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Social Anxiety, OCD and Depression

Age: 27
Blood Group: B+
Sex: Male
Country: India
I am suffering from Social anxiety, OCD and Severe Depression since 2007. I cannot express in words that how much I am unhappy due to these problems. I am taking lorazepam 2mg and clonazepam 1 mg everyday. My main symptoms are given below as:
- Lack of confidence
- Nervousness
- Shyness
- Fear of making mistakes
- I cannot look into anyone's eyes as I think I have commited a crime or mistake.
- Trembling hands
- I am always in hurry. For example: I am always hurry in eating, walking, talking etc
- Feeling tired all the time even my diet is healthy.
- I feel like there is no energy in my body due to severe depression. -- There is also pain in my whole body due to depression
- Sadness
- Fickle mind. I am unable to control my thoughts. My concentartion is very low. I forget things easily
- I am also suffering from mood swing. My mind is never calm. Even after waking up in the morning I never feel fresh minded
- I think no medicine cure me
- I cannot go outside due to anxiety. I think everyone is noticing me. I just go outside after sunset to purchase anything. I can only go outside after taking above mentioned medicines as these give me temporary calmness.
- I also think perhaps I might do any mistake in front of anyone
- I dont like to go in crowdy places. For instance: Unable to go to function, gym, college etc
- I cannot make friends. I am isolated at my home.
- Anxiety about future events. Anxious thoughts which are hard to forget
- Repetion of thoughts. Checking things like bag, locks etc many times
- Stomach upset due to anxiety.

I run 6 kms everyday in early morning then go to gym after taking medicine. I am working hard to get out of these problems. I know these are minor problems but to my family problems I am facing these issues.I want to live a normal life like other people. But due to these problems I am extremely frustrated with my life. Thinking of suicide all the time. Please anyone help me to come out from these problems.
I have searched bach flower remedies like larch, mimulus, rescue remedy and using it since last 3 days.
Moreover I have used ayurvedic herbs in past but did not get satisfied results. I am hopeless now. Please help me. It is just ruining my life.
  jsm0077 on 2018-08-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Take aurum metallicum 200c single dose on empty stomach

(2 drops or 4 globules directly on tongue)

Reply after 3 days

Avoid camphor, coffee, garlic, mint, perfumes..
Do not take any other homoeopathic or bach flower medicine.
Please do not take anything 20 min before and after the medicine.
[Edited by Mister4 on 2018-08-29 16:59:45]
Mister4 5 years ago
Thank you. I'll give you my feedback after 3 days of using it.
jsm0077 5 years ago
I've taken this remedy as you told and found no change. What can I do now ?
jsm0077 5 years ago
Start taking kali phos 6x 4 tablets 3 times a day

Repeat one more dose of aurum met 200c exactly after 1 week of 1st dose..
Mister4 5 years ago
Hi jsm,

I am not interfering with your prescription, but more info is needed here.

What happened at the start of this , when you were
6 years old? What was going on with your family
And school/ learning issues ?

How long have you been taking the two allopathic drugs?

How long have you felt no energy in the body? Describe the “pain”
You feel in your entire body?

Are you allergic or have bad reactions to any foods?
Any allergies to anything? How is your digestion?

The anxiety is one set of symptoms, people can have
This ocd, and also types of adhd (where it is hard to look people in the eyes )because adhd problems make eye contact an overload to process
Information. But anytime there is no energy in the body,
It instantly makes one feel depressed because energy is not moving properly.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-09-03 16:21:15]
simone717 5 years ago
Hello simone717,
First of all I want to tell you that nothing seems good to me. I hope you could understand how a depressed person feels like. No pleasure, no interest....nothing. These unwanted thoughts just killing me. I dont know how to stop these. These thoughts pinches me always. Even I can not sleep. My life is just like a scrap. I just want to come out from these symptoms. I only feel good by my mood when I take medicines which I mentioned in the previous post. I cannot concentrate without these medicines.

Well I was like other children. I was fun loving boy, always making jokes with my friends and family members. Some symptoms like reaping specific words, which I repeat in the present time too, were my part of habits nevertheless. My parents were not aware about these symptoms. Now, I can feel that these symptoms are nothing but symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.
My learning ability was not so good when i was in school. I easily forgot things at that time as well.
If I talk about my family, I belong to middle class family. My father is a rude person. He has been consuming alcohol since I was 6 months old and there was always clash at my home. His rude nature, forcing me to study that subjects which I was almost unable to handle (learn). However I got my academic certificates with good grades. In short, you can certainly blame my father for my all sufferings.
My depression and anxiety symptoms got worst when I started my bachelors in 2006 (in august probably). I had very few friends as I was isolated at home since my childhood. I could not mix up with other students due to my problems.
I was unaware of severe side-effects of allopathic drugs as I had no support, thereby I had had to start my treatment in 2008 ( in february). I am taking medicines since then.
The medicines which I currently taking are Clonazepam 1 mg and lorazepam 2 mg.
My previous medicines were:
Obsenil 50 mg
Prozac 40 mg
Lemit 50 mg
Ocivox 50 mg
Betapro 20 mg

