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Cuprum aceticum may help if it is not itching at all so you can start with the remedy and also psorinum ( once weekly ).
Tui last year
Okay I will start taking them.

How often should I report?

Also, I told you about my soft/mushy stools. I have no diarrhea, but sometimes when I go, they are solid and bulky, sometimes mushy and soft and foul smelling. And I have a lot of gas especially at night.

I read two interesting paragraphs in the book Like cure Likes :

1) The Nux Vomica poison slows down the peristaltic movement of the
intestines. In healthy people, after taking food, the peristalsis
beginning at the stomach must continue to the end of the intestines, so
that the semi-digested food may be passed on. Normally this cycle
should complete in fourteen hours. After fourteen hours, the contents
remain inside the large gut to allow for the absorption of excess
secretions. Thus a healthy person normally has one motion in twenty-
four hours. If the system of peristalsis slows down the person
becomes constipated, and if it becomes too speedy then diarrhoea
develops, or sometimes the patient may have frequent solid motions,
one after the other. Nux Vomica is an effective treatment specific for
this condition.

2) In a Carbo Veg patient, the acidity in the stomach is not due to excess
of hydrochloric acid but rather due to the lack of it. When the normal
acidity of the stomach (hydrochloric acid) is not sufficient, food starts
decaying and produces foul acidic substances, resulting in severe
compromise of the process of digestion. In simple terms, it may be
said that the stomach has two ends that are capable of remaining open
or closed. The upper end of the stomach is the cardic end, and the
lower end is known as the pyloric end. The foul acidic matter puts
both ends into a state of contraction and the blocked-up food
containing foul acidic contents produces gas, distending the stomach.
Under pressure, the upper end may open letting the foul-smelling
gases, as well as the acidic contents of the stomach, regurgitate. This
produces burning and foul eructation or belching. The pyloric end
opens only under very high pressure. Normally, digestion of the food
in the stomach takes about three hours. After this, the stomach contents are let to pass into the intestines and the foul gas also enters the gut. These foul contents work as a good medium for the growth of
germs and worms which cause further putrefaction. Carbo Veg is
used in controlling this vicious symptom complex and after use for
some period, it normalises the digestive system.

Does any of these two match my symptom?

This is a full link to the book :

syria last year
You can report back whenever you want. And I think your soft/mushy stools are due to Entoemeba Hystolitica so you need to take care of the cause first.
Tui last year
I took allopathic medicine Fasigyn for it and now going to start Intetrix for 10 days... Both are allopathic anti-parasitical remedies designed to kill Entoemeba Hystolitica and its eggs.

My doctor told me I had to take them otherwise this parasite can br dangerous and it's better not to take any risk.

Should I still take the plant you advised me to if I got an allopathic treatment for Entoemeba Hystolitica or is the allopathic treatment enough?
[Edited by syria on 2018-11-03 16:20:18]
syria last year
Allopathic treatment would be enough.
Tui last year
I'm restarting gym this week (bodybuilding).
I'm overall a skinny guy, not too skinny but normal. I was very skinny a year ago agter catching hepatitis A. But I have regained good health and weight (from 65 to 75 today).

Still overall, for my age (27), i look generally slim.

Is there anything to take to bulk muscle easily?

I've read a lot about Alfalfa mother tincture. Is it okay for men to take it? If yes, what's the posology? If no, is there anything else to do?
syria last year
You are doing a right thing by working out and building the body so you just have to continue that.

And if you are emaciated, very skinny and weak, Alfalfa is a good remedy.
Tui last year
I'm not very skinny. I'm normal (185cm and 75kg).

But my arms and chesr area is thinband slim and my butt is flat. The butt's flatness is a kind of complex for me. I see very skinny boys having normal butts but mine is very small, almost like a kid. I even think of having surgery in that area if gym and bodybuilding fails to grow my butt.

Will Alfalfa help in that case?

Does it also help to build muscle?
[Edited by syria on 2018-11-08 11:12:51]
syria last year
You don't need Alfalfa. It will not help to build your muscles.
Tui last year
Ok so you advise not to take it?
syria last year
No you don't need to take Alfalfa.
Tui last year
It was a bit difficult to get Cuprum Aceticum 30c but i will get it in a day or two and start it.

