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GERD, Esophagitis

Hello, I’m hoping that someone could help me with GERD and esophagitis. I am on a strict diet to help, but still having trouble.

I have pressure in my throat sometimes - sometimes feels like a band underneath my chin or sometimes in the middle of my neck/throat, my voice becomes raspy at times, belching, epigastric pain when pressing on that region, cannot bend over, cannot lie flat, cannot exercise very much at all, can’t even look down at times, sleeping elevated, much worse during PMS and my monthly “visitor“. I feel worse if my stomach is empty, so I have to make sure to eat at regular intervals, but cannot eat as much as I want to because will feel worse if I eat too much so I have lost weight. I want to eat much much more but can’t. Sometimes I feel worse immediately after eating, but usually feel worse about an hour after. I hear rumbling in my stomach, but it has gotten better with my diet changes. I’ve also been having trouble sleeping. I fall asleep around 1:30/2/2:30 am and wake up a couple of times in the night, usually wake up early (usually after only about four or five hours of sleep) and try to take naps in the day but not always successful and feel very tired during the day, and feel better if I am able to rest/sleep. I haven’t been able to sleep well for months actually. I’m sensitive to sounds. I’m
also sensitive to lights, mirrors, and screens depending on how I’m feeling. I used to get dizzy after eating, but modified my diet enough that I don’t have that symptom anymore. I do get tired after eating but not always able to rest or sleep. I also have tinnitus, and it makes it worse, especially before and during my period.

I’ve been dealing with this for almost a year and becoming impatient. It’s making me irritable, angry, disappointed, hopeless, sad, and depressed at times.

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  Bamp on 2022-06-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.


15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER. FOR THREE DAYS.


Veratrum Viride 30.

Dose five (5) drops/pellets , taken at the same time 3 Times daily.

Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.

Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.

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anuj srivastava 7 months ago
Thank you for your help.

I have Nux Vom 200 in pellet form. Is 15 pellets in an ounce of water the same as 15 drops?

Also, I take lysine 20 minutes before I eat to prevent herpes outbreaks. Is this still OK? That means I would be taking the lysine ten minutes after third portion of the Nux Vom 200. Unless I take it with sip of third portion 30 minutes before dinner instead of using separate water. It’s just 2 caps of lysine, goes right down.

I should’ve also mentioned my symptoms are worse when I talk.

I take combination of all 12 cell salts at 6x three times a day for treating MS. Is it OK to continue that instead of nat phos 6x and Kali mur 6x? Or should I skip treating the MS (12 cell salt combo) for seven days? Thank you.

Thank you.
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Bamp 7 months ago
NUX VOM 200 15 pellets , have 5 pellets, 15 minutes later ,5 pellets,15 minutes later 5 pellets.

Follow protocol recommended.Stop Lysine.
anuj srivastava 7 months ago
I can stop taking the combination of 12 cell salts for seven days and just take what you told me to take, but if I stop the lysine, then I might have a herpes outbreak. I guess I could stop the lysine for that one meal. I hope it will be OK. Thank you. I’ll report back to you in seven days as you stated.
Bamp 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,
I just finished my third day of nux vomica 200 before dinner. I didn’t really notice any difference. It increased my MS symptoms for a little while after, but I didn’t notice any difference with GERD symptoms. I’m starting to have an outbreak because I didn’t take the lysine. Mezereum 30 stops my outbreaks. So I’d like to take just one dose of the Mezereum before I start Veratrum. Unless it’s okay to take both the mezereum and veratrum half an hour apart. What do you think? Please let me know. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
Bamp 7 months ago
Have mezereum.
anuj srivastava 7 months ago
Thank you for your help. I’ll keep you updated.
Bamp 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,

I’ve stuck with your recommendations for GERD, and I think the veratrum might be making me feel worse unless it’s supplement I tried. I think I read something about veratrum having to do with the right side? I feel pain on the right side now under my chin. Overall, I think my symptoms are worse. The most annoying part is everything I do aggravates the MS. I can continue with couple more days of veratrum as initially suggested and leave out the possibly offending supplement. I’d also like to go back to treating the MS with combination of all 12 cell salts as I don’t like leaving it untreated. Will keep you updated.

Thank you.
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Bamp 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,

I think that supplement might’ve been bothering me, so I stopped taking it.

I didn’t take the Veratrum today either, but I’ve taken the cell salts you suggested - kali mur and nat phos at 6x. The reason I didn’t take Veratrum is that my MS symptoms have been aggravated, and I assume it’s because of the Nux 200 and didn’t want to aggravate my symptoms further. How long before the Nux 200 wears off?