Ayurvedic Herbs which I taken are:

I have been performing meditation, running and exercises at gym. Therefore, I am not taking these medicines right now. However, my doctor prescribed me new medicine which is called Quetiapine 25 mg. I am not taking this as I have faced already so many side-effects of these medicines.
Well I want to let you know that I have taken wet cupping therapy as it removes toxins from body. Due to this my body pain (which is due to severe depression) has been reduced. However I am facing anxiety and OCD symptoms still.
I have dust allergy. I have checked online that my body is vata type ( according to ayurveda). Therefore to cure dust allergy I put 2-3 drops of pure oil made up of cow's milk. I have to put this everyday as there is always dryness in my body due to my vata dosha as well as due to allopathy medicines.
My digestion is very poor. Everything I eat converts into gas. My hunger is fine. I have always constipation. I dont feel fresh in first attempt. I have to go to toilet frequent to totally clean my stomach. Moreover I am taking triphala powder to cure constipation.
If you want to know more then please let me know. Thank you so much.
[Edited by jsm0077 on 2018-09-04 15:34:31]
jsm0077 5 years ago
Dear jsm,

Are you aware of any effect from the bach flowers? I will let
Mister 4 who is really dr k ask more questions and continue.

My thought is you need at least one dose of nux vomica to begin to clear the allopathic meds effects first.

I made an error on start of this - saying 2006- 6 years old.
When did you first start repeating phrases and so on- what age?

Have you had therapy? Do you still live with your parents and are you still dealing with alcoholic behavior from your father?

I think it would help to know that much of o c d is a response to
Unstable situations and having repeated trauma from abuse-
It is the body/mind response to want to have some control when faced with situations as a child, where you had no idea of what was going to happen next- and there was no way you could resolve or even understand what was going on. The mind/ lower brain area in charge of keeping you alive.. projects any even slightly similar scenario as being the same original scenario - it creates huge anxiety that is automatic.
The anxiety bypasses normal front brain logic because the lower brain
Thinks every similar instance may be life or death or catastrophic.

This creates a circuit loop in the lower brain that releases stress chemicals which further keep the stress going and depletes your adrenals and energy.

For example, there was a woman on here, who had a mentally disturbed
Teacher. He would harass her in class at 8 years old. Sometimes,
He was nice, the next day he was shaming her all day. She was a good
Student, but at this age, she did not even understand how to tell
Her parents what was happening as it made no sense. She developed
The anxiety and o c d after this went on for one year.

I used to be a counselor and have worked with people with this.
First, I am not sure that the low energy, is all from depression-
It could be from drug reactions - but as I said low energy will instantly depress a person and your body energy levels have to get right.

There are many with anxiety/ ocd and they have plenty of body energy.
The mental anguish is something that there are supportive ways to work with it and start distracting yourself right away when the thoughts come up- gradually one can stay in the logical part of your front brain
And be an observer and start to notice immediately that the “negative”
Tapes are playing- the negativity and repetition is the crude attempt of the lower brain to keep you feeling safe-by hypervigilance to everything-

It is much easier to handle the above- when your body energy is there.
Therapy can help you retrain the brain. But I find if one knows
The “mechanics” of things then you can see there is a way out.
Good you are doing cupping for pain-

You are here for a reason- don’t give up- it is a widespread issue
Especially with children of alcoholics or any kind of child neglect/ abuse.
You can get better- but I know it does not feel like that if your energy is flat.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-09-04 16:55:26]
simone717 5 years ago
Hello simone717,

I have google bach flower remedies and found rescue remedy, mimulus, larch, white chestnut, aspen, gentian, gorse for curing my symptoms. I have taken these 3 days only. But right now I am aurum metallicum 200c as Mister4 prescribed.

I dont think nux vomica will clear any allopathic medicines effect as I am already on lorazepam 2mg and clonazepam 1 mg, which I already told you.

Regarding my repeating particular words or phrases again and again, I dont know the exact year due to diverse effect of allopathic medicines on my memory but I can say that I was repeating these very less when I was a child but now I am repeating more. But I should also mention that I repeat these particular words or phrases when I am alone. I dont repeat in front of anyone.

I am taking wet cupping therapy(hijama). Please search on google if you want to know more about it. I have taken this therapy on my head more than 8 times till now. I take on my back also as there are also points of cupping. I took wet cupping therapy on my whole body only once and i cannot tell you how much pain I felt at that time. I have to take this therapy once in a month. But sadly, I am not totally satisfied with this therapy as my OCD, social anxiety symptoms are still in my mind and I am waiting for that time when I will be free from this prison.

I am still living with my father and he consumes alcohol on a daily basis. But now he is neither abusing me nor my mother and sister. But imagine how can I be happy as I have already been suffering from depression and other anxiety disorders. Dear Simone717, homeopathy is my last hope and if it does not work then nodoubt I will have to end my life as I cannot live with these symptoms. I am totally discouraged now.

I dont know why fatigue and low energy occurs in my body and mind. But whenever I take lorazepam and clonazepam, energy restores in my body and i can focus on things more which I can never without taking these drugs. I cannot imagine a single day without these drugs. I cannot go to market, different places. Even I cannot go to gym, meet my close friends without taking these drugs. From this you could know my mental condition and also you could observe how much my confidence level is low.

