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Hyperacidity and left shoulder and Neck pain

I have a very long post the details are in the link I have provided here.

My case was attended by Dr Kadwa. Missing him. Any details on his whereabouts?

I have enlarged prostate and also suffering from severe pain from the left neck to the base and a bit towards the shoulder. Am also frequently suffering from hyperacidity. Pains at the center below the rib cage and along till the top of the esophagus.

For my prostate am taking Sabal Serulata MT, Reckeweg R25 and R18. Nothing else.

Please help me.

Thanks very much in advance.
  pimathew on 2019-08-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I've read some of your posts but I need to know exactly what are your current symptoms regarding your prostate and other symptoms.

1. Is your prostate still enlarged as before?
If so, how big is it ? And what are the symptoms?
Do you have any pain there and if so, what kind of pain ? ( e.g like burning or stinging pain )
And what make things better or worse?

2. Your neck pain. How did it start? What kind of pain is it ? And what make things better or worse? (For example, cold application is better or massaging neck feels better or worse, etc)

3. Hyperacidity. Explain it the same way as other symptoms.

4. Also, are you taking any medication or have done any surgery ?

5. Anything else you want to talk about?
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Tui,

Can you help thread “anxiety disorder”,
User is Poush. His prescriber was suspended.
Thank you.
simone717 3 years ago
Hi Simone

I've tried to help him in the past but I couldn't find a right remedy for him. Maybe Maheeru can help?
Tui 3 years ago
Thank you for the reply Tui.
Yes, maybe Maheeru can help if he has time.
Nice to see you back on here.
simone717 3 years ago
Thanks Simone

Nice to be back :)
Tui 3 years ago
Thank you so much Dr/Tui.

Two months back I had done my sonography and Serum PSA.
The prostate volume size is 74cc and Serum PSA is 4.7 (within range up to 60 years of age.

The prostate size has not shrunk in size which is my main worry.I was diagonised with 104cc of prostate size 2 years back.
In the night after 3.00 AM I need to go couple of times to pass urine. The first time, urine does not pass freely. Restricted and in drips. Takes a long time. From 3.00 am to around 6.00am I need to get up to pass urine minimum of 2/3 times thereby disturbing my sleep. The second time onwards, the passing of urine is not restricted. There is a slight pain on the left side of the urethra and sometimes burning pain along the urethra. Does not pain regularly. My main worry is that the size should reduce, which is not happening even after 2 years.
I have taken a lot of homeo medicines and thanks to Kadwa, I came out from lot of severe problems since I was diagnosed. I was on catheter and on pain killers. Now I am much better thanks to Kadwa. PRESENTLY AM TAKING taking Sabal Serulata MT, Reckeweg R25 and R18. Allopathy medicine Urimax D

Re my shoulder pain, it is for the past 3 months. I am at times not able to turn my head. Besides my left thumb pains and if I have to stretch/straighten my thumb, there is a severe pain with a sound at the centre of the thumb. Feel better on Hot application or gel or massaging the swollen part of the top muscle on the left vertex of the shoulder and the neck. Pain is severe on the left side. Pain is also present on the right side.

Hyper acidity has started around 6-7 months back. It is a bit frequent. Several times had to rush to the hospital and get my ECG done. All times it was normal. Had even done my abdomen sonography. Very normal. Burning pains along the esophagus with chest oppression/tightness. Most times the burning pain is severe just above the stomach.Gets relief after taking some drugs prescribed by my GP. and a few times had mouth ulcers too. Inside if the cheek and sometimes on the edge of the tounge,

I am of 61 years male, dark features, 5.75 feet height and around 64 KG. Have not undergone any surgery for the prostate or for any other problems.

Have high BP and cholesterol for which I am taking medicines. Blood Sugar is on the borderline.Morning I walk for around 45 minutes daily.

Just about mentioned everything which I could recollect. I might have skipped something, will add as and when I remember.

Do let me know if any other details are required.

Thank you very much for taking out your valuable time to help me.

God Bless and Best regards
pimathew 3 years ago
Please start with the following remedies;

For your prostate;
Ferrum picricum 30c, twice daily and
Hydrangea arborescens 6c, three times daily


For neck & shoulder pain;
Bryonia 30c up to 4 doses a day for 3 days and see if you feel any better.

Carica papaya, mother tincture 5 - 7 drops as needed.

