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COVID-19 (coronavirus) and Homeopathic Remedies

Different Stages Of Symptoms And Different Remedies

After studying various sources, it appears that all the symptoms of COVID-19 do not appear at one time. Rather, there are initial stage, middle stage, and later stage of symptom manifestations. (https://www.dawn.com/news/1546864) Each stage has some unique and also some common symptoms. Again, all those persons who get affected with novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) do not display the SAME symptoms; rather symptoms vary from each group. For example, more than 80% people who get COVID-19 have mild symptoms (flu-like symptoms) from which a person can recover. Around 14% people get severe disease, causing breathlessness and pneumonia. (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/256521#covid-19) And homeopathic remedies will be selected according to the current situation of the affected person.

A) INITIAL STAGE – first 3-4 days
(based on Dr Farokh Master's YouTube video)
Among others, Flu-like symptoms; fever and cough, body aches, headache, fatigue.

Possible remedies:
1. Gelsemium: feverish feeling but temperature not so high; mild headache; the patient is drowsy, great prostration; seems like half-sleepy half awake; general aching in muscle; runny nose; patient is thirstless. trembling hands (but not actual tremor).
2. Bryonia: Symptoms grow slowly. Mentally, the patient is depressed; doesn't feel like giving answer to questions. No anxiety like Arsenic. The psychological condition is 'capriciousness -- saying no to things you offer, and then suddenly wanting them. dull throbbing headache esp. over forehead; fever; the patient is irritable; excessive thirst. Hot atmosphere, hot application or heat aggravates the symptoms. day-time aggravation.
3. Eupatorium Perfoliatum: joint pains, aching, headache, fever. all symptoms appear together. there is dislocated feeling. The pain is deep-seated. Tremendous restlessness. Little or no sweat (Bryonia patient has a lot sweat).Wants more ice, less water.
"distressing bone-pains with fever; chills with aching in the limbs; Cough with soreness; the patient is thirsty. Bryonia is the closest analogue; but Bryonia has free sweat, and Eup. perfol. has scanty sweat." – CLARKE.
4. Pyrogenium: at the end of the week, after 6-7 days, the patient is more toxic. The temperature is very high but the patient is very active. He can solve a puzzle or a Sudoku. Over-active mentally with high fever. Little Loquacious. Most of delirium of Pyrogen comes at evening time. The tongue can be either dry, or red, or no coating. Cough brings out little phlegm. Generalized body ache; restlessness. Involvement of larynx is very common in Pyrogen; rawness & soreness. Patient tries to bring out phlegm which is sticky and yellow. Ringing in ear in some cases. Offensive diarrhea.

B) MIDDLE STAGE – after 5-6 days
If left untreated, the disease progresses further and the infection gets more severe, leading to difficulty breathing (with other related symptoms), pneumonia-like condition, and then Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). (https://www.webmd.com/lung/coronavirus-covid-19-affects-body...)

Shortness of breath begins about five to six days after the initial onset of symptoms. (https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/how-do-i-know-if-i.... ARDS begins after approximately eight days (https://www.dawn.com/news/1546864).

Dr. Vikas Sharma MD on ‘drhomeo.com’ discusses some remedies for Chest Congestion. These are 1. Antimonium Tart; 2. Arsenic Album; 3. Ipecac; 4. Phosphorus; 5. Bryonia Alba; 6. Senega. The web link is: https://www.drhomeo.com/cough/natural-homeopathic-remedies-c....

There is also a list of remedies for pneumonia-like condition. The web link is: https://www.drhomeo.com/homeopathic-treatment/homeopathic-tr.... think, we can utilize those remedies according to symptoms.

Dr Farokh Master in his YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOYyxHZJuz8) discusses some remedies for pneumonia related to COVID-19.

1. Ferrum phos: when pneumonia is just beginning; a little streak of blood in sputum; redness; burning; dry cough; hard cough which is irritating to ear; painful cough worse in the morning.
2. Bryonia: Mouth very dry; tongue coated white. Bitter taste in mouth. Patient wants water. The patient is in bad mood. Movement aggregates.
3. Phosphorus: tightness in chest; dry cough; hoarseness, then breathless; complains usually begin at left side; painful cough. Phosphorus patient is more tired/exhausted (Bryonia patient is active/awake). Phosphorus patient wants the company and support of others; they want that people should come to them (not irritable like Bryonia).
4. Chelidonium: total loss of appetite; unexplainable discomfort in chest; liver symptoms like nausea & vomiting; abnormal liver function test. Usually right lung is affected; patient desires for very warm drink. (With pain very severe, continually going from the front to the back through the right shoulder-blade, CHELIDONIUM is more likely to cure - Kent).

