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Hypersensitive threw to high potnecie

Dear Friends,

I took a too high potencie from Lilim Tigrinum and react now hypersensitive. I took for a while Lilium Tigrinum in Lm diluited potencies to try to adjust the vital force but symptoms remaind. My homeopathy prescribed me Arsenicum Album threw the new symptoms,in Lm potencies diluited one drop in a cup of water . I ameliorate a lot. Now I take it for 3 months but still the hypersensitivness remains and still there are symptoms from my illness, i suffer from schizophrenia.

I red in posts about hypersensitivity that there are people who went threw similar scenarios.

My homeopathy is very expierenced but never had a case like this cause he prescribes very carefully and also take care with potencies. I took on my on a too high potencies from the remedy. I know it was a mistake but hope to get threw anyway.

I red that brisbane and sameervermani had already expierence in this cases. You wrote that threw the smillimum sensitivity will vanish.

The high dose from Lilium is already 6 months ago. It was a 460M that i potneciesd still higher with the fincke fluid method.
Arsen now I am taking about 3 months and still can't increase the dose.

How long can it take for the simillimum to restore normal sensitivity if the high dose is already 6 months ago?

In your practice, in your expierince, once found the true simillimum, is it a thing about day, weeks, months ore years?

I know that in homeopathy it is very individual, but it would help me to evaluate better my situation...

I still have some sympotms so it can be that there is needes still another remedy and that will fix it.

I always at the beginning of a new remedy I had to take Lm potencies and then slowly increase dose over a period of time. But never react so strong to a remedy like now after the 460M.

Maybe you know to tell me something about my situation.

I am happy and gratful for every expierence of you.


Luca W
  lucawi on 2019-06-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
On your earlier thread I gave my views on this hypersensitivity and ways to overcome it. And rarely if things do not settle giving a break to homeopathy will help. But you chose to ignore my post---it's your choice. At this moment I do not think any other member is doing wet dose.
maheeru last year
Dear maheeru,

you mean your post in which you wrote to rifill the Lm bottle with fresh water and then diluit it in other cups befor taking it??

It isn't the same when I diluite the drops in cups after?

Or which method do you mean to overcome my sensitivity?

So more diluited better it is?

Thanks for your fast answer!!
lucawi last year
I will try to drop the water out of the remedy bottle and rifill it with water, and then take one drop from the first cup or more diluited.

Actually I take one drop from the first cup.

See what will happen. Would be amazing to make progress.

And, I dind't ignore your post. I assumed that simone answerd me and therefore I answerd only to her. After answering I realised that the post was yours, but already did.
lucawi last year
First things first. Remedy has to be very similar to go high. But no guarantee that such high potencies will give benefit without any side effects or aggravation. But 460M seems a lot high. Did you finish other more common potencies like 10M, 50M, CM, DM and MM. Only MM is bigger than 460M because it's 1000M.

Dilution can be done in many ways. Medicinal solution bottle can be diluted any number of times. Then including dilution cups. Here there is a subtle difference in diluting medicinal bottle and including cups. Even in cups, we can go for any number of cups based on sensitivity. Not uncommon for hypersensitives to use 16 and 20 dilution cups. It could be tedious. Have you used sniff doses? They can also suit hypersensitives well. Even with sniff dose, a degree of dilution can be included.

Most wet dose advisories instruct that tablespoon or teaspoon doses may be taken either directly from medicinal bottle or from dilution cups. But I have found that drop doses are gentler than such teaspoon or tablespoon doses. Also the shakes and stirs can be lowered for hyper sensitive patients. You need to go for lesser shakes and stirs once the degree of sensitivity goes high. Two shakes, stirs would do in place of ten shakes or stirs.

There are five or so remedies used for over sensitivity. The list does not contain Ars. alb. Theoretically it may be agreed that similimum can take away the sensitivity but in practice it's rare. I think practical tools are: more dilution, switching to sniff doses.

If you think if you had enough of Ars. Alb. high doses and you think anti doting is necessary then you can try anti doting with low potencies of Nux v.

I think I have given most of the information that will be required for hyper sensitive people. It depends on what you make of it.
maheeru last year
Dear maheeru,

I will try your advices. I already tried to sniff but directly from the bottle, and I aggravated a lot. Should I try to sniff from the diluited cups? ...maybe I misunderstood this with the sniff doses.

I will figure out how many shakes and stires I will need.

