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I stopped the clove and yesterday and today nitrites are back on my urinalysis sticks. I have some urgencey, some burning, and urine feels hot. I have emailed my doctor to see if he will give me a requisition for another urinalysis. I hope he does. He is getting frustrated with me.
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Hi- please google “clean catch “ instructions
To keep sample from contamination( if you
Are not sure how that works)
simone717 3 years ago
It is good to have Thuja 200 at home to use as needed basis. If you have it take one dose of Thuja 200 (do not repeat)

You can take more doses of Sarasparilla in a day if it benefits. This medicine is shown to bear repetition well, especially during summer
Reva V 3 years ago
I think I do have some thuja 200 around here somewhere so I will take a dose and will not repeat. If I don't have any, then I will order some. My doctor refuses to do a urinalysis unless I go see the urologist again (for the 7th time in 2 years) so I have refused. I'm not happy with him right now. Holding me hostage. He could easily just do a test but no.

I have been on this merry go round for 4 years. All the urologist does is pat me on the head while handing me more antibiotics which ruin my gut, take the infection away for 2-3 days which then comes back, which then mutates and another antibiobic thrown at me....a never ending cycle.

I am discouraged with them because they are not helping. They don't know why this is happening so they throw drugs at me and tell me to wipe front to back (as if a 60 year old woman doesn't know how to wipe properly lol) and pee after sex (another thing they assume women are too dumb to remember) and that's it. Their treatment is not working. Every test they did shows everything is fine. I have had cystoscopy's galore, and the test to see if there is reflux, ultra sounds and whatever else they've looked at. I am determined to fix this with the help I receive in here. All tests I had done show nothing wrong with the bladder, kidneys or ureters . The doctors refuse to acknowledge whether or not I am dealing with bio films. I think I am. The good thing here is that I went almost 2-3 wks I think without nitrites and that is a first in 4 years so this is working for sure, even though it is going slowly. I'm not worried. I will keep plugging away at this with your help.
Juniorcat 3 years ago
I know I wrote this early on- but if you are not doing
So - I would wear a pad 24 hours a day, for a month.
Just to rule out any chance of even minute dampness
That can be re introducing bacteria.
simone717 3 years ago
I already tried that some months ago believe it or not. I had the same thought as you. It didn't matter. So frustrating but I am happy I am making some leeway at least.
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Well, none of this makes sense-
I don’t know what antibiotics they gave you.
Perhaps you could list them. Because sometimes
Only certain ones work and if you have had
Infection for long they have to be repeated twice.

1. Wrong antibiotic can seem to kill infection
But since it is wrong, infection will regrow
After 2-3 weeks. So usually they give it again-
But then Again it regrows - which seems to be
The case with you.

2. Since you have had all the invasive exams
There is no structural problem.

3. Possibilities are left of wrong antibiotic-
Or leaking small urine amounts that reinfect.
simone717 3 years ago
I have mentioned I went thru this with my mother,
The 4th antibiotic worked, but she also used
A pad entire time to rule out dampness and continued
To use a thin pad after the 4th med worked.No
More infections since.
simone717 3 years ago
Here's an example of what I have been through.

Every urinalysis was cultured.

urinalysis done, e-coli - susceptible to macrobid. Take it, goes away for 2-3 days. Comes back.

Urinalysis sent in, - ecoli no longer susceptible to macrobid. Prescribed bactrim. Take it. Goes away for 2-3 days. Comes back.

Urinalysis sent in - e-coli. No longer susceptible to bactrim. Prescribed keflex. Take it. Comes back 2-3 days.

