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Sulphur 6C - Side Effects ? Page 3 of 4

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pl. try Chelidonium 30 C..three times a day.

Before starting with that....2moro morning (or the day you can get the med)...take a dose of Dulcamara 200C

Then 24 hours gap....start with Chelidonium.

Stop Arsenic....it has done its work....moved the toxins from their place to throw up additional symptoms.

Until you are able to get the meds...you can take a dose of Arsenic whenever you feel difficulty in breathing.

And if these 'Classy' fellows want to show their low class...boot them out !! (Wink ).

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Only three remedies? Are you sure you don't want to throw some Nat Phos and Arnica in there too? Oh wait, no, that's some other amateur Homoeopath, silly me :)You're bound to hit the right spot if you use enough remedies at once though. Heyyy, maybe we should just make one big combination of every remedy we have, then you are bound to hit something!

-Classy fellow (apparently).
Hahnemania last decade
The local pharmacy does not sell potencies above 30c, I got Daulcamara 30c, 200c not available. Chelodinium is not there. They sell only a limited number of homeopathic remedies. I should check other pharmacies too.

By the way, what is the difference between clasical homeopaths and other homeopaths. I see both of you pulling each others legs, NOT good for homeopathy.
deepak80 last decade
Dear Deepak

Classical homeopathy is science. Results are permanent. But it needs lot of information from the patient and very careful analysis by the homeopath.

The non classical homeopathy is blurting out the remedy that comes to my mind, the moment I read the few symptoms given by you.

Sometimes I have a remedy in mind, and ask leading questions, and when you tend to confirm them, as they are too general in nature, and almost everybody have them , I pat on my back, and say 'that's it. you are on the way to cure'.

But, it rarely hapeens. then another prescription follows and then another one.

If you are lucky, you may endup with a slightly more complicated disese, if not, you may end up with irreversible changes in your syche as well as health.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Jacob and Murthy,
What do you think about the aptness of Arsenic Alb, Dulcamara and Chelodinium in this case. Arsenic indeed helped me with my breathing difficulties and it has pushed out some of the other symptoms....

The same thing happened with sulphur too. But that was the first time I used a homeopathic remedy, and the person who suggested was not a homeopath. So I stopped immediately.

I believe Pankaj's precsription in this case is correct, Previously while I was in india I used a lot of ayurveda to treat my illnesses, and they used to suggest me that my asthma is a result of poor digestion. I needed to control my diet.

So hopefully if my digestive problems are cured my asthma too will subside.

thanks for all
deepak80 last decade
Murthy and Jacob,

There are different ways of identifying symptoms....that is the art.

You guys have to learn a few things still.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hahaha! Oh boy, that one will keep me laughing for days...
Hahnemania last decade
Dear Deepak, I have advised you on what I would do in your situation, above.

With reference to the applicabilty of the remedies above, which are ALL as different as chalk and cheese, only ONE remedy is ever indicated at a time. Those who prescribe more than this simply lack either the inclination or ability to find the similium. It is really that simple.

Hahnemania last decade
Deepak..the presence of a wart on your hand is a clear indication of a miasmic taint in your system.

Dulcamara...has been suggested for that...to neutralise teh taint.

Chelidonium is your similum.

By taking a dose of Dulcamara..your constitution will be in a better position to absorb the benefit of Chelidonium.

The homeopathic systems followed by me and Jacob are different.

It is upto you to make a choice.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Due to taking Dulcamara...you might also notice..... within about two weeks a reduction in the size of the wart on your hand.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
MiasMATIC taints...hmm, now things are moving into my own field, this should be interesting...

Dear Deepak, there is no distinction made between a remedy needed to 'neutralise' such a taint, and the actual similium, they are one and the same remedy. If chelidonium was your ACTUAL similium, you would not need Dulcamara, and vice versa, as there can only be ONE similium at any given time in a case. You cannot divide totality into two seperate halves, prescribe two seperate remedies, and expect actual CURE from the reactions. This shows a deep lack of understanding of not only the basic principles of Homoeopathy, but the entire theory of MiasMATIC diathesis.

Lastly, there is only ONE Homoeopathic system, and this is as described by Samuel Hahnemann, and followed by practically all those who were fortunate enough to be taught by either him, or one of his students. Only those who do not understand this system, apply remedies in other manners, and such people were referred to by Hahnemann himself as 'The Mongrel Sect', for whom he had only the greatest disgust.

Hahnemania last decade
That is where your lack of training is !!

You haven't studied developments after the time of Hanhemann.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I do not believe I addressed you, extend me the same courtesy.
Hahnemania last decade
To other members, 'developments', of which I am VERY much aware, and are actually part of my own written work, do NOT mean abandoning the basic principles of Homoeopathy, and such practices are not developments at all.

Hahnemania last decade
We keep on hearing

'Developments after Hann.'

What are they?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
To Pankaj Varma

I will be following your prescription.

Please advice for how many days I should take Chelidonium 30 C, three times a day ?

deepak80 last decade
Pl. take it for a week then let me know feed back.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
To Pankaj Varma,

For the last 10 days, I am having pain in my lower right jaw and I cannot open my mouth fully. When opened wide I hear a clicking noise and dificulty and pain.

I haven't yet started on dulcamara or Chelidonium 30 C, because of this jaw pain. I had this pain and difficulty when my wisdom teeth came misaligned. It was not vertical. So I had to undergo surgery. After that this problem had subsided.

