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PART 2 Why the thyroid gland is not functioning - Obesity and the rest of it

This is the second last instalment of the Earlier posting on
'Why the thyroid gland is not functioning - Obesity and the rest of it'

I hope it will reveal the similarities.

Better and worse anger

Anger is a sly of stress. For example, anger felt for a specific person is something that nobody has a problem to understand. But the anger felt for a situation, a problem, an obstacle can make you confused. When I tell somebody that this, too, is anger, he will slumps over with sadness – he would have never thought of it himself. “Why do I have to suffer so? Who did I harm with it then? He will ask.

Analyzing the nature of doing good to others may, at times, cause the patient such a spasm in his thinking that it becomes dangerous to continue to conversation. “I have done everything wrong in my life then? Are you saying that I have never done nothing right?” he will despair. Such a person won’t be able to understand that everybody is just learning from his mistakes the way it has always been. Instead, the same thought keeps buzzing in his head and making him mad as hell – someone had dared to tell him that he had done something wrong.

This way somebody otherwise meek and submissive may grow unexpectedly aggressive: “How dare you just sit there and say that I have lived my life all wrong!” He has been so good, so nice all his life and now someone is trying to turn his principles upside down. This cannot be allowed. He would rather suffer. During the course of history, many wars have been known to break out because the lesson of life had to be re-evaluated.

In a situation like that, instead of continuing to sacrifice oneself, trying to understand others to do them some good, it would be much more effective to release one’s own stresses. Understanding others takes so much more effort and anyway, you might get it all wrong. By releasing our own stresses on the other hand, we are allowing the good we need to come to us. For example, having forgiven our anger for nobody needing the good thing I have to offer, very soon someone will appear, who does.

A stress will remain a stress when it is held a prisoner inside of us. When we release it by forgiving, it can be transformed into love energy. Any energy that is allowed to move without hindrance is love energy. And we will feel the change as a blissful feeling in our body.

Released anger is good anger. Anger kept locked up inside is bad anger. When someone keeps something locked up, it can’t feel good.

Among other stresses, anger is the stress that weighs the most.

Somebody with a protruding upper belly is an angry fighter. Having to force oneself makes one’s stomach bulge. His belly is like an icebreaker’s prow, pushing everything aside on his way. Gritting his teeth in angry overexertion a person like that will go on to prove his superiority. If he can’t make it this time, he will get drunk and noisy, letting the stress of failure out of his system (much better than bursting with suppressed rage). Then he will just try again. His anger keeps on growing and whipping him on as the second and third effort fail too and the result is still nowhere to be seen.

Forgive your need to push through life in anger and all the doors will be opened for you. You will have no need for a big belly then.

A dream grown beyond all limits of reality will enrage you because of its impossibility, egging you on at the same time. It is like a burst of anger in its nature and will result in a hernia. As the majority of dreams have to do with economic matters, ruptures most often happen in the lower belly and old scar tissue. When a person, greedy for achievement and disappointed in his past, rushes on towards the future, a ruptured diaphragm will be the outcome. In other words – if you push towards the future, feeling angry for not getting what you want anyway, then your body will cut down on your breathing. In this way, it keeps its owner from running for the lack of air and sharp pain and causing himself more harm.

A person who starts noticing the hidden side of life and acknowledging his natural negativity will begin to lose weight. He will feel more light on his feet and have more strength to run around and do his good deeds – in the right place and the right time. There’s no sense in letting positivity go to waste.

A person who manages to release his desire to impose his will on other people will start losing weight from the back of his body. Somebody who lets go of his feeling that nothing will move on without his interfering will start losing pounds from his belly and chest.

A person declaring with malice that from now on, he will just sit around on his backside and not move a finger for the other’s sake will grow himself a large backside. This stress used to be unusual among men, but not any more. Manliness means moving forward and as long as a man has some strength left in him, he always wants to progress.
Somebody angry for not being able to sit around on his backside and do nothing the way others can because of his financial situation, will grow himself a still larger behind.

