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Diabetic & cystic acne

Hi there,
I'm 21 years old and have had cystic acne and starting since about puberty. It started around my thighs at first and has slowly spread to my buttocks, back, shoulders, chest, neck, and the most recent my upper arms.
The acne can sometimes get ichy and when i itch it the puss comes out.
I don't eat meat or meat products
I eliminated dairy from my diet as well but that didn't help.
It is worse the week before and during menses.
I had cysts that grew to be the size of a golf ball and felt soo much pain from it, i used garlic to release the puss, however i still have a little bump left for over a year now. I won't be surprised if it grows in size again.
I am also very scared of critisism and feel like people often think badly of me. (low self confidence)
My blood sugars are usually pretty good, but i'm thinking i'm going to have to remove all sugar from my diet totally and that might help. (I noticed a friend of mine that is also diabetic has cystic acne on her face)
It is worse in the winter and gets better in the summer.
In addition to the cysts I do get black heads, white heads, nodules, pustules.
If anyone has suggestions I will be very grateful.
Thank you
  73CT73 on 2006-04-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I note that you have entitled your acne under "Diabetic and Cystic." Is there some reason for you to suspect diabetes which is unusual at your age of 21 years.

Please visit the many threads on this forum on Acne which you can do by typing Acne on the left hand Search Forums window to read the many posts that I and others have made to advice patients who suffer from Acne. You can also visit:

Briefly I believe that your remedy is Arnica 30c in the wet dose which you can read about on the many threads.

If after reading the posts on Arnica you still have some questions feel free to post again.

You may like to know that Arnica 30c is also an excellent remedy for Diabetes just in case you do have even a slightly high Blood Sugar level. If you use it it will help to eradicate your acne and also control your BS level.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Mr De Livera,
Thanks very much for the reply! I have read all of the forums and actually started the arnica treatment yesterday. I'll let you know if a change occurs. The reason I wrote Diabetic and cystic acne, is because i have been diabetic now since i was 7 and found a similarity between myself and my diabetic friend. I wasn't sure if someone else out there also has diabetes and cystic acne or if it is a common thing to occur.
Anyway, Thanks for all your help,
73CT73 last decade
If you are a juvenile diabetic what drugs are you using ? Also what is your blood sugar level ?

I would also like you to take 1/4 teaspoonful of Cinnamon Powder twice daily for your Diabetes. Many patients who are adult Type II diabetics have been able to stop their drugs and replace them with the Arnica 30c and Cinnamon therapy.

Please report response in a week after you start on this therapy. Data on your BS level today and in a week are required.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am already using Chromium Picolonate and will definatly start using some cinnamon. The only thing im a bit concerned about is the use of Arnica at such a low dose for such a long time. I don't really want to prove the remedy and i feel I might. My blood sugar is pretty good, usually gets a bit crazy around my period. I think I have some crazy hormone thing going on. At one point I did have higher than normal DHEA levels, which was normal the last time i got it checked.
73CT73 last decade
I think that last reply worked.,.
I forgot to say thank you =)
73CT73 last decade
In a case such as yours it is important that you do not stop the drugs that you are now using which you would have used for years.

You will notice after you start on the Arnica / Cinnamon therapy that your BS levels will come down and you will have to check your BS level on a digital test gauge. When you discover your BS level lower than usual you should then reduce your drug by dividing the tablet and take the lower dose while keeping on with the new therapy.

You are advised to get a Digital BS gauge which will enable you to test your blood yourself.

There is absolutely no possibility of your proving Arnica as I have used it for the last 10 years daily but now on a once daily basis.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr Jo De Livera,

I have read this thread and the other acne thread you suggested.

I am 21 years old, and a diabetic (of 3 years - on insulin). Living in Canada - Toronto but currently visiting parents in Qatar (Middle East).

I have had acne since I was 13 am hoping this is the age where it should end at 21, but I am still having big pimples growing on the back of my neck - I wouldnt exactly say pimples, but big red bumps almost looks like it will grow big boils. I've had huge ones growing on the back of my neck for years and have scars right now. Have lots of pimples on my face, big red ones, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, scars, and so on.

However, I am taking Antibiotics (Tetracycline) prescribed to be by a Dermatologist, but I don't think its helping that well. I was on Roaccutane (or Accutane) in the past for a year or so and that helped but I stopped it becasue I was diagnosed with diabetes.

For my case, would I still be able to take this Arnica 30c your recommending?

If yes, is this all the correct information:

- Arnica 30c (3 pellets in 500ml spring water, shake hard until bubbles) - one teaspoon, twice daily

after about 10-15 days of using Arnica 30c, start using Arnica 6c - once nightly AND 2 silicea 6x tablets (twice daily) for as long as I want to.

No coke, no coffee, no tea

Use Johnsons baby shampoo and soap for acne

PLUS - 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon twice daily.

I hope I got all the information correct there.

Best Regards,

fousee last decade
Forgot to mention, I am also taking Supplementary pills of Vitamin C (1500mg) and E (400IU) daily.

fousee last decade
To Yousif

Congratulations on getting the dose precisely. You are one of the very rare persons who have seen my posts and have responded by using the exact dosage.

I am concerned however that you are taking Vitamins C and E. You may like to know that I too used them up to about 10 years ago daily but I decided to stop using them to check what difference it would make on my body.

The short answer is that it did not make the slightest difference at all.

I have coasted on since that time without any drugs or vitamins except for 3 weeks on antibiotics after major surgery in 2002 and none since. I have treated all ailments like colds etc with Homeopathic remedies and can honestly tell you that you can exist without drugs very nicely. In your case however you have no option but to use the drugs that you have been prescribed for your Diabetes which i presume is the Type II. I would like to know what drug you are using for your ailment.

