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Fontanels still apart at 2 years.

Hello John

My younger child -- a boy of two years -- is still having his fontanels apart (gap around an inch). His head was alongated at the time of birth. Became round by six months from birth.

Soft chubby skin -- fair complexion -- larger than average head -- thin brown hair -- lots of milk crust on scalp which is otherwise soft.

Started walking when one year old. Teething started when 6 months. No white spots on the nails.

Enjoys bath in cold water.
  puneet on 2004-09-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
No vaccinations. Natural normal birth.
puneet last decade
IS child still breast fed?

if no antibiotics or other allopathic medicines -skin cremes or such --then single dose "only" calcarea carbonica 30c---

MUST AVOID...all acidic foods and drinks..i.e....coca-cola,pepsi, and like;vinegar ;fruits and juices;caffinated drinks (coffee,tea,..sodas);alcohol based products;...etc
MUST AVOID...beans and peas (particularly soy);smoked foods;milk;sweets;eggs...

start essential fatty acid supplementation..

NO! other remedies -medicines-skin cremes/ointments/oils ....etc

post back
John Stanton last decade
No he is not breast fed. Still the dandruf on his scalp is soft (not dry). Dandruf sticks to his hair if we try removing it.

He takes cows milk and it is his primary diet. We can not think of not giving him milk.

He has been given the Cal Carb 30 dose yesterday as suggested by you.

Thanks and Warm Regards
puneet last decade
if notice ANY sign of aggravtion in association with milk -then "DO NOT" give it to him--make adjustments as need..
John Stanton last decade
No aggravation noticed. No new symptoms yet.

puneet last decade

what noticed concernig sleep?
John Stanton last decade
No changes in the sleep pattern.

The child gets lots of perspration -- the weather has become somewhat warmer these days. More perspiration on the head and back.
puneet last decade
what vaccinations child have?when?any complications?

what medicines /treatments child have in health history?when?reason(s)?

what were circumstances/problems with wife during pregnancy (with this child) and labour?what medications used during pregnancy and labour?reason(s)?
John Stanton last decade
Hello John

Briefly the current status is -- had convulsions after a sudden fever -- stomach is swollen (gastric) -- Pulse rate high (142) -- Last medicnie given Aconite 30C.

I have not been able to find time for updating you on my younger child.

Right now he needs your attention. He had a convulsion today and the fever is still not in control.

It all started with a vomit today morning. He had eaten a couple of oranges which mostly constituted the vomit. There was also some phlegm.

After a couple of hours we noticed that he was running fever. The fever rose suddenly. We took him to a local homeopath who gave him a biochemic combination to control the fever. When we were back home, the fever was still high. He had a glass of water. Then he urinated. Then he was sponged to control the high fever. Within five minutes of sponging, he had convulsions. He was terribly afraid after the conulsions. He was taken to the same homeopath who gave him another (undisclosed) medicine. Then he had vomiting. The vomiting was preceded by a forceful eructation.

The pulse rate is static at 142 though we are able to control the body temperature by sponging (pulse rate is not going down with sponging). An hour back I confirmed with the homeopath if Aconite could follow the medicine he gave ealier. He said yes.

We have given a dose of aconite 30 half an hour back. Pulse rate is still 140. We are keeping the temperature under control by sponging etc.

Please advise.
puneet last decade
Present status.
Mostly sleeping. Trembles (with fear) whenever wakes up. Pulse rate also goes up when he wakes up (and trembles). Sleeps again after crying for five minutes. Pulse rates starts to come down slowly when asleep.
puneet last decade
single dose belladonna 200c
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John

Right now Bell 30C is available at home. Can have Bell 200C only by 9:00am in the morning. It is 2:15am right now.

Should we give Bell 30C now or should we give Bell 200C in the morning.

puneet last decade
Current Status (2:15am)

Pulse rate decreased to 122 after rest. Woke up for urine half an hour back -- Did not cry or tremble. Pulse rate increased after urine (due to activity).

