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I have hyperacidity with recurrent chest pain and stomach bloats with gas even if I have home made food. also I get cold often.
finding myself lethargic
wake up in the morning with slight headache.

An intern friend suggested a single remedy, Nux Vomica 30C 4 globules twice a day for a month.

Just wanted to confirm if the suggestion is right or
  SM24 on 2018-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There is no right or wrong in homeopathy.

Every practitioner does their own thing based on their knowledge and experiences. (and also what they were taught at a college)

Nux vomica sounds good to me, but I would just take 30c, twice a day for 3 -4 days as a test dose and wait for the reactions.
Tui 4 years ago
Thank you for your reply .....

I have already bought the months dose.

All I wanted to check if this would work as single remedy
with respect to all my symptoms mentioned and is it right to take this medicine for one whole month without any other known side effects and then reduce it gradually over a period of 3 months.

Also I wanted a remedy for a pain in my chest on the front which pains exactly at the back, same point at the shoulder blade.
doctors say its a muscular pain. is there anything which I could get rid of permanently, as this pains comes very often and then goes.

Thanks in advance.
SM24 4 years ago
Can you explain more about the pain?

What kind of pain is it?

What are the things which aggravate your symptoms?

What are the things which ameliorate your symptoms?
Tui 4 years ago
Its a pain which I feel when I have hyperacidity, during such time I feel little sluggish, weak, difficult in breathing, slight nausea for few days, vomitting sensation but no vomitting especially after drinking strong tea and another observation is, when I rest my arms against the balcony, so a kind of pressure gets created in the chest may be leading it to a muscular pain. and few years back I even had a fractured collar bone due to a bike accident.

and this pain is recurrent, its stays for few days and goes on its own and then returns back again in a duration of 15 days.
SM24 4 years ago
Hi SM24,

Hyperacidity needs a diet change for at least 2 weeks or so.
This condition is brought on by making wrong food choices over a long period of time. Having too much acidic food and drink changes your
Cell ph from alkaline (normal) to acidic( which causes this) . Remedies alone will not cure it if diet is not changed.

Diet should be healthy protein and vegetables
And drink water- no tea , chocolate,

coffee, soda, citrus fruits or drink, no fast food.
Please google alkaline foods and eat those for a couple weeks.

The symptoms of all your pains are from hyperacidity(gerd/ acid reflux)

As far as remedies, I would try the nux vomica a few times as Tui has said- if you take too many doses you will create other symptoms from overdosing. I suggest you try 3 tabs of Nat phos 6x
Cell salt before or after a meal for a week. Nat phos is a natural acid reducer. As you do this with diet change, you will notice relief- and if relief continues and then You you feel acidic symptoms after Nat phos- then reduce
The Nat phos to one meal a day- until you need longer need it.

After you feel better you can bring back tea, etc but
You have to then notice when you are overdoing cups of tea, and other acidic things and keep a balance. Also do not have tea
Or any drink boiling hot- as this damages the lining of your esophagus,
And causes problems.

The nux you bought will still be good 50 years from now. It is a common remedy used to clear the slate of too much of anything
And good to have on hand. Too many doses or too high
A potency can bring symptoms back or start new symptoms- homeopathic dosing is very different than allopathic meds- more is not better.
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simone717 4 years ago
Thank you simone , I have just posted another post regarding my mother as "multiple problems" to which i got a reply for nux vomica 30C and other medicines, but as you suggested in my case that too much of nux isn't good enough, yet I wish. you to have a look point by point and give your advice.
Thanks once again
SM24 4 years ago
Hi, I am going to post here, so I do not confuse the treatment thread for your mother.

This is a very mild , opening prescription. Anuj often opens a case with the first doses of nux vomica. This is because nux
Clears out “ too much of anything” food, medicine overdosing etc,
Effects. It is a general clearing. It is safe to use his protocol.

The Nat sulph and Nat Mur are cell salts (just like the Nat phos 6x you can take for acidity) Cell salts are mild and short term and they act on
The cells to put them back into balance- there are 12 salts that have the minerals we already have in our cells- the salts balance out what is missing and what is too much in the cell. I use them often because
When a problem arises, salts often fix the issue in days or a few weeks
And then no need for anything else.

