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Joe, Report on Nat Phos 6x

Joe, you asked for feedback on various remedies you have recommended, so....

I tried the Nat Phos 6x for constipation (in this case, inactive bowel, no desire for stool, slow transit, weak peristalsis).

Actually, I used Nat Phos 30x for about a week until the 6x came in. Then I switched. 2 Pellets after lunch and dinner.

The Nat Phos worked almost like a miracle for nearly 2 weeks. And it started working almost immediately.

And then, it just stopped working. I bumped the dose up to 3 pellets after lunch and dinner with no change.

I am currently experimenting with a 'wet dose' equivalent, but have now had to start on some medications that are very constipating to me, so have had to take some herbs to help with bowel action, etc. So, I may suspend the 'wet dose' experiment until I can get off these meds. It may be awhile. Things are not looking good in that department.

Anyway, at this point, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for all you do here. And thanks to all the others that contribute, also.

  Truthfinder on 2006-04-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Also look into Bryonia 6C.
kuldeep last decade
what other complaint have except for constipation? '..things not looking good in that department..'
John Stanton last decade
To Truthfinder

I have just read your post addressed to me.

I believe that the reason why Nat Phos 6x does not work for you to relieve constipation is because you seem to have got the Homeopathic version of this remedy. It is the Biochemic version of Nat Phos 6x that will help and you are advised to get the correct grade of NP.

For some reason I do not understand all Biochemic remedies do not work in the wet dose. They must be taken in the dry dose in tablet form. The dose to be used is 2 tablets (not pellets) taken after lunch and dinner.

You may also like to know that NP will also reduce your weight at the rate of about 2 pounds per week.

Thank you for your appreciation of my efforts to help those who post here. It is so very rarely that any thanks are recorded and it is good to note that at least you appreciate the time and effort that I and many others put in to help those who post here.
Joe De Livera last decade
Forgive me, Joe and others - I am having a bad morning and can't post today. I will try tomorrow.... thanks for your patience.

Oh, but I do not know what 'Biochemic" remedies are?

- and yes, I did get the homeopathic remedy.

Truthfinder last decade
Hello Tracy

THANKS YOU for your post. It made me understand that I TOO have not understood that there are two different products with the same name.

I just called the company that I ordered mine from in hopes that I could change my order if necessary, but they have already mailed it.

They don't know whether they sent me pallets or tablets.

Apprently there are two different products with the exact same name, Nat Phos 6x.

One comes in pellet form and the other one comes in tablet form.

The 'homeopath' I talked to on the phone just now told me that there is no difference between the pallets and the tablets only that the tablets have lactose in them but that they are considred to be exactly the same.

According to the gentleman I spoke to, the tablets also have lactose in them and not good for those who are lactose intolerant and they are supposingly more economical also.

But it appears that Joe thinks that there IS a definite difference between the pellets and the tablets in the results they produce.

I haven't gotton my order yet but I am betting that I will have to reorder.

I hope that Joe makes it more clear that there are two products out there with the same name and he wants us to make sure that we get the tablet form of the same product.

Thanks for your post.
Pat2006 last decade
And I agree that merely using the word 'Biochemic" is of no use to us simple lay people. LOL
Pat2006 last decade
As I have stated many times before, all Biochemic remedies are made by a process of Trituration where the Nat Phos (Sodium Phosphate) salt is mixed in the proportion of 1:9 in lactose and ground in a pestle and mortar in the old days but in big vats today. One part of the mix is then mixed into another 9 parts and the process is continued 6 times over when the concentration of the salt is 10 to the power 6 which is 1 Millionth.

How this extremely diluted and triturated mix can possibly work, I just cannot explain logically but then Homeopathy is not logical.

The Homeopathic version of the remedy is made as usual by mixing 1 part of the remedy in 9 parts of Ethanol and the process continued 6 times when the remedy is still in Ethanol and is used to potentize round lactose balls which are prescribed for other ailments.

The BIochemic and Homeopathic versions of the remedies are used for specific ailments and the Biochemic version is what is needed for both GERD and Obesity.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe for explaining this to us lay people. LOL

In talking to the 'homeopath' this morning, he firmly believes there is no difference between the two.

Sorry for the confusing on our part.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks for your reply, Joe.

Thanks kuldeep – I will check out the Bryonia. I have a few “constipation” remedies on a list to try if the Nat Phos doesn’t work.

John, I have many “complaints”, but the most debilitating are my back pain from herniating discs (from misalignments and muscular imbalance, I believe), migrating rib pain (chronic costochondritis), and my gut issues relating to elimination. I know I need to work on some constitutional remedies for these things, but was hoping to find something simple for immediate help in the intestinal department. I have learned that if a remedy indicates diarrhea, it is probably NOT for me. It usually makes my constipation worse. Arnica is a prime example.

