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psoriasis for last 9 years, tried all pathies now seeking fo sympathies form homeopathy

hey all,
i am really interested in the forum.
i am a man, 27 old , 5.7' tall, 54 kg wait, and serious by nature.
have psoriasis for last 9 years. have tried almost everythings.
now pls suggest me to start homeopathy from scratch. i have not taken alopath for last 8 years exept Betnovate ointment. i have recurence over my 95 percent body including scalp, face, palm and lower back (almost all parts of body).
for last four years it was quite managed and had almost reduced and was around 2 percent visiblle on the skin.

this year tried Dr. batra for a year that made it worst and now have all over the body. thikness is now maintained and it appears to be pink and thin but feel infalmation and untolarable itiching.

i am working and the only source of the big family, have fear of risk of aggravation of the lision which can make me unable to work. pls help me and suggest me those thngs which shold not aggravate much.

  shahnawaz on 2006-05-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
looking forward for reply from all especially from Dr. Hameed.


shahnawaz last decade
Most Psoriasis patients are Arsenicum Album constitun. Check if you are Arsenicum Album personality type. That would be the starting point for the treatment.

Check if it suits you:
If you are Ars. Alb personality, then try Arsenicum Album 200 just one weekly dose.
kuldeep last decade
I have helped a patient to control his condition by requesting him to change his diet to VEGAN.

No meat, fish, eggs, milk may be taken. And of course no fizzy drinks and acidic food like tomatoes. The diet must be bland and comprise vegetables lentils and starch in any form. Water is an important part of this therapy and you are advised to drink at least 5 ltr daily. If possible more. Tea is OK but not coffee.

I do realize that this is perhaps a very difficult food regimen to observe but this has worked in one case and I would like to have a report from you in the event that you decide to use it.

The only remedy used is Arnica 30c in the wet dose which is taken 3 times daily. This is made by dissolving 3 pellets of this remedy in 500ml spring water and after the bottle is shaken hard every time a teaspoonful is sipped 3 times daily,

Nat Phos 6x Biochemic tablets are also taken twice daily after each meal.

Report response in a week after commencing this therapy
Joe De Livera last decade
Dosage of Nat Phos 6x is 2 tablets after lunch and dinner.
Joe De Livera last decade
very thankful to u ppl for ur early response.
kuldeep i know a bit about homeopath, every time when i have taken arsenic alb it has left me nowhare for 3 months. the patches covers 99% of the body parts and the body becomes very weak and frigile,
which afterwards takes a year to maintian the patches. i must say after three moths it clears from 60-70 % but the rest leaves. and now i have a strong fear for ars alb.

thanx joe, i have read almost all of ur replies on this blog, i am really impressed by the logical discussion on Arnica, i will certainly start consuming it for the rest of my life it suits me, bcoz simply its too toxic to live in 21 century. so we need something to reduce toxic affect.
i have been impressed by som-ones advise to take sulpher 50M 2drops 4 times 2 hourly for a single day and wait for four motnths, or if i get some more suggestions i can continue sulfer for a bit longer becouse i cannot afford to let the patches aggrevate and spread anymore.

Looking forward for responses.
Dr. Saleem pls gimme some suggestions.

shahnawaz last decade
shahnawaz, I just wanted you to check if you are Arsenum Album personality.

Most psoriasis patients are very sensitive to many things. If what you say is fact, don't give up on Arsenum Album but try just one dose of highest available potency.

And also follow Joe's advice, who knows??
kuldeep last decade
I believe that the real challenge for Shah would be to convert to a Vegan diet. This will not be easy but he has the choice of suffering from Psoriasis for the rest of his life.

The fact is that I have succeeded in curing an otherwise incurable ailment in one patient and all I can do from here in Sri Lanka where I live, is to share this information with those who suffer from Psoriasis in the hope that they will also be able to overcome their ailment in a short time.
Joe De Livera last decade
hey ppl i am still waiting some well wished suggestions. pls put some suggestions!!!!!
shahnawaz last decade
Dear Doctor,
I pasted my problem on 10th may 2006. was looking for Dr.Shamids reply for a long time. snet u a mail on ur personal E-mail ID as well but i was too unfortunate to get ur reply.

I am a psoriatic patience for 9-10 years. I have tried almost all paties well known on this earth.
Almost 95 percent of my body part is affeced by the patches and scars.

Every times i control it, after a little carelessness or changes in lifestyle ro wether condition it spreads all over the body rapidly. well know clinics of india for allergies have treated me for years. but at the end they ware proved to be money extracting agents.

After lots of studies on sulpher i started taking sulpher 200, two drops once a week with all homeopathic precaution. The result was visible just in 7 to 8 days. and within a month it cleared the 70 % percent of the patches. Now i have 2-3 % on some parts of my body.

It is the 4th month of the medication of sulpher 200, two drops once a week, empty stomach, early in the morning.

I am really very happy, but i have become very weak and fragile although i havent lost wait but look thin and feel weakness from inside.

I am expecting suggestion regarding my mediaction. i wish i could get guidence and answer of the following questions:

A) For how long should i take medicines?

I really want to continue untill i dont see any symptom for years.

B) Do I need to make any changes in the doses or the medicine?

