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Under care of Freehomeoforall, Freehomeoforall please look again my casesoftware deleted my previous posts,

Dear Dr. Hope you will be fine and doing good. Here is the feedback. 
I have taken Silicea 12x (6 tablets) thrice after meal, Acid Phos 5 ml from solution and Causticum 5 ml twice from solution as prescribed. 

Major changes I felt: 
Improved gastric problem. (previously excess wind releases from back or large intenstine). (a herbalist told that I have old inflammation in intestine and from kidney to penis.)
Sleep is in under control. 7 hrs. (Previously about 11 hrs) 

Minor changes: 
Mood is slightly better, still emotional and panic state occur with lack of confidence, also weak communication ( stammering during talk having fear, fast heartbeat, face blush) 

2 or 3 cup of tea in a day. 
4-5 glass water 
2 or 3 bread slice in breakfast at around 9.a.m, 
Lunch at 12:30 p.m, vegetable or chicken or rice sometimes. 
Same menu in dinner around 8 p.m. 
Nothing else milk etc. No excercise or game. 

Acid phos with empty stomach at 6. A.m 
Silicea after break fast, lunch and dinner 
Causticum at 4:30 p.m and and at 10.00 p.m ( so that stomach is partially empty) 

Other medicine: 
As told earlier allopathic antidepressants, take after breakfast. As i get better with depressionby acid phos so i made it half allopathic with myself. 

Major problems persist: 
1. Taking allopathic laxaberone for sever constipation. With this i do stool twice. And have some pain in abdomen. Otherwise no stool or very hard and dry if this medicine not taken.

2. Urine drops dribbling after Urination still fall with sneez or coughing or lift load. 

3. Urine excess in night during sleep compared to daytime. Sleep disturbs. More thrist in evening.
Urine comes average or less in quantity but comes with great pressure, I feel like that bladder will torn. If I squeez urine, vibration occur in left palm and ceased as I do urine.
One more thing i want to add, after completing Urination, if i force out urine it comes more and more depending on my force. When i stand up, cough or sneez, urine drop fall. If i gently rubb the lower surface of penis, droplet of also urine falls.
If i pull the penis straight away up and put under shover water, surprisingly more drops of urine releases. This last therapy is useful to maximum emptying bladder. If i don't do these therapies then feels that there is some blockage or stone place in bladder in way of urine and not emptied fully. 

Premuture White beard 
Gangliyon cyst on hands 
Sneezing, allergy with even little cold air 

Emotionally weak, early hyper *( becoming slightly better) 
Lack of confidences, stammering, poor eye contact, fear of facing public, have social phobia from people in authority.
Sore throat and dry coughing, jerks on eardrums both sides while swallowing salvia or anyfood, or drink. 
Weak chest, wrists, less stamina and energy 
Sometimes feel lethargic in morning so breakfast or other task missed. 

Poor concentration. Not done all scheduled tasks. 

I was out if city, medicine had a gap of two days. Continuity broke. Worry about it. 

Someone told to use phosphorous as well. What you suggest?

I told you in detail. Hope it will help to better diagnose.
  alik on 2019-10-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Stop Acid Phos now.

Take Only
1. Causticum 30
2 drops+ half cup water
2 times a days in empty stomach

2. Silicea 12x
6tablets 3 times a day with some lukewark water after meal.
freehomeoforall 11 months ago
Please try to be normal. Why are you depressed? Try to find out the root cause. Try to solve. If it is not possible, you should keep it usual. We should face the reality.
Try to stop alopathy medicine for depression. It gives relief for a while but affects more.
You cam handle your mind by your own.
As you are passing a simple life, why are you tensed?
You will be more depressed if you think you are depressed.
Before going bed at night, keep in mind that, you have passed an enjoyable day. Nothing bad is happened. And when you wake up from bed in the morning, keep in mind that, God has given you a day to enjoy.
Help 2/3 persons everyday by any way.
Be calm more.
freehomeoforall 11 months ago
Dr thank you very much for your kind suggestions.

I have still solution of Acid Phos with water.should I complete it?
In my rough opionion Acid Phos is very helpful for me, before this my sleep was 11 12 still inactive whole day.but with Acid phos sleep controlled, active in day. I think i should end this 20ml packing.
will you recommend Phosphorus ? Or it is in future.

As far as depression is concerned, I am not happy with my current job. So criticism, just look busy do nothing.
My parents not allowed to leave as they think that i will not get another.
But I am confident that with proper guidance and hardworking, we can achieve.
I have a dream to do PhD in Physics.
alik 11 months ago
Please stop all medicines.

Take a dose of Nux Vom 30

5drops+ half cup water

Before going to bed at night.

No medicine for next 3 days.

Keep updating.

What is about your cyst?
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-10-25 14:43:47]
freehomeoforall 11 months ago
Cyst is same as previous. No change in size and still hard with no pain. Pains when lift load.

From today I will stop all medicines and start nux vom for three days? Then update
Right? Is it so?
alik 11 months ago
Single dose only. Tonight. No medicines for next 3 days. Keep updating.
freehomeoforall 11 months ago
Please update. How are you feeling now.
freehomeoforall 11 months ago
Sorry for bit late.

Dear Dr. I have stopped all medicines as you suggested. Just took Nux Vom 30, single dose. Didn't take any other medicine for 3 days.