I also want to add some more symptoms which I forgot yesterday. My mind never relaxes and thoughts come and go. Additionally, I always hear voices due to stress. I cannot listen to music or something like that as that music vibrates in my mind again and again. I cannot read scriptures because I get depressed because I am not following the right path as scriptures tell us.
jsm0077 5 years ago
Have you started taking kali phos 6x

On which date you have taken aurum met 200c ?
Mister4 5 years ago
Yes I am taking kali Phos 6x as you prescirbed.
I'll take aurum met 200c today in the evening time.
jsm0077 5 years ago
Today evening

take 3 successive doses of aurum met 200c at a gap of 10 minutes

(Mix 6 drops in a cup of normal water mix well with spoon and take 1/3rd at a time after 10 minutes next 1/3rd and after 10 min rest 1/3rd)

Please follow general rules of homoeopathy

Stay away from strong smelling stuffs.
Avoid camphor, coffee, garlic, mint, perfumes..
Do not take any other homoeopathic medicine along with this.
Please do not take anything 20 min before and after the medicine.
Mister4 5 years ago
Okay I will take this remedy as you prescribed.
Thank you :)
[Edited by jsm0077 on 2018-09-06 07:35:40]
jsm0077 5 years ago
I've taken this remedy but found no change again. I think it is due to change in weather here in punjab (state of India) as weather conditions affect my mood and make me more sad and depressed. I feel more depressed , anxious and having more mood swings in winter season. Sadly my doses of lorazepam and clonazepam have been increasing due to my increasing depression symptoms.

Dear doctor, Can bach flower remedies along with homeopathy remedies work for me?
I look forward to hearing from u sooner.
jsm0077 5 years ago
If you want to take it then you can..

but give some time to your medicine to work, aurum is a deep acting medicine.

If 200c will not work we have to increase potency..
[Edited by Mister4 on 2018-09-07 03:06:29]
Mister4 5 years ago
I am ready to take whatever potency you prescribe. But kindly tell me could combination of bach flower remedies and aurum work for me or not ?
jsm0077 5 years ago
I can't say anything about them whether they are helpful or not as they are labelled as homeopathic but are not homeopathic medicines,

and i will suggest you to postpone them for some time at least 1 week more..
Mister4 5 years ago
Then doctor, can I continue with 200c for some more days ?
jsm0077 5 years ago
No it will be harmful

Just keep taking kali phos 6X as prescribed 3 times daily

Your condition will improve in a manner like layer by layer

You have to observe any minor or major change and tell me, minor changes like change in stool, urination, sleep, mood,
Desires, thirst etc
[Edited by Mister4 on 2018-09-07 06:36:36]
Mister4 5 years ago
Also take arsenic 30c three times a day for 5 days
(2 drops or 4 globules)
And tell me anytime whenever you want
[Edited by Mister4 on 2018-09-07 06:14:46]
Mister4 5 years ago
Till then i m sending you a case taking performa fill this carefully,
it will help me to find a more correct remedy for you..
Mister4 5 years ago
Dear doctor, I am really confused ...if aurum 200c is harmful then why you prescribed me?
Now I have doubt of kali phox and arsenic as well
[Edited by jsm0077 on 2018-09-07 07:03:57]
jsm0077 5 years ago
Dear jsm0077

Repetition is harmful not medicine..
Mister4 5 years ago
Dont get confused with this it was reply of your question you asked

"can I continue with 200c for some more days ?"
Mister4 5 years ago
Okay I'm sorry for that. Please send me performa at your earliest convenience
jsm0077 5 years ago
Please answer,


• Living place

• Occupation

• Describe your whole present complaints in decreasing order, Complaint for which you are more anxious about mention first

major mishappening in your life which should not happen

• Major past medical/surgical history

• Major medical history in paternal or
maternal family

• Hows your thirst

• Which drink you crave more

• Which type of drink you like more hot or

• Do u drink often but large quantity of
water at a time or small quantity more

• Hows your appetite

• Which food you crave more

• Which Food u Dislike

• Which Food/drink Causes discomfort

• Reaction towards fasting

• Need stimulants like tea coffee alcohol etc ?

• Flatulance

• Do u feel comfort after eructation

• Hows your sleep

• which are more frequent dreams

• Do you feel fresh after sleep

• Time when you feel more sleepy

• Sweating ?

If excessive then which part?

• Feel uncomfortable or relieved after

• Stool

• Urination

• Reaction towards
noise, crowd, odour, food odour, sun
heat, darkness, alone, on going some new
place, meeting new people

• Fears

• Reaction when you get angry

• Do like to be consoled
Do you like company
Can you stay alone
Can you stay in dark alone
Do you cry easily
Most favourite hobby
Which weather you like most

• Thing which you love most

• Which thing you hate most

• How do you look at your future

• How are your family relationships

• Things which bother you

• How many friends do you have

• How your friends describe you

• Which thing makes you different from

• Memory

• What is your dominant mood

• What you like to do in your free time
Mister4 5 years ago

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