The fat of a person angry for having to be on the move all the time because others won’t move a finger without him will move up from his behind and circle his waist. This is anger very characteristic of men. It makes their waste area so tense; it will interfere with their breathing.

The desire to entice men with love makes women’s breast grow larger. The chest of a woman who loves men without any hidden agenda will never grow unnaturally large.

A woman feeling hurt because men are so slow in showing their love and determined not to be the one to take the first step will have very small breasts. The small chest of a woman who lets go of her defiant attitude will start growing. Age has nothing to do with it.

The fatty tissue of somebody, who has come to the conclusion that he won’t be able to get what he has been dreaming of and let’s go, will grow flabby. Flabby soul – flabby body.

You won’t notice what I have done for you, anyway – and the waist will lose its tone.

I am not worthy of love – and the face, neck, chest grows flabby.

I will never be wealthy – and the buttocks and thighs grow flabby.

An angry “I’ll show what I’m capable of” – and cellulite appears. Usually on the thighs and buttocks as this is the region of work – the main means of self-realization of people today. Work is used to prove one’s worth.

Positivity can be measured and weighed with anger

Anger is stress, demanding most energy.

When your body is demanding to be fed, think what has made you angry, what would you not think about but rather, eat. When you feel that your stomach is full but you can’t stop eating, start forgiving your anger for the people who won’t accept what you have to offer. Forgive your angry desire to step over them, to be better than them. Forgive your anger for those who consider themselves better than you because you are overweight as they have nothing else to feel superior about.

The more passionate you are in releasing these stresses, the quicker your appetite will disappear. You have been feeding your stresses – only they never will have enough. They have come to teach you that your good will be accepted if you let go of your need to force it on other people and that by forgiving everything will be all right. The correct way would be to release your stresses regularly and not only in the case of an emergency.

I myself come from a long line of overweight people from my mother’s side of the family. There was only one aunt who was a bit thinner than the others. This aunt used to slave away night and day hounded by her fear that maybe her neighbors have more than her or in other words, by the fear of not being loved if I am any worse than others. She was always nice to everybody, ready to help – a generous and optimistic person. She couldn’t have any children, so she brought up a lot of her relatives’ children as well as others who had lost their parents in the war. But somehow, when those children grew up, she found herself all alone again. She didn’t blame them for not caring more and never spoke of what she had done, even to other people. She whipped herself on to be better than others. Her need for recognition and wealth was such that it drove her to an early grave at the age of 54 with a cancer of the stomach. Actually, she was ashamed of her drive and to cover up for her obsession, she used to work nights when everybody else was sleeping. The cancer of the stomach, as you may recall, is the malicious anger towards oneself for not being as efficient as needed, despite all the trying. And so the excessive good grew into excessive bad while obesity grew into destruction.

It was my heartfelt wish to redeem the karma of this particular family – I wasn’t born for nothing. In addition to the karma of my family and clan, I have naturally taken on my own stresses.

For example: some time ago when my workload had grown beyond all reason, I felt particularly reluctant to deal with patients who refuse to see their situation for what it really is. They collect such amounts of anger that it is making them blind and deaf but all they will do is insist that they are right. Irritation was growing in me and kept attracting more such people to me. And of course, I kept gaining weight.

I cheated myself with work. Long working hours left me no time for a lunch break. As if being without food made me any thinner! Quite the opposite – when I went home after work and out of curiosity, stepped on the scale, I had gained yet more weight. Fed up with all of it, suppressing my irritation not to hurt my family, I sank down at the table and the amount of food enough for a whole day, disappeared unnoticed at one sitting. And all this in just a fifteen minutes.

I am quite aware that food that isn’t chewed properly will gather fat. I am also quite aware that when overweight people declare that they don’t eat much, this is not true. Fat people are capable of devouring enormous amounts of food in a very short time. Naturally, they are equally capable to do the very opposite – their fatty tissue allows them to starve for some time, although usually not for long. Every calorie that passes the lips of a fat person gets transformed into more fat – how else could he keep on his fight for a brighter future?

