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Chronic Cough cured by Nat Sulph 6c Page 2 of 2

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I went to check with the store where I ordered the medication in ethanol packs and they told me that Boiron doesn't know what ethanol packs are. I asked them again that I need them in liquid form and the lady will check with Boiron again.

Just curious if any other company provides this product in the suggested form.

I live in Canada.
canton 8 years ago
Ethonol pack is nothing but ethyl alcohol made as base.
muntadev2in 8 years ago
Ask for the Liquid Dilution of any remedy if you wish to use the Wet dose method that I have promoted in the Homeopathic world aka 'Joepathy'
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
If you want to use liquid dilution, 50 millesimal is the best method which yeilds better results within a short time, I have mentioned here http://homeoresearch.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-use-50-mill...
muntadev2in 8 years ago
Finally, the medication (in liquid form) arrived today.

I will start taking it tonight as prescribed and report back the results weekly unless required sooner.

I already had good reponse from excercise (which I have not been able to do since Sunday due to foot injury riding a bike, hope to pick it up again in 3-4 days), steam, lung excercise and prescribed physiotharpy.

My cough is way down (60-70 %) and I am not coughing up as much phlegm.
canton 8 years ago
You can help your foot injury with Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily.

Glad to note that your condition improved 70% by using my therapy even without the Nat Sulph.

This remedy will hopefully cure you in a few weeks.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
Can i add some advice some people may like to try. if you have asthma try stopping wheat products. this has been advised to me by several nutritionists and is a huge cause of asthma. i have stopped my kids from eating it and so far this year since stopping it my kids have not had asthma. still a cough with the eldest at night but no wheezing!!
pixie wood 8 years ago
Here is an update on my condition.

My cough got better and I had clear chest so I stopped taking steam.

My foot was almost healed when I reagrivated it again so I have not been able to excercise as much.

I did not have any issues on rainy or cloudy days as previous.

Then couple of days ago, I started to cough again with phlegm.

I have restarted taking steam with suggested physiotharpy but now phlegm comes out anymore.

My cough is better again with some instances of phlegm.
canton 8 years ago
Glad to learn that your cough cleared up with the Nat Sulph 6c in the Wet dose.

I have observed that Nat Sulph liquifies the phlegm which the patient coughs up which sometimes can lead to a wheeze if the patient has any tendency in his/her family to Asthma.

Arnica 30c in the Wet dose can help with your foot injury. It can be taken twice daily leaving about an hour between remedies.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
Hi Joe,

How long should I continue taking Nat Sulph 6c ?

I don't find Arnica online. There are couple other such as Arnica Montana and Arnica Montan Radix. Which one should I use?
canton 8 years ago
Nat Sulph for as long as you have the cough.

You will take the Arnica Montana NOT THE RADIX in the Wet dose for life.

One dose nightly.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
You said Arnica Montana in wet dose for life. Is this correct?

It is suppose to be for foot injury.

Did you mean Nat Sulph for life?
canton 8 years ago
Please visit:

Arnica the Miracle Remedy on


You may like to know that I have taken Arnica nightly since 1996.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
Thanks Joe.

I thought there was a typo in your previous post. But reading the link, it seems like this is a miracle cure.

I will go through the whole information under the link on the weekend.

Best regards
canton 8 years ago
I started to cough more again couple of days ago. It did not help that we had to turn on the AC.

the cough is better when I am lying down and I am mostly coughing up phlegm that is very watery without any colour or taste.
canton 8 years ago
I have sometimes noticed that the Airconditioner seems to aggravate a cough as the humidity of the room is lower than that outside.

This is the reason I prescribe steaming as it liquifies the phlegm to enable the lungs to cough it up easier.

I invite anyone else who can help Canton to contribute to this thread.
Joe De Livera 8 years ago
it sounds to me like you are having some type of
nasal allergy and that there is a drip going down
throat into chest. That is how this phlegm is getting
into your chest. I am familiar with this as one of
my children had this. This drip depending where it
is in the sinus can be easy to not notice bc if it
is a slow drip etc, all you notice is that suddenly you
have clear stuff in your bronchial area and it takes
more vital force to clear this if it gets into that area.

