top to bottom?

Itching in the right ear canal has also been noticeable for about two weeks now.

I have read that the Swiss homeopath Künzli (1915-1992), who translated and edited the repertory of James Tyler Kent, assumes a certain "minimum effective time" after taking homeopathic remedies. During this time one should wait for the effect of the remedy and not repeat or change it. For higher
potencies (from 30C), this minimum effective time is 35 days. Therefore I was surprised by the relatively short minimim effective times I was exposed to according to the instructions of previous homoeopaths.
With a homeopath I took Staphisagria XM for three days in a row, in January 2016. Wouldn't it be better with these high potencies, just to take a dose once a day and then wait and see? I wondered then. Also on the websites of ABC-homeopathy I read that some homeopaths recommend the successive intake of high
potencies in quite short periods of time. Therefore, as described above, I took Lycopodium C30 for six consecutive days in July.

My plan now looks like this: I would now wait another week and take just once five globules of Lycopodium M on the second weekend in September. After appropriate waiting time then possibly Lycopodium XM. If this is not working properly, I would go further with another more general agent, Natrum Muriaticum, or with more special agents (e.g. Dolichos Pruriens or Croton Tiglium). I have the impression, however, that my overall health conditions (mental and physcial charateristics) are less reflected in the image of these specific remedies.

Now the above mentioned reddened region of the lower leg itches sometimes very much. I am not sure whether I should simply observe these areas until I take Lycopodium M and treat them with natural remedies. Or would the additional intake of another homeopathic remedy make sense? This might interfere with Lycopodium. I am thinking of Arsenicum Album 200C, Natrium Muriaticum 200C, Rus Toxicodendron C30 or Urtica Urens 30C.

I would be very grateful for all suggestions and hints.

Tangram 5 years ago
Hi ,

Maheeru has posted on other cases that he is unfortunately not available right now. Perhaps he will be back on in a couple weeks.

The remedy is actively doing things right now.
What you need to do is just keep observing
- if a potency is having effects, then normally one takes another dose of the same potency(often a water dose which slightly ups the potency) when effects seem to have stalled.
And one continues the same potency, until that
Potency no longer has effect.

Please wait for Maheeru to return to advise you.
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simone717 5 years ago
Thank you, Simone717, for your feedback.

My mind tells me that observing and intervening as little as possible (i.e. not using chemicals or suppressive measures) makes sense. However, if itching on the legs and other parts of the body becomes unbearable, if new inflamed areas appear on the skin of the lower leg and some veins swell up there, the desire arises to eliminate these symptoms and to use a new remedy that could perhaps bring relief. At the moment it looks as if only new symptoms have been added since the middle of July and that there has been no shift in symptoms as I have assumed.

I hope that Dr. Maheeru will be able to realize his plans and that I can read from him when he returns.

As I wrote in the above post, I would like to observe the symptoms until next weekend and then continue with Lycopodium M. Another option would be to continue earlier with a water dose of the same potency (200C) as you have suggested.

I know a psychological mechanism that often appears: I consciously set myself certain goals and unconsciously work against the achievement of these goals. Perhaps this is now also true of the current situation: A consciously chosen remedy has set a certain development in motion and the unconsciousness wants to use these symptoms to keep me from getting more benefit of this drug working on me.
Tangram 5 years ago

So would you say skin symptoms since July are
All new??

Never had anything similar?
simone717 5 years ago
I've had skin problems before. These occurred in particular after stressful situations, for example after an unpleasant diagnosis, after an argument with my father, after an abrupt climate change or also after drinking wine. About a year ago, I gave up alcohol completely for eight months and was then surprised to hear from my homeopath that abstaining from alcohol was not so important for the treatment. In the meantime, however, I assume that healing can be accelerated if one gives up alcohol and other things during a certain period of time.

The picture of these earlier skin complaints was more like that of shingles: several small, contiguous, ring-shaped blisters with a red edge, which then burst open after a few days or a week. In August 2016 I had these places on my thigh.
Since mid-July 2018, the affected areas of skin have become inflamed, after I foolishly applied a facial cream there. Now isolated, small, ring-shaped small bubbles were formed, which burst after one week. Since mid-July, these areas of skin on the lower legs itch and red spots remain or are added. These areas of skin do not itch all day, but sometimes intensely for an hour or more and then the itching goes back to a tolerable level for one or more hours. The skin inflammation seems now to be different than before and it lasts for a longer time.
Tangram 5 years ago
It sounds like you suppressed things with the cream and now the one dose is releasing things.

The way to think about this is , one has to go by
Reactions of the body. Every person Is unique.
The correct remedy and dose will activate the life force to start
Clearing and releasing. Once that life force has been set in motion,
You never take more doses or higher potency-until you know reactions have stalled.

If you do then you are overwhelming the life force - hindering it .
Skin ailments can take a bit of time releasing and
The release can be exacerbated by dosing too high
A potency or too many doses.

If aggravation is unbearable, people can try what is called
Aggravation zapper( google it) really it is a dose
That is diluted using many cups of water.

