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John Stanton and others: my daughter's eczema case.

John Stanton, here is my daughter's case. I hope I included all the important information. I have not given her the Pulsatilla, as we discussed in the other thread.

My daughter is one year old. She was born via emergency c-section when I was induced and she was in fetal distress. She was almost 3 weeks late. After delivery it was discovered that her placenta was much deteriorated and had many white patches where it had deteriorated.

There was a lot of stress in my life while I was pregnant – our teen ran away from home when I was 3 months pregnant. There was a lot of tension and turmoil and sadness in our home.

I took antibiotics during my 5th month of pregnancy for strep throat. There is very little antibiotic use in father’s history (none in the last 15 years) but mother had pneumonia many years in a row leading up to pregnancy and was treated with antibiotics each time.

Additionally, both parents had vaccinations as adults (mother in medical field, father in law enforcement). Both parents had the Heb B vaccine and mother had an MMR in adulthood.

Baby is entirely UNvaccinated.

Baby had antibiotics at 6 weeks of age and 7 months of age for ear infection (will not give antibiotics again!).

Baby began to get eczema after antibiotics were given at 6 weeks. Eczema started at 2 months of age on cheeks.

Mother was breastfeeding at the time but was not eating any dairy, eggs, nuts or fish (as older children were allergic to those foods). When baby started getting eczema, mother went on a diet of rice, zucchini, turkey, lamb, pears and potatoes. Eczema got worse.

Allergist told me to stop breastfeeding and I foolishly did. Baby was put on an elemental formula and eczema spread from cheeks to entire body. Later we changed her to a hydrolyzed dairy formula and eczema cleared up substantially. Baby is still drinking that formula and has no problems with it.

Only other thing baby drinks is filtered water and she drinks at least 2 big cups a day of that water.

Currently baby eats raisins, grapes, apples, rice cereal, broccoli and peas. She eats only organic foods.

She is very bright, intent and inquisitive. She notices everything around her. She is stubborn and will throw a vicious tantrum if she does not get her way.

She smiles and laughs easily with family, but not strangers. She has perfect fine and large motor skills and is developing perfectly.

She does not sleep well, wakes frequently with scratching or hungry for milk.

Her eczema is mostly on her back (shoulder to shoulder), legs (thighs and low legs and ankles) and arms (a few white-ish, sometimes red patches). She will scratch her back until it bleeds. There are two different kinds of eczema there, a few large (several inches) white-ish, sometimes reddish round/oval patches and some scattered red bumps. She scratches her neck and back when she is upset or unhappy. She scratches to bleeding mostly during the night, though.

Her thighs rarely have visible eczema, but it is usually reddish bumps when it is visible. Her legs itch a lot and she will scratch them manically whenever she is undressed. She will scratch until pants are put back on. She also sometimes seems to scratch them unconsciously when playing.

She seems only to scratch her arms where there is visible eczema and will sometimes break the skin. She does not scratch her arms manically like her legs.

The area around her mouth is often irritated, too. She gets large dry patches and red bumps in that area. She will rub it with her arm or on her bed sheets.

She takes a probiotic daily, but no other supplements. I use Evening Primrose Oil on her skin and some all-natural herbal creams.

Baby was given Sulphur 30C for three days at the beginning of March. I didn’t see any aggravation in her eczema and her back and legs do seem less itchy currently than a month ago.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on our case.
  josiewales on 2006-05-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
explain the exactsymptoms and characteristics concerning the ear infection --prior to eczema showing
John Stanton last decade
She was running a fever (only 6 weeks old). Took her to the Emergency Room and was told she had an ear infection in her right ear.

Hindsight, I seriously doubt she did. I think the ER doc said that to make it easy. Her ear may have been a bit red, but after doing much research that, and the fever, was probably an after-effect of the c-section.

The second ear infection was with a flu/cold thing that all my kids got. Fever, runny nose, crying, refusing to eat.
josiewales last decade
I wanted to add, too, that my daughter developed thrush immediately after birth (by day 2) which I tried treating through my milk with acidophilus, garlic and B-complex vitamins (that is what worked with my other child). Later I tried Gentian Violet which worked temporarily.

Her thrush cleared up a week after she was weaned, so I am assuming I'm a carrier of yeast, though I've never had an actual yeast infection.

Thanks again for any thoughts on our case.
josiewales last decade
what were the exact symptoms envolved with the thrush?

idi you show any signs or such?please explain
John Stanton last decade
Thrush was white, thick coating (would not rub off) on tongue.

