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try this acne healing

Hi. I just wanted to post this and let everyone know how I healed my acne. Firstly, I will tell you that I have suffered from acne for a very long time. Many, many, sad, depressed, long years. I tried every single face wash system ever manufactured. But the truth is- what you EAT is really what causes your acne. Yes, what you eat. You have to realize that everything you put inside of your body affects your body. If you put good things in your body, they are used by your body to make you stronger and better and healthier. If you put bad things in your body, your body tries everything it can to get rid of it---and voila, you have acne.

Now, for the things that will heal your acne. Stop drinking ALL soda. Stop eating so much sugar. You don't have to deprive yourself completely of all yummy things, but stop eating so much. Stop eating gluten. You can research everything about a gluten-free diet on your own, but don't be discouraged by what you read about it. It may seem like you can't eat anything- but, trust me, I eat tons of yummy things on my gluten-free diet. I don't mope around eating lettuce and carrots all day. = ) I will give you one tip. If you decide to have a gluten-free diet, you have to try Glutano's Chocolate Cookies. They are the best gluten-free cookies I've ever had. THEY TASTE EXACTLY LIKE OREOS. Trust me. They are superly delicious.

Drink a lot of milk. A LOT. This is key in your acne healing. When I started drinking more milk, my acne started to get better. Then when I started drinking a gallon of milk every day, my whole body was softer and clear and acne-free. I, too, have read about those people who say dairy is bad, blah blah. I just read someone ranting about that in this forum a few minutes ago. No, dairy is not bad. Drink milk. Eat yogurt. You will live longer. Don't believe the stupid people. Also about dairy- eat eggs. If you have oily skin, eat eggs in the morning for breakfast. Your skin will no longer be oily.

Eat vegetables. Eat fruits. It was amazing how much better my body looked and felt after I actually started to eat vegetables and fruits every day. Eat the kinds you like. You don't have to force yourself to eat what you don't like. Replace your usual snacks of chips and cookies and candy bars with gluten-free nutrition bars and gluten-free cookies, fruits, and yogurt. You won't miss the junk. I promise. I was a junkaholic to the most extreme. If I can say I don't miss it, you will be able to too.

Eat meat. I know the people who say don't eat meat. They may be the same people who say don't eat dairy. But the fact is your body needs it. You don't have to eat meat in every meal. I don't. I eat it once a day. That's plenty if you don't particularly like meat, like me. Your body needs iron. Eat a hamburger. Eat some chicken. But don't eat the bun and don't bread the chicken, and replace the fries with a salad.

DRINK WATER. This is the most essential part of the healing process. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. I can't say it enough. If you don't drink water, your body can't heal because it can't function. Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses a day, or 4 bottles. But drink more if you can. Drink A LOT of water. Your body needs it. DRINK WATER.

Get sunshine. DO NOT put sunscreen on. Don't listen to the stupid people who say the sun is bad. No. The sun is good. It is necessary for your health. You cannot be healthy without having sunshine. It will also clear your skin up temporarily, while your body is healing your acne. Get sunshine every day.

By having acne, your body is trying to tell you that there is something wrong with you on the inside. That's the only way your body knows how to tell you that. So listen to your body. Change what's on the inside. Change what you put into your body. If your body is using all of its energy to try to heal you on the inside, it has no energy left to heal you on the outside. It can't even begin to heal you on the outside. That's why you have so much acne and it just doesn't go away. It creates scars and scars and scars. Heal the inside. Then your body can heal the outside.

Now, I have told you how to heal your acne. Whether or not you choose to follow these guidelines is up to you. I have healed my acne. I promise you you will heal yours too. Try it.
  steveynkatey on 2006-06-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi there,

I don't know if you're actually still about, as I noticed you wrote this quite a while back. But could you tell me the sort of acne you used to suffer with?
I've just started suffering with adult acne, never suffered with acne before, but all of a sudden I'm coming up with those horrid, large, hard painful spots that lay under the skin for weeeeeeks!!! I too admit my diet has been pretty chronic for Years, snacking constantly on junk and hardly eating any fruit or veg. I've just starded a fruit and veg (salad) diet, been on it for 6 weeks now, have noticed that my skin is a lot less oily, but last week I came up with 3 of those horrid spots, and now I am just terried about what to put in my mouth, I'm scared to try things, as one person says cut out dairy, another cut out meat, another cut out wheat, its sooo confusing, just what are you supposed to live on!! If you could get back to me with some more info, that would be great x
xbluebellx last decade
Quote from Steveynkatey
'Drink milk. Eat yogurt. You will live longer. Don't believe the stupid people.'

This person tells you to get off Glutens and then in the next breath tells you that the people complaining about dairy are stupid. From what I read the people talking about glutens are also warning about the dairy consumption.

The general message that eating healthier will help your acne is a good one. Dont take the original posters remarks as law, this is just what the have done to help their skin. Acne can be extremely difficult to figure out and sometimes the most strict diet wont fix the problem.
Ryelink last decade
hi steve...i read ur post ....i have been suffereing from severe acne for 5 yearz...i m now turning 19....i have waited long long time...hearing bad stuff from ppl abt my face...sum insulting me some advicin me...i tried everything ......over the counter washes products ...everything.....now i m on accutane.....buh i still am gettin acne......can u plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how do i kno i m gluten intolerent....i meen howd u find out............thnx alottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt in advance...i juss need to get rid of thiz
faizanakhtar last decade
Hey Faizan:
This thread was originally posted in 2006 so you may not get a reply from the original poster.
The other thing to remember is that we are all different and what works for one may not work for you.
It is probably best for you to post a complete list of your symptoms and I am sure one of the excellent and knowledgable people that frequent this site will get back to you with a remedy that will clear up your skin.
Take care and good luck
Monty1 last decade

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