1 dose is 2 pills or drops for the homeopathic remedies.
And please report back in 15 days.
[Edited by Tui on 2019-08-07 02:32:33]
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Mathew,

On hyperacidity: the body cells thru repeated
Diet choices start to get an acidic ph instead
Of the normal alkaline ph. For a time, let’s say
At least 2 weeks, google alkaline foods and
Eliminate acidic foods. Especially stop habits
Of too much coffee, tea, chocolate , spicy , citrus
Drinks, junk food, etc.

Your body will return to the right ph. Then you
Can add back in acidic, and pay attention to
How your body is reacting and know when to
Cut back again. Homeopathy helps with acidity,
But will not cure the acidity if diet is not correct.
simone717 3 years ago
Thanks very much Tui & Simone for your wonderful and helpful advise.

Tui - Do I stop the present medicines ie Sabal Serulata, R25 & R18.
I'll order the medicines and will update you.

Simine - I avoid coffee, I drink tea 2 times in a day. a bit of tea leaves in 1/2 a cup of milk. I have a sweet tooth, and need something sweet either fruits or anything after my lunch or dinner. Not a compulsion. If available I will take a small bit of chocolate thats it. spicy, junk food I avoid. Sometimes I take a glass of lemon juice. As I am 61 years of age, I have cut down on most of my foods.

Anyways thanks very much. Will follow your advise.
pimathew 3 years ago
If you feel those remedies are helping you, then you may continue otherwise, please stop taking them for a while.
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Dr Tui,
A long time since my post.
Have being going through Ferrum Pic and Hydrangea for the last couple of months.
Passing of urine has reduced to 2 times and sometimes 3 times. If I happen to wake up in the night then typically I need to pass urine more often. Nowadays my sleep is not proper. Too many things on my mind. Sleep is not refreshed. My the way would Ferrum Pic and Hydrangea with the current dosage help in reducing my prostate gland.

By continuing Bryonia, the pains are a bit controlled. But the pains from the top back of the neck to the base of the neck and surrounding the neck and also upto the top of the rib cage there is a constant pain. Also the top part of the rib cage on both sides above the breast there is a constant pain along with oppressed breathing.

These 2 problems seems to persist.
Please review and advise.

Thanks very much and God Bless
pimathew 3 years ago
It doesn't sounds like anything has improved since last month as you are still getting up in the middle of the night and the neck pain is pretty much the same as before?

Also you said you are not sleeping well. That's not a good thing because if you don't sleep, you don't heal.

I would like to know why you're not sleeping well and what is troubling you? Are you worrying about something or someone?

Also your neck pain; what kind of pain is it? Sharp pain? Does it radiates to other part of the body? And you've never told me how that's happened. Did you hurt yourself or had an accident or something?
Tui 3 years ago
To pass urine, I need to get up in the night. I go to sleep around 11.30 pm. By around 3.30 am, I get an urge to pass urine. Its like the pressure has built up. It flows very slowly for some time sort of dribbling and then by the completion time its flows a bit more that the initial flow. At time to relieve I have to give pressure to spurt. Once after that around 5.30 am need to get up again. By then I get up and freshen up to go for my morning walk.

Both my children have lost their job because of the current economy situation in India. I have retired almost 1.5 years back and presently jobless. The financial strain and the children's helplessness worries me.

The neck pain is persistent. Not sharp or shooting.sort of radiating. Its along the neck and collarbone part. From the top of the back side of the neck to the base and around the neck and shoulder and towards the further lower front top part of the rib cage. It was not because of any accident. Probably have been driving for a long time which has taken a toll on the neck. Don't know whether it is spondilitis?

By the way forgot to add- a burning sensation in the stomach. Have taken 2 doses of Carica Papaya. Hasn't given me any relief until now.

Hope it helps in diagonising. Do let me know if further information is required.

Thanks very much.
pimathew 3 years ago
If it is not a Sharp pain then do you feel stiff or sore or dull pain?
Can you move your neck or raise your arm ? And do you feel pain when you move?

How long do you have this pain ?
And have you checked with your doctor about it?

You have mentioned 3 problems so far but which problem is bothering you or concerning the most at the moment?
[Edited by Tui on 2019-10-05 20:55:36]
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Dr Tui,

Many thanks for very promptly reviewing my case. All 3 problems are equally important.
I don't know how to prioritize. You be the best judge.