On the outside I am a perfectly nice person: calm, well-balanced, kind and self-sacrificing in my wish to help. But excessive loads of work can make anyone mad. Working too hard is trying to earn love on the physical level. Although I was well aware that anger makes you fat and kept forgiving my stresses every day, nothing helped. The more I released my stresses the more work I toke on. I was driven by the fear of not being loved if I fail to help everybody in trouble.

“I didn’t mean it,” people say when I draw their attention to their wrong thinking. I didn’t mean it too, and it was wrong. I wasn’t aware of my thinking but one always has to be, so that noble thoughts would not turn out crooked.

One morning I woke up with a strong pain in the nape of my neck and my shoulders. Analyzing the situation, I realized that the pain was caused by the anger for the patients who refuse to accept the divine wisdom I give my all to pass on to them. I felt it was the same thing as people not appreciating my effort, not caring for what I have to give them and accordingly – not loving me. The impulse I had to turn away from them, to look the other way, to step right over them, to ignore them – if only I could be free of them – was sending me a clear warning, “You are in for a very hard time today if you don’t do anything to prevent this. If you fail to set your anger free, something much more serious will happen to you than a few more extra pounds.”
I knew my body to be right. So I forgave my anger with all the passion I could muster and asked it to forgive me for having grown it in me for all those years. It was the same stress that had been living in me since I was a child in the form of a fear and disgust for human ignorance. It had just grown more complicated in time, more characteristic to the moment’s situation. The same anger has made me learn everything there is to learn – this is its positive side of it. The half an hour I walked to my office I talked to my stress as a friend who has come to teach me something but who in no event wanted to harm me. My anger was like a friend with a very clear message. Only up to now, I had failed to pay attention.

Human ignorance is a despicable thing, isn’t it? We all have to agree. Or would you like to contradict. Wouldn’t it be terrible if ignorance would be something to boast about! I used to think like that, too.

Now I no longer do. If someone wishes to remain ignorant then it is his sacred right. So I let my wrong thoughts go by forgiving and the pain disappeared, too. I thanked it for allowing me to learn something new.

What followed was the most difficult day in my practice of alternative medicine. The concentration of angry materialists, sick people with no wish left to live, people who believed in nothing, people hating God and their parents – and all this in one day – was unbelievable.

I looked into their being with calm concentration and didn’t feel the least disturbed by the fact that they didn’t believe what I was telling them. I knew they had to continue learning through suffering and I told them so. The disillusionment of a lot of patients who had made themselves sick with their angry demands and now expected me to make them well, turned against me when I failed to cure then and there so that they could go on doing their harm. I, on the other hand, knew if they didn’t like what I told them, then that was their problem.

I also know that due to my peaceful frame of mind, at least half of the patients I saw that day had started thinking reasonably by the end of the consultation. The ice had been broken.

I was happy that not once during that day had I experienced even the slightest irritation. In the evening, I felt lively. I enjoyed my spiritual strength. The feeling could best be described as a joy in “pure being’.

All my exhaustion, grown to frightening proportions during the last few months, was gone. I was free of my anger for the ignorant who refuses to learn. And as of this day, my uninhibited appetite in the evenings disappeared.

Should you now ask, how come I still get angry as I, if anybody should know what’s right and what’s not then I’d like to tell you a secret – I’m still human, that’s why.

Whoever manages to release himself of all stress – and accordingly, of all emotion – will cease to have a physical body. And this doesn’t have to mean physical death. But we will not go into this any deeper during this teaching.

A human being doesn’t have to be without negativity – his negativity and positivity has to be in balance so that negativity is continually transformed into positivity.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your negativity, nor should you flaunt it as a challenge to take on the whole world. You have to acknowledge it is there and release it because this is the lesson of your present life that you have failed to learn through your countless previous lives.