According to WebMD website: “As fluid collects in your lungs, they carry less oxygen to your blood. That means your blood may not supply your organs with enough oxygen to survive. This can cause your kidneys, lungs, and liver to shut down and stop working.”

So, at this stage, multi-organ failure occurs.

Dr Farokh Master in his YouTube video gives names of some remedies which can be used in this stage: Amm. Carb; Camphora; Carbo Vegetabilis; Crotalus; Digitalis; Lachesis; Veratrum Viride; Vipera; various snake remedies. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xq-F3qud3I

I’m not an expert on these remedies. Anyone who is familiar with these can discuss them.

Disclaimer: This forum users are not generally doctors. So, the above discussion cannot be taken as professional medical advice. This is for informative purpose only.
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  Aromatic on 2020-05-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
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simone717 2 years ago
Dr. Vikas Sharma MD on ‘drhomeo.com’ discusses some remedies for Chest Congestion.

Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion
1. Antimonium Tart – Top Remedy for Chest Congestion
The prominent indication for using this medicine in chest congestion is excessive rattling of mucus in the lungs on coughing. The lungs seem to be overloaded with mucus. But even on much coughing very little mucus is expectorated. There is difficulty in breathing and the patient takes shorter breath to compensate for normal breathing. There are suffocative spells that force the patient to sit up. Chest congestion consequent to working in damp basements yields wonderfully well to this medicine. This medicine also possesses great power to heal difficult respiration in babies occurring shortly after birth.

2. Arsenic Album – For Congestion with Suffocation
This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of chest congestion who suffer from suffocative spells mainly at night time. Suffocation with difficulty in respiration is worse on lying down and better by sitting up. On breathing wheezing or whistling sounds in the chest are produced. The cough is better by taking warm drinks. Burning pains in the chest may also be present. This medicine can be given in all such cases of chest congestion that have occurred after taking cold drinks.

3. Ipecac – For Wheezing in Chest
To use this remedy, the chest is full of mucus but in spite of coughing none of it comes out. The patient feels suffocative with constricted feeling in the chest. The face of the patient turns bluish due to lack of oxygen as a result of suffocative spells. Expectorated mucus at times can be bloodstained. Persistent nausea accompanies the cough and chest congestion.

4. Phosphorus – Important Remedy for Chest Congestion
This medicine is given to those patients who complain of chest pain with chest symptoms. Pain is accompanied by burning in the chest. The patient complains of constrictive, oppressed feeling in the chest as if a weight is lying in the chest. Cough is present that is worse by talking, laughing. Cold air worsens the cough and chest pain. The patient requiring phosphorus can also have strange symptoms – they desire cold drinks, ice creams and refreshing things like juice along with above symptoms.

5. Bryonia Alba – For Congestion with Difficult Breathing
The main indication to use Bryonia is cough with difficult breathing. The difficult breathing is worse by slightest motion and better by rest. The patient feels a constant need to take a deep breath. The cough gets worse after eating, drinking or in a warm room. This medicine has a powerful effect in treating stitching pains in the chest during inspiration. The chest pains are also worse while coughing. The patient has to hold the chest with hands due to severe chest pains on coughing. The expectorated mucus is thick. The mucus comes out only after much hawking. Thirst for an increased quantity of water might also be present.

6. Senega – For Congestion in Older Adults
Senega is a top medicine mainly recommended in elderly people with chest congestion. The patient requiring this medicine complains of rattling of mucus in the chest with oppressed feeling. The mucus from the chest needs much effort and comes out with great difficulty. The expectorated mucus is tough and copious. Extreme soreness is felt in the chest.

** Other Remedies for Chest Congestion **
1. For Rattling of Mucus on Coughing
Both Antimonium Tart and Hepar Sulph are natural medicines for treating rattling of mucus in the chest. Antimonium Tart can be given to those patients who have rattling of mucus in the chest on coughing. The bronchial tubes in the chest are full of mucus but it cannot be coughed out. For people requiring this medicine, the complaints are worse after exposure to dampness.
Hepar Sulph is used for the rattling of mucus that is worse in the morning time. For patients requiring Hepar Sulph, chest congestion gets worse by cold air exposure.

2. For Wheezing due to Chest Congestion
Ipecac can be used where wheezing is present due to chest congestion. The indicating feature for using this medicine is relief from vomiting or coughing out the mucus. Arsenic album is given when the wheezing is present with suffocative spells and cough. The patient is better after taking warm drinks.
Nux Vomica is mainly used when the wheezing is worse during sleep.

3. For Congestion with Suffocative Attacks
Lachesis is very efficient in treating suffocative attacks that are worse on lying down. The patient has to rush towards an open window to get relief. The patient feels to take deep breaths. Nothing tight is bearable around the neck or waist. Sambucus gives best results when the suffocative spells occur while sleeping and the patient wakes up suddenly almost breathless. The nose feels totally obstructed. It is more frequently indicated in very young children and infants.

