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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I developed schizophrenia about 7a years ago, then before 5 years it break threw with all the power of the illness, i thought to be in hell and alone against the whole world which was full of devils which tried to get my soul and to pester me in hell, i tried to kill myself but fortunatly survived, so it is a very tricky psychosis, with many fears. It is a big challenge for everyone.

After the 460M from Lilium Tigrinum , I coudn't take high potencies anymore. My life force is still confused and i reacte to Lm potencies diluited in water very strong, can't take even directly a drop otherwis I would aggravate a lot. So in this days I was in acute state and could handle the situation primarrly with Lm potnecies diluited, and a C12 and C30 from the 5cup, sniffing. The actually remedy I am taking is Arsen. Will see, I have an appointmend at the beginning of september the reanalyse the case, maybe there will be find a remedy which fixes bitter my actual state and the illness. I red here in the forum that with the right simillimum the sensitivity will normalize, so I hope maybe that a new remedy will be found that normalize my vital force. Right now I can't take high potnecies. But for me it sounds right that with the simillimum sensitivity will normalize, cause right now I get much symptoms from the remedy if I take it directly. Arsen fixes very well my delusions but I think the simillimum will bring me back to my health and als to normal rection to homeopathic remedies.

I red a case from Andre Saine were He treated a patient whose was suffering from oversensitivity to all. She had to live in a van made from ceramich, to all other she was allergic, she had to breath threw an oxiygen mask, so she suffered a lot and coudn't travel. She was a prisoner in his body which overreacted to all. Threw her simillimum, she took a sniff from an open C6 bottle and aggravated for a day and get better for a few hours, the next sniff she took she aggravated less and get better for more hourse, and by passing time she could take after a year also an 10M.

So, normally, oversensitivity will pass. In my case I am only oversensitive to homeopathic remedies, but it remains the same, the right remedy with his vibrations would take me away the symptoms which reamins and streght my vital force to a normal reaction.

But right now I have to take care otherwise I risk to go seriously in trouble.

Obviously my homeopathy tried to antidote with Arsen, which was indicated after the high potencie from Lilium, with Lm potencies te effect from the high potencie and strenght my vital force, but unfortunattly I imporved a lot, but developed a new remedy picture which we have to find out in the next oppointment. But I think he also thinks that there have to be still a better remedy which fixes better the case and help me out.
lucawi last year
Ok you need to hold on when symptoms get worse and pushes you to the corner to take some untoward step.

All the best for your next appointment.
maheeru last year
Hi Luka,

I see that you have experienced some different way od using homeopathy. Can you, tell me, please, how can I give someone homeopathic medicine secretly? I read somewhere about putting medicine in the pillow.

Thank you!
Down last year
Hi Down

How do you expect a remedy to work from a safe place hidden under the pillow on the subject's body or vital force? If that's possible one can keep the vial close enough to get benefits. However there are people who say holding a vial in one's own hands will work. I'm sceptical of these claims. Once a patient asked me since she did not have the remedy for an emergency, can she write the remedy on a piece of paper and wash it down with some water, I said NO. That is not scientific and does not appeal to common or practical sense as well. Even if it works accidentally, it's just not the way one is supposed to treat a problem medically.

There are other ways: like giving out medicine in water, food or drinks. People do this all the time with cats and dogs. Another way is to apply liquid medicine or medicine dissolved in water to the skin.
maheeru last year
Hi Luka,

Thank you for replay and sorry for my late replay. I will try it with food or drink.

I am glad that you are on the path to recovery. Have you ever heard about Rossa Forbes who help her son to recovery from schizophrenia. Her son was also using homeopathy.

All the best!
Down last year
Hi Down

I and Luca are different people here. I think for the second time, you got names mixed up.

I'm happy that you got the message however.
maheeru last year
Hey guys, hey maheeru,

Today I visited my homeopathy, He recheked my symptoms with to repertority programs, Arsen was first in all both and seems ot be the remedy which maches best my madness. The point is that still I can't take high potnecies cause my life force reacts to strong, tried a 200C from the 5th cup and aggravated.

Is there any possiblity to streght my life force?

Should the simillimum, if it is Arsen, remove the sensibility and turn me back to a normal level of sensitivity which allowed me to take and cure me threw high potencies?

Do you have already any expirience how much time can pass??

lucawi last year
Hi Luca

Did you ask the same question to your homeopath? What did he say? His inputs should carry some weight because he is following you for a few years now.

I had doubts in Ars alb so i thought something else may turn up this time. Ars alb has known to cause sensitivity and rarely does it remove sensitivity.

Let's assume it's the simillimum for now, after going up, 200c is the right place to start. But if you aggravate as you say, then what is the way forward? You have already used 5 cups, still we could dilute using more cups or to move to sniff dose. If you still aggravate, I think it's curtains for Ars. alb for the time being. Another remedy will have to be chosen for all practical purposes.

In another post I already talked about reducing sensitivity--to move to LM doses, to make every dose attenuated than the previous dose in water or through sniff or use anti sensitivity remedies in between. Apart from that you can remove the general restrictions like not using coffee, tea, perfumes and select food items if you are following them already. Other than that you could meditate and keep yourself calm and do some magnetic exercises and breathing exercises taking a break from homeopathy for some time but practically taking a break from homeopathy may not be possible. To make constitutions robust right life style is important. Nutritious food, hygiene, good air and light exercise, not stressing oneself, relaxing oneself without much stimulation and plenty of similar things go into making constitutions robust, and last but not least is the right remedy :). I think beyond this list, I have got no idea to reduce sensitivity and make constitutions better(read as strengthening life/vital force)!

