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Calcarea Carbonica

I am obese 88kg ( Height 165 cm ), age 53, male, havin distant vision glasses -9 (left eye ), -7 ( right eye ),with near visin + 2.5, .Having apprehension of Glucomma and diabeties and with desire to reduce weight and for taking precautionary measures, I , having gone through the abc meicine finder, it prescribes Calcarea carbonica with 44% priority.

In past one and half year , I had been using this site and to my surprise and happiness the medicine always used to work like a wonder and always hit to the mark, and I use to find internally a positive change, making me more happy and satisfied.

Earlier I use to take a 30C potency medicine, but this time when I went to buy in the store it was available in 200C.

I always take medicine in liquid form. What I do is early in the morning fill 1 litre of mineral water bottle and drop in 7 to 8 drops of medicine and take to the office and drink water whenever I feel thirsty.

Whenever I use to take medicine like this way, it always use to work like a wonder and with miracle like effects; but this time after taking the medicine I feel burning sensation in the foot soles and tiring and weakness in my legs. Stomach cramps.

During office hours, normally I do not take tea or coffee, and during lunch hours I take seasonal fruits.

I am confused. My intuition says, something is wrong either in the medicine, or I am taking extremely high dose. In either case something is definitely wrong.

Over a period of say ten days, I have taken the medicine 4 times , say alternate 3days, medicine quantity say 7 ml.

Today, I have thrown away this medicine, and as I am writing, this effect is still ther after 4 hrs of aking the medicine. Earlier I use to think something is wrong in me, but after 3 to 4 trials having this side effect only after taking this medicine, now I have pin-pointed these to this medicine.

I have not taken any allopathic medicine for the last 8 years, not even pain killers, asprenes either. But I use herbals and spices in my food.

Regarding homeopathic medicine, I have faith and belief --- that even if you take accidentally in large doses , in my case may be due to ignorance, it remains in the body, and it does not have any side effects.

Whenever I ask for the remedial medicine, calcarea carbonica use to be always recommended 30 t0 50 %. So I thought to keep this one regularly. But for the last ten days I did not enjoy or felt better.

Can someone advise me what could be wrong ? Have I taken overdose or something could be wrong in the medicine . By the way, in the evening, having discontinued medicine, and having dinner, I shall be OK by 10 pm, as it has happened three times earlier.

Can someone guide and advise me what should I do ?

Thaning You !

Y P Raj, New Delhi, India
  YPRaj on 2004-08-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
is the """burning sensation in the foot soles and tiring and weakness in my legs. Stomach cramps."""""
new (never occur in life before) or old (occured in life before) symptoms?please explain

also please explain what symptoms you are/were experiencing to have self-prescribed calcarea carbonica fpr?
John Stanton last decade
Dear John,

Thanks for the response.

I have been using this site for the last one and half years and have started using homeopathic medicine since then only .

If I could recall, I had similar problems earlier at that time but in less proprtion. At that time also Calcarea Carbonica was the recommendation, and it worked like a wonder with instant magical results, and I could feel better after 1 hour of taking 2 drops of 30 potency medicine in a glass of water.

Within one week the problem was solved but I continued to take the medicine now and then in water in the diluted form. The quantity of medicine consumed over a period of say two months was 10 ml which I had bought from the store.

It created my tremendous faith and confidence in the homeopathy. Since I am obese, later , I desired a remedy from the Remedy Finder, to my symtoms, calacarea carbonica was always one of the recommended medicine. So I used one more bottle of 10 ml potency 30 medicine over a period of 3 months.

Recently, to reduce my weight,I decided to avoid sugar, milk and fats in my diet. With the result symtops of headache and diminishing vision developed. With the Remedy Finder Phosphorous was the recommended medcine which also solved the problem within 2 days. I have 30 potency 10 ml medicine which I am using now and the for the last 2 months, and I had not had any headache or so and I am able to work for longer hours on computer and office mental work without any problem.

I had no problems, but since I am obese, sugar cravings, and floating black objects in the vision for the last ten years ( which gets reduced when I use Cineraria, and reappear when I discontinue the use ), Remedy Finder suggested three main recommendations, Calcarea Carbonica 44%, Sepia 30%Lycopodium 33% and Sulphur 22 %.

Three months back , I had pain in my right knee joints, and Lycopodium was the most recommended medicine, and with magic my problem was solved within 5 days. In fact I was feeling better within 4 hours.

Since I had ealier consumed Lycopodium , this time I bought only Sulphur in 30 potency, Sepia in 30 and Calcarea Carbonica 200 and I had with me Phosphorous 30.

I used these medicine alternate days by rotation.

Sulphur produced instant results. I could feel inside.
My cravings for sugar and milk products greatly got reduced. I reduced my waistline by 2 inches within 20 days. But whenever I took Calcarea Carbonica , burning sensation in foot soles and weakness in legs, more below knees, and stomach cramps appeared.

For the last 24 hrs, I have not taken any medicine, in the evening by 10 pm , after dinner I had 10% residual effect, I had good sleep , this time in the morning I had residual effectof 5 %, and as I am writing to you, its about 10. 30 AM, in the office , and the symptoms have reappeared, and now I am feeling weakness in hands also, as I am typing letters on the key board. Aggravation is to say now 80% even after withdrwing of medicine and feeling better last night.
Earlier three times, I was normal by 10 PM.

John ! please advise and guide me.

Thanking You !

YP Raj
YPRaj last decade

must AVOID all acids....i.e...coffee;tea;coca-cola,pepsi and the like;vinegar;tomatoes;fruits and juices;alcoholic beverages;sour foods;...etc

NO other medicines-remedies-skin cremes/ointments....etc
John Stanton last decade
Dear John, Thanks for the quick response.

