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Choclate Cyst - Joe De Livera

Dear Joe,

My wife has been diagonised with chocolate cyst for the last three months in the left ovary. At that time the cyst was around 3 cm. I had tried Lachesis 30 which gave me wonderful results. But when I raised the potency to 200 there was severe aggravation and total ,detioration. Then Camphor 200, Apis 200 2 doz anf Puls cm 2 doz was given .

Last week when we did the TVS we found in last three months the Left overy cyst has increased to 6 cm and a new cyst of 3 cm has developed in the rigt ovary.

When laproscopic was done the endometrail wall from the right ovary aspired out along with the blood, while the endometrial wall is stii present in the left ovary indication the chnaces of recurrence in the left ovary.

I have read your forum on Bellis Prennis and some books on Bellis Prennis. My book material was limited to Clarke Vol 1, Allen. But no where any speciific action on choicolate cyst was found but a good action on the uterus and pelvic muscles was found. However in the Book Tumours by Dr Burnett i found him to be using Bellis P Q for tumours. Please advice if I should use Bellis P immediately after operation so that it does not reoccur.
  Deepak Ranjan on 2006-10-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I presume that you have already visited the page on Chocolate Cysts:


I note that your wife will be in surgery for her Endometriosis and her Chocolate Cyst soon. She will be prescribed Danosol which is the standard routine after this surgery and she may discover that after she stops it in a few months, her CC's may again grow. This has occurred in a few cases that I have treated.

You will observe that I have prescribed the 30c potency only in the Wet Dose taken twice daily and would not recommend the Q which I feel is not as effective as the 30c which as you will read from the link above has worked like a miracle.

Please keep me posted with your wife's response after surgery.
Joe De Livera last decade

I am extremely grateful to you for your immediate response. With due respect to you I have already mentioned in my earlier mail that my wife has already gone for Laproscopic surgery last week. She has been given a injection of GNRH Analogue.

The doctor now is advising me to go for Super ovulation.

Sir, Please read my earlier mail where i have explained the outcome of the operation.

Please advise me.
Deepak Ranjan last decade
I would like to inform you that I am not a qualified Homeopath and cannot give you any more advice about a remedy that can help your wife after her laparoscopic surgery. I have had some success in the treatment of a few cases one of which I gave you the link where you would have read the confirmation of the patient to what she and her gynecologist felt was an unusual recovery.

I note that you have stated:

'The doctor now is advising me to go for Super ovulation.'

If by this you mean to convey that he has recommended IVF (In vitrio fertilization) my advice to you is to follow his instructions as I am not competent to do so.
Joe De Livera last decade

I want to try this medicine for 2 months before I go for Super Ovulation or IVF. I will give you feed back in about a months time.

Thanks you once again.
Deepak Ranjan last decade
I think that you are very wise.

Do you have children and for how long have you been married ?
Joe De Livera last decade
I do not have any Children.

I have been married for one and a half months.

My wife is 27 and myself 33 years old.

I am a stunch believer in homeopathy and am aware of the wonders of this science.

May god keep you in good health
Deepak Ranjan last decade
To Deepak

I am glad that you discovered her problem with Endometriosis early in your married life and consulted a specialist who have injected her with Gonadorelin which is a GNRH drug(Gonadotropin releasing Hormone). He has done this as he obviously wishes to ensure that your wife's ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs which he will be fertilizing in the lab and inserting it into her womb.

This is the best method of handling her problem before her Endometriosis gets any worse and you are advised to follow his instructions which will hopefully help her to conceive.

Please keep me informed of her progress.
Joe De Livera last decade

Iam married form one and half years and not one and half months as I had mentioned.

In a Ultrasonography done yesterday my wife's right ovary is absolutely normal and free from chocolate cyst but the left ovary is enlarged with traces of endometriosis/chocolate cyst . This is the situation after ten day' of laproscopic surgery in which the accumulated blood was drained out.

As per the advise of the doctor we will be going for superovualtion after one and half month because of the GNRH Analogue given about ten days ago.

I would be grateful if you let me know if I can use Bellis P 30 as advised earlier safely for this one and a half months without any kind of side effects.

At present my wife is taking only vitamin tablets.
Deepak Ranjan last decade
Since she is going in for superovulation therapy shortly, it is best that she does not take the Bellis P as this may antidote the therapy.

You may like to know that I had a recent case of a lady 34 years old who had a child 9 years ago and had the second last week. Her doctors had kept her in hospital for the last month of her pregnancy as she presented with two very large chocolate cysts which were each over 6' diamater which restricted the movement of the baby a girl that was delivered by C section.

Both the baby and the mother are doing fine today.

I have given her the Bellis P to be taken in the future to prevent any future growth.
Joe De Livera last decade
Deepak Ranjan!

