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Daughter sensory disorder


I have tried to heal my daughter on my own with successes that end in regression. Recently, I thought it was finally over with supplements for MTHFR, but after three months she has regressed again.

Here are her symptoms:

The worst is clothing. She doesn't like the way anything feels, especially around armpit and groin area, as well as shoes. She often says things are tight when they could not possibly be. She no longer wants to lay on the sheets and wants to lay on me. They are scratchy, bunchy, and she feels sticky. In the car she won't sit in a car seat or the seat, but rather the floor. Often complains that the front seat is too close.

Poor focus
Talks constantly
High energy
Steps on things on floor and digs in without realizing
Doesn't like to sit in chairs
As embarrassing and uncomfortable as it may be for us, she has been touching herself a lot and it is rough. Usually if she is watching tv or something. It seems like that on one hand she is too sensitive and on the other she is seeking input
Lately has had anxiety and over reacts to things
Hits and scratches little brother when frustrated

Also, I might mention that at birth she was stuck, so the Midwife pulled her out because her heart stopped beating.

I hope someone can help because I'm at the end of my rope with sleep and soon she won't wear anything
  Amber.delano on 2018-12-02
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I received an email about a reply, but it isn't here...,

Amber.delano 4 months ago


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drjitesh 4 months ago

Hi. Thanks for responding.

I'm not sure what details you need....

She was vaccinated up until about a year of age (she is now 7).

She has never had any surgeries, major illnesses, or injuries.

I believe that she has had some lead and mold exposure from an old warehouse apartment a couple of years ago, which I have have tried to detox her.

She will do well for awhile and I think we are going to get it behind us and then it comes back. I've racked my brain thinking of what could be the trigger, but nothing seems to correlate.

Please let me know what details you need.
Amber.delano 4 months ago

Please start with when -what age - you became aware of this.
Did she complete milestones from birth etc and
Suddenly develop this after being exposed to
Mold etc?

Please list what treatments and what medicines,
Herbs, western meds, homeopathic meds have been used
And what potencies, amount of dosing etc were given.
What results were seen.
simone717 4 months ago

She was fussy and needy from the very beginning, but I really noticed a change after the MMR shot...she was just...different. In a way that a mother knows. Around 20 months, she would have episodes of rocking and screaming sitting in the floor with a look to suggest that she wasn't present. In these states she was un responsive to me. After a few episodes I took her off gluten and dairy, which stopped the episodes.

From the very beginning she hated her car seat and it was difficult getting her in with a meltdown. She was a bit a fussy with clothes around two years and then was fine until her fourth year. When we're living in that old warehouse it seemed like overnight she couldn't stand long sleeves anymore. She had dark circles and looking back at old photos she looks a bit sickly. I tried NMT a little after her 5th birthday for almost a year. There were two moments where she seemed to do better but regressed soon after. I never finished the treatment because it seemed like it wasn't working and the lady was condescending (also seemed like she was a fraud). Everywhere in the middle has been the usual detoxing...clay baths, Epsom salts, activated charcoal, DE, Barron's metal detox, glutathione, probiotic etc. With the NMT the lady gave me homeopathic (I think) drops that the made me for lymphatic system and three others but I can't remember. A few months ago I started her on Dr. Kendall Stewart's topical cream for MTHFR because it seems from both mine and my husbands background that we might have it. She did better for three months and then regressed. During that time I was also doing a Qgong massage for kids with autism sensory issues, but I stopped when I thought she was making progress.
Amber.delano 4 months ago

For dr jitesh: nmr is a massage therapy.
The mthfr cream is mostly b vitamins.

Hi Amber,

Dr jitesh will probably have more questions -

I wanted to know how long has it been since you lived in the warehouse
With mold?
Mold allergies once triggered can be easily set off
Again if you are in or around any mold/dampness
- one has to make sure that the mold is properly repaired
Or change location . It causes too much stress
To the system and does not allow homeopathic
Meds to work correctly.
simone717 4 months ago


We just went through our second rainy season in Costa Rica and this house rental didn't flow well. It will be drying up now and there shouldn't be a big mold issue. However this is where we live and can't do much about it. The house we are designing is taking mold and airflow into huge consideration....
Amber.delano 4 months ago

The mold in the warehouse is speculation...but it's been a little over two years since we lived there
Amber.delano 4 months ago


I suggest you order a moldcheck kit. You leave out
These vials and they show the amount of mold spores
In a room. The highest count is where there is a leak
And then the leak has to be fixed, the drywall area
Removed, and new drywall put in with mold resistant
Paint. This should be done very carefully, read up on it
And child should be out of house when doing it.

It does not matter if things are drying up if mold
Has grown inside a wall- it still affects. I have
Worked with several people on here with this -
One young man lived with parents and was non stop sick-
Could not afford to move and his room had the most spores.
I had him sleep on the porch in a sleeping bag and stay out
Of his room- he then got enough energy to get work and move and
Regain his life back. Another parent had mold in
Sun porch ceilings and would semi fix it- child would get better then worse bc it was not eradicated. People have a genetic
Set up for mold allergies and bottom line you have
To not be around it.

The moldcheck company kit will show you where
The worst rooms are at least.

In homeopathy, this is called obstacle to cure.
There was another man on here whose wife
Was sick non stop. Many remedies tried
And weak results. I asked him to check the house
And carpet. Finally they found mold on underside of carpet
And removed it. However, he removed it with wife
In home and released tons of spores. So she got
Temporarily worse and then better. It is frustrating
As everyone seems to be in Resistance to
Handling this issue .

You can wait for dr jitesh now.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-12-07 16:31:17]
simone717 4 months ago

I need to know everything about child
Sleep postion

Any recurrent Complains?

Any fear ??
Fear or dark ?
Fear to be alone ??
Her expression

Blood test levels ??
How her anger level what she does ?
Her favourite food
Lead and mold exposure? ?

Her bowels?how her motion
Bed wetting ??

Does she can tolerate cold more or hot more
Covering thin or thick ?
Bathing warm water or cold water ?
drjitesh 4 months ago

I have noticed her sleeping in any particular position...she seems to be all over the place.

Most of her complaints are about clothes getting too near her armpits or on her back a certain way. She doesn't like many textures at night or bumps in the sheets. Also, lately she has complained about being sticky before bed.

She can overreact to a change if she is nostalgic about something.

Fear of being uncomfortable.
A little fearful of speaking to people...shy.
Embarrassed easily
Lately a fear of touching things that she think might be germy and of the the sun dying.
Doesn't really like to be alone

Talks excessively

Never had blood test

Frustrates easily and bites tongue. Will scratch or pinch brother when she gets frustrated

We eat really healthily, but if we have treat moment then she will want something sugary or bread. Also, loves salsa, guacamole, and watermelon

She hasn't been tested for any of these exposures, but in one apartment I tested the walls for lead and they were positive. I also noticed mold in this apartment, and this is the place when she started being much more sensitive. Before this it was manageable.

Her bowel movement are regular and normal, and she never wets the bed. She was a very constipated and colicky baby however.

Normally she handles heat better, but the last month or so she has more complaints of being hot....mostly right before bed.

She prefers warm water and will complain if it gets tepid

Thanks so much for your help
Amber.delano 4 months ago

what all homeopathic medicine you have given her
drjitesh 4 months ago

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