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Lasicviousness .

Age 31
Height 5ft 11 inches
Weight 72
Colour very fair
Acne marks on face
Two small flat warts on nose tip
One cyst on left chest 5 inches above left nipple ( which came out as a pimple but became a cyst)
Same cyst between right inner thigh and right testicle ( on the right testicle )
Physical problems
Deviated nasal septum
Right side of nose mostly blocked specially at night but opens up in the day
Sometimes swelling over right eye with a red spot eye becomes smaller for say an hour or two
Right ear beeping sound aggravated
by stress .
Tendency to catch cold.
Recurrent White ulcers painful ulcers on the right side of the throat lasting for some days.
Toungue mostly coated white ( relieved at night )
Very Mild acne on face, behind ears,right side of neck and back.
Some of the hairs are white. ( Only some )
Chronic gastric problems. ( Mild)( cannot eat any outside food )
Some painless growth on the anus.
Tumour in right testicle which sometimes pain in the night. ( Pain is like connected to heartbeat. Pulsating)
Mental symptoms . First main problem.
Cannot look you in the eye when talking.
Low self confidence.
Trembling in parties, In front of one person i am fine. But when there are two or more i leave the place. I get scared. Face becomes red. Body trembles.I feel hurried after that. Mind stops working.
Tendency to overthink.
Sleeps late because of day dreaming. The things i could not say in front of people i do them in my mind. ( With a kind of excitement )
Tendency to be funny never serious in social situations because of the nervousness, fear trembling etc.
Worse when thinking about it.
In social situations sometimes my stomach trembles ( kind of sinking inside) and anxious thoughts and images come to mind.
Second main problem
I have had a bad habit of masturbation since i was 14 years old.
I find it very hard to control.
The more i try to control the more it goes out of my hand.
Im very ashamed of the fact that i have these desires for some close relatives and a neighbouras well since i was 15 years old. ( I am scared of this ). It a kind of obsession. I only have these desires for married women. ( I have a great deal of guilt for that})
I have stopped talking to them. I dont even see them . Because if i do that lasciviousness phase comes again. So i avoid them.i f i accidentely see them my body trembles with sexual desire. My eyes become red. I feel hurried also with the trembling with excitement.. Mind stops working.
My father has ocd. Sister has tumours. ( Sometimes i use abusive language, sing lasvicious songs in my mind)( i also have lasvious fancies when im lying in my bed)

In social situations If anyone or my friend cracks a joke at me i leave that place and abuse that person violently in my mind. I get sleepless from that anger. I cannot bear insults. I feel hurt,cheated upon etc etc.
I fear a lot of things. Im very emotional as well.( Specially for my mother)
I have great anxieties.
About past relationships. I have had two girlfriends when i was 22
I never trusted them. I used to abuse them a lot. I felt they are betraying me.
Never had any sexual relations since then. Olease help for lack of confidence . Anxiety and lascivuosness.
Please. 😢
  Varun7676 on 2020-01-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do you add extra salt with foods?
Or do you like salty foods?
Is there any problem taking white breads?
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
No extra salt. Yes i like salty foods.
No problems with bread.
I am very thirtless. I dont drink water at all. I drink water around 1 litre per day max to max.
Varun7676 8 months ago
Actually im not sure about breads. I dont have them usually
Varun7676 8 months ago
Your symptoms seems effused. Did you take any medicines before? Please mention all.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-01-03 08:43:42]
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
Conium (200)
Calcarea fluor (200)
For the tumour and nasal bone enlargement.( Taking since ,45 days,)
My mothers health was not good around 4 months back. i was very worried and was crying a lot alone so local doctor gave me ignatia 200 and sulphur 200 single dose .
Took lycoodium 200 for two three days a week back for gastric issues.
No other medicine
Varun7676 8 months ago
Take a dose of Nux Vom 200
3drops+half cup water
at night before going to bed

Don't take any other medicine.
Come back after 3 days.
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
Ok. Will take it tonight.
Varun7676 8 months ago
One more thing i forgot to mention. Its about the dreams i get.
I see dreams of old friends and relatives. Which i have last seen around in 2004.never saw them or spoke to them sonce then.
I have dreams of my old house , from where we shifted in 2011.N ever saw that house again.
I have dreams of ex girlfriend which i last spoke to in 2009.
Dreams of things which i used to do in 2010.
These dreams come only an hour before awakening( early morning). Not during the night.
**{{{Dreams of sexual nature , chasing women,touching women innapropriately( always relatives), bathing women.( past mistakes) just as im about to wake up or i wake up with that dream. And during this day i become very very lascivious. This is a very important symptom sir.}}}**
I just wanna get rid of all this.
Varun7676 8 months ago
Ok. Thanks to mention.
At first take a dose of Nux Vom 200 accordingly.
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
Varun7676 8 months ago
No change after taking nux vomica.
Same dreams bothering me.
Dreams of old school friends.
Yesterday i dream of two strange people entering into my washroom in my old house. Dreamed of my sister who lives in uk.
Today i saw one my the women im attracted to calling me . Teasing me in an erotic way.
Same social phobia.
I go to a temple everyday. Today i went there and there was a girl there. I dont like her at all.I t is because of my social anxiety. She said good morning ( it was 6 in the evening ) i said ok. She looked at the priest and was laughing that made me furious inside. Again she was smiling at me so i said . What is the matter. Why are you laughing. She said i can do whatever i want with my mouth.so i said in anger i also have a mouth and i can say whatever i want with him. I basically threatened her not to joke with me. I get very angry if some one cracks jokes at me. Sometimes i have a delusion that people are laughing at me.
Then i was abusing her for an hour in my mind.
This happens everytime someone makes a joke.
Im scared of people. If i am taljing to my friend if one or two persons comes to tgat place i immediately leave the place. Because of my fear. I have this symptom since i was a kid. I was very afraid in school. Took leave for months. And in college i only went to give exams. No classes attended.
My father is the same as well.
I am easily angered at loud noises it irritates me like anything.
I dont like to see my neighbours. Them coming to my house.
About the sexuality thing.
I have had problems with girls all the time.
On one hand im very attracted to this lady for a few thays. On the other hand i hate her like anything. Whenever she talks to someone and i hear her voice i have a suspicion that she is teasing me in a sexual way.
It is okay if i tease her( very very few times). That for me is fun.
About anger. I dont like my father at all. He was very dominating and abusive towards my mother since childhood. I cannot forgive him . Sometimes i think that all my problems are because of him and the women im attracted to and i get angry and abusive towards them only in my mind . Sometimes very few times i lash out them violently. Sometimes i feel foresaken by my friends and family members leaving aside my mother(she loves me too much). Feeling like my family members have not done anything for me and that they dont want me to succeed. They are causing problems for me.
I joke a lot when i am with my friends. When not fearful i am always joking.cracking jokes at others.