I would like to remind you and repeat once again: a person is the sum total of his mother and father. Obesity is the problem of soft tissue. Somebody whose mother has gathered huge amounts of stress in her, whose life is an angry battle, tends to gather fat easily. According to the laws of life, somebody always has to be first, while somebody else is second. The one left behind does everything to catch up and pass the first – that’s why women rush onward in life with such passion, destroying everybody who stands in their way.

As we ourselves have chosen our mother then, among all other problems, we have come to learn to keep a normal weight. And if, up to now, you have failed to do so then make a start right now. In the first place, begin by forgiving your fear that everything is not the way you would like it to be.

A materialist has trouble in understanding the concept of healing by thought as he has not been taught it at school. We all are – some more, some less – tied up in materialism. However a materialist has a positive trait in him – he will conscientiously study everything practical and logical in the name of a good cause.
“A truly great book, everything in it sounds so right that you just read and enjoy. Five pages and your fast asleep, it makes you feel so peaceful and your health really seems to be getting better for it. but as for the economic problems – well, it really can’t be that my purse will get fatter if I let go of my fear for money matters. Oh, I see – you want me to add to it my anger for not being able to buy a tractor because of the economic slump,” a farmer chuckled. He found no reason why two perfectly nice people (that is, himself and me) would have to argue over anything. And if all this nice talk would improve his health – even better.

A materialist always starts thinking, he will doubt but not deny. His purposeful will-power is amazing. As the health of our farmer improved, he decided that it wouldn’t be so bad to try ironing out his money matters too – just for fun. His health got better, didn’t it – so, who knows what will come of it. The exact manner, how this inner battle with himself was fought, will remain his secret. The next time we met he told me, “I would have never thought that a sleeping cat could catch a mouse – but it seems that this is really possible if the cat’s brain is awake.’ He had earned a considerable sum thanks to his releasing of his negative thoughts.

The only thing that really comes to nothing but destruction is anger and disbelief.

Day in, day out, I keep repeating: if you really take the trouble to release your stresses, a profitable offer will come your way even when you are sleeping. People who have released a specific fear for economic matters, for example the anger for not being able to make an important purchase will, as if by miracle still be able to buy the thing they wanted – and there will even be money left over.

I personally managed to make a large purchase for 60% of the normal price because I believe in the power of forgiving. I know that when I open up my spirit by forgiving, it will show me the right direction.

By forgiving, I am opening up myself – to myself. My spirit who is trying to help me all the time, my spirit who keeps tied up with all my stresses – that’s myself.

The negative - positive

The negative positive people are the people whose negativity hangs on the outside, unhidden. The typical representatives of this extreme are men and criminals. I guess you all have seen how someone protesting loudly has been made more enraged by everybody telling him how bad he is.

A negative person is someone whose fear of not being loved has grown into anger. The bigger the fear, the more the individual feels he has to fight for his existence and the larger his anger will grow. By the way – every one of those people has been born from a womb of a mother.

The more fearful a person, the more aggressive he will become. As he doesn’t know that the fear that the world doesn’t love me is the greatest fear there is, his fear will grow into angry self-defense: “All right, don’t love me then – see who cares!” A wish to revenge for all the hurt appears. The desire to pay back may grow so overpowering that if a person like that is provoked he may lose all self-control. An act of violence on whoever made him angry will follow. Now the first step has been taken and his anger can grow still bigger. With each following time, his anger will be easier in coming, growing more and more blood-thirsty in time, until erupting in intentional crime.

An unbalanced individual may become mad at anything: someone telling the truth right in his face, the arrogance of a bully or the weepy face of a helpless woman. Everything depends on where his biggest hurts in life stem from.

In principle, everything starts with accusations. A person who has suffered from accusing has become so sensitive to it that he won’t need words to feel blamed. Therefore, it would be wise for all of us to be very aware of our thoughts, not to evoke trouble.