After reading a couple of other threads here about “biochemic” versus “homeopathic”, I believe I do have the biochemic version. They are small white tablets that dissolve immediately under the tongue. I have e-mailed the manufacturer to be certain.

It appears that in this country, “biochemic” remedies can be called Tissue Salts, Biochemic Salts, Schussler Mineral Salts, Schussler Tissue Salts, Biochemic Remedies. And the company that made what I am taking offers a “cell salt” of Nat Phos 6x. But it has the same ingredients listed as those on my “homeopathic” Nat Phos 6x. Needless to say, this is confusing.

I called them “pellets” in my previous post, thinking that “pellets” were the small, white tablets, and “globules” referred to the harder, round balls in the higher potencies and/or other brands of homeopathic remedies.

Because of my recent flare-up of back and rib pain, I am taking anti-inflammatories, which always interfere with my elimination (constipation/ bowel transit) issues.

Okay, let’s assume that I am taking the correct product, and it stopped working after about 2 weeks.

Does this indicate that I should change remedies? Change dose?

Hi, Pat – nice to see you again. I do plan to e-mail you one of these days – honest!

Truthfinder last decade
Hello Tracy

I was so happy to see your thread here.

I am also keeping an eye out for remedies for my stomach.

Joe has explained to me that my problems are coming from the stomach.

I think ones I cure my digestive system, I won't have any more fibromyalgia symptoms.

I remember clearly when my digestive problems started and then right afterwards, I started getting symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

In talking to other women who have this problem, I have learned that they also have stomach problems which is producing too much acid and getting into our muscles and bones, etc.

If the Nat Phos 6x does not work, try another remedy.

I suggest you also look into yoga because that will get the stomach going again also.

I have met women who have cured themselves of it by doing yoga and water exercises.

I think our stomachs take the hit when we are stressed and it is possibly a main reason it stops working.

In the meantime, also avoid foods high in acids like coffee, potatoes, oranges, tomatoes and avoid soft drinks until you get better. Lemons are a natural antacid.

I have been under the care of a homeopath for a very long time who INTENTIONALLY has chosen to ignore the REAL source of my problems----the stomach.

Also look into remedies for stress. They will also help your stomach.

From my own personal experience and from reading other threads here, taking pharmaceuticals will make your stomach and fibromyalgia both worst and that includes antiinflammatories.

Maybe you can also look for remedies for inflammation. I think in the meantime you should consider getting on Arnica daily wet dose.

I was reading one of Joe's threads on weight loss here earlier. It appears that pharmaceutal drugs interfere with Nat Phos 6x

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Hope you get well soon.
Pat2006 last decade
Fruits can also be high in acid like applies so look for fruits like watermelon (another natural antacid)and mangos. Once you get well, you can go back to eating apples, etc again.

Go to marysherbs.com to learn about Alkalinity to help you learn which food are higher in acid. Some people experience a relief of their pain/inflammation by following this diet.
Pat2006 last decade

Do searches here at this site for things like GERDS to learn about other remedies for the digestive system

Also do a search engine for Yoga for the digestive system.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.
Pat2006 last decade
Pat, I do think that a lot of dis-ease starts in the gut. If you can’t get that balanced, you are really at a disadvantage in getting the rest of your body to cooperate. I also believe that maintaining the right pH balance is important for the whole body.

Thanks for your suggestions, although I know already that there are some I can’t do. Arnica is one of them. Yoga is another. I hope I can take the Arnica at some point, but I won’t even attempt it again until I get a better handle on the constipation/ peristalsis problem. The only 2 times I have tried Arnica, it has made this other problem much worse. It just isn’t right for me at this time. But that can change, I know.

Well, I have heard this both ways: That drugs interfere with homeopathic remedies, and I have heard that part of the beauty of homeopathy is that you can still take the remedies and get the benefit, and yet they won’t interfere with whatever drugs you are taking. If the Nat Phos can’t help me get through those times when I have to take medication, then it is of little use to me. Nor is any other remedy for that matter.

I do my very best to stay off any drugs at all. But there are times when it means the difference between getting out of bed or not. I have confidence that I can change that.

I’ll have to look at some of the “papers” I copied from the Internet about homeopathy. There are several reasons why a remedy might work for awhile, and then quit working. I guess I need to look that up again. It does not always mean it is the wrong remedy. There can be interference from other things such as suppressed problems which have to be brought to the surface first. After those are cleared, the remedy works once again.

Homeopathy is fascinating, whether you are looking at it from the “traditional” view, the “this for that” view, or the “like treats like” view. I think there is much to gain from all approaches.

Hey, I may have found a homeopath who is also an actual medical doctor. He is 150 miles away, but I expected to have to travel. Now if he just knows a thing or two about Lyme Disease and associated microbes, this could be a breakthrough for me.

