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as i had posted earlier, my 5yr old son suffers from cronic eczema. he is undergoing homeopathy treatment and his oozing increased tenfolds in the last 2-3 days. his clothes are getting soaked and he continuously complains of cold and shivering.

the doctor gave him graphites to control his oozing? i know very little about ghaphites, so i ask you to share what graphites does for eczema and oozing in particular. the shivering that he is complaining about --- is this normal for homeopathy patients undergoing such treatment?

kuldeep, joe, john, pankaj, walkin -------- i have read your posts over and over again regarding treating eczema patients, i look forward to you replies to help me in treating my son today. he has been in a state of aggravation for almost six months now and it is bearing down on him as well as on us.
  nineclouds on 2006-06-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
No two eczema cases are same.
You said that doctor gave him Graphits to control his oozing, this means doctor is using some thing else also for his eczema.

What kind of environment you are living in, eg. hot, cold or humid etc.

When is the eczema worse (summer or winter etc)
kuldeep last decade
thank you kuldeep for your post. yes, the doctor is using constitutional remedy for his eczema, in his case it is sulphur. unfortunately he does not disclose the names of his medicines so i wont be able to inform you more about his medicines.

he has eczema since birth, had been under control with cortisone, but it flared up his asthma. i started homeopathy for him in october last year and though it controlled his asthma, his eczema has flared up like anything.

we live in dallas, its hot and dry here. his eczema is worse in winter, mainly due to indoor heating and increased dryness of the climate. please let me know if i can provide you with more information.

can you pls tell me if shivering is a common symptom during excessive oozing? and does graphites help in controlling oozing? what does the oozing indicate? is it a good symptom or bad? he is oozing so much that he is slippery all over.
nineclouds last decade

I too used to shiver alot when my eczema was bad. Do not know the reason behind why, but I think it has something to do with the body not being able to control temperature.
As the skin is severely damaged because of the cracking and oozing, the skin cannot perform one of its main functions - body temperature regulation.

Also, bacterial infections may be the reason he is shivering. Such infections normally do give fever like symptoms.

Hope your son starts feeling better soon, best wishes!
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Shivering may not be abnormal for a weakened body.
kuldeep last decade
Have you tried the very long lists of suggested treatment by Kuldeep at this thread:

(copy and paste to browser)

parisNSA last decade
sticky - it seems my son has same symptoms like you had in the past (stiffness of joints) and shivering. it explains why he is always complaining of feeling cold. as i said, we live in hot climate state and its dry and high temperature in summer. so when he started to shiver we got really concerned. thank you for explaining.

kuldeep : yes, we were also feeling that his body has weakened. his appetite is low and he looks exhausted most of the time.

can anyone pls tell me if graphites help in controlling oozing? and what does oozing indicate?
nineclouds last decade

I have seen you guiding people with your experience on so many posts. As a mother of a child going through eczema treatment, I really appreciate and value it.

If you do not mind sharing, could you please tell us how long it took for your eczema to cured? How long after you started getting shivering? How did you know it was cured?

Also you talked about infection - is there a treatment for infections in homeopathy?
val0822 last decade
Too early to say anything that if Graphites would/should/could work in any of eczema situation.

Also make a powder of about 1/4 inch long pencil lead mix it in 1/10th lb sugar. Give half spoon to your child. It something happenes (in about 1/2 cases it does the temporary miracle) this means Graphites in high potency should work in that situation.
kuldeep last decade
Lead from strippable pencil, not from the automatic pencil.
kuldeep last decade
Hi Val0822,

I am glad to be of help by sharing my experiences. Eczema is a truly distressing ailment and I hope your child and Ninecloud’s son can be rid of it.

I am now 24 years old, and have suffered from eczema since the age of 14.
I had undergone homeopathy treatment at the age of 18 for it, but I had a terrible aggravation then, and my homeopath did not help in calming the severe eruptions. It was the worst 6 months of my life. I stopped the treatment as I could not handle it. I went back to using cortisone, which I have used to control my eczema since I started suffering from this condition.

I recently turned to homeopathy again, about a year. This is because I was more aware of the side effects of long term use of cortisone, and I wanted to be rid of eczema – once and for all. I am now against allopathy (modern medicine) as it only suppresses and has too many side effects – unlike homeopathy.

