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For Dr TUI or Dr Anuj Shrivastava

Hello Dr Tui,

This is a 43 years old mom with a 10 years old daughter residing in the USA. I am in great need of your help.
I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 20 years. My mind is very sensitive and has too much of negativity inside. I am so frustrated, so irritated, so furious all the time. I am too much stressed out and too much overwhelmed by responsibilities. My husband recently had a stroke which has added my stress level to the peak. I go to work from 5 am to 2 pm. Pick my daughter from school, Come home, help her with her homework and other stuff, cook, manage each and every household and outside stuff.

Because of a childish and an irresponsible behaviors of my husband, I am always furious at him. I am always irritated. I hate him most of the time but I also don’t want his bad at any cost. Sometimes I pity on him too and help him too. I don’t know if this is a bipolar disorder.

I am having financial burden as well. I don’t have any hope of having a good future as he hasn’t been giving me any financial, emotional and physical securities as any husband does for his wife and family.

I wanted to do something more on my own for easing myself from my financial problems, but my depression and anxiety problems have kept me from doing anything extra than what I am doing. I am so worried about my health and my future.
I am too tired mentally and physically. I am not able to handle the tantrums of my daughter as well. I am too irritated too frustrated. I always shout at my daughter and my husband.

I don’t want to talk to any relatives, any friends, besides my daughter and my mom. I don’t talk to anybody at work as well. I get irritated easily. People tend to create obstacles on what I do and how I work. I hate people around me. I don’t like to be bothered by anybody, so I try to stay aloof.
Please help me. My head is congested and burning.

Any small responsibility seems too big for me now. I can’t take anymore responsibility.
I have been taking homeopathic remedies for quite a few years now. Some have helped me some didn’t but I have a good faith in homeopathy and I know only homeopathy can treat me well not conventional medications.

My head is too congested, my nerves are jittery, i am so much irritated all the time. At work as well, some of my coworkers are bullying me and are against me because of their jealousy. They don’t like me being honest and sincere towards my work. So they always try to do something against me and bother me. I don’t go complain because they are from my country.
I just don’t like anybody these days except my mom dad and my daughter. I am so much irritated by everyone and everything now.

I just took a dose of Staphysgria 200 based on the research I did on internet as below.

Other patterns are revealed by the kind of issues to which a person is sensitive. Unfairness, or injustice, is one such common issue. The Staphysagria patient, for example, will probably have expe­rienced something which they feel has been unjust or unfair. “It’s just not fair!” is a common remark they’ll make. This is common in either school or at work where someone is being bullied. A remedy, of course, will not change a bully’s behaviour, but if it enables the bullied person to feel stronger and less vulnerable, then they often find that they cease to be the target of the bully.

Please suggest if I chose the correct remedy for my current situation?
Please help.

Thanking you.
  depression1 on 2019-09-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have a few questions here before suggesting a remedy.

You said you have been suffering from depression and anxiety for 20 years? How did it all start? Was there any significant event (or change )that happened in your life at that time?

How is your periods? Is it regular? Any pain? Do you get irritable before or during the periods?

Do you feel hot or chilly in general?

Thirsty or not thirsty?

How is your sleep?

Appetite? Any cravings?

How is your husband now? Is he home ? Are you looking after him ?
Tui 9 months ago
Dr Tui,
Thank you for your prompt reply and sorry for being late to reply back to you.
I am not quite sure when my depression started. I didn’t have a good childhood because my dad and mom never got along and we were always financially struggling. So I never got the best things in life. My mom was kind of biased towards me because she always wanted a boy and when my brother arrived she just didn’t pay attention to me that well. So I was lonely since my childhood. And also while I was in my teenage, I really liked a boy but couldn’t express my feelings towards him and one day he flew to abroad and I lost him forever. So I have been depressed as I never got anything best in my life. I have been depressed because of multiple reasons and not because of any particular one.
Also now I married to a person who is not at all responsible, always makes excuses to do things, always dependent on me. No worries about future, never feel responsibilities towards his daughter and his wife.
SO here as well, I didn’t get a good or the best husband who can give me a good future or a good life. So I have been more depressed, right after few days of my marriage. But still, I have waited and have been expecting a good life. I don’t have guts to run away from this situation eventhough I want to. I don’t have guts to stay alone rather I picked to be with a guy who cares a damn about me. I think I do not love myself. I think I love to suffer than finding a way to a peaceful life. I do not have courage to speak out about the exploitation. I Get scared when I think about a loneliness.
Everyone in my family and in his family says, a person like me does not deserve a person like him.
I am more frustrated now because of his illness. Yes I have been taking care of him since his stroke. It’s been three months now. He has recovered significantly now as I put him in a rehab for his therapy.
It’s very hard for me to handle even a small stress now as I have been through a lot.
I shout a lot nowadays. I am too much irritated and frustrated now. I don’t see any hope of any betterment of my future. I worry about my health and my future. I want to be financially stable. But I don’t know how to handle everything. Even a small thing looks too big for me.

