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Eczema on 18 month old...

Hi- great informative web site, thank you for taking the time.

my son (18 months) has had chronic eczema since about 4 months old... we have tried many treatments, all holistic. almost no drugs and no vaccinations. We have been seeing a classical homeopath with some success. my son's eczema is now confined mainly to his face and wrists as opposed to his entire body before. but progress has stalled. the remedy he tried first was arsenic album, though there was also something for his pancreas I think.

my son has numerous food allergies which play a role in his eczema. I read up on your general approach, and am considering it, but have at least one general question. How would the remedies affect the food allergies? if the food allergies are a big part of the problem, would those remedies help? just reating the skin without helping the food allergies will probably not work well long term. thank you for your time,
  john34 on 2006-05-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what do you exactly mean by 'almost no drugs'? when (dates)used?reasons?
John Stanton last decade
when he was at his worst, covered head to toe with weaping eczema, it was horrible. My wife broke down and used a topical steroid for two days. That is the extent of medication he as received in his life. Otherwise everything we have done has been holistic. No antibiotics or vaccinations.

john34 last decade
child breast fed?what % of diet?

no sign of eczema before 4 months as mentioned? any other skin condition prior to his?

what change occured in surrounding circumstances or such just prior to eczema showing?please explain
John Stanton last decade
why was ''pancreas' mentioned in first post?this something some doc/prescriber tell you?what diagnosis guide to such statement?please explain
John Stanton last decade

prior to the eczema showing, he showed signs of food intolerance. he was very colicky and cried quite a bit. He was breastfed exclusively until about age four months when my wife starting supplementing a little bit of home-made rice mix. he exploded with excema not long after that. we stopped the rice formula not to long afterwards, experimented with 'neocate', and elemental formula for 3 weeks, then went back to breastfeeding. He is still breastfed, but also eats some organic chicken and turkey, and some vegetables like sweet potato. my wife is on the same diet as he will even react to vegetables that she eats.

He didn't appear to have any skin issue before it started, but clearly was having digestive problems.

other issues at the time, his grandmother was living with us at the time, but she was fighting with my wife and left. it really upset my wife.

re his pancreas, the classical homeopath we are seeing believes his pancreas may not be performing sufficiently. Its hard for me to explain much more, because the doc keeps most of his thought process to himself.

john34 last decade
what was mother's exact response to grandmother's behavior ? please explain

what is wife's state of health ? what meds used in past health hsitory?start from most current abck as far as can...list dates and reasons for use....during pregnancy;birthing;health before pregnancy;...etc

how much antibiotic use in mother's health history?father's heath history?please explain

John Stanton last decade
My wife reacted to Mother in law 's behavior with anger,frustration and fear. Probably felt abandonned.

My wife's state of health is better now (a year of a wholefoods diet without processed foods does wonders). she takes no medication, is thin and strong, though depressed regarding my son's numerous allergies.

during pregnancy and after she had issues. Her father died two years before and she has still not recovered. she probably had candida overgrowth before during and after pregnancy. during pregnancy, at about month 3 she had some spotting... her doc proscribed an antibiotic (found strep in a vaginal sample) and some hormones, progesterone I think. She took the hormones for a week or two and stopped, but did take the antibiotics....

later, in month 8, she got very bloated and developed high blood pressure- a condition known as pre-eclampsia or toxemia. she was not given medication for this. during birth she was forced to take an IV antiobiotic. also had some pitocin and and epidural during birth. birth was very long and traumtic, 36 hours.

for a few years prior to pregnancy she had a very itchy rash on the back of her head, above the hairline... looks like a candida rash to me. after my son's birth, she got the same thing on the right breast, all around the nipple area.

re drugs used- IV antibiotic during birth; pregesterone and an antibiotic during month 3 of pregnancy for spotting.

topical steroid on and off for rash on back of her head for several years.

a tetnus shot approximately one year before pregnancy. prior to that, I don't recall much medication. she is chinese and does not use as much drugs as we americans typically do. not much antibiotics at all.

I myself suffered from candida overgrowth for years, though am much better now, though apparently still react to foods with yeast and may have leaky gut. I did take quite a bit of anti-biotics in the past before i woke up and moved on to holistic health.