You could also try oatmeal baths to soothe the skin.
For sure, do not take another dose or higher potency - let this play out.
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simone717 5 years ago
Thank you for the hints in your last post, simone717. I haven't replied to your post in the meantime, because I preferred to wait and see what will happen. I checked your hint about the "aggravation zapper". It seems that it is something like plussing. I have experienced this a bit. I diluted a homeopathic remedy and then stirred the resulting liquid according to the instructions of a homeopath. But after taking this liquid, I had not been able to notice any change in my condition. Therefore I am a little sceptical.

I have thought about your statement and did some research. You wrote, "You never take more doses or higher potency-until you know reactions have stalled." It would be necessary to ask exactly what effects or "reactions" are (improvements? deteriorations? old or new symptoms?) and whether these can actually be traced back to a certain medicine.

Some texts are in favour of a more careful treatment. For example, J.T. Kent states in his "Lesser Writings": "If the remedy is homoeopathic to a given totality, a single dose very high may cure the whole case; if, however, it seems necessary to repeat, and the disease only disappears while the remedy is being repeated the selection is a bad one and had better be changed."

I also prefer a more defensive approach with waiting and observing. However, almost three years have now passed. During these years I have tried with various homeopathic means and methods to get rid of the complaints which I described in my first post. At some point I would like to see a result and not experiment again for weeks with an uncertain outcome.

Has the cream caused the aggravation of the leg pain from 26 July or the subsequent doses of Lycopodium 200C (on 17 and 27 August)? Let's assume that it was the different doses of Lycopodium in mid-July (30C) and mid-August (200C). It therefore looks as if the effect of this dose is decreasing.

In fact, I took Lycopodium C30 six times in a row in mid-July (as described above). The discomfort on the leg, i.e. a noticeable redness and a burning irritation, caught my attention afterwards on July 26th. On this day I applied the face cream and blisters formed on the skin (see above). It seems to me that the facial cream was not the cause, but a kind of catalyst that intensified the development.

In the last week of August, I experienced unpleasant, sometimes prolonged itching on my legs almost every day and a reddening of the skin near both of the shin legs on an area of about 25 x 5 cm. In contrast to a week before, where the night was rather calm, I also experienced a violent itching on the lower legs during the night. The reddening of the left leg then went back and finally, on the first weekend in September, also on the right leg. Small red dots still remained there, which are now coming and going irregularly. Nevertheless, the skin is still itching on the legs, but less than before, and the skin there was very dry at first, it peeled off.

On the morning of Wednesday, 29 August, I had the impression that the itching at the perineum was coming back. Possibly in the reverse order old symptoms reappear? In fact, in the past few days in September, I have noticed an increasing pressure in the groin area (this pressure had almost disappeared for a few weeks) and in the usual parts of the body I have been experiencing the familiar itching, although somewhat weaker than before. Likewise the itching migrates now also on the joint bend between foot and lower leg. There are also other complaints, which at first had gone back in the weeks after the taking of Lycopodium in July. Now, in the second week in September, they reappear again, for instance, a swollen lower body and aphthae in the mouth.

Teut et al. have systematized the "occurrence of new or old symptoms" in the following way:

1. Changed original state of illness
1.1 + new symptoms,
1.1.1 which are covered by previous medication
1.1.2 which are not covered by previous medication

1.2 + old known symptoms
1.2.1 slight impairment or duration < 5 days, or symptoms are covered by previous medication
1.2.2 Severe impairment > 5 days, symptoms are not covered by previous medication

2. unaltered original disease state
2.1 + new symptoms

(Teut et. al. Kursbuch Homöopathie. Munich. Urban & Fischer / Elsevier: Urban & Fischer / Elsevier, 2016, p. 155)

Which of these developments is now in line with the development I am experiencing?

I assume it falls into the category 1.1 or 2.1.
1.1.1 could be true, since the dry, burning skin on the lower legs, which had been added since mid-July, is, as far as I know, also present in the Lycopodium drug profile.
1.1.2 is perhaps supported by the fact that skin rashes are now decreasing, but itching still remains. Does this not rather reflect the clinical picture of a more specific remedy such as Dolichios pruriens?

For 1.1.1 Teut et al recommend a "Wait and see" strategy, in case of 1.1.2 they suggest selecting a follow-on agent.
For 1.2.1 they suggest C potencies, waiting / Q potencies, reduce or pause and at 1.2.2 search for a follow-on agent.
With 2 the prognosis is rather unfavorable. One could choose a new remedy.

Now I ask myself, which situation exists, whether I should wait still further, or should I try a new remedy. My impression is that most likely 1.1.1 is the case. My original plan was to continue with Lycopodium 1000C. Maybe I will do this next weekend or the weekend after that.

Best regards Tangram
Tangram 5 years ago
Dear Simone717,

I have seen many good replies from your side to needful members of this forum. Therefore, I request you to please reply to a question posted by me at https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php...

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

Ria Reseter
Ria.Reseter 3 years ago

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