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Hy honeykhanna

I have carefully analysed your case .these remdies i found for you.

Day 1 and 2 :- Nux vomica 30C twice a day for just 2 days ( MORNING EVENING )

During nux vomica dont use below remedies

On 3rd . Day take just only one dose of sulpher 30C ( NO REPETITION IN ANY CASE )

Day 4 :- take single dose of calcarea carb 200C. ( NO REPETITION )

And wait for remedies to act... no repetition of remedies ....



Hameedjan 2 months ago
Thank You Hameedjan, for pouring so much efforts.One question I have, why i need to have so many remedies .Prior just 1 remedy fixed me which was pulsatilla.
HoneyKhanna 2 months ago
Why dont you have used pulsatilla during last 3 years even you have same suffring
Why used conium sepia with out benifit
Hameedjan 2 months ago
I prescrive nux vomica as an antidote to previous remedies
Hameedjan 2 months ago
Sulpher and calcarea are absolute remedies for
Hair full specifically after delivery ( not a general hairfall )

Face swelling edeomatus =calcarea carb

Female complaints after delivery = belladonna and calcarea carb. ( Both are complementry to each other so again calcarrea carb )

Chest milk absent specifically delivery after = calcarea carb
Hameedjan 2 months ago
I prescribe according to following manner

Nux vomica then sulpher then calcarea carb

Sulpher us complementry of nux vomica and also follow nux vomica

Calcarea carb follow sulpher and often required after sulpher not before in any condition
Calcarea carb is always given after sulpher not before.
Hameedjan 2 months ago
Calcrea carb also has genral symptoms

Faty constitution = obesity = calcarea carb
Hameedjan 2 months ago
ok Thank you Hameedjan.
Mean while I took a dose of tuberculinum -200 and it provided instant reduction in cold and cough.I am in a better situation now.
My left eye and surrounding area and gum on left side was swollen and was painful.There has been an instant relief in that as well.
One major symtpom which i would like to highlight and i understand will exist in release of urine with cough.I read this to be related to sepia so thought of mentioning
HoneyKhanna 2 months ago
after tuberculinum

there was no sleep whole night(which is taken care by conium )
no new symptoms developed and no aggravation of existing symptoms
only relief was in pain due to sneezing but it cam back after few hours.
If anything can be concluded from this, chall i wait for remedy's response or take the remedies as prescribed by Hameedjan.
HoneyKhanna last month
Since when do you have loss of urine during cough?
Do you suffer from loss of voice if you catch cold?
telescope last month
I am student of Homeopathy
I have tried to help her

I have seen her aymptoms and prescribed her remedy .i have done this very carefully ..
Cross check .potency dose repititon complementry constitution inimical etc
But i am a. Student. .. i can may make mistake
Pleae see above remedies and why i have prescrived remdies its also written with medicines

Would you confirm them.?
..........I will increase my knowledge and help for her ........
Hameedjan last month
Dear Hamidjaan,
Tuberculinum, Thuja, Medorrhinum Syphilinum and Psorinum are used as miasmatic remedies when we'll selected remedies fail to act or fails to hold the case. Tuberculinum is used when there is history of tuberculosis in self or family, similarly Thuja and Medorrhinum for sycosis, Syphilinum for syphilis and Psorinum for Psora. These medicines have to be used even when there are no symptoms calling for them.
Sulphur also has this property. Sulphur is needed when symptoms are mixed and confusing to bring about order even though there are no Sulphur symptoms. Sulphur can expose all suppressed diseases, therefore if you give Sulphur to anyone you have to be ready for the next prescription. If you cannot handle that you will earn a bad name.
Nux, Sulphur and Calcarea in that order would be a very good prescription if the patient is constitutionally Calcarea Carb.
In your selection of Calcarea Carb you have ignored two very important symptoms : tendency to change jobs, interest, places and even friends, and preference for cool weather and hills. Calcarea is a chilly patient, cannot tolerate cold.
Tuberculinum is not her constitutional medicine. It has been prescribed on account of history of tuberculosis in the family.
telescope last month
Thats why i have asked question regarding he was chilly or not. .she was not chilly ..prefer chilly environment

Thats against calcarea carb

But should we ignore all other symptoms regarding calcarea carb which are also very characteristics ..
I am attaching pics from synthesis repertry .
Is there any mistake in rubric selection . If any please guide ...
I have made this combination very carefully .

Nux as andidote sulpher as complementry of nux and as is also cover her symptoms. And calcarea. Carb also cover her aymptoms except chilliness .( But she previously had felt chilliness but after puls it had gone ) .
And calcarea carb is also complementry of sulpher. So according to me it was very perfect combination .

