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What's the problem with applying it pure?
Is it less effective or it's only because it can burn the healthy skin around?

I have used a lot of pure essential oils undiluted (high quality) and never had too much problem.
syria last year
Apply undiluted if you want. just don't complaint if you get burn. It REALLY burn you if you apply it on the healthy skin !
Tui last year
Ok I will dilute it.

The outer black skin of the wart has come on but the black roots are still there.

It is really really a stubborn wart.

What about Antimonium Crudum, I read it's good for warts near nails?

"Antimonium Crudum is a profound and widely effective medicine. It
stops the vomiting following excessive eating. It is very useful in
deep warts and corns of the feet. Sometimes, streaks on nails or their
irregularity may be a sign of deep-seated disease. In the Antimonium
Crudum patient, raised warts develop near finger nails. The nails
either become loose or shrivel and streaks appear on them. The same
happens on the feet. The gums swell and recede from the teeth and
the teeth decay. If this is a prominent feature, then it is diagnostic of
Antimonium Crudum. In Antimonium Crudum and Antimonium tart,
the toothache may be of neuralgic nature.
In Antimonium Crudum, the stools are formed and the blood is only
smeared on the outside. In dysentery, the stools are mixed with blood."
syria last year
I'm currently on Psorinum 200c weekly (3 doses already) and Curprum 1 dose every two days. (got the remedy only lasst week)

In april 2018, i had reactive arthritis on bunion on left foot (halux valgus) with severe inflammation of the bunion and inability to walk.
The allopaths said it's reactive arthritis, the old homeopath who was following my case said it's inflammation of the spleen and the end result is reactive arthritis. He asked me to change room as he suspected mold in my old room.

Along with the foot inflammation (left) there was also knee inflammation (right) with severe liquid inside the knee. The doctor at the hospital had to punction the knee and give a cortisone shot inside.

Whatever it was, the pain and inflammation ended with allopathic and homeopathic remedies in 4 months.

For two days, there has been very very slight discomfort in the same spots again. No pain but very slight discomfort and very very slight inflammation/redness in the left foot bunion.

I thought it's important for you to know this as it was a major major health episode in my life.

Is the slight pain/discomfort worrisome or is it fine?
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syria last year
The discomfort in the right knee has increased, it's not painful but there is something brewing in there. I keep my fingers crossed and hope it doesn't get worse.
syria last year
So you had the problem before and now it's coming back ?
Generally,returning of old symptom is a good thing in homeopathy but if it's get too much, then you stop the remedies and wait until the symptom subside.
Tui last year
Yes I had the sudden onset of the problem in March 2018, never had it before, severe inflammation of left bunion and right knee with inability to walk.

At hospital, they treated it with anti inflammatory drug ketoprofen, and the old homeopath gave Arsenic and Phosphorus to trezt the problem (he refered to it as spleen inflammation which caused knee and bunion (hallux valgus) inflammation).
I also took Harpagophytum (devil claw) mother tincture, 100 drops a day for its antiinflammatory properties.

So you mean to say it's a good sign? Should symptoms get better? So i continue with Psorinum and Cuprum Aceticum right?

Can i take harpagophytum 's mother tincture for the pain since its'natural, or is it better to avoid?
[Edited by syria on 2018-12-22 00:45:54]
syria last year
Hello Dr Tui,

The discomfort in knee and foot has stopped by itself thank God.

The psoriasis plaques on the glans are better, much better. There's a marked improvement in the aspect of the glans.

Since yesterday, i have stomach pain and liquid diarrhea (6-7 times a day).
syria last year
Stomach pain and diarrhea - What have you been eating ?
Tui last year
Nothing special from what I eat usually...

I'm on holiday in Germany with family, I do get different stools when I travel but not liquid diarrhea like this.

Yesterday it was better, I had 3 stools, one liquid and two mushy/liquid.

There's a gastro epidemic in Europe, that could be it, but all family members around me did not catch it so I don't know.

Maybe i'm eating a little more oily than usual but it's not a drastic change. Even the quantities are the more or less the same I would say.
[Edited by syria on 2018-12-28 09:48:49]
syria last year
Hello Dr Tui,

It's the third day today.

Had one bulky stools in the morning but 5 liquid stools throughout the day.

There's tummy pain and urgency to go, and the anus burns when I poop.

Appetite is perfect, despite all the diarrhea, I'm hungry.

I have a bit dizziness and head feels dizzy.
syria last year
Have Colocynthis 30c every 3 hours today, but if that doesn't work at all, take Arsenicum album 30c same way as Colocynthis.
Tui last year
Unfortunately I'm in Germany right now and pharmacies are closed on the weekend...
I will be back to Paris tomorrow, and pjarmacies will again be closed for new year.

I can get Colocynthis from Wednesday only.

Arsenic I have it but only in Paris, i can have it from tomorrow night when I will be back.

What do you advise?
syria last year
I would advise you to buy a basic remedy kit for the future, but meanwhile, nothing much you or I can do about so just take care of yourself and hope your symptoms doesn't get worse.
Have a safe trip.
Tui last year
I'm back to Paris.

The diarrhea seems better. Had one liquid/mushy stool in the morning and one formed one at night.
Urgency is gone too.

One day prior to the start of the diarrhea, I took a dose of Vitamin D (100 000 UI). Could there be a link?

I'm continuing Psorinum and Cuprum Aceticum.

Pain in knee is still there, it's very mild and doesnt prevent me from walking but it is there.

Gums are bleeding nowadays and a bad smell from mouth I feel. I thought u should know about this.
syria last year
Hello Dr Tui,

The diarrhea resolved by itself.

The knee pain in right knee has been constant since two weeks now. It's not painful but there's something I feel there.

Since yesterday, the pain in left bunion has increased a little, with redness also. No difficulty in walking and nothing compared to the reactive arthritis pain that happened in March 2018 (acute case of spleen according to Dr Reva who treated it with Phosphorus and Arsenic) but I just felt you should know that the pain has increased a bit.

I'm still continuing Psorinum weekly and Cuprum aceticum every 3 days as you advised.
syria last year
Hello Dr Tui.

I had to take a break from Psorinum 200c and Cuprum Aceticum as my left foot bunion halluv valgus started hurting again with inflammation .

Since you were away, I took Dr Reva's help who advised Arsenic 30c one dose and Phosphorus 30c one dose on alternate days.

I did it for 4 days but overall my health was deteriorating. I then took a total of 3 doses of Nux Vomica 30c as I felt my body was overloaded with allopathic medicines and I was feeling sick.

Diarrhea is still there, although a less explosive. But it's only water coming out.

Extreme tiredness from head to toes, extremely . Aversion to light and people and cold weather.

Aversion to food at evening.

My gums started bleeding a lot while on Psorinum. Dentist checked it today and put me on antibiotics, he says gums are inflamed and there's infection in gums. Gums are also receding according to him, despite little plaque. He does not understans why.

Head is heavy.

Took antiinflammatory for three days, stopped today, and the foot is starting to hurt again, i can feel the swelling coming.

Weakness of legs.

Fear of death and never being healthy since this morning. Feel like crying. All other young people of my age are fine, except me.

Extreme sleepiness everywhere i sit. That has been going on for years. I have an appointement in february with a neurologist to diagnose . Be it cinema, train, bus or work, I fall asleep despite sleeping 8 hours every night.

I also have a herpes attack which is very painful for which I had to be put on Valaciclovir for 5 days.

I took antiinflammatory for foot pain for 3 days and stopped yesterday.
[Edited by syria on 2019-01-08 10:43:49]
syria last year
Dr Tui, have you rested the case?
syria last year

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