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If I find my simillum, how do I know what dose and form to take?


i feel that argentum nit is my simillum for long-term issues i have had (spanning decades):

fear of dogs
fear of insects
fear of heights
fear of death
fear of flying

crave sweets but so much worse from sweets

poor memory
worse in hot weather, summer
prone to corneal ulcers, eye strain
anxiety that causes diarrhea

there are a couple of other things that i can't remember right now.

the only thing i know is that i will probably need a higher potency.

so, where to start?
  Eureca on 2006-10-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you need only three doses of high potency say 200c,half an hour apart and then wait for the positive response.

sajjadakram635 last decade
One dose and wait.
Daisy43 last decade
GV gives an interesting reasoning for the three doses.

He feels, the chances of the medicine getting antidoted,in the process of taking itself because of odors etc. is very high if you give a single dose and forget about it.

So, if you try it out three times, the chance of the medicine being received in near ideal conditions is increased.

The second reason he supports the three doses is the fact that any number of doses given before the reaction starts is construed to be a single dose. In chronic cases, there is a time lag of a few days before the medicine can establish a reaction.So, in effect you are a giving a single dose only.

Infact, to make sure that the well indicated remedy acts, he even suggests that the three doses preferably be from three different manufacturers.!!

By doing so,the probability of a bad quality batch medicine not acting, too is taken care of.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Argent. Nitricum is restless and always in hurry. Only fears factor alone are not sufficient to say it similum.
kuldeep last decade
You will often find that doctors suggest a daily dose even for chronic cases, and defend it, telling that due to our lifestyles we are bound to antidote it, and hence a fresh dose is to be given daily.

This is a wrong concept, for the following reason.

Once the medicine is taken,under ideal conditions,that is when you open the vial if the room,yourself, and your mouth are free from odors,the medicine will take hold instantaneously.

If you eat spicy food say, after an hour, it can't antidote the medicine.That being the case, your lifestyle is unlikely to antidote the medicine.

Coffee works as an antidote, only if you are such a person,who get some symptoms like headache, if you miss your coffee. For others who take routinely, out of habit, it doesn't antidote.

However, there are some specific circumstances for each medicine,which must be avoided,to prevent the medicine from getting antidoted.

Some examples are, not to take cold showers while taking Rhustox, not to eat raw onions while taking thuja etc.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Kuldeep,masters are in favour of prescribing on the symptoms presented by the patient and they said do not try to include the symptoms which are not presented by the patient.They call these the negative symptoms.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Well said, Sajjad

It is not necessary that a patient should have all the symptoms given in the materia medica.

If the majority of your important symptoms correspond to the medicine,you can safely take it.

When these symptoms are removed, you can take the case fresh and choose the next medicine for the remaining symptoms, making sure that the remedy relationships are observed.

this is how a series of medicines are used to bring the patient back to health.

This is how I got cured of my heel spur, and my wife was saved from an imminent operation for cervical displasia.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thank you for the comments. Back to the recommendation of 3 doses...

Isn't the general rule to take the minimum dose? Where there is no indicated emergency on the part of the patient, and especially where the remedy choice hasn't been confirmed and is to be taken in such a high potency, shouldn't the appropriate protocol be to initially try a single dose and see if there is a reaction? At a minimum, as 3 doses taken in succession, shouldn't they be wet doses (that might be implied, but it wasn't stated), or is the idea to keep them at the same potency even if risking aggravation?

If George Vithoulkas took these concerns into account, I would appreciate hearing further. Thanks!
Daisy43 last decade
For those who recommend the 3 doses, should I start doing that at an LM potency or less?

If you have a variety of symptoms, which will require another remedy, how do you decide which set of symptoms to begin with?
Eureca last decade
Yes! dogma must be defended.
kuldeep last decade
I love to use Similum and minimus in all situations.
kuldeep last decade
The reasoning behind 3 doses consecutively and why it is considered a single dose has been explained.

If you can give the medicine in ideal conditions, single dose is enough.

There is no dogma in this.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I don't have any experience with LMs and comment on that.

if the symptoms point towards two remedies, the one that correspond to most of your important symptoms have to be taken first.

After removal of those symptoms, the case has to be taken afresh, and another medicine is to be selected for rest of the symptoms.