So isn't there any solution for the flat/thin characteristic of the butt? Because i swear it looks flatter than most normal guys of my age, and it is disturbing to me.
syria last year
Okay so another update :

I did take Psorinium 200c dose in the beginning of the week (monday).

I have not started Cuprum Aceticum yet.

Right now, I am having a herpes attack, herpes type 1, in the anal region (on the anus and between the cheeks of the butt.

It started 2-3 years ago, I kept having irritaiton on anus and a cut on the cheecks of the butt and the doctors made a lab test and it turned out to be Herpes type 1 (not type 2).

Since the last 2-3 years, it keeps coming back again and again.

Sometimes it goes away on its own after 2-3 weeks but sometimes it is so painful that I have to take the allopathic mediicine Valaciclovir.

It's like a stinging/burning sensation.

I heard there are very good ways in homeopathy to get rid of herpes for good. What do you advise?
syria last year
You can't cure herpes but can be treated with homeopathy.

take Arsenicum album 30c three times a day for a few days and see how you feel after that.

1 dose is 2 pills.
Tui last year
Thank you. I just took my first dose of Arsenic 30c.

So does it mean I will keep having herpes attacks and just be able to treat the symptoms with homeopathy? No permanent treatment?
syria last year
Do I continue my weekly dose of Psorinum and can I also start Cuprum Aceticum while on Arsenic?
syria last year
I'm pleasantly surprised.

Day 1 : took 3 doses.

Day 2 : took 2 doses till now.

Already 70-80% improvement in symptoms. No more burning/itching, just some slight discomfort left.

Usually.it takes much more time.

Thank you.

How many days do I take Arsenic? Until the symptoms clear?
syria last year
Take another dose of Arsenicum album today and see how you feel in a few days.

Also continue with weekly dose of psorinum but don't start with cuprum aceticum, wait until the herpes are all clear.
Tui last year
I took a last dose as you advised and within the next 2-3 days, the herpes attack was cured.

Thanks a lot. Is this the same pattern to follow every time I have a herpes attack?

Right now, there's a gastro epidemy in France. I think i have caught it.

From 1 stool a day, yesterday I had 4-5 stools, liquid stools. There's not much urgency to go but the stools are liquid. My tummy makes bubbles noise/gurgling noise.

Appetite is normal, I am hungry like in normal days. No nausea or vomitting.

Can i do something about the diarrhea or should i let it heal itself?

I'm taking Smecta (it's clay mixef with water to absorb toxins in the intestines) and yogurt with psyllium also.
[Edited by syria on 2018-11-22 15:32:41]
syria last year
You can take Arsenicum album 30c for the herpes if it is the same pattern.

Regarding gastro epidemy, let me know if your symptoms doesn't go away on its own.
Tui last year
The symptoms went away on their own.

Can I start Cuprum aceticum now?

Also, I completed the treatement for Entoemeba Hystolitica and its eggs.

The stools are still mushy sometimes. The only solution that works and gives me perfect stools is to take one imodium a day. But I know it is against homeopathy laws so Ive not taken it for 4 months now.

Is there anything to do about the stools?
syria last year
Yes, start cuprum aceticum.
[Edited by Tui on 2018-11-27 20:36:10]
Tui last year
Thanks, i will start.

The wart on the thumb near the nail is still there. I'm applying applr cider vinegar and garlic on it, it's turning hard and black but has not fallen yet.

I did take Causticum for 4-5 days but it did not help.
syria last year
Here is a photo :

syria last year
Try Oregano oil.

Dilute oregano oil ( only need a few drops but have to be a high quality one) with other oil, such as olive oil or coconuts oil ( about 20 ml ) and apply it to warts then cover it with a band-aid.
Do this once a day for 3 -4 days.

And be very careful the oregano oil can burn the healthy skin ( but not warts) also, careful if you have animals ( esp. cats) in a house. They don't like the oregano oil and could be a hazard for them.
[Edited by Tui on 2018-11-30 03:29:04]
Tui last year
What's the problem with applying it pure?
Is it less effective or it's only because it can burn the healthy skin around?

I have used a lot of pure essential oils undiluted (high quality) and never had too much problem.
syria last year

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