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?*Experienced Homeopaths Please* My sister needs Psychiatrist or Homeopathy

Hi, I am very much concerned about my sister, she is a mother of 2. 1 is 12 months old and the other is 2 months old.

Her background:
She was always a very mischievous, outspoken, extrovert girl. She always loved to meet people and talk and laugh loudly and she used to tease others. We are 5 siblings are we are mostly quite and we mind our own business, except her.
My parents were always very angry because of her nature and we sent her to girls hostel to get religious education. She complete high school studies there, then she came back home. She has a very bad habit to tell lie. She used to tell other girls there that she belongs to a very well off family and her step mother and step siblings torture her real mother and they have sent her here in the hostel, and we don't have any step mother or step siblings. she makes fake stories and tells other people.
She always and easily tells lie and then to make that lie a truth, she speaks even more lies.
She had a habit of staring somewhere and keep staring there for long, seems like she is thinking something. She bites her lips unknowingly and in deep thoughts to remove the dead skin from them and it looks abnormal.
She was lazy and used to do domestic chores according to her own will. When asked about completing a work she shouts back that don’t say it again and again.
Then we thought that maybe her marriage will help her, as she wanted to get married as other girls in our society have a dream. She got engaged and used to talk to her husband to be and she was happy.
Then she got married in December 2016. After that her husband and in-laws had complain that she doesn’t listen to them which she should. She used to do what she wants.

After her mother-in-law’s death her husband works in another city and she is living with us. She has some strange and weird habits. She is very much careless about her children. She has gained some weight, but she is lazy as hell, even she doesn’t go for walk in order to lose weight. At night, if she is sleeping and her children are crying for milk or anything she is always in deep sleep, she doesn’t care at all. Even me being their aunt wake up and bring milk for them specially the elder one. The younger one still needs mother milk and all she does is to put pacifier in her mouth in order to shut her.
She doesn’t seem to care why my child is crying all she says is I’ve just fed her, then she again puts pacifier. If we are sitting in a room and children are in another room and crying I will run and check why they are crying but she doesn’t even move from her sitting position. She feels it really hard to stand up when she is sitting or lying. She doesn’t care if the feeders are boiled or not. I have shouted a thousand times on her and then she does a little bit of work but we cant consider it as care, because I know ho mothers care for their children. She thinks that dressing up and cleaning the children is enough. She has had inferior complex but now she has to think about her children.
She has taken a lot of money from her husband and she told him that my sister wants the money, which I never asked for, and she bought gifts for us family member s and others with that money. She has told a lot of lies to her husband. She wastes money on useless things, gifts, dining out, etc. Her husband says that he can’t trust a single word which she says. And I wonder they have a whole life to live ahead, and her husband doesn’t trust her at all. But the irony is she doesn’t care at all. Her husband is humble but he gets angry as he sees her not listening to him or anyone. I asked her why she tells lies to her husband, she says because if I ask him something and he says no, so it is better to tell lies. It means she has to do what her hear t wants and she doesn’t care what other think. She has this permanent “I don’t care” attitude.
She laughs on useless things, talks non sense. And there are a lot of minor details about her.
Homeopathy has helped me in controlling thoughts, so I thought I should post her issue here.
Experts are requested to suggest what should I do? Take her to a Psychiatrist or homeopathic remedies will help her.
Thank you,
  abdullaah on 2018-10-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Does she want homeopathic treatment?
One needs to get details from her own self-
Especially reactions to remedies.

I suggest that you take her in person to a homeopath
That is skilled in mental issues. An important part of finding the right
Remedies is seeing a person face to face. Voice tone, gestures,
Appearance and so on — I think taking her to a
Skilled homeopath will be much better than a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist or counselor has about 2 tools
- psych meds and talk therapy- neither of them
Will really help.
simone717 3 years ago
Thank you Simone, here we don't have such homeopaths. Those who are good, give many small white medicines in packets and don't even listen and call every week. they have high checkup fee as well.

Can you or anyone else here talk to her on skype? We speak Urdu and her English is not good.
abdullaah 3 years ago
also suggest a remedy for breast milk,if there is any, she doesn't produce enough for her baby.
abdullaah 3 years ago
I need more history of patient mother and more about chilhood
Parents and upbringing

It will be helpful

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 3 years ago
You can click dr Jitesh name and see his contact info.
Dr Jitesh and his father are very experienced homeopaths
With their own hospital.

Normally, neither one are on the forum very often
Because they are too busy. Sometimes if you click a name on here
And email that person, they will set up a private consultation
For a fee. That is an option and you may be able to just talk
On the phone (not Skype) with dr Jitesh and that may be easier
Than writing on here.

I am happy dr Jitesh responded as he is capable
Of treating the patient. So, you can give more info
On here - but if me, I would email and get a phone appt.
simone717 3 years ago
I have written all the details about her childhood. I am the eldest of 5 siblings, she is 4th. We all are quite, and introverted except her, that is why we mostly didn't like her behavior and fierce and frequent laughing, talking, loud voices.... which might be her liveliness according to many.. She is not intelligent in studies but she doesn't even do any other thing with interest. She likes to do many things for her children but all she has to say is she is not able to, or she feels lazy etc.