Presently Pulse rate 128. Refusing to take water or anything else.

Should we give Bell 30 now or Bell 200 at 9:00am (when shop opens).

Thanks and regards
puneet last decade
belldonna 30c ok if all you have---post back and access from there..
John Stanton last decade
Given Bell 30C at 2:30am in the morning. No other treatment given.

Current Status (at 9:30am).

Behaviour normal. Fever down -- Stomach swells whenever he eats/drinks. Pulse rate rises (upto 150) along with swelling. Becomes more talkative. Temprature also rises on the stomach/abdomen area.

Had perspiration at 7:30am in the morning on the chest, forehead, back and joints/folds. Fever came down with perspiration. Pulse rate still higher than normal -- 140 (while sitting and active).

Took some apple with salt. Showed some craving for salt.

Please advise.
puneet last decade
Very restless and weepy. Please reply.
puneet last decade
single dose sulphur 30c.
John Stanton last decade
He was given Calc Carb 30 three weeks back, for open fontenals.

Is it OK to give Sulph now?

Last medicine given Aconite 30 followed by Belladona 30.

puneet last decade
yes sulph 30c now --ok
John Stanton last decade
Fever had almost subsided when asleep at 1:30pm at noon (pulse 120).

Very hungry. Asked for milk. Stomach bloated after milk. Pulse rate rose. Very active/talkative even in high pulse rate.

Given Sulph 30C as per your advice.

Bloating subsided. Also passed stools twice. Stools like small balls (a little bigger than peas) -- normal color -- floating on water. Stomach softer after stools but still not normal.

Taken out for a car ride to affect change in mood. Got tired -- pulse rate rose to 150.

Evening 8:00p
Took some apple. Asked for Milk. Hungry even in high fever (pulse rate 150).

Evening 8:30p
After taking milk, he wanted to sleep. Lots of cough. Bloated stomach. Slept with great difficulty by 9:15p. Big Yawns -- lots of cough -- bloated stomach while trying to sleep. Pulse just before sleeping -- 150.

Evening 9:30p
Pulse rate dropped to 137 -- just 15 minutes after sleeping.

Other Symptoms

1) was observed putting figers in mouth when the pulse rate was high.

2) chewing action while seeping -- indicating phlegm in mouth.
puneet last decade
ok... --no other remedies as of yet...we'll observe where this is going..
John Stanton last decade

But when the fever rises, we become concerned that it may not result in convusion.

puneet last decade
if fever rise as such use belladonna 200c to control..and keep in close contact with me ...if i do not respond as soon as need me --use belladonna 200c dry first dose---and water solution there after if need...it is now 1:37 pm EST here--i will be available til 2:00 pm EST---then will return at approximately 11:30pm EST...
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John

The pulse rate dropped to 135 during the night. A midnight it increased to 155 (he woke up for urine). Then it dropped to 138 only after two hours and remained nearly static till morning. He was very restless during the night. May have been feeling a bit cold -- no shivering.

Today morning he sweated a lot. He is still sweating and active. The fever is quite low , but the pulse rate is around 144.

He took milk in the morning -- stomach got bloated again -- though to a lesser extent. No eructation after taking milk. A bit difficult breathing (makes uneazy faces). Bloated stomach visibly expands and contracts with breathing. Also noticed some tendency to put fingers into mouth during bloating of stomach. Bloating subsided after an hour.

Wants to eat anything he sees other people eating. Running nose with watery discharge (every five minutes) and some lachrymation from the eyes too.

puneet last decade
how important to son --is having milk? what way does he take it?cold-boiled-..etc

when did "..Wants to eat anything he sees other people eating.." start?

when did ".. Running nose with watery discharge (every five minutes) and some lachrymation from the eyes too.." start?

what other changes observe concerning stool and frequency?
John Stanton last decade

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