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Need urgent help with wrist pain not going away 7


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22 year old needs help with wrist pain not going away

A sincere request to an experienced doctor to take my case.
I am 22 year old young man. Injured my left wrist while playing basketball in November 2016. It's been 15 months now and it still hurts. Whenever I type on computer or twist my hand, it is hurting. Also hurts to bend wrist forwards or backwards. Hurts to twist doorknobs. Doesn't hurt when wrist is not being used or is resting. Only hurts when in use. It can't support much weight (carrying a plate of food or backpack hurts) and feel pain when grabbing or twist in particular direction.

Took left wrist MRI & MR Arthrogram in March 2018. Please see the MRI findings below. There's a very small TFCC tear. Doctor said that there is 1 very small ligament tear and 1 cartliage tear. He said that the tear is very small, so it should fix with time, and no surgery is needed. Patient should try not to strain it and wear the brace.
Ligament tear- is causing the Pain, takes longer to heal around 3-6 months.

But it still hurts. So, went to orthopedic doctor in Jan 2019. After examination, he said that there is pain in volar aspect of left wrist and ulnar side of left wrist, dull and mild pain. He put my wrist in cast for 4 weeks after a steroid injection for immobilization . After 4 weeks, cast was removed and doctor said to continue using wrist less and don't strain it to let it heal internally. consult again in a few weeks to determine whether surgery is required. But still no change and it hurts the same.

So far have taken Belis per Q, Rhus Tox 200, but no change at all in the pain.

Can someone please take the case urgently and prescribe what medicine to take to fix the pain. Can this be cured by homeopathy or surgery has to be done. Please advise.

Thanks so much for the prompt response.

MRI results-
A poorly defined pinhole tear is present through the radial margin of the central TFCC disc seen best on coronal image #9 and 10 series 5 and 6. The ulnar aspect of the ligament demonstrates mild irregularity along the distal volar margin coronal image #8 and 9 consistent with a partial tear. The extensor carpi ulnaris tendon is intact without altered signal, position or surrounding fluid. No significant ulnar positive or minus variance. The distal radioulnar joint is normal in position with contrast extending into the joint through the TFC tear discussed above.
The radiocarpal, midcarpal and carpometacarpal joints are normal in position without fracture or marrow edema. The scapholunate and lunotriquetral ligaments are intact without altered signal. The carpal tunnel, flexor tendons and median nerve are normal in appearance. Extensor tendons remain intact without altered thickness, signal or tenosynovitis.

1. Small pinhole central TFC tear about 1 mm from the radial insertion (Palmer Class IA injury).
2. Mild partial tear volar ulnar aspect of the ligament.
3. No evidence of a scapholunate or lunotriquetral ligament tear, tendinopathy or fracture.
  suna711 on 2019-02-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Very well explained. Please try a mixture of 12 tissue salts. Ask homeopathic pharmacy to give you a mixture of all 12 tissue salt remedies. ((Not five phos)) 2-4 pellets 3 times a day for 10-15 days only.

Don't eat or drink anything before and after taking the medicine. Don't take this during diarrhoea.


How long you got this accident ? And what experts say about it ?


Answers below ones as well .........
A) constipation history. B) headache if any. C) must select one option, weakness or restlessness, which is more.
D) your detailed daily routine, like active or sadantry life style etc If possible hourly basis details required .. E) is it a reoccurring problems F) you were physically active or inactive just before this condition ? G) do you feel more thirsty or thirstless ? H) do you feel cold in body or hot mostly ? If you like click my name to remind me only if I'm not replying.
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Ibrahim3 9 months ago
Thanks for the response.
I have most of the 12 individual tissue salts. Will start taking those. That will be 48 pellets 3 times a day.

This accident happened in Nov 2017. So, it has been 15 months now.

In March 2018, the doctor, radiologist & chiropractor said that it is a very small Ligament tear and Ligament tears take longer to heal and it will take 3-6 months and surgery is not needed. He's been wearing a brace.
In Jan 2019, the orthopedic said that surgery is the last resort. He felt that steroid injection would help, but there was no change.

A) No constipation
B) No headache
C) Weakness
D) class from 11am-4:30pm, exercise 3-4 days a week around class, lunch 12, dinner 5:30, work after 7pm
E) Yes for a year
F) Physically active
G) Neither
H) Neither cold nor hot

Please advise. Thanks.
suna711 9 months ago
You understood absolutely WRONG ... there is a product which consists of a mixture of 12 tissue remedies.

Means each pellet costs of a mixture of 12 tissue salts.

