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Premature Ejaculation since first set of intercourse - Now ED problem

Hello, I wish and hope to find remedy for my condition hence posting here something very personal.

I have had PME issue since I actually started intercourse with my girlfriend and now my wife. She was very understanding and did not complain until we had first child. After that she got dissappointed many times and I couldn't do anything. I have tried Indian Ayurveda medicines, exercise and many things. Nothing helped consistently. In last few years after having second kid I started having ED problem along with PME. It is very embarrassing to not able to satisfy my partner. I have satisfied her only very few times in last 14 years. We are single income family in fast paced expensive city. I am under stress most of the time in regular day. I use to enjoy masturbation but I don't even do that now because of PME and ED. I have been with only one women my girlfriend and wife through out my life. I want to make her happy as I love her. But now she doesn't want to do anything physically with me because it is disheartening and disappointing for her. I still love her and cannot take her rejection easily. Please let me know if more info is needed for giving advice on homeo medicine. I am going to be 40 this year and my wife too. She few months older to me. By the way even generic Viagra did not help. I got allergic reaction. I have sensitive stomach. I am looking for something which can help me consistently. As per Ayurveda my constitution is Vaat-Pitta and hers mostly likely Vaat Kaph or balanced Vaat-Khapha-Pitta
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  theseeker81 on 2020-07-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Selenium 200,5-6pills once daily and Avena sativa Q,10 drops twice daily . Let me know the changes of your mental & physical condition after 10 days
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hi , thanks for helping out. I have to check if I can find both medicine easily. I am in US where it is not easy to find homeo of all kinds.

Selenium 200 I can find from Boiron. Avena Sativa Q what is the power 2x. Or 1x etc. is it easy to find online? Do you know?

Also you mentioned that i should use and report both mental and physical condition. I want to ask whether these medicines have side affects to mental health? I have family background of mental health. And due to stressful life I get anxiety sometimes.

Thanks again for taking time to help a stranger.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Avena sativa is in mother tincture form that I mentioned Q.No side effects.So take these two remedies
Urepierk 2 years ago
I want to add that Homeopathic medicine acts first in mental level i.e it gives mental satisfaction first and then at physical state.So, these medicines may give you mental satisfaction as well as physical cure
Urepierk 2 years ago
Thanks again for taking time to explain. Two more thongs just want to confirm.

1 I have fatty liver issue as well which needs me to loose wait but currently due to lack of exercise and bad sleeping habits. I am working on both sleeping and exercising.

2. I have ordered both medicines it will take time to get it shipped from Canada. In mean while I found Selenium 200. Can I start taking Selenium with out the Avena Sativa?

Please let me know your feedback based on above info. I am indebted to you for your healing guidance.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Yes, you can start Selenium.
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hi Dr., I started taking Selenium 200. I do get erection now but it doesn't last more than few 10-20 seconds. Also it is not full erection as it used to be when I was young. Not sure if it is possible with just medicines.
Also I feel low confidence which I did not mention to you earlier. My mistake. Few more things I want to add to my condition

1. I forgot to mention that I get seminal discharge when I am excited and it only happens around my wife. I don't feel excited for any other women. That was not the case when I was young. Is it normal? Is seminal discharge or pre cum normal?

2. Should I continue Selenium after 10 days as I see that I am getting erection better than before? Once Avena Sativa arrives, I can start taking that as well.

3. I use to Smoke before marriage 10 yrs ago. I have stopped smoking right now. I don't drink alcohol as it doesn't suite my stomoch but smoke sometime casually with friends. Not chain smoking. Sorry I did not mention before

3. I get very heated and my heart beat gets very fast when I am trying to get intimate and do intercourse. But due to erection issue I feel low confidence and its just get worse.

Is Selenium and Avena Sativa enough medicines?
theseeker81 2 years ago
Hi Dr. forgot to add two more points

4. My semen used to be yellowing. Not sure why. But sometimes its whitish as it used to be when I was young.

5. I some time get lot of pain in the penis after ejaculation. I still do sometime. Lot of times it comes with feeling of going to loo. When I drink lots of water it goes away.

Just wanted to add above two points as well.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Please be confident.Don't think about seminal discharge or about its color.At the time of excitement a thin discharge may happen.Now you start a new medicine Lycopodium 30,6-7pill twice/day in empty stomach 1o days.You may buy its 200 potency (one drum)pill for later use.
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hi Dr. would you please explain doses for all 3 medication one time?
2.No of time in day?
3. Total number of days to take?
4. When to stop?
5. How to use in future?

I am taking Selenium 200 5-6 pills every day since last 7 days. Should I stop after 10 days?

Avena Sativa Q shipment will arrive in another week. So I will start taking it once I have the medicine. Should I take it for only 10 days?

