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Coronavirus Covid 19

Dear Drs. I recently was in an area and exposed to Corona virus. I began taking because I was having spells of exhaustion, breathing difficulty, low grade fever, trembling and dry cough and the symptoms would linger. This went on without too much trouble and then about 10 days ago it got very bad.
I have had these spells worse and worse and I have a heart condition. It's Patent Foramen Ovale and suffered several minor strokes. I am 60 years old and otherwise in good shape. These spells are terrible. I am staying in bed, no energy for anything else, have nearly fainted several times. The sore throat I originally had is improved. The cough is a dry cough without mucous and almost gone. But currently I get spells of my heart going from 58-101 in a few moments and then feel palpitations and skipping in my chest. During these times i can be completely calm, and when it begins I also will sweat or have chills, and then I cannot breath well. I try to calm myself but when the heart races like that I am petrified. When it is over I tell my husband maybe I am fine and maybe I am not really needing medical attention or to take the supplements etc for my immune system. Then it starts again and things are out of control quickly. In order to control this I started taking Arsenicum 1m thinking it would help and I have taken it for several days about 5/6 times a day, and I thought it was helping but I am not sure now. I am also having a trembling sensation during this time, and sometimes I can not smell or taste anything, other times the smell of things is annoyingly strong. Can you please advise? I have quarantined myself for weeks and am becoming hopeless and despondent. I am so very tired of this and want to know what you might advise for me.
  Mary4 on 2020-04-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER.

Day 2 onwards Bryonia 30 five drops in an ounce of water 3 times a day.

Feed back after 2 days.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
I am having similar problems very interested in this thread
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Priscilla 2 years ago
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Mary4 2 years ago
Dr., In my location I cannot purchase the liquid. I also take aconitum napellus from time to time for anxiety. My questions are, may I continue taking the aconitum? Also I can acquire the Nux in a 200 but it is in a dry dose. I can get Bryonia in a dry dose 1m or a 30c. What do you recommend? Much appreciation.
Mary4 2 years ago
Get pellets.
Bryonia 30 pellets.
Aconite stage is over now.
How is your thirst?
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Much appreciate your rapid reply. I have not been drinking much, but I am thirsty. Very dry mouth. I have no appetite. I will take the dry dose Bryonia first thing in the morning, and should I consider the cell salts also? I can get those as well. Once again, my many thanks.
Mary4 2 years ago
Kali Phos 6x and Ferrum Phos 6x can be combined in addition,5 tabs of each three times a day.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Anuj, I will report back Tuesday or Wednesday for progress.
Much appreciated.
Mary4 2 years ago
Dear Anju, I was able to find Bryonia but not the Nux. I began taking Bryonia and took 4 doses of 30c and believe it is helping. I am having flatulence now and wonder if this there is something else I should do for it and also my anxiety of this illness. Also do you have any idea based on my symptoms how much longer I would be experiencing this in days? Your help is so appreciated.
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Mary4 2 years ago

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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Dear Anuj, Can you tell me if I can take the Bryonia more to improve my breathing and if you believe I should still take the Nux? I found a source for it.

Currently still diminished breathing, it's difficult to sleep more than an hour or so for soreness in back left side.

Can you please explain "stage two"? I am wondering if I am going to improve or decline. PLease share. So much appreciated.
Mary4 2 years ago
Hi Mary,

Anuj can tell you about doses of Bryonia.

Aconite is often used at the very start of
A cold or flu.If taken right away it can often
Stop things from taking hold.

You are past the initial unwell symptoms,
So Aconite is not the right remedy for your
Present symptoms.
simone717 2 years ago
Start with NUX as and when you procure it as advised.

Have you managed TO PROCURE Cell Salts?KP and FP?