I never had any signs in myself.
josiewales last decade
any diaper rash or such in child's health history?
John Stanton last decade
Not very much. When I was nursing she had green, mucousy stools and they caused diaper rash sometimes, but it wasn't horrendous or unmanageable.

She never had any yeast in her diaper area and rarely gets rashes anymore.
josiewales last decade
what about perspriration/sweating?what particular times?circumstances?

mentioned child scratching neck/eczema when child is angry/unhappy?what things noticed up set child in these times?what association is this with eating?what time of day most noticed this?
John Stanton last decade
Last summer she perspired profusely from her feet and hands. It had a sweetish smell to it. It happened most often in the car and when she was sleeping. I could walk into her room and know her feet were sweating just by the smell of the room.

I haven't noticed it yet this year, but it's just begun to get hot.

I did notice her feet a bit sweaty recently, but it didn't stink like last year and her hands weren't sweaty.

Incidentally, both my husband and my stepdaughter sweat a lot.

She'll scratch her neck when she's angry or upset as in, she doesn't get her way. If we have to take something away from her that she shouldn't have, she'll cry and her hands seem to automatically fly up to her neck/back/shoulders and she scratches. Same if she's just woken from a nap and I don't get in there fast enough, she'll often be scratching that area. This can happen at any time during the day.

If left to cry at night, even for a few minutes, she'll scratch horribly. Yet, there are times when she just seems itchy and she'll rub her back against the couch, etc. This happens at different times during the day.

I've never been able to tie this itching to any food or eating.

Thanks, John. :)
josiewales last decade
where exactly on neck is eczema? close to hairline?IN HAIR ALOS? OR ONLY THE SKIN (BARE) OF NECK?PLEAES EXPLAIN

als please explain exact locations (At this curent time) of all spots eczema exists..be as precise as can.

also how much will she itch other spots?

was the sweating treated or powdered in any way when existed last year as mentioned?what was usd?
John Stanton last decade
She scratches the nape of her neck, but there is no visible eczema.

There is a whitish, roundish patch (2 inches x 3 inches, maybe) on her right shoulder blade. There is another white, round patch below her right shoulder, on her upper arm.

There is some what I call 'residual' eczema (meaning it's not flared, but still there, but not itchy) across her back, below her left shoulder.

She doesn't have any other 'visible' eczema, but is still scratching her left shoulder, back (always upper back, basically shoulder to shoulder) arms and legs.

There is no eczema in her hair, she used to have patches, but they cleared up when I started supplementing Evening Primrose Oil in her diet. I no longer do that, and the patches did not return.

The worst itch for her is her back/shoulders/neck and her thighs.

I never used any powder or anything to treat the sweating. I figured it was her body's way of eliminating toxins so I just let it be.
josiewales last decade
how serious does she scrtach areas?nape to point of raw or bleeding?shoulder?legs?

ws there a patch on left side at one time?then moved to other side?please explain progress as you remember it from 1st sign of eczema to now...
John Stanton last decade
what is child's typical sleeping postion?

what are exact typical sleeping characteristics?please explain

are there times when itching seems worsethan other days?when was MOST RECENT one of those days?
John Stanton last decade

She's always preferred sleeping on her tummy, lately she'll start out sleeping with her bottom in the air, knees and arms tucked under her body. During sleep she stretches out but always sleeps on her side or tummy.

The most recent itchy day was yesterday. She hadn't scratched herself to bleeding since the prior Saturday, but she did cut up her left shoulder sometime during the night or early morning. Today she has several wounds on that shoulder.

She's also extremely itchy today. She's rubbing her back all over and scratching whatever she can reach.

Her left shoulder is usually one of her itchiest areas. She's previously had a large patch covering it (roundish, red, raised) and has, in the past, cut that shoulder up so badly that it was just one large, scabbed wound. It doesn't seem to have any eczema on it currently, so I was surprised that she'd scratched it. Also, she hadn't scratched it for a few weeks.

She'll also scratch the area at the nape of her neck and the area right below her left shoulder to bleeding. Once it's scabbed over, though, she pretty much leaves it alone until it heals.

She doesn't scratch her legs to raw and bleeding only because I keep them covered all the time. I can't do that with her back and shoulders because she just pushes her shirt aside to scratch.

The eczema started on her cheeks. When she was on a corn-based formula, it progressed from her cheeks to upper chest, to forearms (both), to thighs and lower legs. At that time she didn't have any on her back.

When we put her on the hydrolyzed dairy formula her eczema cleared up entirely for a brief period.