Now you have asked to Lycopodium 30 for 10 days. Once I start taking the medication Should I stop after 10 days?

When and how should I use Lycopodium 200 in future. When should I stop?

If you can provide breakdown of all medicine it will be less confusing for me.

Best regards
[Edited by theseeker81 on 2020-07-14 15:30:38]
theseeker81 2 years ago
Stop Selenium after 10day completion and start Lycopodium30 twice daily. Continue it 10 days and then start Lycopodium 200 once/day for 20days.Take Avena One month
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hello Dr. Thank you very much. I will keep you posted on my health condition.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hello Dr.

I want to provide update

1. I stopped Selenium after 10 days which was around 15th July 2020. Its been 7 days now.

2. I started taking Lycopodium30 on 14th July which is around 8 days now.

3. I received my shipment of Avena Sativa Q mother tincture on 17th July 2020. So its been 5 days now.

Some of the development in my overall symptoms

1. Since Lycopodium/Avena Sativa, I am less gassy or farting less
2. My appetite has become moderate not crazy
3. My sleep has improved quite a bit. I would not have restful sleep before. Now I go in deep sleep
4. My sexual desires has calm down as well. I still feel attracted towards my wife but the desire has gone down.
5. I feel less excited also and my discharge or pre cum has reduced
6. I have masturbated one or twice since taking medicine in shower I see my semen is more white and I don't feel so tired after ejaculation and I am able to control some of it
7. I don't feel my heart racing so easily whith my wife or during masturbation
8. One down side is after I started taking Lycopodium30 and Avena Sativa I don't get good erection but before erection was good, when I only was taking Selenium.

Should I add Selenium back to my remedy?

Is it ok to masturbate if I am taking medication? Also I use to watch porn but I don't watch so often anymore. But now I don't get erection unlike before while watching porn.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Good improvement,don't back to selenium.After 10 days of Lycopodium30,start Lycopodium 200 and continue Avena.Why do you mustervate as your wife is with you.Lycopodium's action is slow but remains long time.Please inform after 7 days
Urepierk 2 years ago
Ok. Dr. thank you.

What about Erection issue which I mentioned in the message.

You mean don't take Selenium?

Why I masturbate

1.My sex drive is more than my wife.
2. She has been disappointed many times over last 10 yrs as she was not satisfied so she lost interest
3. Sometimes I would like to do when she has periods so i cannot do.
4. We have two small kids and we live by ourselves with no family help so after taking care of kids all day she is tired so don't want to do.

So getting her mood is not easy and when she does get it. I want to enjoy a lot. As simple as that. So I want to make sure I am doing good.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Your erection problem will also be solved by Lyco & Avena.Your musterbation habit will make weak your penis. Avoid musterbation & erection will start.Patience is necessary. After one month of taking Avena,you will take Agnus castas Q.It will give good result.You can give order for shipment.
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hello Dr. thanks. I am keeping patience.Thanks for help.

I ended up buying lot of avena sativa. So don't want to do that again.

How much does of Agnus Castas Q is needed? How many days, what are the doses etc.?

Thank you for help.
theseeker81 2 years ago
Hi Dr. I just realized that the Avina Sativa I bought from overseas is of Power 2X.

I by mistake bought Avena Sativa 2X mother tincture. Should I stop taking Avena Sativa 2X and buy Avena Sativa Q mother tincture?
theseeker81 2 years ago
Ok,Avena 2x will do.Continue it.You will buy Agnus Q 100ml only.If you take 5ml daily(once/day) it will go 20 days.
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hi Dr. Do I need to take anything else as well along with Agnus Q? <br>
The reason is it gets shipped from another country and shipping is very high. Please let me know if there are other possible medicine which needs to be taken along with Agnus Q

theseeker81 2 years ago
No need
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hi Dr. I have placed the order for Agnus Q. I want to ask one more question. I went to see Urologist regarding my ED and PME problem just to make sure if there are no physical aliment.

He prescribed Cialis or tadalafil like Viagra. He said it is different than viagra and you try it to see if it works.

I want to ask can I use Cialis with Homeopathic medicine I am taking? Will it cause any side effect or interaction?

He said to ask Homeopath to make sure homeopathic medicines does not have nitrates or nitrous in them because Cialis lowers blood pressure and if homeopathic medicine does same it is not healthy.
theseeker81 2 years ago
I would suggest you not to take this medicine at present.Your improvement is good enough. So wait for further better result.
Urepierk 2 years ago
Hi Dr. yes my condition is improving in terms of erection and not feeling anxious while having intercourse but still I don't even last a minute. Erection does not stay long either.

I wanted to ask is it dangerous if I take Cialis with current homeopathy medicine? I wanted to give it a one try if you think it is ok and not dangerous.
theseeker81 2 years ago

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