Please remember that your BS levels will drop as soon as you start on the Arnica therapy and you are advised to reduce your intake of the drugs to keep it on even keel.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanx for your help Dr Joe De Livera. I didn't realize you would reply so soon.

I will start using the Arnica soon.

About my diabetes, its type I actually, I am thin, and 21 years old.
I take insulin from 5 -7 shots a day, 3 of fast acting insulin before meals (Novarapid) and 2 Long acting insulin (Novolin-NPH) for morning and night.

fousee last decade
Dear Yousif,

You are a good candidate to see how Arnica can help you to reduce your intake of Insulin which you state you have to take 5-7 shots per day.

Keep a record of your BS levels daily and also record the units of Insulin you use with the frequency of the injections.

Report response weekly or more often.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
To Dr Joe De Livera

Well, I finally found the Arnica 30c, 6c and silicea 6x.

I didn't know the pellets were so small.

Anyway I have a couple of questions about the arnica and the water.

Does it make a difference if the water is warm, or cold striaght from the fridge?

I have water bottles I buy from the store 'natural spring water - 500ml'. I just dropped in 3 pellets of 30c arnica and mxed them but did no see any bubbles. But couldn't see the pellets, maybe dissolved. I took a teaspoon from that. just for now and take another later on in the day.

another questions - a teaspoon from a 500ml water bottle, what am i doing with the rest of the water? throwing it away, or using the same bottle for other days?

thats all the questions

fousee last decade
I would like to treat your Type I Diabetes first and you will only use Arnica 30c in the wet dose which you have made correctly.

You will notice the bubbling when you shake the bottle in your hand when the movement of the water up and down will ensure bubbling which is called succussion in Homeopathy and ensures that the potency of each subsequent dose is minutely higher in potency than the last.

A 500 ml bottle of spring water should last you about 4 months at 1 teaspoonful taken 3 times daily.

Report response in 24 hours when you should notice your BS levels come down dramatically as if you have injected an overdose of Insulin.

You MUST check your BS level as often as possible and reduce the units of Insulin you are taking when the Arnica stimulates the production of insulin in your pancreas.

Keep some sugar handy to be used in the event of your BS levels going down too low.
Joe De Livera last decade

i check my blood sugars at least 5 times a day, so I think i can take care of my lows.

However, you said before take a teaspoon twice a day, now you said three times a day.

just want to make sure
fousee last decade
You can start with 3 and when you know that it has helped you the dose can be reduced to just 2 in about a week.

It is perfectly safe to be used as I am perhaps the only person who has used it daily for over 10 years nightly which I have done as I have proved that it helps to keep my BP down to 120/80 pulse 65 at age 76.
Joe De Livera last decade
oh thanx.

BP at age 76, thats good..good for you doctor.

By the way, do you know remedies about high cholestorol levels and someone that recently had kidney stones for a person in their 50s (my father).

fousee last decade
I have a one more question.

I am 21, in college and enjoying my college life like other students - which involves alcohol.

Does arnica reduce its effectiveness when alcohol is consumed?
fousee last decade
You will have to sacrifice alcohol if you wish to be helped by Arnica. In fact alcohol is not recommended for Diabetics for obvious reasons.

Your dad too can benefit from Arnica 6c which will help him with his cholesterol.

Kidney stones is another matter and he should give all details like how many, size, when discovered and what treatment has been done so far.
Joe De Livera last decade
Mr. Joe!
I got a doubt.. you said one teanspoon per dose and it will last for 4 months if taken thrice daily (A 500 ml bottle of spring water should last you about 4 months at 1 teaspoonful taken 3 times daily). Even if you consider 5 ml per teaspoon, as per the dose thrice daily it won't last for morethan 33 days. Just I would like to know what is the actual quantity per teaspoon you are suggesting (it varies from 3.55 to 5 ml).
muruganrsa last decade
Use the smallest teaspoon available. In homeopathy it is not the quantity that matters and it is theoretically possible to use just 1 drop as a dose. The idea in using a teaspoonful is to ensure that it fills the sublingual area to ensure that it is fully absorbed.

In any event this quantification of the time a bottle would last is not the criterion as in any case you only use just 3 pellets in a 500ml bottle.

If you are looking at it from the angle of costs, it could not be any cheaper.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Murugan

Hey wait a minute !

I did not reckon on treating you as a patient as you have not posted as a Diabetic on this thread although I do remember your name on others
Joe De Livera last decade
i am diabetic (yousif) i dont know about murugan
fousee last decade
To Yousif

You can use the same therapy that I have recommended for Diabetes and please be aware that your BS levels can come down with a bang which will make is essential to reduce your intake of the drugs you are taking and balance it with the Arnica and the Cinnamon powder (1/4 teaspoonful twice daily)

Feel free to ask any questions to clarify the therapy if necessary.
Joe De Livera last decade
Mr. Joe!
sorry for popping up in this thread...
I am not a diabetic. Just following your treatment. I am familiar to you through ovarian cyst thread and emails. i am looking at the way Arnica acts on diabetic people.
thanks anyway..
muruganrsa last decade
Hi Dr. Joe

I have been trying the Arnica 30c for the past 16 days and havent noticed any difference. 3 pellets into 500ml of water, shaking it, and a teaspoon 2-3 tmes daily. The only thing I think I am doing wrong is still drinking cola, well specially diet coke becasue I am diabetic.

How long can I keep using Arnica 30c? Is it dangerous if I keep taking it for more than 16 days?

Anyway, Ive been taking cinnamon with my meals, sometimes its almost a whole teaspoon for my lunch with rice. But, I havent noticed a decrease for my blood sugar. I am using Arnica 30c and cinnamon and not seeing any difference with my acne nor my blood sugar levels.

Am I doing anything else wrong other than still drinking cola?
fousee last decade

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