I am thinking to increase the potency by 1M, 2 drops once a moth for the next six months or unrill the medicine stops responding. And 10M - 2 drops once every quarter or 6 months at least for the next couple of years or so

I am really desperate to get the suggestions................pls help me
shahnawaz last decade
i am a psoiratic patient for several years. i too tried several medicines in allopathy, siddha and other home remedies. but, before that i want to emphasize all suffering from psoriasis is that the main cause of the diesease is collection of toxins in the body. normally all excretory organs excrete the toxins out from the body. if all these organs fail to pump out the toxins out of the body, then skin will take over that job, which is otherwise called psoriasis. this phenomenon is not of my own, but expressed by a naturopathy doctor who is no more now. you can try this way to get rid of the psoriasis, by which i am benefited.

early in the morning, before taking breakfast, add two spoons of good honey with, one splice of lemon juice, in water, and drink. continue for several days. you will notice one day the symptoms of cold. your body starts sending out the waste material throgh phlegm collected in chest. do not get panicked and use any medicines to stop this. let all the waste go out of its own for four to five days. you will definitely notice good improvement with-in few days. in ayurveda, this honey with lemon juice is called as amrutham. hope this will definitely work out for you.
csrnalam last decade
Further to my post above, I would like to add that I have observed that one patient responded to Arnica 6c in the wet dose. This is made by inserting 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is shaken hard before a teaspoonful which is a dose is sipped 3 times daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi all,
the patches have disappeared from all of my body including the scalp, palms, and from the entire body. it might be 0.1 % left on back where i face difficulty while massage and bath. i need some one to come forward and help me regarding further administration of sulpher.


shahnawaz last decade
Hi csrnalam,
I really appreciate ur reply.
I am a not a medical professional but i have done lots of research on psoriasis, i have worked with couple of research team as well and have found lots of reason given by different pathies that some times sound wiered. I have a confusion on ur observation that our respiratory system is not made for regular exceration of unwanted elements untill it is infected by some microbials. second thing is that its a cronic elment it needs a prolonged care and maintainance, where if u use ur respiratory system for exceration it might get some serious pahological symptoms including some sevior infection.
so my point is why dont u choose some other exceretory system like skin, uratic, and feacial systems.
Friend its not a comment, since u r also a psoriatic person u need to think about the side effect of anything u do, and after all we are not the two there are million others affected by the disease. So lets make it a healthy an open talk to put wome querries accross. I have notice some heated conversation on some tiopics so i need to clear it.

shahnawaz last decade
Beside Homoeopathy I suggest you to try common herbs available around you. Are you interested? Haldi is one of these herbs. Take it in any form other than in food preparations to get quick relief. You can take it with the Homoeo drugs.
drindia last decade
My friend used to suffer from Psoriasis for years. She was on homeo only and now the ailment has gone, BUT... she now suffers from cough. cant lie down as it is worse. She is still on homeo and has been given a cocktail of 3 medicines in liquid form to take 5 drops in a bowl of water, 1 tsp thrice daily and to throw whatever is left. I saw her after 2 years. She is suffering from cough since 5 yrs now, after her psoriasis went away. 50 yr old widow, very active, and veg. We do take milk products and thats it. she doesnt even eat cake cause of egg. can she be helped in any way??
maya_hari last decade
It is possible that your friend has a slight asthmatic condition which produces some phlegm which triggers the cough reflex.

If so Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose will help her. Dose 1 teaspoonful per day.

Please visit:

Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for asking adv.
Please don mix 3 or more medicines dont take any coktail of homeopathic medicine just try to take one medicine at atime which suits you and according to symptoms.
give her one dose of Arsenicum 200 and repeat the same after 7 days.
Take care,

Saleem Hamid
shamid last decade
She is under a good homeopath in Calcutta but does not live here. Two of the three medicines are Justicia and Arsenic only. She will leave again tomorrow and be travelling for the next month. How about Kali Carb 30. Will it help in the cough whenevr she lies down?
maya_hari last decade
I am Oblized to u people for your concern and reply. As i have explained that in the prevoius posts that i have been using SULPHER and it has given me an unbelievable result within a fortning. Now I have been looking for advices for further doses of SULPHER. It has a great improvement on my mind, body, diet, stomach, and temprament.

Dr. Shamid i am really thankful for ur advices on different threads. you have replyed in this tread bud u have have not looked onto my issues. I am still waiting for ur kind advise.

shahnawaz last decade
Sorry for delayed reply.
please contnue using Sulphur 200 after 6 or 7 days one dose early in the morning before breakfast for 30 days.

Take Care,

Hom. Dr. Saleem Hamid
shamid last decade
SOMETHING on 'Psorinum" :
Psorinum digs deeper into the back-ground of Skin disorders (for literal meaning = even previous births or say hereditary factor). Psor. with careful periodical repeated doses, eliminates tendencies (family-histories) of Skin disorders, which includes the innocent tendency to have skin darkening with age (that is mal-nutrition and mal-absorption in the G.I.Tract).

For understanding 'Psorasis' and treatment modalities, please read the following link :

titled : 'Psoriasis From three Years' .... From yogita2003 on 2006-03-21

'It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade

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