Please keep in mind it’s important to me to go back to taking the biocombination of all 12 cell salts at 6x in order to treat the MS. I don’t like leaving it untreated.

I’m also in possession of biocombination for G.I. issues. Ingredients are nat phos 3X, nat sulph 3x, and silicea 12x.

Do you have any suggestions or next steps for me?

Thank you. I appreciate your help.
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Bamp 7 months ago


anuj srivastava 7 months ago
I already took two days of veratrum. I skipped today, the third day. I guess I should try to continue veratrum tomorrow? Tomorrow would’ve been the 4th day of veratrum/7th day altogether after which you requested feedback.

Tomorrow is the seventh day of Kali mur 6x and nat phos 6X.

I paused biocombination for MS because that was your suggestion.

I have not started biocombination for G.I. issues since I’m using Kali mur and nat phos as you suggested.

I will try taking Veratrum tomorrow. Tomorrow I will also complete the 7th day of Kali mur and nat phos and get back to you - unless you have any other recommendations as of now. Thank you.
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Bamp 7 months ago
Hello Anuj,

I’m not taking the veratrum again because the Nux is very strong. It would be great if I can tolerate it another three days as you said that’s when it will wear off. But I’ve also read that Nux can last up to two weeks. I definitely feel worse, but I guess that’s a good thing? Feeling more lightheaded after I eat, my throat still hurts, throat still constricting, sometimes as if it will strangle me, still having voice troubles, try not to talk much, tinnitus increases after eating, fatigue after eating, fatigue in general, have a bit of energy at times in between meals, it’s still increasing the MS symptoms.

I will have to antidote it if I can’t tolerate it. I’ll see how it goes today and let you know. Please let me know how to antidote just in case.

Thank you.
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Bamp 7 months ago
anuj srivastava 7 months ago
Thank you, Anuj. Depending on how I feel, I might still try the veratrum though and not antidote the Nux. I’m trying to hold out because I do feel that some improvement could come from this. And if it’s only another two or three days, then it could be worth it. I will let you know. Thank you again.
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Bamp 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,

I decided to wait out the nux vomica, and I’m glad that I did. I am able to eat more now although my symptoms are not completely gone yet.

I had started the veratrum on the fourth day (after three days of nux) as you had suggested, took it for a couple of days, then stopped for a couple days because the Nux was so strong. I started the veratrum again a couple of days ago - shortly after my previous update and definitely feel it working after I take it. Sometimes I feel it in my throat, and it’s even made me cough before.

I’m still on the diet, still have increase of symptoms even after I just drink water, voice still gets raspy when I talk, throat hurts if I talk too much, throat still feels a little tight sometimes usually if I talk too much, still can’t bend over or lie flat, still tired after eating, still get tired out pretty quickly in general, still a little bit (not much at all) of belching when hungry and while eating and after eating, still increases the tinnitus, still get dizzy/lightheaded sometimes after eating or moving around too much,, symptoms increase when hungry, pressure/clogged ears if I go too long without eating.

I’m mid-cycle now, so my symptoms are more tolerable. I expect they will increase when PMS starts as they always do. Overall, feeling a bit better and will continue the veratrum unless you have other suggestions. I’m also still taking the cell salts.

Please let me know if you think I should do anything else or something different.

Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it.
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Bamp 7 months ago
anuj srivastava 7 months ago
Ok, thank you, Anuj. I’ll write again at the end of this work week. Thank you.
Bamp 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,

Here’s my update. Looking forward to your recommendations. As always, I appreciate your help very much.

I had an endoscopy, and the findings were non-severe esophagitis and erythematous duodenopathy in second part of duodenum. They took biopsy of my esophagus, removed a few sessile polyps (Dr said not to worry about that), and took biopsy of duodenum. Results will take one or two weeks. 

Occasionally, the tightness is intense for a short period and does feel like strangulation. Sometimes I also feel like my tongue gets a little numb. Once in a while, I feel like something is in the back of my throat when I swallow, but that doesn’t happen too often. Once in a while but not too often, I also have pressure in my throat even when just drinking water.

I still can’t bend over, sleep flat, and try not to look down too much.

I can’t move around too much and have difficulty doing household chores. I really can’t do as much as I want to or should be able to do.

I feel tired after eating and sleep when I am able to after I eat.