Truthfinder last decade
Joe, have any of your other 'patients' reported what I have - that the Nat Phos 6x worked for 2 weeks, and then just quit working?

Truthfinder last decade
Nat Phos 6x which you have very precisely defined in your post above usually helps to solve GERD symptoms very quickly and permanently. It is only very rarely that the stomach juices over ride the subtle effect of the remedy and in my experience in Sri Lanka I have yet to come across a case which has not responded to this remedy which as you know is just 1/1millionth of Sodium Phosphate. 6x is 10 to the power 6 = 1 million.

A recent incident in the use of Nat Phos which will show the efficacy of this remedy is the case of a 18 year old boy, the son of my chef, who was rushed to our government hospital in Colombo with what was suspected to be a heart attack. He was warded for 6 days and was investigated by no less than 6 doctors who I presume were specialists in their own fields and I saw the medical reports that he had in a note book which were all not specific. I was surprised to note that one report indicated a suspected Myocardial Infarct ! He had with him 3 ECG's which to my untrained eye seemed to be perfect.

He went back to work in a town on the sea coast about 50km north of Colombo and in a week he was rushed back early in the morning with a severe pain on the left side of his chest which seemed to confirm the diagnosis of a heart attack. He was again warded and discharged in 3 days. He visited his father and I examined him. He informed me that his main problem was that he could not eat as he was always bloated and could not bear the sight of food. He could only eat a small meal and invariably felt sick shortly after.

I checked his pressure and his lungs and all seemed to be normal as could be expected at his age.

I gave him 2 tablets of Nat Phos 6x during the examination and he reported within about 5 minutes that he was feeling ravenously hungry for the first time in about 6 months. I gave him a banana and some bread this was the beginning of his cure.

This was obviously a case of Hyperacidity that had gone undetected by the specialists in the government hospital who all concluded that an 18 year old boy was suffering from heart problems.

Suresh continued with the Nat Phos 6x for a few months twice daily and is fully cured today and he does not use the remedy any more. He keeps a few tablets with him for insurance and uses them if he has a heavy meal as he has discovered that it helps to send the meal down quikcly. He has also put on a few pounds and is fully restored to health.

I do hope that members who may read this case history of a misdiagnosed cardiac problem in an 18 year old will consider using Nat Phos 6x for their next case of a patient who shows signs of any gastric distress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hey thanks, Joe.

Constipation is my issue, not GERD, but I do have some GERD symptoms, but don't believe it is an over-acid problem - just the opposite, I think - not enough stomach acid.

Anway, that is a rather fascinating story, and it sure makes me think of a friend who may be having exactly what you describe in your story. Thanks for sharing that.

Truthfinder last decade
Hello Tracy

In the past (over 3 years ago), I have seen several doctors for GERD or digestive problems. But they all insisted that there is nothing wrong with my digestive system because my only symptom was bloating.

Now I have become worst. Too worst that I cannot subject myself to any testing for GERD or any other digestive system testing because the chemicals I will be required to ingest will KILL me. That is how bad my problem has become.

Too much acid in your stomach will cause constipation.

If you have symptoms of fibromyalgia then your digestive system is producing too much acid and it is over flowing into your body and getting into your bones and muscles and throat. This then feel like inflammation but it is actually too much acid.

Acid is not there from what we eat but most likely from stress or from the digestive system not working the way it is suppose to work.
Pat2006 last decade
Hello Joe

Are you sure that the Nat Phos 6x will not cause any aggrevation? Because I do not want any more aggrevation in my throat to suffocate me.

I called the health food store here to ask about ways to treat acid reflux and was told that they sell a lot of Ole Vera and so I made myself some homemade juice and using DGL Licorice as well until I get the Nat Phos 6x.

I hope the Ole Vera and the Nat phos 6x helps to ease the pressure of my stomach/esophogus valve and throat.

Please let me know if others have ever reported aggrevation from Nat Phos 6x.

Thank you
Pat2006 last decade
Hi Pat,

Nat Phos 6x is Sodium Phosphate which is potentized to 6x or 10 to the power 6 which is equivalent to 1/1millionth of the salt.

At this extreme potency (dilution) of the salt it cannot possibly have any negative effect on your throat like the aggravation that you fear and the feeling of suffocation. I believe that these symptoms that you have suffered in the past were due to hyperacidity causing GERD which can cause the constriction of your throat and the feeling of suffocation that you fear.

If you are so concerned about using Nat Phos 6x, may I suggest that you take just one tablet after a meal and watch for the result ? I am confident that it cannot possibly do you any harm and you can then take 2 per dose twice daily.