The reduction of sensitivity using LMs, water doses and Sniffs should take a few months roughly. Again it can be individualistic taking a few weeks to many weeks and no improvement for significant number of people. One has to wait and see how you will fare.
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maheeru last year
HI Maheeru,

sorry for it. I did not realise that I do reply to wrong person.

Down last year
Hi Maheeru,

I didn't had time to talk about my sensitivity in detail, cause he needed all the time to recheck the case and for the reperotrisation.

Next time I will talk to him about that, cause for now it's very important.

But I discoverd that Making every dose more attenuated could maybe be a possible way.

I put one drop in the first cup of water, took a sip and threw nearly all of it away, then I riffiled the cup and took another sip when needed and for my suprise I feel much more better and it relaxed me a lot.

Could that be a possible way to diluite every dose more and more and then rebegan again??

Cause for now I tried every time new possibilities to diluite but never went this way to diluite the same dose more and more, for my suprise it works, now I have to see how I will carry on, but I really feel more freedom.

And of course, now my homeopath said we have to give some more time to Arsen but if in a few month is no change anymore we will switch to another one.
But really, I am so happy about this discovery to diluite one dose more and more and feel still a better progress then with the stronger one dilution. Cause for now my way was in the other direction, I tried always more drops, less cups, but maybe the other direction is the better for my situation now, will see. :)

lucawi last year
Maheeru, could you sent me the link of the post where you talked about the lm potencies and attenuating doses to reduce sensitivity? Thanks
lucawi last year
Dear Maheeru, yesterday I ordered a book from Luc de Shepper it's called "how to mantain the simillimum",
Think I can still learn a lot about it, :)
lucawi last year
Dear Maheeru, I didn'T understand so well what do you mean with "to make every dose attenuated than the previous dose in water or through sniff".

Should I attenuated every dose, for example beginning from the 3rd cup and go to the 4rd, 5rd, and so one??

Or passing from sipping it to sniffing it?? ..for example

So please explain me how to attenuate the dose??

...cause I think that could be my way..

In this days I i took the remedy, one drop in the 1rst cup, then i empthy the cup and rifill it with water and took again from this cup, and empthy again and rifill it, for a few times, then I prepared again a drop in the first 1rst cup and so one, and I get better a lot.

So maybe do you have some other possibility to attenuat the dose, so I would like to try it.

Thank you,


lucawi last year
Hi Down

Welcome. Interestingly which one are you trying to deal with by giving medicine without knowledge---Alcoholism/addiction to something or Mental issues? These are the things people generally ask ideas for.
maheeru last year
Hi Luca

The very first post I addressed to you had my ideas about diluting doses and LM potencies.

Luc is considered an authority on Wet doses, LM potencies. You did a good job by getting his book---it's a good book for case management based on Organon 5 and 6 editions. I haven't read the book yet, I have read reviews and some excerpts. But I'm sure it's bound to help you.

I thought you would have talked about sensitivity to your homeopath. Try communicating this on phone/fax/email or postal communication instead of waiting for next appointment. This is really important.

I was talking about progressive attenuation or diluted doses. Meaning every subsequent dose is attenuated or diluted than the previous dose and can be called progressively strong dose in terms of potency and progressively weak/attenuated dose in terms of dilution. You follow this broadly but the weaklinks are:

1) You go to a high potency like 460M and then come back to 200 or 12c. This is breaking the chain of progressively attenuated doses. An attenuated dose for 460M would be to prepare a wet split dose of 460M diluted in a bottle and from the bottle you continue to take diluted doses followed by succussion. You don't come back to 12c or 200c like lower potencies. Or if you choose the base potency as 12c or 200c, you don't go to abruptly high potency such as 460M instead you go step-by-step with very small steps and ultimately reaching 460M or other higher potencies gradually.
2) In the chain of progressively attenuated doses, one won't randomly change the number of dilution cups. For example if you start taking medicine from 2nd dilution cup, you don't go back to taking medicine from 1st dilution cup or 3rd dilution abruptly. You continue to take doses from 2nd dilution cup and if you go back to 1st dilution cup, then the progressive attenuation chain breaks because the dose taken from cup 1 after cup 2 is not attenuated and is infact a reverse attenuated dose meaning a dose that is made strong instead of attenuated. If you go to 3rd dilution cup abruptly after the first dilution cup, then you break the gentle progression of attenuation, it's like abrupt attenuation with a jump.
3) The bottles with medicinal solution have to be preserved. It could be first dilution or second or third but this stays forever. One doesn't tamper this by re-filling or remaking the solution. If you do then again, the attenuation chain breaks and the vital force gets confused with weaker and stronger doses instead of small incremental series of progressively attenuated doses.

Please go through all of my posts to you---should not be more than a dozen. If need be read more times, then you will have a clear idea of what I have been trying to tell you. If you still have doubts let me know.
maheeru last year
Dear maheeru,

thanks for explaining, will pass your posts and study them in depht to understand still better ways and possibilies to assume the remedy.
Cause I really think it is the right remedy, to only problem is my hypersenstivity to homoepathic remedys, otherwise I would still hava a few passes behind, but still believe and hope that time will change. :)

lucawi last year
That's my hope too, that you get well soon :) It's hard to be ill for a long time!
maheeru last year
Dear Maheeru,

actually I am taking Lm potenices in raising potencies, I began from the 1st cup, 2end cup and 3rd now. If I change the Potency, should I continue with 4th cup or from the 1rst cup??
lucawi 11 months ago
You should start with 1st cup and not from 4th cup when you change to a new potency.
maheeru 11 months ago

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