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Sulphur 6C - Side Effects ?

I have psoriasis on ears and ankles and knees.
A friend of mine, who is a homeopathic enthusiast prescribed Sulphur 6C, 5 Pellets 3 times a day, for 5 days. My Psoriasis was better. Psoriasis on my ears got cleared.

But later I experienced some strange symptoms such as Sharp pain under the right shoulder blade, pain in the liver area, mild back pain etc.

So I stopped using it after 5 days.

I am asthma sufferer and allergies from childhood. Asthma is under control under allopathic meds.

Even my asthma felt good during the time I took sulphur.

Is it safe to continue sulphur.

can someone give advice. Also my tongue looks funny. It has teeth marks on the sides.
  deepak80 on 2006-09-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have taken an over dose of Sulphur.

Camphor can anti-dote Sulphur.

Just two doses of Sulphur 200C...once in 5 days wud have been sufficient. It is a long acting remedy and benefits keep coming for an entire week after taking a dose.

It is better to take it in higher potency and at intervals as suggested here.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
IF the symptoms were caused by the remedy . They should subside when the remedy is stopped. A rule of thumb is - if there is any improvement in condition STOP taking the remedy. Remember in homeopathy we are merely trying to stimulate the vital force . Once we have done so step back and let your body do what it must.
Sycotic last decade
If the symptoms do not subside after you stop taking the remedy you may want to ask your homeopath to consider Mercurius Solubilis as you have some of the features:
- pain in lower back
and most notably:
- tongue takes the imprint of the teeth.
busymominme last decade
My Psoriasis started getting cleared after three days on sulphur. But I didn't stop taking sulphur but continued it for 5 days. Now my Psoriasis is back again. Now the symptoms caused by sulphur has subsided, though I still has mild pain near the shoulder blades and Upper abdomen. I had a severe acid reflux after taking sulphur for 5 days. Now that too subsided.

I am wondering whether sulphur just pushed any existing ailments out. I used to have occasional acid reflux but not severe enough to keep me awake in the night.

My friend suggested sulphur as its my constitutional remedy. I was really feeling well while taking sulphur.
deepak80 last decade
reassess--if condition/symptoms same -nad NO new symptos at all occurred under response to previous dose of sulphur...sulphur being most homoeopathic tocase symptomology--then singe test dose of sulphur--modified dose from previous dose---this case 30c--1 pellet 30c in 4 oz water--stir--1 teaspon dose--no repeat and assess..

also is to be noted that no alcoholic beverages or sweets when under treatment with sulphur--so as elimainate possibility of unnecessary aggitation occur formsuch..as appies coffee..just be observan- and note what things efcet in what way while under treatment..
John Stanton last decade
Sulphur didn'tork this time. My psoriasis remains the same after taking sulphur 30c as suggested.

I am considering silicae, don't know which potency to try. Is a wet dose better than dry dose.
deepak80 last decade
Give more details of your case from child hood till now...did you ever have jaundice ??

yellow skin? deep yellow urine ?

How is your energy level ??

Best ,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
No, I never had jaundice.
Yellow Urine only in the morning.

Constipation - yes, frequently.

My energy level usually is low. better in the mornings. too low in the evenings.

I have asthma from childhood. My paternal grandmother had asthma.

My asthma was intermittent during childhood. Asthma was triggered by cold or infections or wheteher change.

when I was 12, had eczema all over body. lasted for almost two years. it was treated with allopathic medicines.

After I turned 20, started having frequent asthma attacks and till then I am continuously on meds.

Have allergies too.

Few months back, I started getting psoriasis patches.

I am looking for a remedy that will heal both my psoriasis and asthma.
deepak80 last decade
When is your asthma worse:

During 24 hours ?

Which season?

Coating on the tongue ..when you get up in the morning..without cleaning
Any coughs and cold ?

Mind..depression? Sad ?

Anywhere on body ..warts

Do you get a feeling of chill frequently ?

Best / Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Asthma worse in the early mornings usually after 1 a.m.
better after 10 a.m., but worse again in the afternoon.

Worse in the summer. better in the rainy season and dry weather. but cannot withstand cold.

Coating on tongue - yes, back of the tongue is coated white.

Wheezing is more prominent than cough. Cold usually settles on chest.

Do feel sad that cannot lead a happy and carefree life like others. feels like tied up with the asthma. No major depressions. Used to be mildly depressed after having asthma attacks.

warts - not many, only one small wart on left thumb.

I do get a feeling of chill, shiver sometimes from head to toe.

thanks so much.
deepak80 last decade
Take Arsenic Alb. 30C ...four times a day. Post feed back after 5 days.

This med will benefit you.
A follow up med will have to be given later.

Best ,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
feels better on arsenic album. my lungs can breathe more air.
deepak80 last decade
Gud !

Make it 3 times a day after one week of starting the med.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
For how many days I should take arsenic alb. three times ? 5 days or for week.
deepak80 last decade
I said ...post feed back after 5 days.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Deepak.

you could indeed be suffering from the proving symptoms of Sulphur, which is what can happen when the same potency is given for an extended period, as any CLASSICALLY trained Homoeopath knows. It is interesting that you have responded well to Arsenicum, as this is one of Sulphur's antidotes, and of one other members assertion that you should try Mercurius which he feels matched the symptoms you were suffering from, as it is also a Sulphur antidote.