Urinalysis sent in - ecoli no longer susceptible to keflex. susceptible to macrobid, prescribed macrobid. Comes back 2-3 days.

urinalysis sent in - e-coli. susceptible to levoquin. take it. comes back 2-3 days.

urinalysis sent in. e-coli no longer susceptible to levoquin, susceptible to bactrim

WASH RINSE REPEAT. A merry go round.
[Edited by Juniorcat on 2019-05-01 15:12:52]
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Macrobid was the one that finally worked-
However it did come back after the first
Round- they just prescribed another round of it
Without doing the culture. The second round killed it off.
simone717 3 years ago
I'm glad for her. This went on for close to 3 years with me so I am done done done.
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Dr. Reva I received the 6x Kali Mur salts so will take 2 tomorrow morning. Should I continue daily with it? (as well as sarasparilla and tumeric powder (after 9pm) ? I have thuja 200 here so I took 2 today.
[Edited by Juniorcat on 2019-05-01 18:14:44]
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Good that you have Thuja and have taken today. It is good to leave today for Thuja to work (Skip Sarasaparilla today if possible)

Please write whether Thuja helped you. You should see the difference today. Resume Sarasparilla tomorrow. Kali Mur to start Friday so that you have enough gap between the new medicines to know what works for you.
Reva V 3 years ago
Oops. I had taken the sarasaparilla today well before the thuya. Is that ok? Yes ok I will do the salts on Friday. So far I don’t notice any difference since the thuya
Juniorcat 3 years ago
That is ok. Please update if Thuja helped you in the next two days. Continue Sarasparilla up to twice a day (or once a day)
Reva V 3 years ago
After taking Thuja on Wednesday, during the evening and before bedtime I had increased urine output and my bladder felt like it was tight as if someone was gripping it with their hand and hot. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable but I was aware of exactly where my bladder was. Yesterday it felt normal sort of but with some hotness. Today I have burning when urinating. I took 2 kali mur 6X today.

I have also had 3 tonsil stones come out and a taste of infection in my throat. No sore throat. No cough. Just this infection tastes and tonsil stones. Right ear less crackly. I know I keep saying less crackly than before. The changes are small but noticeable.

Do I take the Kali Mur daily as well as the sarasaparilla?
[Edited by Juniorcat on 2019-05-03 20:37:09]
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Please repeat Thuja 200 one more time, as soon as you wake up in the morning tomorrow (allow it to work for one day by itself with no other medicine).

Then start with both Kali Mur and Sarasparilla from the following day.
Reva V 3 years ago
Hi Dr. Reva. I repeated Thuja 200 yesterday with no other medication. Increased urine output last night and lots of very thick post nasal drip which is greenish yellow with no clearness at all in the mucus. Clogged sinus moves from one side of face to the other. Back and forth. Can blow some of it out but not easily. Bladder felt mostly fine yesterday with a bit of hotness. Nitrites still showing on sticks this morning. Leuks showing sometimes.
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Bladder symptoms improving is the desired target from Thuja, besides other symptoms. Please wait for another one or two days and see how the bladder is
Reva V 3 years ago
ok will do
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Hi Dr. Reva
Ok my bladder does not feel as hot as before. Nitrites show on urinalysis sticks for first two urines of the day (first am urine and then a few hours later). Nitrites show very lightly for the rest of the day. By evening no nitrites show. I have a bit of mild burning when going and afterward. Urine looks much clearer than it did before taking Thuja.
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Sunday as soon as you wake up, take a dose of Thuja
Reva V 3 years ago
ok thanks!
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Hi Dr. Reva, I took a dose of Thuja first thing sunday morning. By Monday I was feeling unwell. Nitrites on sticks all day. Overall feeling unwell. Tuesday, nitrites on sticks all day and was feeling somewhat better than the day before. No bladder or urethral burning at all. Today (wednesday), nitrites have really flared up with some burning just inside labia near urethra area. Feeling somewhat better than yesterday but not well.
[Edited by Juniorcat on 2019-05-15 18:00:12]
Juniorcat 3 years ago
Please confirm that you are taking Kali Mur and Sarasparilla
Reva V 3 years ago
No I thought I was only supposed to take the Thuja!! OOPS! Let me know what I should do. Thank you!
Juniorcat 3 years ago

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