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Very ill after vaccination many years ago

Dear mme/sir,

My 22 year old daughter has developped fibromyalgia 9 years ago after hpv vaccinations. Silicea fits her personality and many of her problems (both physically and mentally). I read that Silicea also helps with ill effects from vaccination. Does this also apply when the vaccinations were so many years ago?
Thank you in advance for your help.

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
  loisjong on 2019-11-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Give more details of her mental and physical issues. Complaints and factors that affect the complaints negatively or positively.

Also give a description of her personality profile including her cravings/aversions, bettering/worsening factors, emotional profile.
maheeru 4 years ago

Yes in some cases silicea can be used as an antidote to the vaccine. But definitely after knowing the details.

Describe your main suffering in details as much as you can. Plus answer (shortly) the following questions (mostly YES / NO Type).

Age, weight, gender, occupation.

From how long you have this problem ?
Do you have diabetes or blood pressure problem ?
What is your daily routine ? from morning till evening ? active or sedentary ?
do you feel marked weakness in body ?
Any constipation or foul smelling gases (abdomen) ? If smelly please mention.
do you feel more thirsty or less ?
When your symptoms aggravate / increase ? like motion, or pressing, lying, moving etc etc.
When your suffering / pain / symptoms ameliorate ? (same example as above)
feel cold in body or hot ?
Any other thing / symptoms you notice ?
Which homeopathic medicines you used in past ? name and potency ?
Any reports or pics ? Please send.
Gentle1 4 years ago
Hi Louise,
Welcome to the forum.
I'm sorry the responses are not directly answering your question with a simple yes / no. The only simple answer is "it depends" - Silicea may or may not be the right remedy.

Please refrain from posting questions which either somebody else has just asked or that people have already given the answers to.
moderator 4 years ago
Thank you all for your reply.

I understand that you want as much details as possible but that is going to be a very long story and I don't know all the details anymore.
I will try to give as many details as I can remember:

This is about my daughter: she is a 22 year old woman, light brown hair (father is ginger, I am blond), very pale skin, morbidly obese and she has had weight issues all her life, which have only gotten worse and worse, also after specialised treatments (education, diet, exercising).
She has very sensitive skin, often has inflammation with pus on the side of the nails of her big toes. Skin itches a lot all over her body, worse when she is nervous/stressed. She can not tolerate the sun. (skin gets itchy, burning and she cannot stand the temperature and the strong sunlight)

She does not have an occupation because she is to sick to work. She did finish high school, but wasn't able to attend more education because of her pain and extreme fatigue.

As a small child she was very sociable, talking to everybody in the store and such but that changed when she was about 4 to 5 years old (can't remember exactly anymore). She became closed off to people and got increasingly anxious to socialise. Looking back I think another vaccination (MMR) may have caused this. There was at that point no real other cause that I can think of. She was quick with teething (started when she was only 3 months old), average with other physical development and normal with starting to talk.
She was a shy child in school, afraid to make mistakes, late with reading, but she did learn to read very well and loves it now. She is good with language, bad with numbers. She got bullied at school for her weight. She is smart but very insecure about her own abilities and very afraid of making a fool of herself.

She had all vaccincations that are normal here in the Netherlands. (DKTP, MMR, Hib, HPV)
There has been quite severe trauma for her from me being abandonned by her father when she was still in the womb and 5 years later he left us again for good. And did not want to see his children anymore. I also have a son, who has ADHD and Aspergers syndrome and who was voilent towards me (and sometimes her) when he was a child and teenager. This was also a big stress and trauma for her.

She could be very stubborn as a child (and still), for example wanting to wair flipflops to school in november, that kind of thing. If she really wanted or didn't want something, she really stuck with that.

She had problems concentrating, she has the diagnosis ADD. And several years back she also got the diagnosis fibromyalgia and several anxiety disorders and a personality disorder of being very dependent (on me).
Her fears are afraid of people, afraid to make a fool out of herself, afraid to get lost, afraid of death, after of darkness, afraid to lose the people she loves and her pets, afraid of hights. She is overall very anxious, scares and startles easily.

The big physical problems started with extreme pain in her whole body, extreme fatigue (sleep doesn't help, she wakes up tired), fears and even more socially afraid, digestive issues. These problems started after she got 3 vaccinations for hpv (human papilloma virus) which was new here in the Netherlands. I didn't know about the problems that vaccinations can cause and so I had her take those. This was at age 14.

Her problems are now:
- pain everywhere in her body, very sensitive to touch, (everything hurts, even the lightest touch) Keeping her body warm helps a bit, but not much. It is worse upon movement. She leads a sedentary life because of the pain, moving hurts. But staying in one position for extended period of time also hurts more. The only exercise that doesn't hurt her as much is swimming.

- extreme fatigue, not releaved by sleep. Very diffucult to fall asleep, very bad nightmares and restless sleep. We did a search in the remedyfinder on this site for her nightmares, and silicea came up for the dreams.

- very obese, emotional eating (she is hungry all the time, has cravings for sweet things but also salty things) She is not thirsty, I have to tell her to drink. She prefers cold drinks, ice cream but also warm foods.
Even when she just ate, she is hungry very soon after again.