I am very concerned and anxious about my behaviour. Please help sir.
Varun7676 8 months ago
And i am very very helpful to my friends. And very well behaved with people that i regularly see.
Varun7676 8 months ago
Forgot to tell you that a large pimple on my right buttock has developed on my right buttock. It is not painful but its very large and deep in the skin.
Varun7676 8 months ago
I couldn' t sleep tull 2:30 am last night. Same incident repeating on my mind with revengeful ideas. Please suggest a remedy.
Varun7676 8 months ago
Take a dose of Thuja 200
5drops+100ml water
Shake the bottle 8 times before every dose
Take 10ml from the bottle in the morning in empty stomach.
Single dose only.
Give feedback after 3 days
Avoid onion and garlic
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
Thank you so much.
I dont eat onion and garlic.
No non veg.
I will take the medicine tomorrow . Will report after three days. Thanks once again.
Varun7676 8 months ago
I want to text a private message sir.
Varun7676 8 months ago
Please send via mail: freehomeoforall(at)gmail(dot)com
But I'll come back to this forum. You may discuss anything in private. And it is best to not to hide anything with me for helping in treatment.
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
I have received your mail and have read full. What you described in your mail, is not your problem at all.
Mind it:
5 to 10 years child: Playful and full of excitement. If he not, then there may be a problem
10 to 18 years: Think about sex, and has very sensual feelings of any sexual activities. Some starts, seeing naked body. Some starts seeing in mobile, internet, TV, movies etc. Who doesn't have these opportunities, tries to see the naked body near him. Though his sister, though his aunty, though his neighbour. Some can control themselves by religious routine of family. But he is also the same.
Main thing is that, he is very sensual. It is normal. If it seems that feelings is not in him, it is abnormal.
18 to 25 years: Try to have anything physically, not in imagination. For that, sometimes he starts physical relation with someone. It is done by whom, who can not control that feelings. Who can control themselves, has also the same feelings. If not, there may be a problem.
If we do not have sexual feelings, how may we produce new life? But we should be polite.
***We shouldn't show our God gifted most beautiful thing to others.
Of-course sex is at the top of all happiness in the earth gifted by God. But we should enjoy it politely and legally.
We have keep everything as normal and should go through nature.

What was happened in your building life, you are not responsible for that. Why are you suffering for that? Forget everything from right now.
Form today:
*** When you go to bed at night, forget everything and keep in mind that, everything was happened fine and it is time to enjoy sleeping.
***When you wake up in the morning, keep in mind that, God has given you a new day to enjoy.
***Help 2 or 3 persons in a day.

Give feedback about the change after taking Thuja
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
Keep in hand: Conium 30
In pill form
Though it is used before, but I think it will help you.We should use single medicine at a time to do its action without obstruction. When we use more than 1 medicine may make the condition complex.
***First of all you should be normal. You should keep everything as normal.

Suppose you have slipped when walking. Peoples near you are laughing. Join with them and start laughing. Then everything will be normal.
I think, I could tell you the truth and you could understand that.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-01-11 14:09:40]
freehomeoforall 8 months ago
Feedback after thuja.
Right side pain from buttocks to ankle. Continuous pain. Worse walking worse resting. The pain you get when blood flow stops.
No tingling , no needle like pain.
Three pinkish ulcers on the base of the tongue painful.
Mild pain in right testicle. Sometimes two inches above it.
Right ear beeping.
Mild burning in penis before urination.
A pimple on the penis at the base on the right side.
Waking up with a fright in the morning.
Dreams of friends giving me advices.
Dreams of garbage.
Intrusive thought's ( images) about past fights. Feel like they are happening now and reacting in mind.
Lasciviousness around 3: 30 pm till i sleep. ( A little sleepy also )
Mild right eyelid irritation at night. A little dryness at night. Have small painless bumps on right eyelids on the inner side.
Varun7676 8 months ago
Right testicle feels a little sharp. Like pointed out.
Varun7676 8 months ago
I am keeping everything normal sir. Dont worry about that. Thanks for your valuable input.
Varun7676 8 months ago
You are right sir i am very sensual.
Varun7676 8 months ago
It is less about sexuality more about the sensuality.
I feel and sense everything a little better and faster than others.
I sense of smell, Taste and sense of danger is very good. Even if i have a blocked nose i can still smell everything from far away.
Varun7676 8 months ago

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