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Constant discomfort from prolapse

Prolapsed womb with constant pain "down below".Kegel exercises makes it worse.The only relief is from lying or sitting down or by using a tampon to hold the walls apart.At my wits end with the discomfort
  Uthoh on 2021-05-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please elaborate when did it start ?
Reason post pregnancy trauma etc.
Is it 24x7 or any particular time in the day
Any unusual discharge
Are your periods regular

In the meanwhile
Palladium Metallicum 200
2-3drops in water/3 pills thrice a day for a week
Kaps last month
Thanks for replying.I am 67 so past menopause.Have had a slight prolapse for about 5 years with no discharge.Dad passed away last November and after that I developed intermittent diarrhea and constipation which I now have under control but the constipation was so bad that the stools which were hard and like balls must have been pressing in on the front passage.Since then, when I need to pass stool it causes discomfort in the front passage.I don't have too many problems in passing stool now but its caused a permanent ache in the front passage.No problem with bladder or rectum.The discomfort is better with sitting or lying down and worse when walking or standing.I will try Palladium as soon as I can buy it.Thank you
Uthoh last month
Natrum Mur 200
Sepia 200
Both 05 drops in water/ 05 pills once a day
For a week
Order palladium too
But don’t take it keep it as reserve
Revert after 04 days of taking remedies or if you feel aggravations as and when
Kaps last month
Thank you very much - I will try and will report back as to how I get on with these remedies.
Uthoh last month
I have tried taking the sepia and nat mur but not getting any relief from them.
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
Stop both the remedies and
Take Palladium 200
3 drops in water/ 03 pills thrice a day for a week
Revert as and when you feel change in symptoms
Kaps 3 weeks ago
Thank you
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
I just had a thought regarding my condition - I had an MRI about 5 years ago because of burning in my legs and it showed that I have several Tarlov cysts in the sacrum.They are not considered to be a problem in the UK but doctors were unable to say why I experienced (and am still experiencing )burning sensory nerves.I have a lot of lower back pain due to discs and a scoliosis at the top of the spine.Could there be a connection?
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
Good that you posted this
my questions
What is wrong with your discs any investigation on this if yes post it
Post the finding pertaining to the cysts too
Correlate the timing when the pain started initially to these medical investigations
How do you feel mentally about your health issues
U posted that the pain in the front started due to excessive force used to pass stool now u have posted three more issues which maybe causing this pain
No problem it can all be taken care of
Lie on your stomach with hands stretched such that your chin palms and toenails are touching the surface you are lying on do this as much as you can without discomfort it will definitely improve the condition
Kaps 3 weeks ago
I suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower spine some 30 years ago and have had intermittant bouts of sciatica which is now gone.However I periodically get lower back pain and saw a chiropractor for years who took an x ray.MRI carried out in 2016 because I developed burning sensory nerves in my legs and feet.Lumbar spine shows some mild loss of lordosis and degenerative changes in mid lumbar discs.There was no stenosis.There was at that time an annular tear and disc bulge at L4-5.Some prominent Tarlov cysts in the sacral canal expanding posterior sacral foramina and it says they are difficult to treat in a meaningful fashion.Also facet joint degenerative changes across lower lumbar segments.Distal spinal cord is normal.My chiropractor wrote down cervical spondylitis myolopathy causalgia.
I also have a collapsed left ankle due to Post Tibial Tendon Dysfunction and x rays showed osteoarthritis in every small joint.By now I've started arthritis in the other foot as well as every morning I feel both feet are stiff and specially the left foot which feels as though its got quick drying cement in it.The pains are hard to live with and the pain of prolapse on top is very difficult for me.If I could sort that out first I'd be so grateful.
Thank you for reading.