I had a couple of nights that I was able to sleep about eight hours, but I usually sleep 4 to 5 hours at night and then try to sleep during the day usually after eating. I really wish I could sleep more at night.

I get dizzy when I drink water between meals and dizzy (but not as dizzy) when I’m hungry. My MS symptoms are also aggravated at these times. Sometimes I also get a little dizzy if I eat too much. Symptoms are increased after eating as well, but I feel like it’s worse when I’m hungry and especially if drinking water between meals.

My voice still gets raspy at times by talking, but I feel like that symptom might have improved a little bit.

My stomach rumbles every once in a while, but not much at all. Not as much as it used to, I think. I notice it rumbling if I’m hungry or sometimes after eating, but I don’t notice too often it doesn’t happen too often.

I have epigastric pain if I press on that area. If I move around too much, that area starts to feel uncomfortable, symptoms increase, have to rest.

Tinnitus gets worse along with the other symptoms when they get worse. The tinnitus is worse in the left ear and originally caused by misalignment of the teeth, which I still need to work on but GERD is aggravated the MS, so alignment on pause.

If I’m very hungry, my ears get clogged up/pressure until about five minutes into eating, then this symptom start to settle down.

A bit of belching during eating or sometimes right after or after drinking water, but not very much at all.

I have to eat about every three or four hours or symptoms will increase. They’ll increase anyway if I just drink water between meals. I try not to drink water during or near meal times but will add extra water to my stew to try to stay hydrated.

I’m still on the diet and will continue to remain on the diet until I am healed. I’m still able to eat more than I used to, which is good.

I had previously tried the baking soda test, and it seems that my stomach acid is low because there was no burping within the timeframe, no burping at all actually but MS symptoms increased.

I take lysine about 20 minutes before I eat to prevent herpes outbreaks, and that aggravates my symptoms as well, but I have to take it.

I find myself adding quite a bit of salt to my meals, but don’t crave it other times. When I’m not eating, I crave sweets, especially craving chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake.

PMS has just started, so symptoms are slowly increasing and will be worse until and during menstruation.

After I take the veratrum viride, my MS symptoms are aggravated, my throat gets tight (especially under chin/larynx area), feels like my throat is closing in, voice gets raspy.

In term of feeling/mental…I get worried sometimes, feel like I’m never going to heal, wonder if it’s just going to keep getting worse and I’m never going to get better. So I guess I feel a bit hopeless at times, but then other times I realize that that’s ridiculous, and logically, I should heal even if it takes some more time. I should definitely try to rest even more, but it’s a struggle to balance chores with getting enough rest and hard for me to relax enough to fall asleep sometimes.

I usually feel my best when I first wake up but before I eat…and then feel okay again after about 11 PM until I go to sleep whether that’s at 1 or 2 or 3 AM. I guess I should say I’ve always been a night owl though. And I find that I can usually eat most in evening and at night, especially during my final meal of the day, which is sometimes around 11 PM. Slowly starting to eat more during daytime meals as well.

I know a wrote quite a bit, but I’m hoping the more information will help with any suggestions you may have for me. Again, I’m very grateful. Thank you, Anuj.
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Bamp 7 months ago

anuj srivastava 7 months ago
Yes, I’m still taking the Kali mur and nat phos.

You’re saying I should take both Veratrum and Mezereum? Mez for the GERD or instead of the lysine or both? Also, how many times a day should I take Mez?

Thank you.
Bamp 7 months ago
anuj srivastava 7 months ago
OK, so I’ll continue with kali mur, nat phos, and veratrum, and take Mez as needed. I will write to you again with an update next week or sooner if necessary. Thank you.
Bamp 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,

Here’s my update.

I have continued with all three remedies (and biocombinations) as you had suggested. I noticed a little more improvement in the last week as I am able to move around more and have more energy. Of course, I still have to be careful with my movements, make sure to rest, and still on the diet until completely healed. Symptoms, including throat construction and MS symptoms, still increase when I’m hungry and increase even more after I drink water - even if it’s just a sip. When I eat, I add extra water to my stew in order to remain hydrated. I still belch (not much) when eating and after eating and the occasional hiccup. Things are a little worse now that I’m menstruating, but overall, still better than last month (and notice difference even from last week as previously stated) and better than before starting the remedies.

Please let me know if you need any other information or have any other suggestions. As always, I appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
Bamp 6 months ago
anuj srivastava 6 months ago
Ok, Anuj. Talk to you again next week. Thank you.
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Bamp 6 months ago

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