Whoever is frightened by criminals will attract a criminal to frighten him.

Whoever hates criminals will attract one to suffer by him.

If a negative positive person would understand that the more he keeps sowing his negativity the larger his hidden good will grow, he could become aware of his true worth. A person like that has the potential to come out of the most extreme situations with flying colors as his hidden store of good is that large. As we often see in movies, the biggest criminal is often the greatest lover. If only someone would truly love him! Unfortunately, society remembers criminals only in extreme danger when a need to spare the so-called normal people arises. The merciless society raises criminals and then treats them as they were not human.

I have been accused of speaking in favor of crime. As for those accusations – everybody is entitled to his opinion. But there is one thing I have certainly done: on more than one occasion, I have prevented parents from raising a criminal. Through me, it is possible for them to take a look into deeper nature of crime. I am sure that people who have a friend or relation convicted for a crime understand what I am speaking about. It would be best if all the people, involved in a situation that has something to do with a felony, would take it upon themselves to start consciously improving themselves.

All a criminal would have to do is to start moving his energy in the right direction and a destructor would become a creator. I hope this teaching will offer some support and practical advice to those who have been rejected and misunderstood by the so-called good people.

If the criminal would forgive his anger and fear of not being loved, he could start attracting true love, drawing to him the person who wouldn’t care what the rest of the world thinks. He would find a lover who would love the world through him – the one that the rest of the world despises. It may seem incredible but it is the truth.

Recently I had trouble in explaining the concept of good and bad to a patient, too good for his own sake who was ill with an extremely serious disease. I gave him the following example.

Imagine having fallen into a deep pit. The only way for you to be saved is if someone would come along to help you out. In your distress, you would cry out to God, “Please send me someone to pull me out of this hole. Send me anyone even a criminal, may he be fierce and terrible to look at but at least all his kindness is still intact in him – he hasn’t blown it in the wind the way good people do! I want to live, dear God, please don’t send me a good man!”
And out of the blue, a criminal appears and pulls you out of the hole but you, in your unthankful ness, start whining and scolding him for having ruined your clothes. He, naturally, will give you a black eye and march away cursing. And he has every right to do so! If you didn’t understand before why you has fallen into the hole, then at least you’ll have to start thinking why you got a black eye. This is the way criminals are teaching the world but the world, already at the brink of disaster, still refuses to understand.

The larger the number of seemingly balanced people, the larger the amount of unbalanced individuals will become. The more of the seemingly good, the more of the seemingly bad.

The amount of good people is rising all the time but the condition of Earth is steadily getting worse. Only the unity of opposites will bring a balance. A criminal, whom the world has some use for, cannot perish. A criminal, negative to the extreme, will attract destruction to himself. May it be by law, or by the weapon of another criminal, but he will find his end.

But as long as the criminal is still alive, life loves him just the same as it loves us, the nice people. It is everybody’s obligation to understand a criminal and think about our own mistakes that trigger criminality.

PS: It has made me very happy to hear from all those who have - some in small proportions and other in bigger proportions - benefited from my teachings,it has been a pleasure.

  Alexthink on 2006-08-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank 'you' dr. Beek for all your wonderful postings..
himabindu last decade
Dear Dr Beek

I found the following poem on the net and I wanted to share it with everyone, and what better thread than yours. the name of the poem is SLOW DANCE


Have you ever watched kids

On a merry-go-round?

Or listened to the rain

Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

Do you run through each day

On the fly?

When you ask How are you?

Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done


Do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores

Running through your head?

You'd better slow down

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

Ever told your child,

We'll do it tomorrow?

And in your haste,

Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch,

Let a good friendship die

Cause you never had time

To call and say,'Hi'

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,

It is like an unopened gift....

Thrown away.

Life is not a race.

Do take it slower

Hear the music

Before the song is over.
sazim last decade
Dear Sazin,

Remarkable how fitting for this post.

let me add one as well

I'll quote Albert Einstein

'Albert Einstein said
A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty'.

