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Eyes.--Ptosis; eyelids heavy; patient can hardly open them. Double vision. Disturbed muscular apparatus. Corrects blurring and discomfort in eyes even after accurately adjusted glasses. Vision blurred, smoky (Cycl; Phos). Dim-sighted; pupils dilated and insensible to light. Orbital neuralgia, with contraction and twitching of muscles. Bruised pain back of the orbits. One pupil dilated, the other contracted. Deep inflammations, with haziness of vitreous. Serous inflammations. Albuminuric retinitis. Detached retina, glaucoma and descemetitis. Hysterical amblyopia.

From Materia Medica BOERICKE
Kaps last year
Ok Great.. so i've just ordered them..i'll let you know when i receive them and begin to take them. Thanks so very much again for your time and expertise.
Jaygo last year
Sorry to keep bothering you. but i need to ask.. I read on the Homeopathy, the phosphorus is used for retinal hemorrhage.. and i've also read about Hamamelis.. are these 2 not useful for my condition?
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Jaygo last year
Read one of my previous posts where I posted that ur blood vessels need to strengthened
You said there is no more bleeding
The bleeding occurs due to trauma or high blood pressure in the small capillaries or very weak capillaries
Your immediate concern is to clear vitreous of the blood and u mentioned that the blood flow has stopped
Do u know reading even with one eye closed strains the closed eye too
Stop straining your eyes just use the eyes for the routine work till your condition improves
Kaps last year
Well. No. My conditions is not from High Blood pressure.. it's from Sickle cell.. High Blood pressure is the most common cause for weak and bleeding blood vessels. Sickle Cell is a less common cause for the bleeding. So my bleeding is from Sickle cell, not from hypertension/High Blood pressure.

These blood vessels are usually hit with eye laser treatment to prevent them from growing any more and causing any more bleeding. This laser treatment is what has to be done. But the laser treatment can not be done because too much blood has leaked in and caused obscurity of vision. which means, since i can not see out. my eye doctor can not see in, until the Blood clears and dissolve. This is why i'm only concerned with clearing the blood, and less concerned with strengthening the vessels.
Jaygo last year
Try those remedies
I ll look for the remedy for sickle cells too
Kaps last year
Thank you kindly sir.. I will try these.
Jaygo last year
Hello, I finally received the Aconite 200 and Gelsemium 200 delivered today. But before i take them as you recommended. I have a question about taking them due to a procedure that was done by my eye doctor yesterday.

Yesterday at the eye doctor, i had an eye injection with Anti VEGF medication that's suppose to prevent the blood vessels from Bleeding inside the vitreous. The Question i have is.. Will the Aconite 200 and Gelsemium 200 hvae any negative interactions with the AntiVEGF injection? And Or, with the Anti VEGF injection preventing prevention any further bleeding, Will the Aconite 200 and Gelsemium 200 still clear the blood that's already leaked into the Vitreous/eye? On and. What are the chances of the Aconite 200 and Gelsemium 200 actually clearing the blood from the Vitreous/eye?

Thanks in advance.
Jaygo last year
You shud wait for a couple of days to see if the eye is getting cleared
If there is no change after three days.
Post after three days
Kaps last year
No the Eye haven't cleared.. The Injection is not for the purpose of clearing the blood. the Injection is to prevent any further bleeding.. The blood that's already in the eyes have to slowly clear on it's own.. the Injection have nothing to do with the clearing process.
[Edited by Jaygo on 2022-02-09 04:56:12]
Jaygo last year
How is your eye now
Did you try the remedies
Kaps last year
No. Unfortunately i haven't tried the remedy. I was waiting to hear from you to know if it was ok to take the remedy after my last update of telling you i had a procedure called "Anti VEGF" injection. I was asking you, was it safe to try the remedy after having the Anti VEGF injection.

The Anti VEGF injection is an injection to stop and prevent the blood vessels from further bleeding in the vitreous.. So, Because i hand this injection. I didn't want to take your remedy before speaking with you to know if there would be any drug interactions, adverse reactions, etc.
[Edited by Jaygo on 2022-02-16 23:00:47]
Jaygo last year
You have not told me whether any improvement or deterioration

Try those remedies Let us see
Kaps last year
There has been very little improvement.. The clearing of leaked blood in the vitreous is an extremely slow process,taking months to clear. based on my research, the blood clear/dissolve at about 1% a day. So. from the time we last communicated, the improvement have been very very minimal. Although.. the Anti VEGF eye injection is not for the purpose for clearing blood from the Vitreous, it's simply to stop and prevent the blood vessels from having any further bleeding. So, once again. My main focus to is speed up the clearing of the blood that's already leaked into the Vitreous, while now making sure, nothing negatively interact, or interfere with the Anti VEGF injection that i was recently treated with.

I've already had another bleed on January 28th, in the vitreous before i had the Anti VEGF injection that has completely set back the month and a half of cleared blood and bought me back to the 1st day of bleeding. That's why my doctor gave me the Anti VEGF injection. That 2nd blood leak, completely destroyed a month in a half of progress that have bought my vision back to about 80% of where it was and the new bleeding had completely destroyed that progress. I was UTTERLY devastated and extremely depressed, which is why i can not afford or take any chances or endure anything causing another blood leakage. That's why i'm asking about the Drug interactions of your treatment with the Anti VEGF medication because you gave me that remedy a few days before my doctor performed the Anti VEGF procedure. I need to be sure, no remedy or any food or drink i consume will have any negative or adverse effect on the Anti VEGF injection that can cause another blood leak. i just can't endure another set back..
[Edited by Jaygo on 2022-02-17 08:44:27]
Jaygo last year
I am not a doctor
I do not think that these will have any negative effect
Your first post is in the February it means that from the time you posted there has been not leakage in the eye
You may try if it does not improve it will not deteriorate
Kaps last year
Yes. My 1st post was in February. As a quick overview. My 1st Blood leakage, was in the end of November. It was clearing up, but then in January 28, i had a 2nd blood leakage. After that, i found this forum. Maybe 2 days after i ordered the remedy you gave me, Before i received the pills/pellets you suggested i use. My doctor Doctor called me in to have the Injection, and i received the Pills/Pellets you suggested i use in the mail, days after the injection. Thanks again for your suggestion and time. I really do appreciate it.
Jaygo last year
Hope the remedies work
Kaps last year
So do i. Thank you
Jaygo last year
How long does it take for you to procure the remedies ?
Did you start the remedies?
Kaps last year
I'm sorry, i don't understand your question
Jaygo last year
I want to know if you can buy the remedies quickly
Did you take Acon and Gels
Kaps last year
yes.. I ordered them both and i've received them both in the mail..but i haven't taken them yet.
[Edited by Jaygo on 2022-02-20 13:51:35]
Jaygo last year
Do you intend to start ?
Kaps last year
Yes. i do.. i just need to be absolutely certain,the remedy don't have a negative effect on the medicine that was injected into my eye, or cause any more bleeding.
Jaygo last year
I am also keen to know the effect of the remedies if you took them being a first case of such nature
Kindly update
Kaps last year

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