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Nephrotic Syndrome

i have been motiveted by the side effect of allopathic topic to ask this.

my son is 7 yrs, 6 months old. when he was 2.5 yrs old, he got nephrotic syndrome. from 2001 to mid 2005 he was on predenisolone. sometimes 40mg and sometimes 10 mg. in the end of 2004, he was given Endoxan. which had severe side effects. but after that he is normal. and almost since 10 months, he is not on any medicine.

we are thankful to God. but since previously he had three relapses. even a small infection like cold or loose motions can shoot.

is there treatment for nephrotic syndrome in homeopathy.
  sepia on 2006-05-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr. Pankaj

any thing on nephrotic syndrome please .
sepia last decade
all the doctors, anything please
sepia last decade
Can you explain it in the layman language way....just what is experienced....not what allopathic doctors say. From birth till now...all illnesses of the child.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
thanks Dr. pankaj.

my son kartik is not on medicines for the timebeing for the last 8 months or so.

he born on 30th october 1998.

i conceived in february 1998. in the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy, one of the routine ultrasound reports showed that in one of the kidneys of the baby there was some blockage. on the basis of that report my gynaecologist referred me to a paediartric Dr. who said that there were two things.
1. when the baby will grow in subsequent months, the kidney will grow but the blockage will not grow and it will be pushed through as the kidney will also grow.

i hope u r getting

2. otherwise surgery within 7 days of birth.

but we were lucky that the next ultrasound was clear, no problem.

he was 2.3 kg at birth but normal and very active. we got him all the vaccinations including the one for menangitis etc. upto February 2002 he was ok.

in the month of feb-march 2002, he got cold and cough, he gradually had swelling around his eyes, very puffy eyes. by the end of the day this swelling would shift to legs. but later his entire body had swollen. his Dr. could not understand what it was. she said it is cough secretion in his body give him warm water bath so that this cough comes out. nothing helped and his swelling increased. then we got his ultrasounds, blood tests etc. done. everything was o.k.

by chance one day a lady (gynae Dr.) whom we just knew, happened to see my son and asked what was wrong with him, i told him whas his dr. had said. she said not this is nephrotic syndrome. dont get any further tests done. she said we must get his urine tested for albumin - protein. this was 4+ in the report. she fixed an appointment for us in AIIMS. and the treatment started.

initially he was given lasix to push water out of the body, then predenisolone 20mg was started. we used to test his urine regularly at home with strip- uristick. in the month of october his urine becme normal and medicine was stopped. but in decmber he had cough and cold, so it again shot up. this time it took longer time, and after that he had one more relapse. so three relapses. every year december is very crucial for us. in winter he mostly gets cough/cold and things become worse. in dec.2004, the attack was so severe that within two days his body swelled up hugely. his dr. was out on a seminar, so we went to another retired senior doctor of AIIMS, who is now in apollo. he decided to start endoxan- anti cancerous medicine. which was to be given for 3 months. but after 2 months or so his TLC in blood came very low. (we were getting his blood tested every 15 days). so that was to be discontinued. once the TLC came to normal the other one months course was completed. but this medicine had many side effects. his nails became blackish, his hair started falling. but now all those symptoms are gone and he is normal. his cheeks and tummy had puffed because of predenisolone. that is coming to normal.

it hurts to say that we have thrice seen him suffering a lot. i mean we have brought him back from a situation where there was no hope.

Dr. pankaj, with the grace of God, we have come a long way, but i am worried that if this happens again, can i depend on homoeopathy.

all the steroids affect immune system, what can i do to improve this.

sorry, my mail is long. but i will be pleased to hear from you.

sepia last decade
one thing i forgot to mention- when he was 3 days old, he got jaundice for which he was admitted for 7 days. his jaundice had shot upto 23 and the doctors said if it reached 25, they will transfuse blood. but that situation did not arise.
sepia last decade
'sepia" :
Nesha-India's perceptions for 'Nephrotic Syndrome' :

1. Thuja-200, one drop liquid direct on tongue, EVERY Sunday mornings ONLY. Till symptoms persist or minimum 10 such doses. And then stop.

2. Following Bio-Chemic Triturated Tissue salts, in combination :
Natrium Sulp.-12X
Natrium Mur.- 6X
Natrium Phos. - 6X
Ferrum Phos. - 3X

* Take all above bio-chem'ics in equal quantities, (i.e. 4 tablets of each). Dissolve medicines in half cup of Hot water. Sip real slowly keeping the sip (gulp) of medicine on the tongue for 2 seconds and THEN gulp down. Finish the entire half cup of hot water. This is equal to one dose.
Do such dose atleast 3 times a day, for several weeks. Do not change power & quantity of the Bio-chemic medicines.

(all above remedies to be taken simulta'neously and not otherwise)

NATUROPATHICALLY, if you can manage to get fresh leaves of the 'BRYOPHYLLUM' plant, (Indian name 'Pan-Patti'), then chew about 4 leaf (entire leaf with the juice), atleast 2 times a day. Google check image of 'BRYOPHYLLUM daigremontianum'. Highly safe even for infants. This plant has capacity to re-junevate the Kidney functions upto the optimum. That's an assurance from Nesha-India.

ALSO, the patient will experience literally immediate relief in most symptoms, if the the following is discontinued :
a) Animal Milk & Milk products, Peanuts, Potatos, most Starchy products and in a way all High Protein foods.
b) All high acidic foods like colas, preservatives, salt, fast foods ......