From Lilium Tigrinum I had from 1M To 100M potencies and responded very well also to dry doses. But the 460M was to high and I began to have a very bad reaction. After that I became oversensitiv to the remedys. So for me it is not a natural thing that I am oversensitiv, so i think it is not part of my nature, I became it threw the 460M.

Thanks for your detailed answer, I will try and see what happen.

lucawi last year
Ok I recked you answer, your already wrote that also with sniff doses a number of dilutions can be included. Will figure out with which I make the best progress.

Wish you all the best.
lucawi last year
For Centesimals, sniffing directly from Medicinal bottle will be ok but if you have had aggravation, then medicinal solution needs to be diluted further. But for LMs do prepare a second bottle for sniffing.

Generally a second bottle is prepared for sniffing doses. It would be a corked bottle a small one in the range of 10 to 20 ml. Along with a few teaspoons of medicinal solution a teaspoon of medicinal alcohol will be added in, and from this new small bottle, a sniff will be made(by varying the distance between the nose and the bottle, doses were gently attenuated further). This new bottle is like another medicinal bottle but not a lot of doses can be made from this.

So to have more doses with more shakes, a reasonably big bottle like a 125ml bottle can be made by transferring a couple teaspoons or tablespoons from the first bottle to second bottle and additionally some fresh water be added. From this second bottle sniffing can be done to mark one dose. To make the doses gentle, further doses can be taken after shakes. Generally more dilution cups are not employed. But if you find the sniffs from second bottle still aggravating, then dilution cups may be employed. While these medicinal bottles won't be prepared afresh for subsequent doses, dilution cups have to be refilled with every new dose.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-06-30 16:20:04]
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru,

thank you for your detailed answer. I have now all possible information to the administraion of water potnecies. Hope i will make some progress.

The only thing i didn't understand and maybe could be important is waht do you mean with:

" While these medicinal bottles won't be prepared afresh for subsequent doses, dilution cups have to be refilled with every new dose."
lucawi last year
Think I got it. You mean that with this preparatio of the bottles i have to use every time a new cup cause this solution I made is not made to use more times the same cup.
lucawi last year
Dear Maheeru,

I rifilled the remedy bottle and took a teaspoon and gave it in a second glass from 50ml and took a sniff from it, and I feel happy to tell you that it changed a lot my sensation of the world and myself. Will see how I carry on. Al least if I return to my old state of beeing if the remedy is not the perfect simillimum I learnd a lot of this state. Now i realised that i feel isolated and not in conecction with the world and the people. You know, it is always difficult to realis it without having a point of reference. I am still 5 years suffering from schizophrenia and changing from one state to another, and never I really know who I am. It is quite difficult. But I learnd a lot of analyse myself and the language of homeopathy. So fortunatlly I am ameliorating.

Thank you!!
lucawi last year
" While these medicinal bottles won't be prepared afresh for subsequent doses, dilution cups have to be refilled with every new dose."

In this specific case I talked about two medicinal bottles. Otherwise we'll have one medicinal bottle. It is prepared one time and preserved for further doses. From this bottle one generally shakes and transfers a few drops to either one's mouth directly as a dose or if more dilution is required then to a dilution cup. (In case of sniff dose---dose will go to the nose and not to the mouth)

A dilution cup always is prepared fresh. Just after the dose--- the contents of the dilution cup is poured out--usually onto some plant or tree. Then for next dose, fresh water is filled to this dilution cup, and after transferring medicinal solution to this cup, there will be a few stirs, and then from this dilution cup, a few drops will be taken as a dose. So far this is what happens for one dilution cup, if more dilution cups are employed, then from every preceding dilution cup, some drops get transferred to
the following dilution cup after a few stirs. From the last dilution cup, a few drops will be taken directly under the tongue as a dose.

I believe you refilled the medicinal bottle once with some of the contents of the old preparation intact. If you want to make a dilution at the medicinal bottle level, then you have to leave a few drops atleast from the previous solution in the bottle or 10% of previous contents inside and add fresh water. This dilution in the medicinal bottle should not be done again and again for every other dose. It's usually a one time preparation or is done occasionally to change the original level dilution. This is the same procedure one has to follow when the bottle's solution is going to end. If the solution in the medicinal bottle is going to end and if you intend to take the same medicine for some more time, you should leave some content in the bottle and add fresh water to the bottle to refill the solution. If you use up the whole solution and you start from the scratch, you will have to compensate all the shakes you already have done for the previous solution so as not to disturb the ladder of earlier progressively attenuated/plussed doses.
maheeru last year
Fine, think now I'am up to date. Will see how will develope. Thanks a lot!!

