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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In homeopathy if a remedy suits it does all the necessary jobs one (or many ..) homeopaths think, that a remedy should do this thing first or that thing later etc.

There is no remedy (at the moment in this case as far as I studied it in very much details) that can show wonders .. Silicea will detox awesomely and will do all other jobs wonderfully as well.

I think morally this is not good to make a patient confuse in any ways. A good homeopath does not run after the patients offering things that can confuse him/her possibly in any ways.
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Gentle1 10 months ago
Hello all of my beloved homeopaths

Please don't quarrel among us with an useless matter.

This thread is useless. We are not confusing him. He is confusing us.

He doesn't want to take treatment. He wants to justify.

We are not to justify.

One can justify any remedy by using.
He doesn't want to justify remedy by taking, he is trying to justify us.
Obviousely it is not exceptable.

Please don't give any advice to such of this people.
Thank you all.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
Hi freehomeoforall,

There are problems with English translation...
The original poster (OP) is a Mom (Lois)
From the Netherlands. She is being presented
With options( and that normally does not happen)
Because usually only one person responds.

She wants to think about what people are
Advising before she decides who to follow.
This is perfectly ok .

Homeopathy is an art and a science and no
One is going to open a case the same way.
Or have the same style of prescribing. A homeopath
Could practice in the style of Robin Murphy(
Famous Aussie homeopath and ND and works
In layers starting with presenting symptoms.)
Or they could work like Vithoulkas and try to
Find the one remedy that could do it all.

I assume your post is referring to “gentle”
Not Lois .

“Gentle” is wrong saying posts are confusing
The patient. The moderator welcomes
Different opinions especially BEFORE a person
Has chosen who to follow.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-11-07 23:48:31]
simone717 10 months ago
Gentle is always wrong for some people. People should hire a person to deal with "Gentle".

An average IQ level person can identify that Lois even gave order for the silicea suggested by "gentle1" .. And all suggestion or discussion came after that suggestion ordered. Well for some people Gentle will always be wrong. Below is the Lois original message please read ..

Thank you very much for your advice!
I have 30C pellets, not drops. Do I put 2 pellets in a little bottle with water and use that like the drops you describe?

I will send an update in 10 days.

Thank you!

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong

It is not gentle one who is saying posts confusing but the Lois herself. Twice.

An average IQ level person can easily understand to whom freehomeoforall is speaking and he is blaming Lois as a useless person on the forum. Who is justifying homeopaths etc etc .. But for some people "Gentle" is always wrong. Very disappointing ,, annoying .. Please someone help them.
[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-08 00:12:11]
Gentle1 10 months ago
Dear people, what are you all doing?! Why quarel about who said what and who did what and who is confused or justifying? (don't understand that last bit btw)

I started out asking a question whether Silicea could help with vaccination damage even after many years.
I was looking for a yes/no answer.

After the replies I got, I presented the information that you all asked for and I got 3 different response. This was confusing to me at first, but when further explained and looking into the information about the remedies, I now understand why I got 3 different advices.
I am doing homestudy of homeopathy and this is a wonderful learning experience for me aswell as me wanting to help my daughter ofcourse.

I have decided to go with Silicea 30C in 3 wet doses for now and see how she does on that. The other 2 recommendations I am keeping in mind for the future.

Thank you all for your time and your advice.

All the best to you.

loisjong 10 months ago
Well said Louise.

Guys, come on, please try not to get offended and defensive. There is room for all of you here. There is room for differing opinions.

There is not room for aggression. Please keep it calm.
moderator 10 months ago
Thank you moderator! And also, thank you Simone for posting to clarify things. :-)

kindest regards,
[Edited by loisjong on 2019-11-08 06:32:12]
loisjong 10 months ago
Well said Louise,

Thanks for clarifying that you got confused for sometime. And thanks for clarifying "Gentle1" was "R I G H T".

I have no issues, if someone wants to take this case from now onward. I do not read the case until someone replies to my questionnaire but once they reply I go through every single line and word to suggest the most suitable remedy for the person. And I do not run after people to suggest things. This is against ethics. I step back now. Maheeru and freehomeoforall etc .. you all are welcome to take the case. I no longer reply to this thread now.

[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-08 15:36:29]
Gentle1 10 months ago
loisjong is taking advice from you. And he has cleared.
You should be with him.

Sorry to interrupt.

Don't want to justify any of the prescribers.
When any prescriber prescribes notify him when you want to follow the advice. Or make new thread with your chosen prescriber. Simone has cleared it before.

We all are here to help and to learn obviously.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
Maheeru, I am hoping I may call on you in a few weeks time (I think) how to do the detoxing with the remedies you suggested.