Yes Bryonia can be repeated every 3 hrs.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Hello Anuj,
I found the KP and FP but also Nerve Tonic and started taking it. I believe it helped. If you think it is appropriate to continue w the Nerve Tonic which includes those cell salts I will, or I can take them separately.
I will take the Nux tomorrow, but is it alright since I have already had multiple doses of Bryonia? Also, please can you tell me what is the Nux for? I have the Nux 200 and also 30c dry dose and wonder how to take it. Thank you and I look forward to your reply. Best to you and yours. Mary
[Edited by Mary4 on 2020-04-22 06:24:42]
Mary4 2 years ago
Not required to take nerve tonic.

Yes it is ok tp take nux and restart Bryonia.

NUX 200

15 pellets in a cup containing an ounce of water,dissolve the pills, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Hello Simone,
Thank you kindly for your response. I understand. Mary
Mary4 2 years ago
Hello Anuj,
I have done as you instructed and am finding some relief. I have a fever today 99.6. I will continue as prescribed and will report back and I have procured the cellular salts and I am taking them. Much appreciated.
Mary4 2 years ago
Hello Anuj, I wonder if you can help me. I took Bryonia 30c on Wednesday every hour through the daytime and then slept several hours in the night. Also I took nerve tonic 5 times in the daytime and in the evening while showering I felt very faint almost passing out. My oxygen pulse rate is at times 88.

I have taken Bryonia today 10 doses so far and want to ask some guidance from you. Please can you tell me how to handle the oxygen issue/feeling faint and subsequent anxiety after this problem is ongoing. I also feel quite discouraged. My breathing is still very diminished. Should I continue or add something in your view?
Much appreciated for your assistance. Mary
[Edited by Mary4 on 2020-04-24 01:35:42]
Mary4 2 years ago
Hi Mary,
The pulse oxygen levels of 92 and below are
Considered dangerous with respiratory sickness.
You need to go to the hospital and get oxygen
Supplementation- until it stabilizes.

No one on here is a dr and you cannot wait
To see if a remedy works.

Often on this forum you see many addressed
As dr. This is because the majority of people
On here are from India, where they call everyone
“Dr” if a person helps them. Very confusing to
The Western world. If you even went to urgent
Care ( in a world with no virus) they would send
You to the ER for breathing treatment.
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-04-24 01:48:12]
simone717 2 years ago
Thank you for caring Simone, I have contacted my allopathic doctor and going in first thing in the morning for tests. I would never deny myself treatment. My oxygen levels are up and down, and I just wanted to know if Anuj had any other ideas. Again, understood and much appreciated.
Mary4 2 years ago
Very good!
Sometimes people think this is a real clinic
With drs and post with emergencies- just
Wanted to clear that with you.
simone717 2 years ago
No worries, I am still interested in Anuj's perspective. Much appreciated.
Mary4 2 years ago
Dear Anuj,
I began taking the Arsenicum 200c as directed after having sweaty palms, difficulty breathing and increased heart rate. After two doses things normalized and I continued Arsenicum for 3 more doses for a total of 4. The heart rate and all symptoms improved after the second dose and I continued the remedy to improve while still experiencing great fatigue and shortness of breath.
Yesterday I did the same, on waking I took every 4 hrs. The heart rate was within normal limits and still greatly fatigued and difficult breathing. This morning I took one dose and I physically feel better overall, oxygen levels and heart rate are normal and felt some respiratory relief again. However I noticed that two hours later I suddenly became anxious and wondered if I should repeat the dose every 4 hours or take more Arsenicum 200?
Also I am taking the FP 7/8 times a day. I do have hylands nerve tonic but it is 3x. I still have intermittent fevers a couple of times daily and then it is in the 97 range. Is there anything else I should do? Thank you so much. You have really helped me alot. Mary
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Mary4 2 years ago

To stabilise oxygen saturation(where there are oxygen saturation problems despite oxygen being available), Aspidosperma Q can be used as an adjuvant. I'm merely adding my input in an academic manner so that it does not disturb Anuj's plan or perspective.
maheeru 2 years ago
Edited post.
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simone717 2 years ago

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