I am doubting if this is caused by ars alb. I want my symptoms to clear up before I start any of the other meds.

Also I would like to inform you that I had been diagnosed with a heart murmur at 20 years of age and after that only my asthma got worse. I doubt if there any connection with these two. I think I forgot to mention this in my previous posts.

deepak80 last decade
I have had ulcerative colitis for six years. Earlier on i was on steroids, then on ayurvedic treatment which worked wonders, after which i started homeopathy. i have taken Sulphur 200c on January 24th, 28th and February 1st and feb 5th. After taking Sulphur 200 my bleeding almost stopped and my energy was better. i could also handle a couple of different foods since i have been on a restricted diet for the past many years, though i still made urgent and frequent trips to bathroom at night. After a few days my symptoms would kind of return, and then i would take take one more dose of Sulphur 200. On February 7th I took Sulphur 1M - i was okay for a few days and then started bleeding again. i took a dose of Mer Cor 30 three times a day on the 14th, and then took Chamomile 200 on 15th morning. Since i read on the forum that Sulphur is antidoted by Chamomile and Mer Cor, could i have antidoted sulphur completely - Also, please advise if my recurring symptoms could be an aggravation of the 1M or could be that I exhaust the remedy very fast and need repeated dozes - how often is a 1M potency needed in a chronic condition - please advise. thanks.

babli last decade
Hi! I’m wondering about my dry mouth, I think I’ve got it from sulphur, but I’m not sure.
I also feel that I have lost my way to articulate…
Is there any antidotes that can help? Can Pullsatilla help ore should I use something else?
Thaks fore youre help....
angeredare last decade
Dear Deepac80. Just read your question re:Sulphur. Your symptoms sound like the same that you get from Gaul stones. My husband had just been diagnosed and gets a pain under his right rib ( I think it's right ), and sharp pains between his shoulder blades and back. If the problem persists, please check it out with your GP. Can get very serious if left untreated. I looked it up on line. I also have suffered with Psoriasis for 14 years, Candida related and have used Dovabet successfully, but recently, it seems to be clearing up with just Aqueous cream applied after a bath. Initially stared with Nelsons Candida pills. Worth a try, and has improved ever since. Good luck. I know how it hinders your life. Especially in Summer.

Kind regards,

charmedwn 9 years ago
To Dr Varma
I had been undergoing treatment for about 5 years for dermatitis on my shin and ankle without much relief. In fact the itching only increased intolerably and the patch spread to almost halfway up my shin. Three years ago I subsequently went to another homeopath who prescribed two doses of Sulphur 200 - one dose per day for two days.
Within two days of taking the remedy I developed a hacking, spasmodic cough with a very sore burning throat. The spasmodic cough resulted in a blood vessel rupture in the brain leaving me a left hemiplegic. The gross movements have returned but the finer movements of fingers and toes are yet to come. There is a lot of spasticity in the left shoulder, upper arm, rotor cuff, thigh, hamstring and calf muscles. there is considerable stiffness in the elbow, knee and ankle joints. There is also a lot of very uncomfortable tingling and prickly sensation in the left extremities. Cold wind/air conditioning aggravate.
Walking is still very difficult as hip, knee and ankle flexion is very difficult. It is also very difficult to pick up the leg to take a stride.
My left side tends to move as one unit rather than coordinated upper and lower extremities, thereby tending to push my body weight to the right causing imbalance and an awkward gait.
I desire cold drinks and am fond of chocolates.
I also tend to constipation with hard stool at the start of evacuation.
In the past I had hypertension, kept under control with homeopathy. I would be quick to get angry but would keep my emotions suppressed.
I also had a cholesystectomy in 1990.
Could this have been a result of taking the Sulphur 200? Do I require an antidote? Please advise.
[message edited by Simkie on Tue, 07 Feb 2012 13:06:02 GMT]
Simkie 8 years ago
Well..that's a refreshing discussion. Single or complex dose. As a non practicing herbalist and homeopath I often pondered this point. Rescue Remedy is a compatible complex (my terminology a bit rusty as was 15 yrs ago I qualified). Only use now for family and friends. I was trained in herbal med to use both methods and in homeopathy was trained to use the single method. Try one n if no result try another single. Gosh...took me ages to reduce diagnosis to a single remedy so yes I agree laziness is the root of resorting to a complex remedy. I came accross this site checking remedies for my dog with congenital heart murmur and associated breathing difficulies. Thanks...will put the time in to find a single dose as trained.
Aquamareene 8 years ago
Dear Pankaj Verma
I was disappointed not to receive your feedback to my query. I have since been trying Joepathy with Arnica 30 twice a day but with no significant improvement in my condition.
For the last two months I have been suffering from an extremely intolerable itchy rash in my right groin, now extending to the pubic area. The rash started with a reaction from the use of a deodorant. The area in the groin has turned blackish blue with a red outline and seems to be spreading slowly down the thigh.
I am reluctant and nervous to use Sulphur again after my last experience,
Please advise. Thanks.
Simkie 7 years ago

Sorry to inform you Pankaj Varma passed away over a year ago.

If you want someone to take your case, go to the front of the
forum, see the low left- Post New Topic button and make
your own treatment thread. You can ask for particular people
in the headline if you wish.

Would be good to put the answers to this form-
on your new treatment thread.
simone717 7 years ago

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