So, with a series of medicines, you can return to health.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
read first sentence..

can't comment on that.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hello Mr. Murthy
You said that after doing one remedy we switch to other part as fresh remedy. But does it work if the second remedy antidote the first one. For example if firts remedy is ignatia or nat mur and after treating with that can the second remedy be pulsatilla?
I would appreciate to hear fom you.
Dipika last decade
You have to keep the remedy relationships in view.It is best if the second medicine is a complemntary/follower.

If the second medicine required happens to be an antidote to the first medicine, and reanalysis confirms it, it is best to take an intercurrent remedy,which is a follower of the first medicine,and which also has a favourable relation with the second medicine you need to take.

One such example is Sulphur,Calc,Lyco.

You shouldn't take Lyco immediately after Sulphur, even if it is indicated.

Take calc in between, wait for a few days, and then take Lyco.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Antidotal relationship is tolerable,but inimical medicines are to be avoided,as the second medicines.

Some times, antidotal relationship may help you,as the second one may remove the excessive action of the first one taken, and will make you more comfortable.

However, an inimical medicine as the second one, in a series has to be avoided.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thanks for speedy reply!
Another question related to this thread.... many suggest to take the remedy of 200 c for three days, single per day for the same reason antidote from our lifestyle. But if someone takes the first day and shows the aggravation sign which is kind of proving the medicine ..does'nt that mean to stop?
Antidote is another factor. What should consider as antidote? Is that all storng smell which include all perfumes, chemicals like phenyl, cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste etc all part of our daily life .. can antidote?? How much we avoid specially when given to a child who is moving around.
Is that 1 hour protection before and after is enough is enough time?
Dipika last decade
In the example you gave Puls has an antidotal relationship with Ignatia, but not with Nat.Mur.

Pulsatilla is among the medicines that follow Nat.Mur well.

Nat.mur and ignatia are complementaries.

Just a clarification.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
If the first dose itself aggravates,obviously, you shouldn't take the second dose.

All strong smells can antidote. You have to be cautious at the time of opening the vial, and taking the medicine.

No odors on you, around you and in your mouth. This is very important.

You can be your normalself, and resume your normal activities after half an hour so.

Exposure to odors,at this point of time and afterwards won't antidote the remedy.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Eureca
The use of LMs should be monitored by a professional as careful guidence is needed. Common mistake is that they are low potency,this is not the case.

Sycotic last decade
Mr. Murthy,
Thanks for all yours answers. One last question ..i'm taking nat mur for my general constitutinal mental health . First day when i took i already had very bad headache before. After taking my headache did'nt reduce and i had to take painkiller even though i took after 4 hours of taking nat mur.
I thought that may antidote the medicine so next day i again took nat mur. But third day i'm feeling littlt extra heaviness in chest which is relived by deep breathing (that's my normal type)and general restlessnss. I think its aggravation and i did'nt take the third day. Do you think i'm right?
When should i take next dose. I felt first day very good, happy and peacful (i think painkiller did'nt antidote the remedy).
I heard nat mur should not be given often when its chronic. Is that true? If yes .. how nat mur patients are treated?
Dipika last decade
Hi Deepika

If you have a nat.mur headache, it is true that it may get aggravated, if you take it straight.

There is a way out.

Take bryonia, the complimentary of Nat.mur on three consecutive days, and then try Nat.mur single dose.

Nat.mur in potencies above 30 is a very deep acting medicine, and should not be repeated.

Even for constitutional mental health ,it is better to start with Ignatia and move on to Nat.mur.

Again these are complimentaries, and most mental symptoms match. Hence you can safely start with Ignatia, even when Nat.mur is indicated, to reduce the aggravations.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
as to the question, when to repeat it, wait for atleast a week, and see if you need a further dose.

Delay the second dose, as much as you can.

in homeopathy, the best results are obtained for people who can wait after taking a medicine.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi Murthy,
I took Ignatia 30 c 6 month back. It initially work very good then i switch to once a week. but i realised 1 single dose of ignatia was causing palpitation so much i used to wake up in night and also there was no improvement in other symtoms. Due to this reason i'm scared to take Ignatia.
Then i and some others in this forum suggested to take nat mur as its chronic of ignatia.
The main reasom for choosing nat mur was basicaly from haunting bad memories, with many suppressed grief. This is happening from long time.I hope i chose the right remedy.
Dipika last decade

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