Radium Bromatum

Radium Bromide

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HPUS indication of Radium Bromatum: Itching
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Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while very dilute Radium Bromatum may help, unprocessed Radium Bromatum may be best avoided.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Radium Bromatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

  GENERAL - Radium Bromatum


Thirtieth and twelfth trituration.

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  MODALITIES ETC - Radium Bromatum


BETTER, open air, continued motion, hot bath, lying down, pressure. WORSE, getting up.

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  RELATIONSHIPS - Radium Bromatum


Compare: Anacardium Occidentale Anacardium (the ulceration produced by it is like Radium N/A . It may appear elsewhere than on place of contact and appear late).

Compare: X-ray X-ray; Rhus Tox Rhus; Sepia Sepia; Uranium Nitricum Uranium; Arsenicum Album Ars.; Pulsatilla Pulsat.; Causticum Caustic.


Antidotes: Rhus Venenata Rhus Ven.; Tellurium Tellur.

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  MIND - Radium Bromatum


Apprehensive, depressed; fear of being alone in the dark; great desire to be with people

Tired and irritable.

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  VERTIGO, DIZZINESS - Radium Bromatum


Vertigo, with pain in back of head, left when in bed

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  HEAD - Radium Bromatum

Head feels heavy

Both eyes ache

Itching and dryness of nasal cavities, better in open air

Violent trifacial neuralgia.


Occipital and vertex pain, accompanying severe lumbar aching

Severe pain over right eye, spreading back to occiput and to vertex, better in open air

Frontal headache

Aching pain of right lower jaw

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  MOUTH - Radium Bromatum


Dryness of mouth


Prickling sensation on end of tongue.


Metallic taste

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  CHEST - Radium Bromatum


Persistent cough with tickling in suprasternal fossa

Dry, spasmodic cough

Throat dry, sore, chest constricted.

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  SKIN - Radium Bromatum


Small pimples

Erythema and dermatitis, with itching, burning, swelling and redness

Necrosis and ulceration

Itching all over body, burning of skin, as if afire


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  BACK AND NECK - Radium Bromatum


Aching in back of neck

Pain and lameness in cervical vertebrae, worse dropping head forward, better standing, or sitting erect


Lumbar and sacral backache, pain appears to be in BONE, continued motion relieves

Backache between shoulders and lumbar-sacral region, better after walking.

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  ABDOMEN - Radium Bromatum


Stomach; Empty feeling in stomach

Warm sensation in stomach

Aversion to sweets, ice-cream

Pain, violent cramps, rumbling, full of gas; pain over McBurney’s point, and at location of sigmoid flexure

Alternating constipation and loose movements

Pruritus ani and piles.

Urinary Organs.

Increased elimination of solids, particularly of chlorides

Renal irritation, albuminuria, granular and hyaline casts

Nephritis with rheumatic symptoms



Much flatulence


Nausea and sinking sensation, belching of gas.

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  GENITALS ETC - Radium Bromatum


Female; Pruritus vulvae


Aching pains in abdomen over pubes when flow comes on

Right breast sore, relieved by hard rubbing.


Delayed and irregular menstruation and backache

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  EXTREMITIES, LIMBS - Radium Bromatum

Extremities, limbs

Severe pain in all the limbs, JOINTS, especially in knee and ankles, sharp pains in shoulders, arms, hands and fingers

Legs, arms and neck feel hard and brittle, as though they would break on moving

Arms feel heavy

Cracking in shoulder

Pain in toes, calves, hip-joint, popliteal spaces

Muscles of legs and hips sore

Arthritis, aching pains, WORSE at night

Dermatitis of the fingers

Trophic changes in the finger nails.

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  FEVER AND CHILL - Radium Bromatum

Fever and chill

Cold sensation internally, with chattering of teeth until noon

Internal chilliness followed by heat of the skin, associated with bowel movements and flatulence.

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  GENERALITIES - Radium Bromatum

Sleep and dreams


Sleepiness with lethargy

Dreams vivid, busy

Dreams of fire.