And Gentle1, thank you for your help.

kindest regards,
Louise de Jong
loisjong 10 months ago
Did you give your daughter Silicea 30?
You told, you will follow the advice of Gentle1.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
Freehomeoforall, why are asking whether I gave the Silicea? You made yourself clear that you did not like they way I was handling things, so why do you bother asking?

I am following Gentle1's advice, but I also agree with Maheeru that she needs detoxing and I can understand why you advised Nat Mur, after reading the part about Nat mur in the book "psychological portraits of homeopathic remedies" by Catherine Coulter. My daugther is not a Nat Mur person, but there are certainly things in this remedy that do apply to her.
What I did not agree with you on, was the potency, which I think is too high for her sensitivity.

When she has received 3 doses of Silicea, as Gentle1 advised, I will see what it does for her and then in a few weeks time I will see what the other remedies advised can do for her.

kindest regards,
loisjong 10 months ago
freehomeoforall .. I step back because different people jump in after my suggestion. And even after she cleared that she will start remedy and will updater after 10 days. And pretty clearly she was confused later on with new ideas or suggestions and ideas from different people. WHICH WAS AGAINST THE FORUM RULES NO MATTER IF THE SUPERVISOR FORGETS IT.

Obviously If she agrees with me she can continue by confirming that. But if she is still looking for people and suggestions she is free to do.
[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-08 16:16:57]
Gentle1 10 months ago
Gentle1, I am agreeing with you on the Silicea, but also on the points Maheeru and Freehomeoforall had made.

I am using my own judgement in applying the advise given, which is my full right I believe. I will not give my daughter something that I do not understand or agree with. And I think that is a very good way to do things. You can call it trying or experimenting if you want. I call it using my own judgement.

kindest regards,

BTW I cannot believe what my simple question has turned into over here.
loisjong 10 months ago
You may treat your daughter by reading books. Why are you seeking other suggestions?
You have also the knowledge of potency.
freehomeoforall 10 months ago
Lois just go with silicea30 .. you can update after 7-10 days. And you have the right to move on different suggestions .. but do it one by one. no one is going anywhere.

You need silicea in different potencies by the time. Surely after some improvement some more good remedies to cure 70 than 80 % .. But as a rule always starting with the low potency is safe.

Good Luck
[Edited by Gentle1 on 2019-11-08 15:59:16]
Gentle1 10 months ago
Freehomeoforall, why are you so hostile?

I am not going to reply on this all anymore, I am done with this.
loisjong 10 months ago
Dear freehomeo,

This is a FORUM. The definition of forum is
A place to exchange ideas.

A lot of people think this is a clinic for patients.
The moderator lets people prescribe, however
His intention is that this is a forum, for exchange
Of ideas about ANYTHING that is healing-
Whether it is homeopathy or an exercise regimen.

Louise- who is a “she” not a “he”, was seeking
An opinion- which is what the Forum is for.
In past years, there were many, many discussions
And opinions and debates between people.
It was quite interesting and great for learning.
simone717 10 months ago
Thank you Simone. Well said.

kindest regards,
loisjong 10 months ago
Gentle1, I have put the 30C Silicea in water and I am succussing the bottle 10 times before giving her a dose. I will give 3 doses, with several days apart.
Thank you.

kindest regards,
loisjong 10 months ago
I am very much sure this will give a good start to the case. After a long interesting, disturbing debate :)

Surely I will wait for the updates.

All the Best
Gentle1 10 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

May I call on you for further help with my daughter?
You suggested Nux Vomica and Sulphur to detox her. How do I go about applying this?

kindest regards,
loisjong 10 months ago
Hi Louise

What happened in the meanwhile? Were you able to give silica? How did she fare and what mode of medicine dispensing did you follow?

If not what was the last medicine taken and when? What was the reaction then?
maheeru 10 months ago
Hi Maheeru,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I gave her 3 doses of Silicea, spread about 3 days apart each time, I dissolved 3 pellets in a 4oz bottle of water, succussed the bottle about 5 times each time before giving her a tablespoon of this solution.
The last dose was sunday the 10th of november.

There was no improvement, in fact her nightmares came back again. And she was not feeling good mentally. Also a lot of pain in her whole body. She always has pain (fibromyalgia) and it is colder where we live now, so it is hard to tell whether the pain was a reaction to the colder weather or an aggravation from the remedy.

However, I found out yesterday that our old homeopath still practises, although not in an official practice. So we have decided that my daughter will go to her again for treatment. Therefore I do not want to do anything homeopathically anymore before she goes to see our homeopath.

Thank you very much for your help and advice!

kindest regards,
loisjong 10 months ago
Hi Louise Welcome :)

Yes I can understand. It'd be great to connect with someone we know already and have a rapport with. Good luck with this endeavour.
maheeru 10 months ago
Thank you for understanding!

All the best to you!

kindest regards,
loisjong 10 months ago

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