He also said
'Imagination is more important than knowledge'.
Alexthink last decade
dr. Beek,

that is very interesting. I am just wondering what 'freeing ourselves' means really.. what are we liberating?

himabindu last decade
Dear Himabindu,

What does it mean freeing ourselves, and what are we liberating? That is a very good question and deserves a good answer.

We are liberating our mind, so it can do its job properly. By being in Charge of our body, our life support systems and, steering it, guiding it, listening to it, evaluating it, calculating it, feeding it and resting it, so that we can give love and receive love, so we can go to work or to study, to paint or to sculpt, or help others…

Unfortunately today our minds are overloaded with noise that is all-around us, images we get constantly and that are changing constantly, smells and fears, from the past and those lying in the future, the same for guilt and of course anger, anger will never disappoint you, then there are disappointments, obligations, promises, setbacks, shame, jealousy, hate, vindictiveness an endless list of crap inside our heads.

Now imagine, how is it possible for you to be healthy, how is the head able to sort it all out? Well it isn’t. That’s why were sick, tired, fed up, p....d off, and God knows what else we want to add to that.
Last week a “very” rich Russian man came to visit me, he had severe heart problems, and doctors recently discovered prostate cancer, so he was willing to listen to me, since the cancer had progressed to such an extend that conventional help was no longer an option. When I told him to free himself from the stresses that were causing the problem he started to laugh, and he insisted that I would do it for him. I explained him that this was his job, and nobody else’s.
After that he left the office.

You see Himabindu, everybody has different things to free himself from: for one person it is the fear of their parents, for another it was rape, for yet another it was guilt for not being ably to give a hug to his children, and so the list is endless. I cannot look everybody in their eyes and hearts and tell them, sometimes I do, but this is hard for most people as they are afraid of the confrontation they have been trying to avoid. I have parents who are unable to admit and to ask for forgiveness from their children, I have parents who ask me to help them, because their children are ill with Sclerosis Multiplex, but if I ask them to go to their children and ask them for forgiveness, they start blaming something else or denying anything I said before, they try to convince me that they are not the problem, they are a perfect family. In such cases one has to be strong, I ask forgiveness, and wish them well.

Waking up in the morning, and to have nothing on your mind is a wonderful feeling, it says – all is well, all works properly, now lets do something nice. That’s why we are freeing ourselves, to get there, to say – he today I am going to treat myself, and make a real party out of it, because you never know when its over, do you?

Alexthink last decade
Thanks dr. Beek.. i guess identifying all those fears is the main task. Day by day i am able to recognize more and more of my fears.

so, once the mind is cleared of all these images/fears/notions, we could connect with our spirit and that is when it is called liberation?

i know spirit is nothing but 'all that is' and body is mortal. so after we die, the body goes back to nature, and spirit goes back to the GOD. what happens to this mind then?

himabindu last decade
Life is a journey, not a goal.
girilal last decade
Dear Himabindu,

Identifying the stresses is one but to release them is the other; I think you understand what I mean.

Is the “last” door for us to pass through, during this passing through you have your exam papers returned to you, here you can see all the rights and wrongs in your life. You also will have answers to all questions ask in your life. You will have answers to all your hidden questions, your life uncovered, un-censored. A truly amazing and fascinating experience that has made me feel humble in “this” world.

The big question, is there life after death? Should be rephrased to; is there life after the body stops working?

The first time I went through this experience I had not gained enough Earthly wisdom and I had I fear of dying. Today I am free of this fear.
Entering death was like coming over the finish line, were a lot of helpers are taking care of you, making sure you get a cover so you don’t cool down to quickly, you get refreshments and other necessary nutrients.
“When you look closely, the helpers on the finish line look very familiar: neighbors, brothers, sisters, fathers, your dog, the mosquitoes you killed, school friends, the guy from the gas station, the first girl you made love to, the boy who stole your bike, everybody that has entered your energy field during your stay on Earth is represented.