Greetings from Italy

Luca W
lucawi last year
Welcome, Luca, Nice to hear, you are from land of leaning tower of pisa, Da vinci :)

All the best!
maheeru last year
Yes :) the land of pasta and pizza. :)

Dear Maheeru,

you teached me many things about dilution possibilities,

I want to tell you about a method which told me my homeopathy some time ago,

it's called the korsakoffian delution,

instead of taking for example 16 cups of water, you take only one cup, fill it with water, get in that waht you want to diluite and empty all water, of course there will remain some drops in the cup, you don't need to stir you only rifill the cup with water and empthy it again, till the dilution cup you need.

I tried it by myself, it's very simple and you don't need to use many cup, only one is enough.

The reaction is still gentlier then with the other method.

In a similar way the korsakoffian potnecies are made, there the use only one container, let 1% of the last potencie, rifill it and continue. Hahnemann used to use for every potencie a new container, Korsakoff, a Russion, searched a easier method the produce homeopathy remedys and found out this way. Nearly every company produce with this method.

This kind of dilution you can do with Lm potencies, but of course also with C.

Maybe some of your patient will benefit.

It is easy to do and the reaction is still gentlier but very effectiv.

Good luck and thank you again,


Luca W
lucawi last year
Hi Luca

Yes, the land of pasta and pizza :) They are taking over in many places. Probably I belong to that rare tribe who has not succumbed. I have only consumed them a handful of times.

I'm aware of Korsakov method. The potencies prepared from this method are CK potencies. Probably I was the first person on this forum who wrote the difference between Korsakov and Hahnemannian methods in manufacturing potencies in detail. Thank you for your write up.

I know people from other practitioners who use 16 dilution cups. But I have not gone more than 5 with my patients. I'm yet to adopt Korsakov here. Would be a nice innovation.
maheeru last year
Hi Maheeru,

really, only a handful of times, impossible. :)
Where are you from??

Actually I take the remedy from the 5th cup, switch to to oral assumtion, it becomes better for me. Then slwoly switch to the 1st and then try to take directly.

The big advence is that you can use only one cup and diluite to the infinity :)

Wish you all the best, Homeopathy forever, it's an amazing cure method. Without homeopathy I would be incurable. Thanks to hahnemann.

All the best with your prescribtion!!

Do you have an office or do you work especially online for free??
I appreciate this forum, think is the only where you can find so many information nearly about every topic of homeopathy.

You are great!!

All the best
lucawi last year
Another thing I would like to say is that I observed that varing/changing the starting dilution sometimes can help the curing process. I mean i tried to empthy the LM bottle, and rifilling it with destilled water I had a better reaction then with the original dilution.

If healing process stop can help the try to change the way of assumption or dilution. I know that is the same like changing potencies


I noticed that healing process didn't develop further so I switched from Korsakoff to Fincke and I began to develop again. Fincke potencies are made with the flution method, you can find information in internet about.

https://www.remedia.at/ --> they produce a wide range of potencies from nerly each well know remedy with this method.

So the remedy remains the same but it's like a new stimulus cause it is produced in another way. So changing to Fincke helped me to imporve again. Then I had to change remedy cause it appaerd a new symptom complex. But otherwise going back to Korsakoff would have the same effect again.

It's only for cases when really curing process stop and remedy seems to be still the same. This method could help to recommence the react to the same remedy.

I think this is an interesting observation that I made. Red also in the internet about. So is nothing new but rarley used.
lucawi last year
Hi Luca

Yes, I know some people do not consume pizza, pasta that much. There is also this difference in traditional dishes due to varying cultures, geographical locations. I hail from India where we do have different kinds of bread and types of pasta esp. prepared with wheat flour. I have consumed macaroni a type of pasta and have liked the taste but pizza does not appeal to me.

I think the gap between the doses from 5th cup and 1st cup could be made longer. If prematurely doses are switched effects may not be good. However you seem to know a lot in homeopathy than a beginner or a novice. I'm impressed. How did you learn? Or have you learnt it from your homeopath?

I'm aware of fincke, swan, skinner range potencies from fluxion method---I had guessed when you said you took 460M---these odd potencies do not come in K method. Well I have not used potencies from fluxion so I don't have any comments. But I have rarely needed to use high potencies, and when needed use 50M, CM.