I started doing my own reading and research into this science and was quite intrigued by it. I undertook my own treatment because of my experience with my previous homeopath doctor. To date, I have read several books and articles, and am still very interested. I now intend to study Homeopathy, and hopefully become a doctor.

I have been taking remedies for my eczema for about 6 months now. I am not yet rid of the eczema, but I have seen good improvements in my body as a whole. I have noticed more improvements internally - I have not suffered from hay fever this summer, and normally I am sneezing and have a runny nose this time of the year. Also, I have not suffered from any asthma since. I believe this is one of the principles of homeopathic healing – improvements begin from the inside first, pushing the disease outwards to the skin.

I suffered from the stiff joints, shivers etc when I started my treatment. This is because of stopping cortisone suddenly (and maybe together with aggravations from the remedy) and suffered from more than normal eruptions at this point. It lasted for about 2 months, and then I started to notice the improvements.

As I am of Indian descent, I started to read a bit into ayurvedic treatment of eczema as well. I found out that Neem is helpful in controlling the itch by internal and external application. Once I managed to get some Neem leaves, I have been taking it internally as a tea. This can be done by simply boiling the leaves in some water and drinking the resulting bitter (very very bitter!!) brew. This showed almost immediate improvements – my skin was much less itchy in about a day. I used to take this brew 3 times a week in the beginning, but now only take it about once a week.

People might argue that maybe it wasn’t the homeopathy that has been improving my condition, it is probably the Neem brew. But how do you explain the improvement in my hayfever and asthma? I feel the homeopathy has initiated the healing of my body, and the use of the Neem leaves has provided relief on my skin.

Anyway, I shall stop here for now. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes!
stickyfingaz99 last decade

I just remembered that another frequent member of this forum called Daisy43 has successfully been cured by homeopathy.

She(or he?) has written abit about her treatment on this post:


Hopefully Daisy43 reads this and may be able to offer a few words of advice.

stickyfingaz99 last decade
sticky : thank you so much for sharing. as an adult you can explain what the medicines have been doing to the body which our children cannot coz of their age and limited means of communications. i always read your posts eagerly and it explains a lot of symptoms that my son complains about. even at 18yrs of age, you could not take the aggravation any more and switched to allopathy. i wonder how much our little ones are going through at such a tender age. sometimes he rolls on the ground and says its like having insects all over him --- the pain and itch is so severe. believe me, as a mother i am so tempted to take some cortisone and lather him just to give him some relief. but as you said, i am aware of the side effects it might have in later years and most importantly, it will NEVER cure it from the core. thats what keeps me going.

i know neem has a wonderful healing power specially for skin but i am wondering how to convince a 5yr old to take it. i will look in the whole food store and in the ayurvedic websites to see if i can get some drops or tablets --- its very impressive how it has helped you with your eczema. i do put neem oil on him regularly, dont know if he is benefitting from it or not.

your posts gives us hope, please share more, i look forward to reading it.
nineclouds last decade
Yes, Neem is a very very bitter herb...it will be very difficult to convince your child to drink it.

I have also read that Juglan (Walnut) bark has the same effect as Neem. It also is very bitter in taste.

Please read the following topic, started by Kuldeep:


It may help with your son with his eczema.
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Nine clouds

weeping eczema is the result of the failure of skin to eject the poisons from the pores thorugh perspiration. Please see that he does not have constipation or indigestion. The fluid intake should be more to flush out toxins.
If leaves of Indian Butter Tree called Mahua in Hindi are available in your area, you can smear them with sesame oil, warm them little and bandaged on the affected parts. Change it after 3 to 4 hrs.
Babchi is ayurvedic powder, it can be mixed with mustard oil and applied like an ointment.
Alternating cold bath in river and sun bathing to dry also helps.
Avoid giving him non-veg food and refined food. Carrots and musk melon are benefial in case of eczema.
Reiki last decade
Graphites is ONLY indicated for eczema where the oozing moisture is thick and sticky. NOT otherwise.

I once had the husband of a patient sceptical of homeopathy challenge me to have an effect on him.

I gave him a very high Sul and was called up a few days later to antidote the shivering and coldness he was suffering.