So I would advise trying A. take something called
Wellness Formula- which in USA it is in every store-
and has a lot of vitamins and herbs- and my family
only takes it when they feel something coming on?
And then usually it is gone within 2 days.Also I advise
taking Reishi mushroom supplement daily as it
is Food and it is very subtle- it boost the immune
system and you just feel normal but don't succumb
to things everyone else is getting.

I would have an ENT check your sinus area and if
it is inflamed then use something like Ocean Premium Saline solution daily bc it stops inflammation and then there is NO mucous going on.

The cough is not the issue- the issue
is the post nasal drip- and of course
you can also get a remedy for that..
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simone717 8 years ago
Thanks Joe.

I had investigated both post nasal drip and GERD as possible causes of my cough when the puffers stopped working and my doctor would not look past asthma.

I have some history with heart burn on few occasions.

I took gaviscon (wiht sodium alginate) and it worked for about a week or so.

I had my doctor write me a nasal spray for nasal drip and I did not notice much relief.

Are there any homeopathy medicine for post nasal drip? I couldn't find anything.

I will investiage your suggestions.

canton 8 years ago
Hi-it is me Simone 717 writing bc Joe asked if
anyone else could help.
1. The clear mucous has to be coming down from
sinus dripping . Sinus drip can also cause heartburn
acid reflux bc it gets also into stomach causing acidity.
2. If you have an ENT check your nose, he can probably
see what is going on in there. What happens is thru
allergy or whatever some part of sinus gets inflamed
and then creates the mucous which then drips and
then Sinus part does not get healed bc it keeps having
more mucous from whatever ( allergy?) and just keeps
the cycle going.
3.We got the nasal spray also and it also did not do
much-( people can get addicted to nasal spray and
they are not good for you) the pure saline solution washes out the sinus and soothes it so it has a
chance to heal up. This can be a result of having low
immune system and low level allergies that wear
the area down bc of constant mucous-inflammation.
then of course you don't feel well and are even
more low energy to keep fighting off the drip and
the cough.

So- go to ent and find out what is going on for real
in your sinus. If something is inflamed or not-
we had to get an xray to get to bottom of this-
then treatment was antibiotics, and the saline solution a few times a day- then less was needed.
then the acid reflux stopped, then the area healed up and then vital force was up and allergy reactions
were much less.( patient was not into
homeopathy so had to go this route)

The other thing is to put another thread on forum
and answer all the questions on ( look at a Nawaz
post) You need a remedy for your totality that will
build back up your immune system ( bc allergies etc
are just the immune system not working properly.)

Joe is using specific treatments with arnica, nat phos. nat sulph etc and You need some different
remedies based on all of you, food likes, weather,
temperament etc etc- this is Joes treatment thread
so you need a new one for another homeopath to
help on this.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 21 Jun 2012 17:54:08 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
Thanks Simone717.

I will have ENT tests and start a new thread.
canton 8 years ago
My son is 8yrs old and he is getting repeated dry coughing specially in evening and in night.
and doesnot stops even after giving any antiiotic or and syrup. It stops by giving citrizine base cough syrup. Is this a symptoms of asthama? kindly suggest good homeopahty medicine for Him.
Thanking you,
ashok jain 7 years ago
I have had achronic cough for years, had a surgery that did not help, had botox injectins in my vocal cords, now ready to try something new. Do I keep the prepared water with Nat Sulph and take a teaspoon once a day until the bottle is empty (if needed)? Or do I have to prepare a new bottle each day and throw out the remainder? Do I keep it in the refrigerator?
AlliJ 7 years ago

You are new to homeopathy and each person has to be looked
at with individual symptoms to select the right remedy for you.

Please start a treatment thread on here for yourself by
going to front of forum and above first post you will see
a Post New Topic Button, click that and start your own thread.
You should put answers to this form on the thread-
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/188925, and
someone will help you out.


simone717 7 years ago

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