Since then (October-ish) it's come and gone on her thighs.

It's never come back to cover her forearms again, but she'll get random dry patches on her forearms that are often not visible.

The eczema on her back is fairly new, maybe since January. But since it started, it's never cleared up entirely.

No, the eczema didn't move from one side of her back to the other. At the beginning of April it was pretty much covering her upper back, shoulder to shoulder, almost the entire upper back. Since then one side or the other will look better than the other, but it's never totally cleared.
josiewales last decade
what complaints (if any)/characteristics of stool and urination?please explain?
any gastral complains at all?pasing stool?passing urine?

could please explain in other way 'sweetish' odor associated with sweat.?

what condition of chilkd's fingernails and around fingernails?how many white spots on/under fingernails?

what type cookware used?please explain--al meals prepared by mom/dad?or other?lease explain
John Stanton last decade
She had frequent, green, mucousy stools when I was nursing. When put on formula she had horrible constipation, would only have a bowel movement about 2 times per week. It slowly got better and over the last few months it's increased and is now one or two stools per day. They are neither too soft nor hard, just healthy stools.

No urinary problems at all. Nothing odd to report about her urine.

It's hard to explain the sweet smell of the sweat. I have a very sensitive nose and others didn't notice the smell. Frankly, it reminded me of the smell of the formula she was on at the time (the corn-based one). It was just a sticky-sweet smell. Not like 'normal' sweat.

I'll get back to you on the nails. She's napping now and I've never noticed.

I prepare all her meals. I steam some of her vegetables in a plastic steamer and others I lightly boil using stainless steel pots and pans. I don't use Aluminum.
josiewales last decade
what i sbathing /drinking water source? what i squality of such?treated?
John Stanton last decade
She drinks only filtered water (we have a purifier on our tap) but bathes in our regular water. It has a lot of chlorine/flouride, I suspect and I always get hives when I bathe (this is since childhood, my brother and his daughter get hives after bathing, also). My daughter does not get hives from the bathing, but scratches her legs something awful in the tub, so I bathe her only when necessary.
josiewales last decade
let me know about nails when ready..

what type water filter use?have you had water tested not filtered?and after filtering? may not be possible for bathing --but most average filtering devices are questionable..

start buying spring water for at least drinking...not distiled..
John Stanton last decade
I'm not sure of what kind of filter it is. I can definitely give her bottled water, though. That is not a problem.

She has one white spot on one nail. That's it.

Last night she woke at 11:30, agitated. After about an hour, she started scratching, her arms and feet, of all things. She's never scratched her feet before.

It took Benadryl (anti-histamine) and 2 1/2 hours for her to settle enough to go back to sleep. I don't know of anything natural that can help her when she gets like that. Baths only make it worse.

It was after several incidents like this that her Naturopath suggested using Pulsatilla, not for the eczema, but for her agitation/behavior.
josiewales last decade
ok start treatment--1 pellet sulphur 200c in 4 oz water in water bottle.(*A*).shake /thump against book (count 3 )..i teaspoon of this solution --placed in 4 oz water in drinking glass-stir heavy-give 1 teaspoon dose to child in morning on empty stomach 1-2 hours before first eating....save he water bottle solution in frig-...dumpout mx in drinking glass--wash well....repeat procedure from point (*A*) --using frig solution--- clear so far?

no subsequent dose on next morning- if ANY change at all is observed ---

child is to have NO SWEETS--nothing that has sweet taste..

also no acidic foods and drinks (coffee;teas;pickled foods;vinegar;fruits and fruit juices;all carbonated drinks;...ect)

also have nux vomca 200c on hand--as well as pulsatila 30c...

keep me daily informed so as mnitor closely
John Stanton last decade

She took sulphur 30c for 3 days at the beginning of April. It's okay to give her the remedy again?

For how long does she have to stay off sweets?

When (for what) will the nux vomica and pulsatilla be used?

I understand everything else.

I greatly appreciate the time you've taken to help us.
josiewales last decade
yes --sulphur 200c administered as mentioned---i do remmeber sulph 30c was already adminstered

nux-v and pulsatilla---so as manage case --so no unnecessary aggravtion--manage case without waiting for remedy obtained...may not need --but i like to have on hand..

no sweets for a while--see how it goes..

John Stanton last decade
I understand.

I'll have to order two of those remedies online, so it'll take some time.

I will let you know when we start the remedy.

Thanks. :)
josiewales last decade
John Stanton last decade

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