Yes this forum has got a lot of information. But one needs to filter, sieve out to pick right information.

My work in homeopathy is driven by passion and spirit of service. So I also help people without charging.
maheeru last year
Hi maheeru,

I learnd a lot by my own expierinece threw my homeopathy, passed threw many episodes. Already about 5 years in therapy.

Also red a book from "Andre Saine" with 500 pages aboute case taking and the whole science of homeopathy with the focal to mental illness. A very intresting book.
I have also a few other books but that from Andre Saine is the best.

I appreciate that you are activ here in the web. So also for people who can't afford a doctor can be helped. Surely it is more difficult but I'm sure people can make profit about.
But I think that in difficult cases, especially chronic illness, is difficult to treat online, cause there is needed constant and maybe many people abbandone homeopathy cause the don't see the right progress.

Maheeru, do you have expierience already with oversensitivity threw to many or to high potencies??

The high potencie is already a year behond. I don't think that the remedy is still working but sensitivity stays.
Do you think that it could vanish with time cause it doesn't belong to me nature, before I could take potencies till the 100M without porblems?

I make porgress with arsen and it helps me also threw difficult periods despite very deluite doses but I miss the effect from the high potencies. The brought me faster in a new sympotm complex for a new remedy. Hope also with LM with happen this, maybe it will take more time.
lucawi last year
What do you think about the "split method" taken some drops from the 5 cup for example.

In this days I had a relapse cause of taking a new remedy which didn't fixed the whole case well.

I returned back to Arsen in Lm potencies 1 drop from the first cup every 3 hours and the symptomes ameliorted. But I had still the believe that i was persued and have to die. I took a Arsenicum C12 not directly, I put it only on forhead, not directly, only the galss filled with the globes. And in a few minutes I came totaly back to reality. So i assume that I react better to C potencies now after I took for 3 months the Lm but I'm afraid to take it cause i fear to aggravate very strong. If only putting it on my forhead had already such a srong effect.

I observed this method with putting a remedy on my forhead also other times after becaming such sensitiv to doe the 460M. So it really works for me.

What do you think about the "split method" with C potnecies in my case. Do you think it is possible to aggravate very strong or could it bring forward my case??

Cause I think C potencies are quite more aggressiv then Lm.
lucawi last year
Andre saine is a terrific homeopath as well as an educator. Good you have his book.

I think face to face consultation is over rated. Many homeopaths won't accept this. But so be it. There are homeopaths who do extraordinarily good work without seeing patients in person or even listening to them on phone or seeing them on video conferencing like Skype. In contemporary homeopathy, I know Irene di villiers in U.S does exclusive online consults, no telephone, no in-person visits, but she is a very good vet. homeopath. In the past there was Lutze, a russian postmaster to whom thousands of people wrote to, to get recommendations and got good relief. In my experience too, I have felt seen good results despite not seeing or hearing out the patient in person. Well I wouldn't rule out the natural advantage that comes with in-person consults though.

Sensitivity can disappear but it can't be said with certainty. In some cases this happens, in others they have to live with this new sensitivity. We'll have to wait and see what will happen in your case.

A year is a long time to leave after a high potency esp. in schizophrenic cases. A high potency medicine can be repeated in a few months' time.

Whatever I wrote about Wet dose was relevant to split dose. Because it talked about preserving the original medicinal solution, and from that solution, part by part, doses were split and taken. It was the same for LMs as well.

Generally C wet doses are done in small dilutions but I have always used them in bigger dilutions. You can try similar bigger dilutions like 125ml, 250ml, 400ml, 500ml original medicinal solutions. A few drops from the 5th dilution cup should be considerably gentler even for a 400M potency. Or go for a sniff from this 5th cup.

The feeling of being pursued to be killed is not only under Ars. So please check if the medicine is right. You have a good homeopath---ask him to reanalyse the case.
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru,

of course you con successfully prescribe also without seeing the patient, but sometimes observing you, the homeopathy can find some interesting details about your way to communicate, your gestures, the way you behave. But prescribing online or through skype of course is more comfortabel.

I have to travel for every visti nearly 4 hourse there, and 4 hours back, sometimes it costs me so much energy, especially with my illness. His office is in a big city and every time I have to face many of my fears. Being in the middle of many people, if someone is suffering about schizophrenia many stimulus are quite confusing.