He stopped doubting the effectivness of homeopathy.
walkin last decade
walkin : my son's oozing is not thick, infact its thin, odorless, colorless and slippery ..... almost like sweat. but graphites is working for him, it has controlled oozing to some extent which would not stop for several months. how do i know the doctor is giving him the right remedy?

i understand people not believeing that those tiny little globules can have much effect on the human body. seeing my son go through waves and waves of aggravation, i dont think anyone who sees him should ever have any doubt. yes, they do ask what kind of treatment is makes a disease worse and as parents how can we afford to make him go through this for days? i am only hoping and praying that the miracle happens soon --- the one for which homeopathy is so well known.
nineclouds last decade
reiki : my son complains of excessive thirst and the doctor explained how the body loses fluids so we are doing our best to keep him hydrated.

if the skin is unable to perform its function, should i not be concerned? what precautions can i take to make sure he is ok? unfortunately we dont get mahua here, neither do we have river water. yes plenty of sunlight is there! we keep him moisturised all the time.
nineclouds last decade

Hopefully you are still around. Now a days when I give my son his bi-weekly bath he cries a lot and says it hurts a lot.

Yesterday we were walking outside and he got water on his feet from sprinkler system and he started crying that it's hurting him.

So I wanted to know from you, if you experienced something like this. What is my son feeling? How can I comfort him?

I will appreciate your reply.

val0822 last decade
Hi Val0822,

When washing areas where my skin has been torn/cut due to excessive scratching, it used to initially sting and burn. Maybe this is why your son is hurting? Maybe coming in contact with water on any part of his body is distressing him as he is associating washing with pain.
There was nothing I could do to avoid the stinging, but after washing for a couple of minutes, the pain went away.

But on the whole, after the initial stinging/burning, bathing in warm water used to soothe my eczema. I used to enjoy taking showers/baths as it made my skin feel less dry and tight - I washed daily, sometimes twice in a day.

What do you wash your son's skin with? I used dove soap, but even that very sparingly. Aqueous Cream can also be used as a soap substitute.

As soon as I have bathed, I lightly pat my skin with a towel and while it is still moist I apply coconut oil or almond oil, and massage it in. This traps the moisture in my skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. The light massaging also tends to relax me, feeling more at ease.
But before trying this make sure your son is not allergic to coconut or the almond oil. This can be done by applying a very small amount to a small part of skin (maybe on his back). Wait a day and see if he reacts to it or not.

Is your son still on the homeopathy treatment? How is he progressing with this?

Anyway, I hope your son starts feeling better soon.

Best wishes!
stickyfingaz99 last decade
I heard about a little boy who was allergic to absolutely everything and the only thing he could bathe with was baking soda. His clothes also had to be washed in baking soda. It does make the skin feel very soft. However, I don't know how eczema skin would react to baking soda
Pat2006 last decade
Hi Pat2006,

Thats an interesting comment you made.

Baking Soda is alkaline, and normal healthy skin's pH is acidic (5.5). Would washing in Baking Soda cause a reaction? Or maybe result in the skin becoming alkaline?

I'm interested in your (or anyone else's) thoughts on this...
stickyfingaz99 last decade

As someone suggested earlier, give it a try on a small part of the body.

Sometimes we question too much about how things work. If they work, that is what matters.

I don't know if baking soda would react the same on the skin as it would on the inside of the body. The chemicals on the skin maybe different from the chemicals inside the body.
Pat2006 last decade
sticky : what you say is exactly what my son says. giving him a bath has become an ordeal now. he screams as if his limbs are being cut off........its unbelievable as to how much it must be hurting him. but i have noticed that he calms down a little after the first couple of mins. i use cetaphyl to wash him and that DOES NOT burn. bathing used to relax him earlier but not anymore. hopefully he will go back to his old self sometime soon.

one more question i had for u was : did ur skin turn black in color with homeopathy treatment of eczema? my son;s skin --- specially neck, back of knees and legs are black now. absolutely black and leathery. if so, how long did it take for it to come back to its original color?

thank you so much for explaining to us what our small ones cant communicate.
nineclouds last decade
Sticky: Thanks for your reply. I know I should give my son bath more regularly but it's very painful with him crying so much.

Hopefully, it's just a phase and it will pass.

I do not use any soap on his body but I wash his hair with dove soap for now.
val0822 last decade

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