IF you absolutely feel that the Sulphur was responsible for your current problems, then I would perhaps try a few more Sulpur antidotes (in very low potency, preferably 6x given as olfaction), and if these provide the same kind of benefit as the Arsenicum did, then you will obviously know the cause. It is always obvioulsy best to antidote a bad reaction to a remedy as far as necessary, than to move on and pile more remedies on top of this.

The FULL list of Sulphur antidotes is as follows:


The antidote(s) selected should always be based on the symptoms being suffered from at any given time.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

Hahnemania last decade
If a remedy taken for a one ailment produces other symptoms of proving of the remedy, does it mean the remedy was ineffective?

What if the ailment for which it was taken improves ?


does that mean it was an overdose of the remedy.

thanks for suggesting the antidotes.

I think the effects of sulphur are antidoted now.
deepak80 last decade
Dear deepak, in a word, yes.
If a remedy as part of it's apparent beneficial action produces symptoms never before experienced by the patient, then it was not the similium at all, merely a similar, and actual cure will not take place. This is what is known as palliation. Other situations where this may happen is where a remedy of an acute type nature is given in the same manner, and in the same potency over an extended period.

If the remedy was merely 'overdosed' as it were, and WAS actually the similium, then any symptoms should pass off under their own steam, taking the original complaint with them. This is Homoeopathic aggravation.

And no problem, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask ;)

Hahnemania last decade
Are your sure Nux Vomica is antidote for Sulfur as I have seen lot of thread where people have suggested to take the dose of sulfur in the morning and Nux in the evening. is it correct.
iffi123 last decade
Dear iffi, absolutely certain. It is listed in the back of Kent's repertory as such, and I have personally verified this many times when antidoting my own provings of the remedy.

Many practitioners recommend two antidotal remedies at the same time, or even inimical ones! and this of course is not real Homoeopathy at all.

The situation with Nux and Sulph though, is SLIGHTLY deifferent, as this method of Sulph in the morning and Nux at night is what is known as the 'scrubbing' technique, and is frequently used in cases with a history of much drug use/abuse.

Personally though, I do not hold with this method either, as it is not really classical in it's approach. It IS however a method accepted by the majority of other Homoeopaths, both classical and otherwise.


Hahnemania last decade
One dose of Nux is suggested at bed time on start of the treatment ...to clear bad effects of overuse of allopathic meds.

A dose of Sulphur is suggested..to be taken next morning.

Also Boericke MM says Sulphur compliments use of Nux Vomica.

Pl . be informed...different homopathic authors have given lists of anti-dotal meds ...and many times these lists do not agree with each other.(i.e. one author to another).

My own experience is that Nux and Sulphur ...give benefit if given in alteration....and both have specific action on Haemorrhoids.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
To: Pankaj Varma

My asthma is better. I am able to avoid using inhalers.

My psoriasis still the same. but more itchy.

My whole body has become more itchy.

I think the effects of sulphur must have antidoted.

Do I need to continue on ars alb. or switch to another remedy ?

deepak80 last decade
Agreed...you have taken more Sulphur than necessary ...but it is working on you.
From homeopathy point of view a dose of 200C or 1M...once a week (for three weeks)..would have been best.
However..your friend ...who seems to be a new enthusiast..didn't know that his recomended dosage and repeatition will cause 'proving'.

But ....but ...donot despair...people who visit Sulphur springs...take in even more than this quantitiy of sulphur by just taking a few dips in the Sulphur mixed water there.

By anti-doting you will have to re-start the cycle of benefit all over again.

Gradually...the itching will pass.

How many doses of Arenic alb. have you taken till now and how frequently. Pl .reply..will guide you further.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I used ars. alb. 30c for four times a day for 5 days.

and then three times a day for next 5 days.

Probably my body is very sensitive to homeopathy remedies.

I hope I will not prove ars. alb. But I really feel gud and well.

Regarding my asthma, I have made an observation. When ever I am very enjoying my life to the fullest and very outgoing, I get frequent attacks. Then I have to resort to more medications and asthma will be better...but then I will become more of a timid person. Avoid going out...Prefer to stay at home. After few months I will be again back to myself, but asthma attacks will increase. This kind of effects my life a lot.

thanks for your consideration.
deepak80 last decade
Dear Deepak, you should not be dosing continually with the same potency of any remedy, as you will never find cure this way, as this will only result in accessory symptoms which you have never had before.

This is the correct way in which a remedy should be applied, as observed over 200 years of Classical Homoeopathic practice:

Start low, a 6 or 30c, just one dose, or up to 3 on one day. If there is improvement, wait until this improvement subsides, and then step up to the next potency i.e a 200c. Keep stepping up in this way until the remedy no longer gives any relief, or you suffer from aggravation, THEN stop. In either of these situations the remedies use for you has come to an end, and you may then go on to try something else.

Do NOT give the same potency for many days or weeks, and do not switch a remedy while it is working for you, this is not Homoeopathy.

If the Sulphur helped in a 6c, but did no more in a 30c, then it has either come to the end of it's benefit for you, or a nosode needs to be applied.

While I agree the change to Arsenicum was a good one, as was also obvious from the benefit obtained, again you are dosing too much with the same potency. If it has provided relief, then simply wait a few days to a week for the effect of any other remedies to subside and then step up to a 200c and observe the results. If it provides no more relief, then you should not take it again.
In this instance, I would then recommend taking another Sulphur antidote based on the symptoms, and observing the results. If this has no effect, then it is unlikely that you are proving Sulphur. If a further Sulphur antidote however DOES provide further relief, you should then apply any other antidotes as needed, and ONLY then go on to apply another well selected remedy, after waiting for a short period for things to settle down.

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade

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