Will see how my sensibility will develop with time. Actually I can't take high potencies directly, but will try a wet dose from the 5th cup from a 30C, will see how react. The thing remains the same, the action it remains the same from the remedy, it is only the fact that I have to take it very diluited. But how i told you, putting the 50ml bottle with the 30C potnecy in it on my forehead helped me a lot. Now will see how I react from the 5th cup, will first try to sniff.

At the and of july I have an appointment with my homeopathy. I am very exited to talk to him. Now, Arsen is my 5th remedy, and actually I don't feel anymore in the Arsen state, but now have to check out wich state covers my actual state and the psychosis. I tell you, it is every time terryfing. I believe to be in hell, surrounded by devils and they will take my soul. Already I tried out Mancinella for this, which didn't work. But Anacardium was the 3th remedy. Now it is time to find out wich state covers both, psychosis and actual state. Will see. If I am lucky I can be health, but it is a difficult way, already 5 years behind, with many improvment but also much crisis. But every crisis helped me to understand better the state. And fortunatly I make also progress, changing character with each remedy. So hope to improve again, will see. But it is terrifying, it is the hell on earth, a schizophrenic state.

So, will see what will come out in the new anamnesis. Wish come back soon to my old health.


Luca W
lucawi last year
Dear Maheeru,

i tried to sniff from the 5th glass a drop from a 30C from a 50ml bottle, and had just a few second aggravation and now I feel much more better, nice to know that this method works for me, so a can have a sniff when needed.

lucawi last year
To make use of patient's gestures, body language, behaviour in case taking, homeopath has to be good in interpreting these things. It's a tall ask. Not many can consider themselves good in this subtle skill.

Yes most disease conditions are hellish, if they are really difficult, then we need to use workarounds to keep oneself sane and at peace.

What happened 5 years back that this came on? Was there any cause, if there was one, it should have been taken into account?

Why are you using 30c? Are you descending scale? Are you using 30c as a maintaining potency after 460M like huge potencies? or Are you trying to anti dote the previous dose?
maheeru last year
I developed schizophrenia about 7a years ago, then before 5 years it break threw with all the power of the illness, i thought to be in hell and alone against the whole world which was full of devils which tried to get my soul and to pester me in hell, i tried to kill myself but fortunatly survived, so it is a very tricky psychosis, with many fears. It is a big challenge for everyone.

After the 460M from Lilium Tigrinum , I coudn't take high potencies anymore. My life force is still confused and i reacte to Lm potencies diluited in water very strong, can't take even directly a drop otherwis I would aggravate a lot. So in this days I was in acute state and could handle the situation primarrly with Lm potnecies diluited, and a C12 and C30 from the 5cup, sniffing. The actually remedy I am taking is Arsen. Will see, I have an appointmend at the beginning of september the reanalyse the case, maybe there will be find a remedy which fixes bitter my actual state and the illness. I red here in the forum that with the right simillimum the sensitivity will normalize, so I hope maybe that a new remedy will be found that normalize my vital force. Right now I can't take high potnecies. But for me it sounds right that with the simillimum sensitivity will normalize, cause right now I get much symptoms from the remedy if I take it directly. Arsen fixes very well my delusions but I think the simillimum will bring me back to my health and als to normal rection to homeopathic remedies.

I red a case from Andre Saine were He treated a patient whose was suffering from oversensitivity to all. She had to live in a van made from ceramich, to all other she was allergic, she had to breath threw an oxiygen mask, so she suffered a lot and coudn't travel. She was a prisoner in his body which overreacted to all. Threw her simillimum, she took a sniff from an open C6 bottle and aggravated for a day and get better for a few hours, the next sniff she took she aggravated less and get better for more hourse, and by passing time she could take after a year also an 10M.

So, normally, oversensitivity will pass. In my case I am only oversensitive to homeopathic remedies, but it remains the same, the right remedy with his vibrations would take me away the symptoms which reamins and streght my vital force to a normal reaction.

But right now I have to take care otherwise I risk to go seriously in trouble.

Obviously my homeopathy tried to antidote with Arsen, which was indicated after the high potencie from Lilium, with Lm potencies te effect from the high potencie and strenght my vital force, but unfortunattly I imporved a lot, but developed a new remedy picture which we have to find out in the next oppointment. But I think he also thinks that there have to be still a better remedy which fixes better the case and help me out.
lucawi last year

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