Your mother has a lot going on. It sounds like
She is having biliary colic symptoms ? And possibly
Cholecystitis?Nat sulph is for liver/gall bladder among many other uses
And Nat Mur can be for acidity(they both cover many things)

Your mothers case has to go in layers- she has to change her diet like you- and please google correct diet for fatty liver.

It seems to me the gall stones are the main issue right now- and
What they usually suggest is removal of the gall bladder.

So what have the drs said on this??

This is the first thing to address for your Mom.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-08-11 13:53:02]
simone717 4 years ago
Thank you Simone for going through the case and giving your detailed explanation.

The doctor adviced surgery as usual....but then the Sonography says, multiple gall bladder calculi, the largest measuring 5 mm, so we showed even to a homeopath here, who advised

Berberis V Q and Chelidonium M Q 10 dops in some water twice a day.

So I had bought these Medicines and kept it as it is. yet to administer.

Also few days back I started giving her with arnica 30C wet dose (Mr. Joes therapy if you have read) and she felt quite good with that.

and often she takes Tonicard gold drops with contents of( Cactus G, Crategeous O, Convallaria, Valeriana, strophanthus, aurum, camphora) so this takes care of her heart ailments.

I know it would sound quite complicated now. and I have used a lot complicated way and I wont reach any result. but I wish you could pull out some time and see for yourself the best way where I can align all this together and bring complete relief.

right now she is quite active and does her daily chores of cooking, cleaning, teaching etc.

small input, before you suggest, Mr. Joes therapy worked well with her in just 2 days of time, arnica 30C has given her much relief and she wakes fresh and less of complaints.

and now reading your views over clearing everything, I have stopped everything, and just giving her Nux 30c 5 drops in 30 ml since yesterday

Thanks once again...
SM24 4 years ago
Hi SM24,

Good to hear your mother is having relief with Arnica 30c. Arnica is a great anti inflammatory remedy - I think Joe has
Been taking it every day for 15 years.Of course,
This is Joe’s own “experiment” he is not a dr or homeopath, he likes
Protocols that he invents.

I think that you should give her the Arnica at night
And use the Berberis/Chel prescription to try to
Dissolve stones .

See how that goes for a few weeks- stop other remedies(gold drops)
As this is too many things at once.
simone717 4 years ago
Hello Simone,

Thank you so much for your time....

I will do as you say....

What about nux ? I'm giving her since yesterday ....

Should I give her for 2 more days to clear up....

And then start the arnica/berb/chel after 2 days ?

Also she has hyperacidity, so I'm giving her Nat Phos 6x, is that ok ?

Can, Nat Phos 6x be substituted with Nat Phos 6C in liquid and sugar globules form ?

Also she takes herbolax 2 pills for constipation at night, should we to stop that ?

Meanwhile I request you to please put in some of your time for me, to see what goes well to clear the plaque from arteries and best way to reverse the Grade 1 diastolic dysfunction. This is quite important part of treatment which needs to be addressed on priority....or suggest somebody who can really help me on this forum with this issue....

I hope I'm not giving you to much of trouble, I'm really sorry for that, but then you are person who I see has lot of patience for people and are kind enough to answer the stupidest questions and pacify anyone....

God bless you....

SM24 4 years ago

You can stop nux and start the berb/ chel now.
She can have the Nat phos 6x before or after a meal
Twice a day. But.. if she is is not having acidity symptoms
Which also biliary colic can give similar symptoms?

Then do not give that- as taking that when you are not acidic can make you feel acidic. So you have to see what her reaction
Is- ? No on Nat phos potencies- use 6x.

Have you changed her diet? Is she having vegetables and drinking
Enough water? How long has she been taking the laxative?
She has a lot going on - so you do not want to make tons of changes
At once. Just continue the laxatives for a couple weeks for now.

Diet change will help with plaque - As far as the heart issue-
Make a thread and ask for kadwa. He is a physician.
He prescribes multiple remedies and others do not.

I would list the issues- and tell him you are going to do berb/ chel
And that prescription and arnica and Nat phos if needed-
Describe the heart diagnosis and ask him to review the entire
Set of meds- please follow him on this- he is a good dr.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-08-13 17:08:18]
simone717 4 years ago

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