- she does not have diabetes and blood pressure is normal. She did have some high blood pressure years ago, but this changed to normal without intervention.

- she has digestive issues in the form of alternating constipation and diarrea, she cannot handle dairy (although she does eat it because she loves it), cannot tolerate eggs (and hates them, but she used to love them many years ago). She has an aversion to meat, we are vegetarian. She also cannot handle soy. She often has cramps in her abdomen and she has very bad heartburn/acid reflux for which she uses pantoprazol.
Early 2019 she had her gallbladder taken out because of stones and a week after that she develop pancreatitis and had to be submitted to hospital for a week.
This was extremely hard on her mentally because she was away from home and me, with always strange people around her, always noises, and she couldn't sleep because of the noises/snoring and she was in a really bad shape from this. This has remained a traumatic experience for her and she has gotten much worse after this, especially mentally.

-She is extremely sensitive to everything, sounds, smells, touch, chemicals, food, conflict. She is easily influenced by moods and energies from other people. When someone near her has strong emotions like fear or angers, she feels this too and becomes afraid or anxious.

- She is very dependent on me, very scared of the world and other people. She is afraid to go to places without me going with her. She does not want to be grown up, she wants to stay a little girl near her mummy.

- She is very sensitive to heat, warm rooms make her very uncomfortable, she feels better when she is out in fresh air. She always sleeps with window open (even when freezing outside) and a ventilator towards her. She does like to snuggle up under a blanket though.
She sweats very easily and much. Sweat does not have any perticular smell, just sweatsmell.
She usually feels warm in her body, wears t-shirt when other people wear sweaters.

- She loves animals, we have many pets. She relates to animals much more than to people.
She is very compassionate towards people that she trusts and knows. Unjustice and violence make her extremely upset.

- She has trouble starting to cry when she is upset, but when she cries, it is hard sobbing and hysterical. She can cry for a very long time.

- She often feels depressed/down, but she can also be very jolly and make jokes and this changes very quickly with her. She is an emotional rollercoaster most of the times.

- She started menstruation very early, at age 11 and they were very bad, a lot of bloodloss and cramping and pms. The periods have never been regular (only when she started using the anticonceptionpill to decrease the bloodloss of the periods). She stopped taking this medication 3 years ago, and since then she only has a period every few months, sometimes even 5 months in between them. There is still a lot of bloodloss.

- She has received homeopathic treatment from a classical homeopath when she was 15, I don't recall all the things she got then. I do know she got pulsatilla and I believe also Calcarea but don't know what potency and such anymore. This practitioner has retired now, so I can't contact her anymore. We also tried the method of the Dutch homeopath Tinus Smits to remove the effects of the hpv vaccinations but she reacted very strongly to this. The 30C potency went ok, but when she took the 200C, she went into a big depression and she did not want to take it anymore, nor go on with the homeopathic treatment.

I have recently started giving her arnica 30C for the pain in her legs (didn't help) and pulsatilla 30C, to see whether this would help with her nightmares, which were very bad. I believed Pulsatilla to be her constitutional remedy, thats why I choose to give her that and this has helped with the nightmares. She still has upsetting dreams, but not real horror-movie-like dreams, like she used to have.
I have started reading the book by Catherine Coulter "portraits of homeopathic remedies" and found that Silicea also fits her very well. But the Pulsatilla-part is also very much there in the form of being very dependent on me, needs me around her all the time.

She uses venlafaxine for her mental issues, pantoprazol for the heartburn/acid reflux and melatonin to help her fall asleep.

I hope this gives you a more clear picture of her and her problems.
I look forward to your advice/comments.
Thank you very much in advance.

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
loisjong 4 years ago
I just realised you maybed also need to know that anxiety and depression runs in the family.

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
loisjong 4 years ago
Sorry, I remembered some more things:

She is creative, love music and art and singing and loves being in nature.

Sleeping has always been an issue for her. She wouldn't sleep alone, I had to lay next to her until she fell asleep. This lasted until she was about 13 years old.

And earlier this year, when she had surgery for removal of the gallbladder, one of the wounds got very infected and wouldn't close, with a lot of foulsmelling pus. It took several weeks (I believe 5 or 6 weeks) for the wound to close and start healing.
loisjong 4 years ago
Also her thyroid is a bit slow for which she uses medication.
loisjong 4 years ago
Silicea 30c .. 4 drops every 3rd day in some sips of water in a separate disposable glass with some water in it. 2-3 doses only in a week. No more no repeat. Best time to take the remedy is after two hours of dinner. mind it. You can update after 7-10 days.

Do not use spicy, salty, oily, deep fried, junk foods. Microwave oven, broiler chicken, , dirty water, do not eat food cooked in old aluminum pots specially with black dots at the bottom and fruits ripen from chemicals.

Mostly people do not reply after asking or posting a thread. Therefore I do not take in account. once they answer my questions I read the case carefully. And suggest something.Even I read their problems carefully I can not suggest remedy until I get some more details in the form of YES/NO type of inquiries. But yes everything helps greatly ..