My father is a strict man, he has beaten her many times in her childhood because of her teasing neighbors, or hurting friends while playing(not knowingly). She still loves and cares for my father and she doesn't' remember anything from the past because she has an idea she was wrong, or may be she has forgotten.

My mother is a simple housewife who fears my father and never speaks, which she now started a little but I tell her that now it is of no use, you had to do this when we were children. She used to hide many of my sister's faults and mistakes because of the fear that she will be beaten. My mother never did anything which she does now, and my mother's situation is totally different than hers. She always managed the expenses in tight budget, never wasted any money, never befriended with people so frequently.

I have told my sister to study privately, from home and then work in some school or organization. But I know if in future she will do this, she will become independent and will never listen to her husband or us at all. She loves to socialize and socializing is good but she then thinks that the person is a lot, almost everything for her. I am afraid that she will befriend with some male fellows and will tell them about her personal things and issues and you know how people these days are. I am thinking a lot but I know her, I know she can do this in her senselessness.

I am very much concerned about her children. She dresses like a maid, and says that she can't tolerate warm weather and that is why wears old and loose clothes even if anyone comes at home she is in her usual dressing and doesn't care at all.
Her baby cries for milk and she gives her pacifier and plays silly games on phone, or watch silly videos and when asked to feed the baby she gets annoyed.

All she wanted was to get married and now all she wants is to lie down and do silly stuff and never move.
abdullaah 3 years ago
Thank you Simone, I have seen your reply now. I will email him if he asks me to do so. But I have written all the details here. I hope he will get some time and follow up with the case.

I don't know how much he will charge, so I can't directly email him, what if I'll not be able to pay the fee.
I've been using the forum for long and all the doctors here are very helpful.
abdullaah 3 years ago
You can email and ask what the fee would be for speaking on the phone -
I only suggested that as it seems the needed info
Could be given without all the back and forth on here.

But perhaps he has enough info now-
simone717 3 years ago
Thank Simone :) will try my best to help everyone here in forum
well me & dad our busy in hospital expansion as well busy OPD & IPD
but still I'm arranging some time to help people and heal them .

Regarding Patient Miss abdullaah well this history won't be enough I want to know your mother state as well during pregnancy while your sister was Born. we called is mother history during pregnancy

Dr Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 3 years ago
She was 4th so my mother had to take care of 3 children during pregnancy. As I told before my father is a strict man, my mother had to take care of his rest and everything. it was her responsibility that children don't make any noise when he was sleeping, after night shift, or any time. she was all alone to handle everything, cooking, cleaning, shopping, every little thing. There was not even a maid to help her.
There must be so much stress and tiredness during that time.
abdullaah 3 years ago
Dr Jitesh, I am waiting for your reply.
abdullaah 3 years ago
tell me her sleep position

left , right , side , on back , on abdomen ???
drjitesh 3 years ago
on abdomen mostly.. one leg folded and one straight
abdullaah 3 years ago
any history of diseases like major illness in family ??

tell me her food craving desire or aversion ??
drjitesh 3 years ago
my father has gastric problem, he burps when he has gas and also he has constipation problem, also he has high blood pressure.

My mother has osteoporosis.

No major illness.

She craves spicy, sour food and fast food.

She has a strange thing that she gets water in her mouth even when she looks at something nasty, for example a pustule or pimple, she just craves to pop it.

Also she is unhygenic and when she stands there is a wide gap in her feet, that looks bad, when she walks she doesn't care about her posture.
abdullaah 3 years ago
Does she like to take bath daily ??
Does she care about her own appearance??
drjitesh 3 years ago
NO not at all. I have mentioned in detail above that she wears worn out clothes at home, she feeds her baby but doesn't care about her own hygiene. she can go without taking bath for many days.
when asked to wear new clothes she says she cant bear them, they are warm, and they irritate her, which are all excuses i know.

Her husband had complains that she doesn't wash her feet and her soles are almost black because of dirt. She still has same soles and she washes them in ages.

She doesn't smell good. she wears loose clothes which look bad on her healthy weight.
abdullaah 3 years ago
Give SULPHUR 30 4 pills one dose report me after 5 days

this case need follow up so update me after 5 days
drjitesh 3 years ago
thank you doctor, i have to give her 4 pills only once then nothing. and then report after 5 days right?
abdullaah 3 years ago
drjitesh 3 years ago
are drops and pills same? of same potency?
abdullaah 3 years ago
yes both are same but u need pills 4 pills one dose only. only time
drjitesh 3 years ago
I went to a big homeopathic store today and they said that they don't have sulphur 30 in pills form and they said that it doesn't come in pills form. He said we can give you in pills form but those are simple sugar pills which homeopaths usually give, and they will put sulphur 30 drops in it.

I want to ask, should I go for it?

If yes then the quantity should be same? 4 pills?
abdullaah 3 years ago
Yes it's same they will give in mixing the drops of sulphur 30
drjitesh 3 years ago
Thank you,

they were giving at very cheap price so I bought it, I am glad I did... Now I will report after 5 days.

One more thing I want to ask, I have to observe any change in her or should I ask her about any change she feels in her self?

I mean, you want to know my perspective or her?

So that I observe her closely.
abdullaah 3 years ago

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