I know I cannot control outside things but I want to be strong enough to handle my situation. Homeopathy has helped me a lot before as well. And I am still faithful towards it.

Please help me Dr Tui.

I recently took a dose of Staph 200c. It helped me about 30-40 % on the bullying by my coworkers. Now I feel like I need another dose of it. Please suggest if I can take another dose of Staph 200. Or do I need another remedy for my problem.
My head is burning, I am irritated and don’t wanna be bothered by anybody. Want to stay away from everyone and every responsibilities. Don’t like people. Don’t like gossiping. Hate people who can’t use their common sense on the easy tasks. Etc.

I get hot or cold easily. But I want to stay warm.

My periods recently have become irregular. Sometimes I get it 10 days ahead. I don’t have any pains during periods. I am always irritated, I never smile, so I can’t say if I am irritated before or during my periods.

I am not thirsty at all.

I like chicken and food with spices. I like salt than sugar.

I am easily offended. I don’t like people controlling me. I tend to run away from any odd situation than handing that in proper way.

My head is always heavy and congested.

Dr Tui, I have a great hope towards you. Please help me out to fight with any odd situations. Help me calm down my jittery nerves. I fear for insanity. Please help me.

Thanking you in advance.
depression1 9 months ago
You can continue with Staph 200c ( probably need to take 1 dose daily as you are under high stress)if it is working for you.

I do have other remedies that I would like to suggest but if Staph is working, then you should stay with it until it doesn't work anymore.

Please report back if anything changes.
Tui 9 months ago
Hello Dr Tui,

I took four doses of Staph 200 ( one a day for 4 days). Since the fourth day evening, I started having strong aggravations, I was much more irritated, I was shouting a lot more than usual. I was too much furious about almost everything, my nerves were very jittery. My whole body was burning. I also had a heated argument with my husband. So I stopped taking Staph from the fifth day.
Today is the sixth day. I don’t have that strong aggravations now but I have a head congestion.

I still don’t like my husband but can’t go away from him as I am too scared to be alone and lonely. He is the one who always give me troubles. I always take out my frustrations at him, as, for me, he is responsible for not giving me any physical, emotional, financial and future securities.

My life after marriage is so depressed because of him and his irresponsible behaviors. I always had a dream (before my marriage) that my would-be-husband would give me financial securities as I didn’t have a financially stable home at my parents’ house. So not having a hardworking husband is a greatest curse in my life. I cannot plan anything about my future or my daughter’s future because of not having a support.

I act like I am strong and confident but inside, I am so scared about something bad may happen. I do not show my fear of insecurities to anybody.
Right now I am feeling very insecure because my husband said he would leave me if I don’t stop arguing with him. He doesn’t want to understand what I have been going through after his stroke. How stressed out I am and how that stress is affecting my life. He knows that I can’t stay alone and would beg for his company, so whenever he gets a chance he just says that he would leave me.
Then I feel so much exploited and feel like, whatever sacrifices I do for him, he is never gonna give me a good and secure life.
It’s been 14 years that I have married this guy. But I was never happy with him because he never showed any responsibilities towards me. He just thinks for himself.
I left him once 7 years ago, as I couldn’t tolerate his immature and irresponsible behaviors. But he never tried to come back or tried to work hard to get us back in his life. Instead, he went back-home and stayed there for 5 years, and we were here in the US.
He never worked or did anything significant in his life for that 5 years as well. He was just staying home with his mother. He could have achieved so many things during that time. But NO, he was chilled.
But again, I was the one who was feeling so lonely when he was not here. It was me who begged him to come back and he did come back 2 years ago. Since then, he’s been off and on in many jobs. Now he does UBER for part time.

