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Chelidonium for varicocele, advice please


My boyfriend has a varicocele which he's had since he can remember (he's 27 now and thinks it probably started in puberty). I did some research on homeopathic remedies for this condition and found that Chelidonium is supposed to be very effective. I have a couple of questions.

1. Does anyone here know anyone/have a patient who's used this to successfully treat this condition?

2. Does it have to be a tincture or can you take it in pillule form? If so, what strengths do you take?

I found some information which says 'Chelidonium majus taken internally for some time is one of our best remedies, in fact perhaps our best. Calc. Fluor. 3x or 6x may be alternated with above. In varicocele cehlidonium should be given in good sized doses, say from 5 to 10 drops in a little water 3 to 4 times a day. If you get too much of a cathartic effect reduce dose'

Please can you tell me if this is accurate? And also what a 'cathartic effect' would be. I don't wish to give my boyfriend any unpleasant side effects!

Please help,

  newbie2 on 2006-10-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it will be the patients that are successfully treated and not the condition I guess. :)
It is poss that chelidonium has been used in this way but only after some homeopath has taken the case and seen chelidonium indicated for other reasons for that person as well as varcocele.
as your boyfriend has had this for quite a while it means he needs a detailed case to be taken.
you can post here maybe more about him?
erika last decade
Thanks for your quick reply. Not sure if this helps but I have definitely noticed that he matches with some of the obvious indications for Chelidonium:
'aversion to work' (very very strongly)
nose; running or blocked nose (coryza);
tongue; jagged edge of tongue;
stool; like balls; like sheep dung;
sleeplessness, insomnia; night; with sleepiness;

What kind of information would you need to decide what's best?

What I don't really understand is that you see written in places 'x' remedy is good for 'z' condition. Is this not correct? Can you not use specific remedies in such a way for certain conditions, or is there for example 5 different remedies for Varicocele and it depends which matches best with my boyfriend's symptoms as to which he takes?

If so, I would be grateful if someone would list what's suitable for Varicocele and I will look through the indications to match one best with my boyfriend's symptoms.

Thanks again to anyone who replies!
newbie2 last decade
yes, it is possible there are lists that you may wish to choose from but I do not use that kind of information on its own. The list applies for me in addition to other personal symptoms and information of a patient.
To help choose a remedy you need to give an indication of when this started, any other information in your boyfriends health regarding reproductive organs, circulatory system, urogenital symptoms. Also his general health, fears, and any other information which gives a clear picture of 'who' lives alongwith this varicocele. :)
erika last decade
Okay well he doesn't seem to have any other issues with his reproductive organs apart from the varicocele, which has also increased the size (length) of his testicles - not sure if this is relevant?

I am not really sure what to say about his circulatory system. He never really does any exercise as such but isn't at all out of shape, he is just a bit unfit. He doesn't seem to get ill particularly often, just the common cold about 2-3 times a year mainly at the change of seasons.

He doesn't have any specific phobias or fears that I am aware of but his main fears seem to be about the future...letting people down, mainly his parents (dad) and not achieving things that he wants to achieve. He gets a bit shy in social situations.

Let me know what else I can say to help further with the diagnosis :)
newbie2 last decade
if it started around puberty then was there anything else he sufferred from at this time (physically and emotionally) ?
how much alcohol does he usually drink? social amount or more?
any problems with any particular foods/digestion?
anyone bowel or urinary problems?
thirsty or not?
any pain with the varicocele? how large is it?
was there ever any injury in this area?
erika last decade
I spoke to him about it and he said that he can't remember anything physical/emotional that happened around the time this started & also he doesn't quite know when it started because I think he only noticed it when it was slightly bigger and ached a bit.

He doesn't drink very much at all, probably 2-3 bottles/cans of beer a week, and not usually more than one at a time.

He has a few digestion problems. As a child he was allergic to eggs...he isn't any more but he has an aversion to them due to the experience of being sick after eating them as a child. He said that he used to get a weird gurgling/rumbling in his belly after eating very wheaty foods (eg. weetabix) but he doesn't get it any more (I used to get this as well so I am not sure if this is relevant).

He also mentioned that he has a problem with his poo often coming out like rabbit pellets and he often has to strain very hard to get them out. He quite often has blood on the toilet paper after having a poo and occasionally in his stools (but not as often).

He says that he's not especially thirsty in general. He drinks a reasonable amount of tea but very rarely drinks plain water.

He says that he gets an aching pain in the varicocele when he walks around naked and his testicles aren't supported by pants.

As far as he can remember there has not been a significant injury to the area but like most (all?) other men he's received a few accidental kicks in that area and said that when he was younger he came off his bike a few times and landed on the cross bar hurting himself. I don't think it was probably caused by an injury though as nothing he has mentioned sounds very significant or out of the ordinary.

Let me know if you need more info/more details on what I've given.

newbie2 last decade
Oh, one more thing I need to add:

My boyfriend has problems with his nose that he's had for at least the last 4-5 years. He can very rarely breathe through both nostrils. One side is always blocked up so he has trouble breathing freely...and it's not always one side which is blocked up. The sides change but one side is always blocked and the other clear.

He gets headaches when he goes out to nightclubs quite easily. He does ecstasy pills a couple of times a month and thinks that it his headaches are related to dehydration even though he drinks a fair amount of water when he's out. He thinks that the headache starts when he gets a bit dehydrated. If he can catch it early enough he thinks he can get rid of it by drinking water, but if it gets beyond a certain point he has to take a headache tablet. If he doesn't do anything sometimes it gets so strong that it makes him sick (not that often this has happened). If he can get to bed before the headache gets too bad it goes away whilst he's sleeping.