You don't need to take 4 pellets of each salt individually. It is wrong.

Just ask the pharmacy to give you a product ((remedy)) in which each tablet costs of 12 tissue remedies.

And total number of pellets now will be 6 .. 2 Pellets in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 at night. Total 6 pellets a day. I hope you can understand. If I'm not replying you can click my name below to give me a quick reminder
Ibrahim3 9 months ago
Just take one dose of arnica CM and Ruta G CM
One in the morning and other in the evening
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
Is there Anyone who can tell the forum rules ?
Ibrahim3 9 months ago
Dear Ibrahim3
May I request you to please fwd me link to the forum rules so that you do not have to request this forum for the same
Also if unknowingly I have constrained you to post this on the forum I sincerely apologise for the same
All the very best for your efforts
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
As I don't have the mixture of 12 tissue salts, can I take each separate or is it not the same. Else I will order them.

Also, we had a second opinion from a doctor over the phone.
His findings are as below. Please review and share your thoughts and opinions and advise what to take next.

Current Diagnosis:
22-year-old male with left wrist pain. This began in November 2017. Of note, patient had a prior fracture in the proximal he seventh grade. Patient had initial consultation in January 2018, given the diagnosis of FCU tendinitis, and splinted. Hand surgery consultation in January 2019 diagnosed with TFCC tear. Patient was given an injection of Celestone and placed in a short arm cast for approximately 4 weeks. Cast was removed on 1/31/19.He has persistent and significant pain with most forceful activities. No significant improvement after splinting and cortisone injection. He has no subjective instability to his wrist.
MRI dated 3/21/18 shows evidence of a punctate TFCC tear.
Pain on the ulnar side of the wrist is quite common. I treat on average 2 or 3 patient’s daily for this pain. The majority of the time, this pain can be treated with nonoperative treatment options. Most important in making the correct diagnosis is the exact location of the pain that patients are experiencing. Pain that is on the small finger side of the wrist, also known as the ulnar side of the wrist, is what we will go over now.
There are several specific diagnoses that cause ulnar-sided wrist pain. Some of these include tendinitis, tears of the small cartilage of the ulnar side of the wrist, ulnar impaction syndrome, and synovitis on the ulnar side of the wrist. The typical initial treatment I provide is rest, activity
modification, and, most importantly, splinting. The type of splint used is very important. A typical off-the-shelf volar wrist resting splint does not usually immobilize the wrist well enough to improve symptoms in my opinion. An ulnar gutter splint, a splint that provides rigid support on the ulnar side
of the wrist, is necessary to achieve enough stability to improve pain. Regardless of the underlying diagnosis, the appropriate type of splint will often improve symptoms dramatically, sometimes even entirely. I typically have our hand therapist make a thermoplastic ulnar gutter splint as I have not found an over-the-counter version that works quite as well. I recommend wearing the splint essentially full-time, roughly 23.5 hours per day off only for bathing, for a total of 6 weeks. We will often follow with 4 additional weeks of nighttime splinting following this full-time splinting regimen. You were casted, which is appropriate, but only for 4 weeks. Although this difference is small, this may make an impact into improvement in pain.
If this does not improve symptoms, at this point I would typically recommend an MRI, which you have already had. For many patients I would recommend a Second cortisone injection as a next step.
If patient’s do not respond to either splinting or cortisone injection, surgery is a reasonable option. For patient’s who are ulnar neutral or ulnar negative, a wrist arthroscopy to both evaluate the source of the ulnar-sided wrist pain (such as to confirm a tear of the TFCC) and treat that pathology is often
Although certainly not exhaustive, one additional alternate potential diagnosis is subtle instability at the distal radioulnar joint due to his previous malunion of the distal third of the radius. The pain at the palmar ulnar aspect with pressure to the hand is consistent with subtle instability. Insight can be
gained by clinical evaluation, full length forearm x-rays of both sides, and possibly CT scans of both forearms.
Careful clinical evaluation and examination is critical to identifying the correct diagnosis.It should be emphasized that I cannot make a clinical determination for him specifically without direct examination.
suna711 9 months ago
Ibrahim- everytime you post a reply , there is a box
To the right, that says “I agree to forum rules”
Click forum rules and you will see them.

Many people who ask for advice - think wrongly that
They are entering into some private dr office with
The prescriber and get angry if anyone else posts
On the thread. Others think wrongly that prescribers
Collaborate on their case and get very confused.