And Then something which I still find the most difficult to explain, the thing we have learned to understand as God, or as “This something greater then us”, Buddha or any other “God”.

Well it’s not one person or a thing, it can be 1000 persons or a million things, but to me, as I have witnessed it

And everybody around me (After I came across the finish line became a droplet) had this shape, form, whatever you want to call it.
They are The Gods, The Spirits, and The Wise, having conquered and mastered the rules of planet Earth. Some of these droplets will return to Earth to learn some more, other droplets return to other parts in our energy system (Universe).

I have witnessed the finish line, each second amazing numbers of finisher stumble over the line, young an old, wise and stupid, killers and stalkers, presidents and queens, girls and grannies they all get embraced by their helpers and simultaneously, turning into droplets and melting together, only to explode in millions of droplets again. During this fusion a moment of supreme and utmost being, sharing over sextillion (1021 ) energetic facts, with spirits from all over the Energy System.

A truly amazing moment.
An observation that still makes me everyday wonder and how beautiful the whole system is designed is the following: Some finishers (Droplets) who just had gone through the process of fusion, only to explode in millions of droplets, had been given mission to learn about to be a good dog, other’s became Sardines and yet others became mice, another group waiting for empty slots in the kingdom of birds. And so the circle completes it self, another lesson of learning.

Now, take a normal glass of water find an empty 2 liter bottle and put the water into the 2 liter bottle and, now shake it well, very well (that’s your life on Earth) after that put the bottle on the table, look for a small droplet somewhere on the inside of the bottle, high up, that has attached himself and is slowly sliding downwards – this is you, coming over the finish line, the moment you (the droplet) reach the water surface, you are fused together, and you know what, this fusion is without any problems, without comments, without sacrifice, without screaming or protesting, without conditions, without religion. Only love for one another can makes us melt together.
Unfortunately time is very short when you have crossed the finish line, soon you’ll be ready for the next mission.

Remember we are here to learn!!!!!!! The “Big Droplet” came to teach us, not to punish us, but to show us.

PS: the “Droplet” is our Spirit, and the Mind is a tool of the brain, like an everyday calculator. Dying is not painful it is like sliding down a tube in a big aqua park ending with a big splash, great fun. Those who depart this life in pain are the ones fearing death.

Alexthink last decade
shortcut to part 1
Alexthink last decade
Thanks dr. Beek.. i am able to understand to some extent but i am still learning..

what you said is sooo true about releasing the fears though. I am still trying to figure it out. Identifying and forgiving, like you taught me, is the first and foremost thing that i am doing. (whole heartedly)..

Compared to 5 months back, i am more prepared to meet the world now, able to stand up for myself better, not really being such a do-gooder.. and most importantly.. seem to be able to understand.. like you said... i am here to learn..

himabindu last decade
dear himabindu,

good to hear, I am pleased with your progress, opening up is for many a big problem, facing life how it is, and to see the true nature of it all, is 'frightening' sometimes, but if the thought is good, clear and pure, then there is nothing, nothing at all, that will make you scare.
Every when my kids go to school I have to let them go, they have to face the world, and I wish them well, I'll forgive myself for being scared, I forgive myself for worrying too much, and I forgive myself for doing so. In the evening when they come home without a scratch or a complaint then I know, however, they have their lesson to learn and I will let them.

Alexthink last decade
Dear himabindu,

If you want you can skype me, I have a address, just drop me a mail

Alexthink last decade
Hi Dr. Beek,

That is an absolutely great offer. I will sure drop an email..

Thanks very very much...

himabindu last decade
Dear friends, to drop the fear of death I would humbly request you to read the book,'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr.Brian Weiss. A true story by a Professor of Psychiatry, University of Miami, USA. His experiences during hypnotherapy of patients.
robo007 last decade
Life goes beyond our five senses.
Alexthink last decade

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