I am scared of more bad happenings in my life. I have had enough now. I am scared about my mental health. Even a small aches or pain makes me think like I am having a dangerous diseases and I go check with the doctors.
I am always in hurry to do things. I feel like I am running out of time. My mind is always occupied by negative things. I hate people around me.

Please suggest, if I wait for sometime to see the effect of Staph 200 I took earlier ?
Thanking you. I appreciate your help.
depression1 9 months ago
Yes you can wait for 5 - 7 days to see the effect of Staphysagria, but if you don't see much changes in yourself, I suggest you take Arsenicum alb 200c one dose a day for 3 days and report back in 15 days or earlier if you get an aggravation.
Tui 9 months ago
Hello Dr Tui,
I took Ars Alb 3 doses as per your suggestion. Its been about 20 days now. It helped me about 30-40%.
But lately I have been feeling very tired/ exhausted physically. I don’t want to do anything after I get off of work. My head is congested and burning. My mood is very low. I am too much irritated and stressed out. Everything seems too much for me. I am easily offended, easily irritated and easily frustrated. I shout a lot at my child and at my husband.
Furthermore, I fear about “What people will think”. So I end up saying “OK/Yes” to everything people ask for eventhough I don’t want to do. Then I feel like I am CONTROLLED/trapped or exploited. I feel so much exploited by almost everybody ( my husband, my brother, my boss etc). They try to control me which I hate the most. I want to feel free, no hindrances no boundaries on my way.
I am depressed too.
Please help me.
[Edited by depression1 on 2019-10-17 20:24:55]
depression1 8 months ago
Take Arsenicum alb 30c twice daily for 3 -4 weeks and report back if you see any changes.
Tui 8 months ago
Also add Passiflora Q 15 drops twice daily
Viola odorata 200c, one dose weekly for 4 weeks.

Now, if you find Ars alb 30c twice daily is too strong, then you just take 1 dose daily and always stop whenever you feel aggravation or started to have a new symptom that you have never had before.
Tui 8 months ago
Thank you Dr Tui,
It was so hard to get Passiflora Q and Viola Odorata 200 in stores. So I ordered them online and they may take about two weeks to get to me.
Could I just take Ars Alb 30 c in the meantime as per your suggested dosage or Do I have to take them all together? Please suggest.

Thanking you a lot.
depression1 8 months ago
You can start with Arsenicum alb 30c.
Tui 8 months ago
Hello Dr Tui,

I received the Passiflora Mother Tincture now. How should I take the remedy ? Put 15 drops in the water or just 15 drops in mouth directly? Please suggest.

Thanking you.
depression1 7 months ago
You can put in some water and take it before going to bed.
Tui 7 months ago
So, should I take it (passiflora mother tincture)once every night for 4 weeks or twice daily for 4 weeks ? I am sorry, I am little confused here. Please clarify.

I appreciate your help.
depression1 7 months ago
take once every night for 4 weeks.
Tui 7 months ago
Hello Dr TUi,

How are you doing?

I have taken all the remedies according to your suggestion.

First, I took Ars Alb 30c once a day for 3 weeks. I stopped taking it as I was experiencing depression in the later time, in about 3 weeks.

I took Passiflora Incarnata mother tincture 15 drops every night for 2 weeks then I stopped taking it because I was feeling so sleepy, sluggish in the morning. It became hard for me to concentrate at my job as I felt like I was in the different world.
Last dose was on 12/02/19

I took 4 doses of Viola Odorata 200c ( once a week for 4 weeks). Last dose was on 5th of December.

I am much better than before regarding handling stress. I am not as much stressed out now. Less hatred towards people.

but my current situation:

Too shy or timid to talk to people. Can’t look into anyone’s eyes while talking.
Always in hurry feel I don’t have enough time or will run out of time.

Became more forgetful, feel like having hearing problem. I feel like I am loosing my hearing power because of too much pressure in my brain due to stress.

Still feel trapped inside a bad marriage. Still feel insecure about future because of not having a husband who provides a good future for his family. I am weak myself but I expected my husband would be a financially strong person, but here, I am playing a role of a husband, a wife, a mother and a father. This is too much burden for a woman. I want to escape from this relationship but I am stuck by so many reasons. Society, self confidence, fear of bad happenings, not supportive people around, fear of becoming a loner etc

Still fear of getting a dangerous disease specially Cncr. Whenever I feel any pain in my body, i freak out as if I had a cncr and I would die.
My mom had shingles lately and I was so fearful that it will turn into cncr and she will die.
I hear about so many aweful diseases here in the US and I become fearful so bad.