And please sir i want you to be your student so that i can ask question about some concepts that i frequently have during my comparitive study and about diaseases and homeopathy
..... please
Hameedjan last month
Here is pic
Hameedjan last month
I am copying rubric from synthesis ..

Head .hair .falling.delivery. after . Bell , lyco , calcrea , sulpher ( sulpher as third grade and calcarea 2 nd grade )

Face . Swelling . edeomatus ....calcarea as 3rd grade

Female genitilia sex .delivery after .complaints . Calcarea. And aulpher as 2 nd grade ... Bell .cham. sepia as 3rd grade
(Bell and cacarea are complementry so i considered calcarea as 3rd grade not 2nd )

Chest. Milk .absent . Delivery .after calc as 3rd grade. Puls 2nd grade

Extremities . Cracked skin feet . Calc 1st grade.

So according to me sulpher and calcarea cover correct symptoms

Is my rubric selection correct
[Edited by Hameedjan on 2021-11-20 15:35:48]
Hameedjan last month
Symptoms of the patient falls in three categories : mental, physical general and particular in decreasing order of importance. Particular symptoms are of no use practically. You must proceed from the mental. Sometimes a strong mental symptom can overrule a general symptom. If you proceed from the particular you will most certainly fail.
If this patient takes Sulphur you may have full blown tuberculosis in your hands and if Calcarea is not her remedy you may have an emergency.
telescope last month

Now i understand value of mentals

Sulpher can may bring on tuberculosis as miasmatic background is present ..

But tuberculinum will treat miasm ...

Thanks sir .

Sir with your permission i want to start new thread with name student teacher
Where me or any other practitioner will ask question ...?

Can i creat new thread where you will answer question ?

I have so many questions regarding homeopathy
I need expert advice in this matter about every day ....
Hameedjan last month
telescope last month
Urine leakage : I have faced this, after delivery and is still there.

Do you suffer from loss of voice if you catch cold? No.

I never had cold post pulsatilla.The cold and cough only came back after calcarea arsenicosa and so much that my left side nose ,gum,cheek,face , eye ,and fore head had a painful swelling and this torture was as long as 2 weeks.Felgum still has blood of the damaged capillaries.
Interestingly its just left sided
HoneyKhanna last month
As you have urine losing symptom after childbirth Arnica should be tried. Use Arnica 30 three doses at 3 hour interval in one day only. This is for any injury that might have taken place during delivery.
telescope last month
I have seen the pictures of calcarea carb and I do not look like that.I have fat deposition but it is not consistent.My face is thin in comparison to my body.
Post delivery I had at times lose at times stout but definitely bulged stomach which was not before.

Other symptoms :
whitening of hair post delivery(on my father)
unhealthy aneamic skin( this was cured after pulsatilla)
Hormonal imbalance: hair trapped under chin with layer of skin on top of it.(cured after pulsatilla but back after 3-4 months post delivery)
Thyroid bulge(gone after puls)
BP( my BP always rises after sepia but goes down after conium which is still not 120/80 but 140/100)
Insomnia(goes only after taking conium) other wise if i sleep by 10.30 i am awake by 3.30 am.Then i try to sleep, but sleep late and then get up late( all this post delivery)


I do not like cruelty against helpless so that includes animals, soft kids, and gentle people, and aged people.I too speak against this when ever i witness.
My mother inlaw is very dominating and would force me into things i dnt like or willing to do.I took a decision to leave that family and take care of my child.She and my husband ask me to come back as they miss dominating and administrating some one.But I am sure I will never go back as we all have different nature.I have no problem my child meeting them and spending time.
I would always like to read something related to my area of work or something having meaning.Lately I have seen I am less into mind oriented activities.I do not feel like.
I always try to manage my work without taking vacation.I have not taken a single leave in last 12 years from office.
I want to help any living being in pain because i understand the Pain of being in pain and disease.
HoneyKhanna last month
urine leaking goes away after sepia and conium combination but overall I am not able to achieve total cure with these remedies.I am still in dseased state.More over I see new symptoms like cracks in feet , eczema at elbow.Forgot to mention I have dry skin and hair(curly)and I have inclination towards pickle, sour , citrus eatables
HoneyKhanna last month
Take Arnica and see what symptoms get better if any, after that you will need some other remedy.
telescope last month
I recall, i have taken Arnica prior, when i had slight injury.There was n change
HoneyKhanna last month
Ok. Take Causticum 200 one dose.
telescope last month
tried that on basis of having idealistic views.
HoneyKhanna last month

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