Any member is allowed to post on any thread.
However, if someone is taking the time to study
A case and someone else pops in- just ask
The patient who they want to follow.
simone717 9 months ago
Dear Suna711
Thank you for the detailed history of your wrist pain
This thread has gone on Tangent due to me breaking the rules of this forum
The most important fact which is needed by a lover of homeopathy is how did you get injured.
Did you bend your wrist beyond normal or did you bang your wrist, when you were injured
To tell you that even if you get rid of the pain by homeopathic medicine the TFCC tear may still be there.
As I shud not write any medicine since others are working on it.
I can tell you the dos and don’ts about your wrist
Do not keep massaging or rubbing or pressing the painful part as it aggravates the tear. Do hot water fermentation it improves the feeling
I assure you that it is treatable without surgery
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Kapsdquack 9 months ago
K-quak I mean 'kapsdquak" you can Take this case. As you seems too much interested in it. You can start suggesting whatever you read.
[Edited by Ibrahim3 on 2019-03-08 19:18:20]
Ibrahim3 9 months ago
Thanks you can refer to as Kaps
Please bear with me that the person is in pain for more than a year and it was this that prompted me to interven in the first place and I am not giving up on this so let’s start afresh
I have questioned the patient let’s saa if he still has the faith
Thanks once again
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
It's sad that I got caught into all this. This is a professional organization, so my hope is that we can come out of it. As this is a complex case, I really need more experienced doctor in this field.
Please advise who will take the case - anybody in the forum also - please come forward. I need your help on how to proceed further and what to take.
suna711 9 months ago
You did not tell me how did you come to this condition
Kapsdquack 9 months ago

I suggest you follow K and give him the info he needs
On how this started.
Often , homeopathic remedies are chosen based on
“Never well since” info, like Arnica for something that began with an injury and then go to other remedies with symptoms
That are remaining.

The forum is not a clinic with “drs” it is set up for discussion
Of any healing topic and any person on the planet
Can join and comment on a post .

There is a paragraph titled Important that appears
Everytime a person posts - at the bottom explaining
The forum is not a substitute for a physician or
A certified homeopath.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-03-08 18:55:36]
simone717 9 months ago
Dear Suna711
You will the remedies which I wrote out of over enthusiasm Arnica M and Ruta G both CM potency and you need to retake only one dose of each since you did not tell me how did you get injured
Take both any an interval of 6-8 hours and please get back
No raw onions or garlic no pickles no perfumes
Anything smelling strong and anything tasting too pungent is to be avoide for about 03 days
Feed back is must
Hope to see you fit
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
Thanks Kaps.
I got injured playing basketball in November 2017. I was fine initially and took Arnica. It didn't bother me much then. I was able to play and then I think in January 2018, 1 day I played basketball and it hurt after that. Since then it's been more easily aggravated. I think I should have rested it more then. After that, I wear splint/brace to give it support.
In general, I am prone to hurting my ankles while playing basketball, football.
Also, in 2010, I had fractured my left wrist, and had it in cast for 6 weeks. But after that I was fine and had no issues.

I have Arnica 30C, 200C, 1M and arnica ointment.
And I have Ruta G 6C, 30c, 200c, 1M, 10M.
Can I take any of these? Else I will have to order, which will take some time.
Appreciate the help.
suna711 9 months ago
You have the remedies in high potencies-

Have you taken them? If so, list the amount of doses,
List the potencies taken and the results from them.

That will help in deciding what should be taken now.
simone717 9 months ago
I have taken Rhus tox 200, Symphytum 30 and few doses of Ruta 1M & Ruta 10M and tissue salts.
But no change in pain. But like I said earlier, when the doctor examined in January, he didn't find anything wrong as such and X-ray didn't show anything. He said that it has healed but little loose. And, not sure if that's the reason of pain.
suna711 9 months ago
And also I think it was bend beyond normal.
suna711 9 months ago
Dear suna711
Buy Aloe S 30 3-4 drops in some water twice a day for four days
On fifth night have one drop of Arnica 10 M
If you have dilutionsif you don’t have dilutions buy arnica CM you will need only one dose may be two
Please get back
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
I will have to order these.
Can you help me understand what could be the possible reasons of the pain. Do you think it can be fixed with homeopathy.
suna711 9 months ago
The reasons for the pain is the soft tissue injury TFCC tear and recurring stress on the same tissue
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
Soft tissue injuries are best cured by homeopathic remedies do not waste time on beating about the bush try my prescription
Kapsdquack 9 months ago
And, I have Arnica 1M dilution, would that work or I would need to order 10M. Can I use 1M in the meantime, till I get 10M?
suna711 9 months ago
One drop at bed time in some water and get back next morning
Arnica 1M
Kapsdquack 9 months ago

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