* Be always cautious for projected future symtpoms / tendencies of diabetes, urine disorders, excessive uric acid, Thyroid malfunctions ....

Do post over here, when you benefit from the above suggestions.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade
Nux Vomica 30 ..to doses..eveing and night.

(To clear system as lot of allopathic drugs have been



Morning and evening for three


Nat. Sulph. 6X (cn also give 12X as Nesha says). 2 pellets four times day.

Gap between 2 meds atleast 1 hour.

give me feed back after 3 days.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
correction: Nux vomica ...*two doses
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
thanks dr pankaj

right now he is not having any problem. but yes he has taken a lot of allopathic medicines in the past.

should this three days treatment be given now.

one thing i forgot to tell u that HE HAS TENDENCY FOR GOING FOR MOTION (STOOL/POTTY) IMMEDIATELY AFTER EATING IT MAY BE LUNCH OR DINNER OR MILK. earlier i used to give him milk twice a day but now i give him curd in the morning and milk in the evening. but the motion problem still persists.
sepia last decade
Homeopathic med treats the patient in totality..so watch for improvements after meds are give.

Yes Nux Vomica has to be given...to clear up the system of toxins.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
correction: *given
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
And if everything else fails:
'Serum anguillae - 30' may cause magic.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Kuldeep,
Serum Anguillar is 'better adapted to cases of hypertension and oliguria, without oedema'.

i.e. where kidney si affected due to hypertension but there is no oedema.

The child has been having oedema persisitently, not just kidney...all over.

Calls for APIS MEL.

Best regards,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
my son is once again in relapse mode. and today i will be buying medicines for him as prescribed by Nesh and Dr. Pankaj. lets see what happens i will report on daily basis. right now his albumin is +2 with tendency to go to +3.
sepia last decade
thanks Nesh India thanks dr. pankaj.

my son had loose motions for last 5-6 days. and his protein increased to 2+. and after a minute the colour will be dark (on the strip). so i started homeopathic. and today his strip was slanting towards +1. though it was not clearly +1. but i am happy that it has not gone to +3.

i could not get 'BRYOPHYLLUM D.' neither plant nor tincture.

thaks again.
sepia last decade
hi there,i dont have full case of ur son which is utmost accessory to cure,anyways just give him sulph--1m single dose and no medicine for 15 days.watch for changes.i have cured 2 pediatric cases with this.
drdynamic11 last decade
Hi, I have gone thru your all details and came to know that My son is also sufuring from same disease and same sintum, Can you pls let me know which medicine you are contuning at the moment or i am not clear on sulph--1m single dose and no medicine for 15 days.watch for changes.i have cured 2 pediatric cases with this. Pls explain me in detail
IRFAN AHMA last decade
Dear Dr drdynamic11
I have been suffering from same disease for last ten years. Please suggest me some remedy. Now i have +++ protein, creatinine is 3.5 and urea is 101.
sal160us last decade
Dr. Pankaj/Nesha

My Daughter is suffering from Nephrotic syndrome and was in remission since last 3 months but protein level in Urine went high to 2+.Fluctating between 1+ and 2+ since last 15-20 days.

Please advise
raj_Delhi 7 years ago
Dear Raj,

Dr. Pankaj passed on a few years
ago and Nesha is no longer on here for some years.

You options on here are to go thru the forum, click prescriber
names, see their posts and pick someone if you wish. Put their
name in your new post/headline.

To create a new treatment thread, go to the top of the forum,
look above the first post, and click on the button Post New Topic.

If you don't want to ask for a specifc person you don't have to.

We have one real physician on here ( Kadwa ) two homeopathic Drs.
which are Akshaymohl ( dr. Mohla ) and Rishimba.
Evocationer is an Australian homeopath of 20 years.


simone717 7 years ago
Good evening Dr.pankaj
I read this case. Doctor my daughter is 8.5 years old. She is suffering from nephrotic syndrome since she was 3 years old. She has been given steroid and endoxan. After endoxan she was fine for 1.8 years. It relapsed on April 2014.Her child nephrologist started wysolone60mg(hee weight is45kg). During this time I also contacted a homeopath who gave her Terebinthina6,30, from time to time. This resulted in quick remission. Albumin was null from urine with in two days. Only steroid took almost three to four days to albumin become negative in urine. I was happy. But now the disease returns again.I need your help. I am giving her whole history as much as I can.
She is very bright and intelligent. Always active.She is good in her classo. When she was at her early childhood she suffered from high fever off and on. She takes cold with little excitation. Every time she gets cold her throat is involved. Tonsils becomes inflamed and red. Tongue becomes full with apthae. She sweats profusely all over the body. She has no history of skin disease. After taking wysolone60mg she is now fatty.She is obstinate mind.Family history- history of uterine fibroid and diabetes. When she was 2 or 3 years old she was very fond of raw salt. Now she has craving for egg,meat and fried things. My daughter is now taking 25mg wysolone and albumin in urine is(++). Please help suggesting a medicine. The combination of tissue medicines you said can it be given to my daughter with wysolone.
sanhita200 7 years ago
Hi, Dr. Pankaj, passed on several years ago.

If you want help on here, create a treatment
thread. To do that, go look above the first
post on the forum, and click the button,
Post New Topic.

You can click on prescribers names and see their
cases on here and who they are, and ask for
a particular person in your headline, or you
can just ask for help.
simone717 7 years ago

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