You recommend Single Dose "Only " of Phosphericum Acidicum 200 C & No repeition at all.

Does it mean ONCE every day or ONLY ONCE.

I avoid normally coffee, tea etc, but fruits I like . How long I have to avoid and what kind of fruits.

No other medicines, means I have to avoid all homeopathic medicines and skin creams, but how long.

Please clarify and also advise where did I go wrong earlier, i.e. Causes, & Prevention and till how long.

What is your fair assessment of time.

I am vegetarian, do not take eggs, do not smoke and drink either.

Please advise and conform even if at the risk of repeitition.

Thanks !

YP Raj
YPRaj last decade
take phos-ac 200c ""ONLY ONCE""

best avoid all fruits at this time

no other allopathic or homoeopathic remedies

accessment---too many medicines---without total reevaluation---ph-ac is to attempt settle symptoms-

i do not know what you mean by fair accesment of time???
John Stanton last decade
Dear John,


By the term " fair assessment of time " I meant how long it might take to solve the problem.

I am now going to take the medicine as prescribed by you and let you know the results.

Till yesterday, I have not taken any medicine and neither any fruits.

Aggravation as described develops in the morning 10.30 AM to 12.30 Noon, after lunch it starts subsidising. By Dinner residual is about 10%, foot soles very warm. In the morning by 7 am foot soles little warm, slight residual hangover say 2 %.

At this moment 11.45 AM aggrevation is about 60% with burning sensation of soles. And I have not taken any medicine, or acidic food or liquid.

I shall revert back to you after I have single dose of the medicine prescribed by you.

Thanking You !

Y P Raj
YPRaj last decade
Dear John ,

As advised I had single dose of Phosporous Acidium 200 one hour after light lunch.

After 20 minutes, I had aggravation of symptoms which had subsided by lunch, to 30%.
Additional symptoms of light chest pain.But I felt slightly better in eyes .

This susided by evening.

I felt sleepy and had a sound sleep .

Morning 5% hangover with slightly warm soles.

As usual, in the morning ( 10 to 12) I had aggravation to about say 25%. This subsided by Lunch.

Now, what is your further advice.

Thanking you !

YP Raj
YPRaj last decade
observe if further response to ph-ac 200c will occur--we give 3 day period--with you posting daily symptomology as you have been-----then will access from that point....still follow restrictions..

'light chest pain" --is this a new (never occured before ) symptom or old (occured sometime in life) symptom? please explain

also please explain what you mean "eyes feel slightly better"--in what way?
John Stanton last decade
Dear John,


" Light Chest Pain " had occurred 30 minutes of taking single dose of Phosphorous Acidium 200 . Afterwarwards it subsided and till today it has not reappeared. This was a new symptom.

By the term " Feeling better in the eyes " I mean the positive response of my body to particular thing taken, in this case immediatetly after taking medicine. Its the immediate positive response of the of the body, and in the way whole body and especially cooling effect in the eyes responds to as when you go from busy hot and humid tropical life-style to a cool hill station, or if you have refreshing bath, or refreshing hot or cold drink which energises the body positively which creates interest in the life and what you are doing. It's he opposite of effect of depressing effect and hangover and tiredness thereafter.

Over the weekend , Saturday and Sunday , in the home I was relaxed and didnot had any aggravation and burning sensation.

I did not had any acidic food, fruits, juices , beverages or medicine, and today Monday morning at the standard time of aggravation of burning sensation of soles,the symptoms has reappeared to residual effect of say 15%. This occurs only when I am sitting in upright position and working on my computer when my soles are rest on the floor. If I move my legs or keep rhythematic movement of legs, aggravation gets reduced and relief occurs.

Whatever medicines as stated initially in this forum, has also caused positive effects in the body, in the sense that, I wanted to cure my " Sugar cravings " and reduction of weight. Now I have developed aversion to foods, donot desire to eat, with the result I have reduced my waistline by 5 cm within 20 days loosing 2 Kg without any strenouos efforts in a normal way without affecting my work schedule or routine. My food intake is about 35% of earlier and without any loss of energy or feeling of weakness in the body.

But, perhaps I had taken more medicines , and at this time of typing of the letter, I have aggravation to about 15%.

Somewhere I had read in a homeopatic book, if more hmoepatic medicine is taken by mistake, side effects are not there. With this experience, My impression now is less homepatic medicine you take, its better. Amateures like me should not take higher potency Medicines with self diagnosis. 30C potency drugs in small doses are OK and generally yield miraculous results with proper care and precaution in food intake.

John !, You are a man of few words. Please correct, confirm and give us your thoughts of wisdom.

Thanking You !

YP Raj
YPRaj last decade
if i understnad your % comparison--current 15% is an improvement--correct this if wrong...also ""chest pain" as passing --needs to be considered---allow more time --observe what will occur or not...

unnecessary repetition of dose can complicate the case--every subsequent dose must be modified --modified meaning increased in potenization---30c good to start case--if 'good' response;allowing symptoms to stablize and no new symptoms have risen,then 200c of same remedy is warrented--if again 'good' response and NO new symptoms have risen,,then best go to LM potency of same remedy--
John Stanton last decade
c (potencies) particularly 30c to 200c is very aggressive jump in potency as is 200c to 1M

sometimes even better to start single dose 6c then to 12c then to 24c then 30c---this good way for beginning --of course observing and reaccessing after each single dose of each potency...

but 30c is 'good' starter...just be patiently observant and look at totality of case--placing more weught on peculiar symptoms
John Stanton last decade
Thank You John !

YP Raj
YPRaj last decade

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