I am always fearful that Something bad may happen which I may not tolerate ( I have been through so many bad experiences in life now I feel like I have had enough of it NOT anymore)

My body has been aching since this morning and I am having a headache. I feel cold as well. I am feeling like I am about to have a fever.

I am having irregular periods for the last couple of months. I spot in between the periods. I am always nauseous and bloated. Even if I eat too little, I have been gaining weight. I feel like my weight gain is directly related to my reproductive health.

Please suggest if I wait for more days to see the effects of the remedies I have taken already or Do I need to take other remedies

Thanking you in advance.
depression1 6 months ago
Take Sepia 30c twice daily for a few weeks or longer if you need.

And use Gelsemium 200c and Adrenalin 200c whenever you feel any kinds of fear and stress in general.

And take passiflora when you can't sleep because of fear or anxiety.
Tui 6 months ago
Hello Dr Tui,
I have been taking Sepia 30, I have a question, can I take Sepia during my periods ?

Thanking you.
depression1 6 months ago
Tui 6 months ago
For the past few days I have been experiencing extreme hatred and anger towards almost all of my relatives. Except my daughter and mom. I am hating my husband the most and all my in-laws. My husband cannot give me any kind of securities for my daughter and me. He is 54 and still thinks and acts like a 25 years old. He doesn’t care about future. He is a PHd holder but has no common sense. He just waste his time on unproductive things. He graduated 10 years ago and has done nothing so far. He is a part time UBER driver. He’s been a part time UBER driver for 2 and 1/2 years now. Before that he was back home for 5 years doing nothing. He hasn’t done anything significant to give us a good life. But still I am so much afraid to live separately. I cannot imagine myself being alone. I do not trust myself though I have been handling everything by myself. He is just a pain in the brain.
I am so stuck inside this marriage. I just want to go away from this depressing and hateful environment and live a sound and successful life with my daughter. I want to trust myself that I can live a better life than this one without this person.

P.S. I have been taking Sepia 30c as per your advice for the last threeweeks. I haven’t started Gelsemium and Adrenaline 200 Yet. Please advise if I should start them. It’s really hard to control anger and hatred. I really deserve better life than this one. But My mind is always occupied by the thinking that I have been betrayed by people who married me off to this lazy, procrastinator and unreliable person. I always wish If I could rewind the time and stop this marriage to happen.
I am not a bad person but I have become a bad person because of the hatred I have inside my mind.
Please help me.
[Edited by depression1 on 2020-01-04 15:28:34]
depression1 6 months ago
Don't start with gelsemium or adrenaline but continue with sepia and change the potency to sepia 200c, take twice a day until you calm down.
If 200c doesn't work fast enough, take 1M.

1 dose is 2 pills.
Tui 6 months ago
Another possible remedy for you is Naja. So if Sepia failed to act, try Naja 200c, twice a day for a few days and see how you feel after that.
Tui 6 months ago
Hello Dr Tui,

How are you ?

I just received Sepia 200 C from mail. I am about 40- 50% calmer than before now without any remedies. So should I take reduced dosage of Sepia 200 C or still two times a day ? Please suggest

I have also ordered Naja 200 online if incase I need it as per your advice.

Please suggest further.

Thanking you.
depression1 5 months ago
Yes, continue with sepia 30c twice daily and report back if you feel any changes.
Tui 5 months ago
Hello Dr Tui,
I am sorry to bother you again, but it’s kind of urgent.
Since this evening (before I start taking the dosage of Sepia 30 c again), suddenly I have been experiencing depressed mood, physical and mental exhaustion, anger, hopelessness and slightly restlessness. I don’t know whether I had to continue Sepia or not, but eventhough I was experiencing depression I took a dose of Sepia 30c this night. It’s been quite a few hours now but I am not experiencing any positive results. Please suggest it’s kind of urgent. My head is congested and hurting. It’s difficult to stay depressed.
I am experiencing this kind of feelings after a long time. Till yesterday I was a very confident and fearless lady and all of a sudden I am feeling like something pulled me down.
Please advise if Sepia 30 can still help me out of this situation or should I take any other remedy?
depression1 5 months ago
Is this something new?
And you were confident and fearless lady but now depressed? I thought you have been depressed and anxious for something like 20 years? Was I not understanding you correctly or I have been missing something here?
Tui 5 months ago

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