4. For Chest Pain
Bryonia Alba and Phosphorus occupy a significant place in homeopathy to treat the chest pains due to chest congestion. But the selection depends upon the symptoms given by the patient. Bryonia Alba is more suited to those patients who give symptoms of chest pains which are worse on inspiring and while coughing. The pains are stitching type in nature. Such patients get relief by lying down.
For using Phosphorus in chest pain the most indicative symptoms are – worsening of chest pain by lying on the left side and by pressure. Warm applications usually relieve the pains and cold air aggravates the chest pain.

5. For Difficulty Releasing Mucus
Kali Sulph is one of the best remedies for congestion; it is given when the mucus rattles in the chest and is expectorated with much difficulty. The expectorated mucus is yellow in color. Pulsatilla is used when the mucus from the chest is greenish in color and takes great effort to come out.
Kali Bichrome works at its best when the mucus is extremely thick and sticky in nature and comes out in long threads or strings and requires much force to spit it out.

6. For Sudden Congestion after Exposure to Cold Air
Aconite is the best natural remedy for chest congestion from exposure to cold air. The patients requiring this medicine feels severe oppression in the chest with short difficult and labored breathing. Anxiety and restlessness of utmost degree can also be present with chest congestion.

7. For Congestion in Damp Weather
Natrum Sulph is highly ranked holistic medicine for chest congestion occurring in damp weather. The symptoms that guide towards this medicine use are rattling of mucus in the chest with difficulty in breathing and the patient feels the need to take deep breaths. Green colored mucus is coughed out. Pain in the chest also occurs during coughing, forcing the patient to hold the chest.

8. For Congestion in Infants
Ipecac is mainly given when a continuous rattling cough is present. The face of the infant turns blue due to incessant coughing. Wheezing from the chest is severe. vomiting usually eases the cough.
Sambucus works very efficiently in treating the cough attacks in infants that occurs at night with blockage of nose. The infant wakes up in the night with sudden crying and extremely suffocated.
Chamomilla works well for infants with rattling cough with utmost irritability and crying. Such an infant feels a lot better when they are carried around.
Aromatic 2 years ago
Dr. Vikas Sharma MD on ‘drhomeo.com’ discusses remedies for Pneumonia

Bryonia –Pneumonia with Chest Pain:
It works well when chest pain accompanies pneumonia. The pain is stitching in nature. Chest pains get worse on coughing and deep breathing. While coughing, the patient needs to hold the chest because of the intense pain. Expectoration of rust or brick colored sputa is another characteristic feature. Along with these symptoms, there is difficulty in breathing, and there may be fever accompanied by chills.

Arsenic Album –Pneumonia with Difficulty in Breathing: Difficult breathing and shortness of breath are prominent features. Cough with scanty frothy phlegm. Arsenic Album is also an effective homeopathic medicine for treating pneumonia from consuming chilled food items. Pain located specifically in the upper third of the right lung. Suffocating feeling, which gets worse on lying down or while sleeping.

Phosphorus –Pneumonia with Chest Oppression:
Phosphorus is indicated for pneumonia when accompanied by chest oppression. Heaviness in the chest and respiration is also quickened. Also a dry, hard, racking cough. Bloody or purulent sputa may also occur. Phosphorus is very suitable for pneumonia of the left lower lung. In such cases, lying on the left side worsens the symptoms.

Antimonium Tart:
when there is an excessive rattling of mucus in the chest. Lungs are full of mucus which is not expectorated. Short and difficult breathing. works well in the last stages of pneumonia. Another important indication for using Antimonium Tart is the occurrence of jaundice.

Hepar Sulph –Pneumonia with Purulent Sputa:
Effective homeopathic medicine for pneumonia when the sputa are purulent. The pus may be offensive. Hepar Sulph is basically a medicine for pneumonia in the suppurative stage. A loose cough with a rattling of mucus. Fever with chills.

Ipecac –Pneumonia Accompanied by Nausea and Vomiting: Suffocating loose cough without expectoration. shortness of breath, and constriction in the chest. Cough is spasmodic and often ends in vomiting. Bubbling rales in the chest and Bloody sputa.

Pneumonia in Infants and Children:
Most common homeopathic treatment for pneumonia in infants and children are Antimonium Tart, Ipecac, and Bryonia.

Pneumonia in Older People:
Carbo Veg works well for pneumonia with a cough and quick, short, labored breathing. Yellow and sticky expectoration may be present. A burning sensation in the chest. Senega is useful when the chest feels sore along with coughing. The sputa are very tough and expectorated with much difficulty. Phosphorus works well when there is a cough along with oppressed breathing and bloody sputa. It is also recommended for threatened paralysis of the lung from pneumonia in older people.
Aromatic 2 years ago

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