I hope that you will be able to get the
Biochemic version of the Nat Phos in tablet form as I have no experience with the Homeopathic version. This is available at Hylands, Boiron and Washington Home Products.

I note that you intend using Ole Vera and DGL Licorice now but when you do get the Nat Phos 6x, I would like you to only use it after a meal and see the difference that it can make.
Joe De Livera last decade

Bryonia 6C.
Pat2006 last decade
Pat, I am very concerned about your situation. I thought you were feeling better just a month ago, and now you are worse again? I am so sorry about this. I hope your biochemic Nat Phos 6x comes in soon so you can try it. I would like to see you get relief and on the road to recovery.

In talking to other people who have hyper- or over-acidity in the stomach, loose stools are usually the problem, not constipation. So I do not believe it is quite accurate to state that too much acid in your stomach causes constipation. Depending on the factors involved, I’m sure it could work both ways.

Body, blood and tissue pH levels do not necessarily equate with stomach digestive acid, as I understand it. Body pH can generally be controlled by foods and supplements. I know that people with Fibromyalgia often have high concentrations of lactic acid in their muscles, but I do not know of a correlation between digestive acids and lactic acid in muscles. Do you know of a study or some research on this?

Lyme Disease, which I now know I have, is an inflammatory disease. I only found this out rather recently. So the inflammation I have is real. It isn’t something in my system that FEELS like inflammation.

Supposedly, Fibromyalgia is not an inflammatory syndrome. So, with my original diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, my inflammation problem did not seem to fit, but doctors didn’t care to pay any attention to that. I had to figure out the Lyme connection on my own.

I have another person trying the Nat Phos 6x who has similar bowel problems to my own. At first, she used a “standard” homeopathy remedy and it didn’t do anything for her. Now she has the biochemic version. She says she also has a terrible yeast problem, so we shall she how she does with the Nat Phos. She used to be my M.D., but gave up her license because she did not like the way allopathic practitioners had to do business.

I’m going to order some of the Bryonia, probably in a 6C potency. I had a chance to look it up in my M.M., and in the past couple of years, it seems that I have become more and more a Bryonia-type person.

Truthfinder last decade

Keep an open mind about what I tell you.

Medical doctors claim that people with fibromyalgia don't all have the exact same symtoms. Maybe it depends on how long one has had it and how far it has progressed. I don't know.

But stomach problems are an issue whether constipation or diahrea or something else.

Most of my symptoms of fibromyalgia are gone but still have the stomach problem which are irritating my throat and affecting my gums.

When I started treating with homeopathy, I was starting to get constipation. But if I eat something with too much acid I do get constipated. I used to also have diahrea. If you write to me at my personal e-mail, I will tell you how I got rid of the diahrea.

I think that as you recover from whatever desease you or someone else thinks you have, you will agree that your problem is the stomach.

In homeopathy, what name your medical doctors have given your symptoms does not matter as it merely deals with symptoms. But when you find a homeopath, she/he better address the stomach ASAP.

I have noticed others who have posted here that say that they are being treated with a homeopath, but come here complaing of stomach and throat problems.

I have been looking for your personal e-mail to write to you, but I have not found it. Write to me. Thanks
Pat2006 last decade
hi pat
i been reading your problems almost every day. I am really sorry for you honey. I been taking nat phos 6x for 5 days. It seems not helping me. Tomorrow i will try to go other homeopath. I also have very severe insomnia and constipation. I been taking 5 different remedies for 6 months and at the beginning they were helping me but not anymore.My homeopath told me to stop all remedies 3 days and see what is going to happen. Also she said
only 1 or 2 homeopathy remedies should be taken at the same time not 5 or 6. She gave me the remedies and look what she is talking about. I spent lots of money and got bed results. good luck pat.
pearl last decade
Hello Pear,

I'm sorry that you are also having problems.

Have you looked into Bryonia? This is a remedy that Kaldeep recommended to Tracy for constipation. I thought I read a thread where Joe also suggested it.

I have only two problems right now my stomach, throat and gums and I haven't tried the Nat Phos 6x yet.

I think that if I find a remedy to help me with my stomach problems that my throat problems should be helped as well.

In the meantime why don't you try the Liquid Calcium, magnasium, Phosphorus by Nature's life for your constipation.

The homeopath that I was treating with only had me using one remedy at a time and that works fine for me as long as it helps me and doesn't cause me aggrevations that I cannot handle.

I have used very few remedies since I started treating with homeopathy and they have helped but they have not helped my stomach. And I believe it is my stomach that caused me to get sick in the first place.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Your welcomed to write to me at my personal e-mail as well.

Take care and hope you get well soon.
Pat2006 last decade

Have you done a search for previous posts here for things like GERDS and Hernia or constipation or fibromyalgia? Maybe you can try some remedies that have worked for other people.
Pat2006 last decade

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