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pink toes

Hi, I have pink toes. This is really obvious. It looks like I have have dipped my toes in something. They get tanned very easily. They are usually very cold, however their colour does not change even when they are warm. My fingers are usually cold as well. Do you know what this is an indication of? Thanks
  annka on 2006-10-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Probably poor circulation .A single dose of Aconite 1M may help.

But if family hereditary conditions concur then
may be required.
walkin last decade
Thankyou, I will try it. No one else in my family has this, so I will try the Aconite 1M. Thanks again for your reply. Anna.
annka last decade
Dear annka

You have posted a different symptom nail discolouration in another post.

Its best bet to take all symptoms for a remedy.

So Please post all the symptoms for your good in one post and only then you may be prescribed well-indicated remedy.
maheeru last decade
OK, I fear I may go on forever though! The physical symptoms are the pink toes, with poor circulation (I also have a couple of varicose veins and a fluid build up and tired legs at the end of the day + cellulite), the dark band across the tip of my finger nails. Also, cramps in my feet, cracking joints, tense jaw with pain
annka last decade
Dear Maheeru

Good advice for the patient to post all her symptoms in one thread.

Hi Annka

Earlier you used Thiosinaminum for your stretch marks. Please give feed back.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi, I am currently taking Thiosinaminum 30C for stretchmarks (I have both old and white, and new ones). I have been taking it for about one month, at least twice per day (morning and night 4 drops each time). I have not noticed any difference yet, but will definately post something if I see any changes. Thankyou, Anna.
annka last decade
Dear Annka,

Did you have these pink toes and dicolorations on nails etc. before starting to take the Thiosinaminum?Who suggested you to take it?Was it a homeopath or self medication?

I have a suspicion that you are showing proving symptoms of this particular remedy.This will be confirmed more if these colored nails, toes etc. have arisen in the last 1 month or so.

I would suggest that you stop the Thios. and give a complete case to a homeopath onthis forum or near your home and then take his advice.It is never safe to take homeopathics for isolated symptoms here and there on the body.

From a brief look at your more detailed symptoms, i can see the sycotic miasm in the background, for which you will need a very long and thorough anti miasmatic treatment.

Can you answer some questions for me.You said that you suffer from low self esteem.What according to you is the chief reason for that?What is the chief cause to the best of your knowledge for this?Do you feel that there are some undesirable things in your personality which you are very conscious of and try to hide from others?Are you fond of applying make up etc.?How long do you spend on getting ready before going out?How do you like onions?Any history of problems in your urinary tract in the past?

If you answer these and other questions that i may ask, i will try to help you.


rajivprasad last decade
Stop taking Thiosinaminum immediately. If it didn't help you even after a month,it is not your remedy.

Taking any medicine continuously for months is not at all advisable.

Moreover different medicines for different problems is not homeopathy.

One medicine, if chosen correctly will help with all your problems.

Don't bother too much about cosmetic problems.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi Rajiv

Our posts crossed.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi Rajiv, I have had these symptoms a long time before I started taking the Thios. To answer your questions:

1. I think my self esteem issues arise from a feeling that other people are better than me. I live and have grown up in a rich suburb (though my family is not rich, and has struggled a lot financialy). Also, my family, exept my sister and I, who were born in Australia, do not speak english well, and I often feel that if we were richer and my family were english, or spoke english well then people would treat us better(Its just a few people I get this vibe from - most people are really nice). Its also a feeling of helplessness and a fear, or inability of just being able to be myself. A fear of what others will think of me, whether they will respect me and like me. I have trouble expressing myself verbally, feel self concious about expressing myself verbally - I am not a very eloquent speaker. I am scared of standing up for myself, I think because I find it hard to express myself verbally. Sometimes when I speak, the wrong word comes out, or I can't find the right words to express myself. This makes me feel self concious. Also, I have this deep need for others to like me. I get very upset if I think someone does not like me. I feel selfconcious and awkward around people, also because I don't want to express myself incorrectly, say the wrong words, sound dumb. I think this is waht I want to hide from others and am very concious of. And also this feeling that others are better than me, that their willpower is stronger than mine and I am afraid to say no, and stand up for myself and get walked on a lot because of this! (But the resentment is felt inside but those people never know!(also like this with my family, except my mother and sister, whom I am very close to). Hope this makes sense.

I do not wear make up and spend minimal time getting ready, however, a lot of the time I do not feel very pretty. I am self-concious of how I look, mostly because of my skin (pimples, stretchmarks, cellulite...)Bu I do not spend very much time on my appearance. I like natural beauty, I do not like it when girls wear all this makeup.

I love onions! Its funny you asked that, becaue I cannot get enough of onions. They have to be cooked (eg boiled in a soup, sauteed, but I can eat a whole lot at a time. I love them!

I haven't had any urinary tract problems. Everything seems to be fine in this regard.

I hope this helps, and am very grateful for your reply. Anna.
annka last decade
Dear Annka,

You say that you just love onions.But does it also cause indigestion sometimes.Do you have or ever have had warts on your body?I hope you understand what a wart is?You can google for an image of typical warts on the internet.If yes, where are these warts located?

Can you also describe whether you are a hot or a cold person?Meaning you are happy and comfortable in summers or winters?How do you feel in damp or humid climate?Do you perspire more than usual?If yes, which part/parts of the body perspire more?Do you sometimes also feel as if you are very vulnerable, as if you would just crumble physically or mentally?Specially the shin bone below the knee?Do you sometimes feel pain or weakness in that particular bone?As if it could break or something?

How about your normal style of working?Are you often/always in a hurry or like to work slowly and steadily?Do you get angry very soon or are a calm person?I am specially asking about your behaviour in situations where you can afford to lose your temper?

You need not say yes to any of my questions unless you feel very strongly that a certain thing is true.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Walkin, you would prescribe such a high potency of a remedy based upon only one single symptom? which, by the way, unless I have missed this rubric in my repertory, is not even listed under the remedy suggested.

And also, if the Aconite doesn't work, just throw a couple of nosodes at it, which are probably the deepest acting remedies in our entire materia medica?


Hahnemania last decade

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