Not sure if this is relevant.

Also, Erika, could I possibly ask in what capacity you are going to give me advice on this? A you a Dr? or just an experienced person with homeopathic remedies?

Thankyou :)
newbie2 last decade
Homeopath not doctor :)
does he have piles? is the bleeding from rectum dark or bright red? how much blood?
can't really comment on the leisure activities and dehydration - this is relevant from the point of view that anything very unhealthy does not help health!
has he actually seen a doctor about his condition and had an examination or is this self-diagnosis.
hear from you soon :)
erika last decade
He said that just over a year ago he had an incident where he had blood in the toilet after a poo and blood on the paper which was dark, but this only lasted for 1-2 days. Other than that he said it's not happened since, and when he gets blood it is a small amount on the toilet paper which is bright red.

We went together to see the doctor because he was worried about it about 3-4 years ago. When he found the lumpy feeling he worried about cancer so we booked an appointment with the doctor. In the mean time we found out about varicocele on the internet...and then the doc confirmed that was what it was. He had a manual examination and they told him it was benign and non harmful etc. apart from any aching he may experience. He did book a hospital appointment (I think for a scan) but we moved house at that time and missed the letter and the appointment then he put it on the back burner until it started aching recently.
newbie2 last decade
Most cases respond with Nux Vomica in lower potencies.

This happenes when patient is habitually constipated and puts too much straing at the bowel time. This pressurizes the veins and they swell.
kuldeep last decade
Thankyou for your suggestion kuldeep.

What would constitute a lower potency?
And how often would it be taken?
Are pillules okay or does it need to be a tincture?

Also, do you know how long would it be expected to take before a varicocele would improve/disappear using homeopathy?
newbie2 last decade
I would suggest to start treatment with sepia 6c or 12c. Take the remedy 2-3 times daily on weekdays only for 2-3 weeks. If this brings an improvement then reduce dosage continually while improvement continues. Of course stop taking if huge improvement. If at any time you experience any discomfort or unexplained symptoms stop taking and report back.
report back anyhow after 2-3 weeks.
erika last decade
I could see some indications for Nux.vomica ,but none for Sepia.

Sepia people love exercise and they get benefitted by it.

The sedentary nature looks more like Nux.v.

Dear Erica

Can you please eduxcate us as to which symptoms led you towards Sepia?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thankyou very much for your suggestion erika. What is one dose of the rememdy? I am, as my name suggests ;) a newbie at homeopathy. I myself am taking a homeopathic rememdy and one dose is 3 pillules.

Is a dose of this remedy one pillule of 6C strength, or is it 3 pillules?

thanks again!
newbie2 last decade
Whoops, I meant that for mine one dose is 4 pillules.
newbie2 last decade
dear newbie
dose is usually 1 pillule.

dear murthy
First the study of symptoms given, then choice of rubrics to lead to remedies to compare, finally materia medica comparison.
I have often found it is the case many homeopaths can look at the same symptoms and come up with different remedies.
I too saw symptoms of Nux, but more of Sepia.
erika last decade
Hi Erica

what are the symptoms of Sepia you saw in this case?

Why don't you educate us?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
dear murthy
i am sure you are able to look them up yourself and decide for yourself.
I am quite happy for you to differ in your opinion on the remedy chosen in this instance but do not feel I need to justify my choice. :)
erika last decade
Dear Erica

You don't have to, as it is free for all here.

I hope the patient will understand that, it is not wise to take any prescription, whose choice can't be defended.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I bought the Sepia 6C today so my boyfriend will start taking it on Monday so he can take it for the full 5 weekdays.

I presume that there are no special instructions for how to start taking it? On the tube it says to take a certain amount at the beginning and then change it...but I guess we just start with the dose you described above as you didn't mention anything else.

Murthy > thankyou for your concern but I believe that Erika's justification for this remedy is that the symptoms I described above match quite well with Sepia. I can notice indications in him for both this and Nux Vom so I'll go with this one first as that's what Erika suggested.

I'll keep a close eye on him for anything changing. How long would one expect a rememdy to take to have at least some effect on a varicocele? It's been there for a while so it's grown a bit and can be easily felt when you handle his testicles.

And how often should I report back here? Every week or just at the end of the initial 3 week period?

newbie2 last decade
Hi Newbie

You took an informed decision. Good.

It happens many times regarding remedy choice.

What seems obvious to one, the other may not see at all.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I just looked at Sepia picture.

Not a bad choice.
kuldeep last decade
dear Newbie
hi - yes, ignore the instructions on the bottle as that is for treatment of more acute conditions, and follow my advice above.
Report back if/whenever you have concerns or questions - otherwise after 3 weeks is fine.
Progress will not be quick (as you say it has been there a long time) but hopefully there will be at least a slight improvment in the first few weeks.
It would be good to check that his diet contains enough vitamin E, zinc and selenium.
erika last decade
eriks, somehow I always missed to read detailed picture of Sepia except its famous constituion.

Your prescription reminded me to look at it. So I read about it.

Wow!! It is a wonderful medicine. Just wonderful.. espacially for these above symptoms.
kuldeep last decade
Well let's hope it helps then! It sure seems very suitable..............
usually it is so thought of as a female remedy that it gets overlooked........
cheers kuldeep! :)
erika last decade

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