[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-05 19:03:52]
Gentle1 4 years ago
Thank you very much for your advice!
I have 30C pellets, not drops. Do I put 2 pellets in a little bottle with water and use that like the drops you describe?

I will send an update in 10 days.

Thank you!

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
loisjong 4 years ago

Yes, I had suspected that you didn't read other posts before posting. This is precisely what I'm objecting to.

I expect you'll find you get a better response rate if you read them first, btw.

Thank you,
moderator 4 years ago
I think Gentle1 is the same guy who was suspended a while ago, using a handle name Best1.

Best1 said the same thing as Gentle1 just said here to the moderator; "Most people do not reply after asking or posting a thread. Therefore I do not take in acocount. Once they answer my questions I read the case carefuly...."

Here you can read the post from Best1 saying the similar thing;

Is it a coincidence?
It seems to me that his writing style is the same with Best1 and the questionnaire too is the same style.
[Edited by Tui on 2019-11-06 06:57:34]
Tui 4 years ago
Yes Tui,
Also they share an IP address. Pretty conclusive.

Anyway, I've told him now. If he is able to conform to the rules he can stay.

Ball is in his court.
moderator 4 years ago
I am a bit concerned reading this now, in regards to his advice for my daugther.
Do you agree with the advice given of Silicea 30C? I am wondering whether LM1 potency is better for her, since she is extremely sensitive to everything.

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
loisjong 4 years ago
moderator and tui now advice her. I think talks like this confuses the third party (patient) a lot .. And tui this is highly unethical I think.

Moderator can you make an inbox for personal inquiries ? so that people can ask in inbox regarding any UN-necessary things ? which keeps thread clean and clear for the patient ? And for "tui" I never run against any ethical rules .. If someone particularly can digest this statement.

loisjong you can take silicea30c in pellets from. no need to dissolve in water. place directly 4 pills in mouth and they will dissolve or one can chew as well. You can not use it in higher potency. you can update in 7-10 days.
[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-06 09:32:48]
Gentle1 4 years ago
Thank you very much for your reply Gentle1.
loisjong 4 years ago

If I were in your position I would take time and mull over before following a advice. Silica may be right or wrong here, but there are some other questions involved. I was the first one to ask you questions to which you made elaborate answers. So it'd be in your interest if you can wait out for my response and then take a call.

When you are in doubt please check and re check the members' standing by taking a look at their endorsements icon close to their usernames, their profiles and last but not least their body of work(their past work, cases, threads).
maheeru 4 years ago

I have gone through your details and also have made an analysis. Though silica sounds a good partial similar, I'm inclined to go with Nux Vom and Sulph. either one of them or in alternation.

Sensitivity is one factor. Has she ever taken LMs or Wet dose before, what was the reaction at that time?

In general has she tolerated dry doses? if yes how many doses has she tolerated on a stretch?
maheeru 4 years ago
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-11-07 18:25:13]
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Thank you for your advice Maheeru.

She has taken wet doses before and reacted well to them. I cannot recall whether she had LM before from the homeopath 6 years ago.
I am inclined to go with LM because of her extreme sensitivity. And also because I think her case is complicated and is very deep in her being.

I am going to look into the Nux Vom and Sulphur, but she really is not a Nux Vom nor Sulphur type. Not at all even. So that's why I am hesitant to give those. Silicea really fits her personality, as does Pulsatilla.
loisjong 4 years ago
Thank you for your reply.

I am getting rather confused because you are recommending yet a different remedy than the previous two advisers.

I will look into Nat Mur, but I disagree with the dosage you are recommending. She is very sensitive so I think 200 is far te harsh for her and also not to be taken everyday.
loisjong 4 years ago
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-11-07 18:25:34]
freehomeoforall 4 years ago
Freehomeoforall, thank you for your reply.

Because I have gotten 3 different advices, I am first going to look into all of them.

Thank you.

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
loisjong 4 years ago

I think you are a bit more informed than an average help seeker. Making a study and then choosing an advice is reasonable and desirable.

'Type' remedy administration is not the only method how homeopathy works. I would agree with you on type configuration she is more pulsatilla. It was my second choice. But given other factors like her current allopathic medication, repertorisation analysis and the fact that sulph. and puls. could be swapped in some cases and puls. having been given already, I have made my decision to go with the other two. Additionally nux 6 and sulph. 6 would be ideal to detox the system of the toxins and also bring in some stability to the emotional system. Of course there would be multiple strategies, and you are the best person to decide your course. Thanks for listening, and if you decide to follow my advice, let me know, I'd guide you on nuts and bolts.
maheeru 4 years ago
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation Maheeru! I will get back to this thread when I have done more investigating into the remedies.

kindest regards,
loisjong 4 years ago
In homeopathy if a remedy suits it does all the necessary jobs one (or many ..) homeopaths think, that a remedy should do this thing first or that thing later etc.

There is no remedy (at the moment in this case as far as I studied it in very much details) that can show wonders .. Silicea will detox awesomely and will do all other jobs wonderfully as well.

I think morally this is not good to make a patient confuse in any ways. A good homeopath does not run after the patients offering things that can confuse him/her possibly in any ways.
[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-07 22:58:25]
Gentle1 4 years ago

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