The shoulder and neck pain is a dull pain. Whether I move or sitting, the pain is present. Both sides of the neck trapezius muscles are pretty stiff. Applying pain gel (heat) gives me a bit of relief.
I am able to move my neck as well as move my arms. Probably will go for a check up on Monday/Tue.

Hope it suffices and thanks very much.
pimathew 3 years ago
Please stop taking all the remedies as they are not helping you in any way.
And start with;

Digitalis 6c and Mangifera indica 6c twice daily for 4 weeks and report back if any changes.

1 dose is 2 pills or 2 drops.
[Edited by Tui on 2019-10-07 06:49:54]
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Dr Tui,

Thanks very much for your continuous support.

Would both this medicine take care of all the 3 problems or are you addressing any specific problem. My hyperacidity is not controlled by Carica papaya. Yesterday night I had a severe bout. Had to take Panteprazole and Eno(fruit salt). Could only sleep after 1am. Had a real fright. Worried stiff with palpitations and oppressed breathing.

God bless
pimathew 3 years ago
For the hyperacidity, please take Arsenicum album 3c in liquid form 15 minutes before having lunch and dinner.
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Dr Tui,

The lowest potency we get is 6C. Should I go for it?

Thanks very much.
pimathew 3 years ago
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Dr Tui,

The past few days have been taking Ars Alb, Digitalis & Mangnifera Indica as advised by you. Have observed a few concerns that have come up.

1. While on my morning walk, any steep climb I feel an oppression. Breathing is restricted. Have undergone ECG a few days back when my acidity was severe. The ECG is normal.

2. A persistent burning pain at the front tip and along the urethra which came up yesterday.

3. Frequent urge in the day time to pass urine. The quantity of urine passed is less. Also the urine flow is restricted. Force of the urine flow is very less. Probably due to the enlarged prostate gland. The last I checked 2/3 months back was 74cc

4. In the night around 4.0AM, I get up with an urge to pass urine. It takes a while for the flow to start. The flow till the end is too much restricted. A little more than dripping of urine goes on till the end. After that around 5 to 5.30 am, again an urge comes up. The flow and quantity of urine passed is better than the first time I woke up to pass urine.

5. Whenever I carry any weight, typically my top of the shoulder around the left part of the neck pains. On applying the gel, the heat of the gel, I get a bit of relief.

Its only a week since I started taking the medicines. Still 3 weeks to go.

Please review and thank you so much
pimathew 3 years ago
Which symptoms are the new symptoms? Or are you having an aggravation of existing symptoms?

Anyway you can stop taking all the remedies until the symptoms subside.
Tui 3 years ago
The symptoms are nothing new. These problems have resurfaced now. Just identified the reasons for the problems.

As you said will stop taking the remedies for the time being.

How long should I stop the remedies or when should I restart?
The same medicines you have prescribed or would you start a fresh.

Thanks a tonne.
pimathew 3 years ago
Wait for a few days and start with the following remedies;

Digitalis 6c, just 1 dose daily
Phosphoric acid 30c, twice daily
Arsenicum alb 6c, 15 minutes before lunch and dinner

Report back in 4 weeks or eariler if something changes.
Tui 3 years ago
Dear Dr Tui,

Almost 10 days have gone since taking Digitalis, phosphoric acid and Ars Alb.

After taking Ars Alb, there is much relief in the acidity problem.

However the urinary problems seems to have gone some what worse from the earlier regime. Nowadays I need to get up a minimum of 3-4 times in the night to pass urine. Besides I have a feeling that am not able to completely pass urine. Seems some urine is held up and after sometime in a few minutes again feel an urge to pass urine.

After a deep sleep around 4 AM, a severe urge to pass urine comes up. The flow of urine initially starts very slowly, need to stretch the penis for the flow to increase. Once done, have a feeling that incomplete passing of urine. I have to stand for some while for it to start again. Have to wait a long time for the urine to pass and stop. After a few minutes, I get the urge again to pass.

One good thing is presently the urine flows slowly and if I stretch the penis, the flow is much better rather than earlier it used to take a long time to start and then it used to go drip drip.

In the night after 3 AM that is after a good sleep, the severe urge comes up. Feels like the bladder has not emptied. It is in the present regime the complete emptying of urine is not satisfactory in the day time or night.Even in the day time after passing urine, again an urge comes up within few minutes.

The chest congestion seems to have cleared now. Also I don't feel the labored breathing.

Please review and advise.

Thanks very much.
pimathew 3 years ago

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