I had skin rashes since birth, and still do. a very long history of rashes. I am getting treatment from a holistic doc now. I react to yeast and grains apparently.

thank you for your time, please let me know what other info you need.

john34 last decade
how many pregnancies?

what condition of wife's fingernails and around fingernals?how many white spots on or under fingernails?

what is condiiton of hair?any complaints associated with?

wife have any gastral intestinal complaints currently?
John Stanton last decade

I asked her about spots on the nails last night. She has one small white spot on one fingernail. Otherwise her nails and skin around them look fine. other than the rash on her neck, hair looks fine, if a little dry. I noticed a few more grey hairs than before. she is 34. our son was her first pregnancy.

she does not have any gi complaints now. awhile back was bloated and not doing so well, but with diet she no longer has any issues.

john34 last decade
since child is breast fed--remedy is to be administered to wife only....affect throug milk...

start treatment with single (2 pellets) phospohric acid 200c---no repeat --to be taken once only....to be taken by wife

wife and child must avoid all acidic foods and drinks (coffee;teas;all carbonated soft drinks;vinegar;pickled foods;all fruits and fruit juices;alcoholic beverages;....etc)

no topical cremes or such on any of rashes...wife or child..

no other meds/remediesnothing at all remotely medicinal..no herbs--strong spices

will most like need follow with either sepia or sulphur...

if do not have ready access to homoeopathic remedies and have to order by mail..then let me know --i will give speculative list --so as treatment is not interrupted --in case aggrvation occur...

all clear?
John Stanton last decade

have wife start using daily unrefined cold pressed organic sesame oil..nocook--raw on food or by teapsoon ..

START daily use pro vitamin a foods -and micro algae (spirulina or wild blue green) taken daily...
John Stanton last decade
use 'udo's choice oil blend'-in place of sesame oil--has fuller spectrum of omegas--sesame is one of oils in this product..
John Stanton last decade

Thank you again. I do have a few questions for clarification. I need to check on availability of remedies before we start, I will let you know.

second, regarding the food restrictions, most of them we already follow, but this gets complicated due to the number of allergies my son has. he is allergic to most fruits and vegetables. seriously, he can only eat chicken (acidic) and turkey (acidic) with a little sweet potatoe, and grapes and bananas. my wife sticks close to that same diet, but also eats a little more fruit. If we stop fruit and acidic meat, it will leave them with litterally nothing to eat that max will not react to.

what do you think we should do? how long would the restrictions be in place? its a very serious issue for us.

also, would green tea be off the list as well?

instead of sesame oil, my wife does take a mix of flax, evening primrose oil and borage oil. and also uses unrefined palm oil and also safflour oil for cooking.

Thanks again.

john34 last decade
meat ok--dont worry---no fruits though..no green tea at all..

include some sesame oil then --in mix wife uses for herself already...

meat -rice..simple vegetables---they will be fine---this diet follow for good while...

also no tomatoes/potatoes/eggplant...

let me know about avaiability of remedied to you---

if too much to follow --i understand---can repost case and see what other options come up---maybe fit your needs better---well either way..just post back and let me know waht you decide..
John Stanton last decade

its not that it does't fit us, just very worried about what my son can eat. the sesame oil will cause a reaction, as will rice and vegetables. so, the question really is, is the reaction ok in the short term, or should we try to avoid reactive foods during the treatment? I know this is a very tough case, my poor son reacts to almost everything.

i'll let you know about remedy availability... still checking. last question... does potatoe include 'sweet' potatoe and yams?

john34 last decade
yes avoid reactive foods for sure---if sesame give aggravion then no use...oils are for mother oil ...keep some diet simple--mother also but adjust as need ---
John Stanton last decade
been thinking---sensitivities better we control case with LM potencies..see how accessable LM potency is to you...if not --we'll figure it out.
John Stanton last decade

I have not been able to find remedies in my area, but assume i can order them on the internet? I live in the U.S. I don't know what LM potentcy means...

john34 last decade

order from wellspring pharmacy--5702535650

ask for ..
(1)100ml dropper bottle with solution (with single drop/pellet sulphur 200c...in it)
(2)nux vomica 200c --pellets
(3)phosphoricum acidum 200c pellets
(4)ignatia 200c -pellets

this best will speculate at this time--

John Stanton last decade

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