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
Just give me a couple of days
Don’t have palladium as of now
Carry on with Sepia 200 make it
2-3 drops in thrice a day in water
Five Phos 12x or 6x preferably 12x whichever is available 04 tabs thrice a day for15 days
Kaps 3 weeks ago
Thank you - I will try and get hold of Phos asap
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
It is a combination Five Phos which has calcarea, ferrum, natrum, Kali and Magnusium Phos Not Phos
If you do not get this get Phosphoricum Acidum 200. 2-3 drops in water thrice a day for 3-4 days
Kaps 3 weeks ago
Thank you for that information - I will try to buy it
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
Hypericum 1M
One drop In a table spoon of water/02 pills, half an hour before breakfast for three days
Rhus Tox 1 M one drop in a table spoon of water/02 pills half an hour after breakfast for three days
You ll need
Pichi Pichi 200
Radium Bromide 200 liquid
Arnica M 200 liquid
Calc Flour 200x one bottle
Aurum Metallicum 200 liquid
To save you another trip to the shop or another online order
Revert after three days of Hypericum Na Rhus Tox
Stop Sepia continue Five Phos if you got it Along with the two now prescribed
Post any changes in symptoms
Kaps 3 weeks ago
I have managed to find Hypericum/Rhus Tox pills and Arnica 200 liquid but cannot find any of the others in liquid form
Uthoh 3 weeks ago
It’s fine
Start with hypericum and Rhus Tox as posted earlier
If you do not get liquid buy pills
Calcarea Flour is biochemic
Aurum Metallicum and Radium Bromide buy pills
Now your protocol
Hypericum for three days
Rhus Tox for three days
Both once a day
Did you get Five Phos if yes 04 tabs thrice a day. If you did not get it it’s fine
Kaps 2 weeks ago
Hi, Yes got the Five Phos and already started on them.Thank you for your help
Uthoh 2 weeks ago
How are you feeling after hypericum and Rhus Tox ?
For early cure regular feedback is must
Kaps 2 weeks ago
as I had to wait for remedies in the post I've only taken Hypericum and Rhus Tox on two days - I have tomorrow to take them again.All other remedies that you suggested have now been received except Pichi Pichi which I could'nt get.The burning in my legs is better at the moment but that's the way it is.It can start up at any time and I cannot bear putting a magazine or newspaper on my lap because it starts my legs burning again.My back pain is under control at present but it hurts when I wake up in the morning.Pain from prolapse has been a problem - its been very sore and I have a bearing down feeling and an uncomfortable feeling when first sitting down as though I am sitting on a ball.
Uthoh 2 weeks ago
It appears there is no change in the pain from prolapse.
Hypericum and this Tox are for the burning sensation and back pain whic I feel is due to the injured nerves due to issues in the spine
Five Phos is a Tonic for the nerves
Pich Pichi is for the spinal discs
Anyway I shud have waited for you to post
You said that even putting newspaper on your lap triggers burning sensation in the legs then I am sure the clothes or the blanket air bed sheet while sleeping must be causing the same sensation please confirm if it is so as this is another symptom

Hypericum and Rhus Tox will keep on improving your symptoms
After finishing these two start with
Arnica 05 drops once a day
Radium Bromatum 05drops/05 pills once a day both for three days
Continue Five Phos
Kaps 2 weeks ago
Thank you very much for your reply.When lying in bed I was told by the chiropractor to sleep on my back with legs raised and indeed I find this position better than lying on either side.However where the duvet touches my knees I feel burning in them.If lying flat or left or right there is no burning which suggest the sensory nerves in my knees are being stimulated by touch.I will carry on with the remedies you suggest.
Uthoh 2 weeks ago
This symptom was not posted earlier there is a specific remedy for this
Let us wait and see the effect of Hypericum and Rhus for a few days
I think it takes 3-4 days for you to procure the remedies
Kaps 2 weeks ago
I have completed 3 days of Hypericum and Rhus Tox and will begin Arnica tomorrow along with Five Phos.For how many days do I take the Arnica please.I managed to find Pichi Pichi but as its coming from abroad it won't be here until the end of July.
Uthoh 2 weeks ago
Arnica for three days
Radium Bromide till you see a significant changes in arthritis symptoms
Kaps 2 weeks ago

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