I am feeling active. Able to do a lot of work in day. This clearly shows reduction in depression otherwise depression is the major hurdle for completion of routine work.

I have much constipation. Stool is dry, hard and minute. It may exert pressure on bladdar and prostrate leading to urine incontinence.

Other changes are not much distinguishable from previous symptoms. Major, i felt active and constipation.

For depressiob, I, once again, thankul to you that you are a healer more than a Physician. I have taken much help from your last psychotherapic message you have written for me.

I can have only sincere prays and wishes for your success in every field of life.

Please continue my treatment. Gangliyon cyst and urine incontinence in particular.
alik 11 months ago
I am very glad to know that you have gained the energy.

Please Take another dose of Nux 30 in the same way before going to bed.

Continue Silicea 12x accordingly.
It will take time to cure cyst. Keep patience.
Report me if any urinary changes is noticed.
If no change, I will think about it.
1. Nux Vom 30
3drops + half cup water
* Every third night(Not daily)
2. Silicea 12X
6 tablets 3 times a day

Best wishes for you.
May God Give You Full Cureness.
freehomeoforall 11 months ago
Thank you very much. I Will uodate you soon.
alik 11 months ago
Hope you will be fine and happy.
Feedback after 14 days:

1. Silicea 12x 6 tablets thrice a day after meal
2. Nux Vom 30 3 drops in half cup of water every 3rd night going to bed.

With Silicea 12x, I majorly feel no gastric problem. It is under control with Silicea.

I couldn't distinguish in urine changes, may be, i could not felt, as urine incontinence is almost 16 years past i am facing. I think it becomes a psychological habit. In short, medicine may be helpful but I could not be able to describe clear improvement.

Some others issues i specially want to discuss, are:

Feeling uneasy in cold weather. Sneezing and flu start in minor cold, having flu sensitivity and cold allergy. My physique is weak overall so wear 2 3 sweeters. Want some strong defensive systems in body.

Very importantly, activeness is bit reduced, i awake late in morning, infect difficult to wake up in morning.
The energy and freshness i got with initial doses of Acid Phos are not present now.

I am not specialist. I am just giving you idea to better understand my problem.
alik 10 months ago

Acid Phos is your main therapy.

I told you to hold it for some days.

You may start Acid Phos 200 from now.

Continue Silicea 12x accordingly.
Stop Nux 30 now.

From Now:
1. Acid Phos 200
5drops+ 100ml water
Shake the bottle 12 times before every dose.
Take 10ml from the bottle every morning.
The remedy will be finished in 10 days.

2. Silicea 12x
6 tablets 2 times a day

*It was expected to have a clear evacuation with Nux 30
Eat foods containing fiber. You may take Ripe Banana, papaya daily.

Keep updating.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
Have i done any mistake

Actually you said it was expected to clearly evacuate with nux vom 30
alik 10 months ago
Nux is more suited for your constipation.
Did you stop all other alopathic medicines?
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
For constipation, i sometimes use laxberone (sodium picosufate).

For depression, Effexor 75 mg is continued. I met yesterday to allopathic, requested him to stop but he recommended to use for 7 months more. I did not tell him that I am taking it half with self prescription without telling him

I am feeling that taking allopthic or not is equal. I have learnt with your previous sentences that life problems cannot be solved with medicines.

I have many decided manytimes to stop it completely but it caused severe headache. So i take it half.
alik 10 months ago
May be it is for that.

Ok. Try to reduce gradually.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
alik 10 months ago
Hello Dr.
Hope you will be fine.

I am going with Acid Phos 5ml solution daily and Silicea 12x 6 tab thrice a day after meal.

No abrupt changes. I am calmly taking medicines. I got the point everything takes time to settle down.

Can i increase the acid Phos now?

And when i will start cal flour for cyst?

Is it suitable for me the Alumina for constipation
alik 10 months ago
No. Don't take Alumina or others. You may take Nux Vom 30 after every 3 days at night.

Stop Silicea.
Start Cal Fluor 6x
6 tablets 3 times a day.
continue Acid Phos 200
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-11-23 18:41:19]
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
I will start cal. Flour after remaining 4 days dose of Silicea
alik 10 months ago
I have started gym from 4 days. As all the excercise use hand joints,
Will it effect my cyst?
I have heard that great care of joint is necessary during cal. Fluour course.

What you suggest
alik 10 months ago
No problem. Be careful.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
Hello Dr. Hope you will be fine.
Taking medicines as you prescribed.
Acid Phos regularly in morning.

And Cal fluor 12x 6 tablets thrice a day after meal.
Could not find 6x potency.

Again wind problem from intenstine.
I was much relaxed during use of Silicea 12x.

No improvement in cyst.
alik 9 months ago
With constipation, some times stool is hard. During forceful extraction, semen falls with urine.

My semen is very thin naturally. Nightfall occur very soon.

Also suggest some remedy.

All other things are improving.
alik 9 months ago
Take 3 doses of Nux Vom 30 after every 3 days
3drops+half cup water at night before going to bed
Continue Acid Phos
If you are better with Silicea 12x then continue it like as before.Sometimes Biochemic needs time to show the result (2 to 3 months).
Continue Cal Fluor 6x (Not 12x)
freehomeoforall 9 months ago

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