The problem with chocolate cyst is whenever you induce ovulation it will grow up. So, you need to be careful and need lot of patience. My sister has similar problem and she underwent three surgeries to get rid of it. Even after that she developed a small one and was prescribed contraceptive injections. She has enough and enough medicines like Danasol. Finally, I stumbled upon Mr. Joe's thread in this forum and on his advise my sister is taking Bellis perenis 30c wet dose. You won't believe that she has no trace of that cyst in the scan and feels better now. I got fed up with allopathy medications. It is a direct relationship between ovulation and chocolate cyst. If you induce ovulation, it will also grow up, sometime leading to complications which may warrant another surgery.

Also, in homeopathy if you get relief with a particular potency, stop it and see the results. Higher potency should be thought of only if the lower potency has no effect. Otherwise, aggravations would occur.

In my view, Bellis works well if given immediately after surgery.

I thought I can share this information with you.

Good luck
muruganrsa last decade
Hi muruganrsa

Feedback like this will not only delght the prescriber,but also will make others study about it more seriously.

The wet dose method Joe suggested is the best to avoid any aggravations, and by using this method you can take the medcine for a long time.

However, if the cyst has gone completely,taper off the dose, and stop it totally after some days.

I hope Joe will agree with me.Get your sister checked frequently atleast once in a quarter,to confirm that the syst is not recurring.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thanks for the suggestions. On the advise of Mr. Joe, my sister has reduce the dose of Bellis to one from two and is taking arnica 30c wet dose in the night. The more important aspect is that my sister now feels confident as is relieved from pains. She never felt this much comfortable. I am keeping an eye on her developments and will get her checked again. I will report the developments, so that it helps many as you have rightly pointed out. Thanks again
muruganrsa last decade
To Murugan

I am glad to learn that others too are also appreciative of the remarkable cure of your sister which you announced a short time ago. I hope that this improvement which basically means that there is no more formation of the Chocolate cyst will continue but I am not happy about stopping the Bellis P completely right now just a little over 3 months after you started the therapy. Your sister will not be affected by just one maintenance dose of the Bellis as I fear that if it is stopped that her CC will wake up again.

The main advantage is that she is not on Danasol today and I am sure that you are all delighted that the CC is hopefully history.

You have analyzed this etiology of the problem precisely and this is all we can do at the moment and hope and pray for a positive result.

I cannot help noting that you the brother seems to be more concerned about your sister than her own husband who has not posted on her behalf so far.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Mr. Joe,

Thanks for the posting. Please note, my sister is continuing one wet dose of Bellis perenis 30c along with wet dose of arnica 30c as suggested by you. I won't let her take any risk at this moment.

I am doing all these things to my sister with the consent of her husband only. He has limited access to internet and is very busy with his work. Moreover, I am concerned a lot since she belives me a lot than anybody else. As a loving brother, I am taking much care about her health. That doesn't mean that her husband takes less care of her. He is also very happy on hearing the developments.

Thanks again for your support and concern.
muruganrsa last decade
Dear Sir,

After reading the post of 'muruganrsa' I realise that after superovulation treatment there are chances that the chocolate cyst will aggravate which may call for another surgery.

Anatomically my wife has clean fallopian tubes(dye test positive) , Right ovary normal, uterus bulky more or less other related organs normal.

Will you advise me to abort the super ovulation process which is in the initial stage, try Bell Per for maybe 3 months before I agree to go for superovulation.

After going through your post I am convinced that with Bell Per the cyst will be cured. Maybe it will take some time but I am ready to wait. If it is cured than I am sure pregnancy will occur in a normal way.

Another query is that my wife was given Puls cm 2 doz on 4 0ct 2006. The operation was done on 9th October. My homeopathic physician says me that inspite of all the antibiotics administered Puls cm is still acting.

Therefore My query is can Bell Per be given now or wait for a month or so for the Puls action to die out before I put her on Bell Per 30c.

Please Reply
Deepak Ranjan last decade
My suggestion will be to wait and take the opinion of your homeopathic physician.

Perhaps, you can take a printout of this discussion, and discuss with him.

A CM potency acts for a longtime, and it is not wise to disturb it's action.
gavinimurthy last decade
As perhaps you are already aware I am not a qualified physician either in Homeopathy or in Medicine. My advice can only reflect my own thoughts which may or may not coincide with what others on this forum have been insisting are not classical in their formulation and are therefore not, according to my detractors, valid. They fail to take into account that I have an unbeaten record of success in the treatment of hundreds, perhaps thousands of ailments on this forum alone.

My advice to you is to keep on with the Bellis P for at least 3 months, preferably even longer and try again for a baby without any artificial treatment, as according to your report of her Salpingograph the fact that her Fallopian tubes are not affected by the endometriosis is a good sign and should be exploited to the full.

She should lead a normal life and exercise daily to sweat it out as this too helps with her problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
to generalmanager/muruganrsa/joe de livera

thank you all for the live support and advise to my post.

please continue this support as at this difficult juncture i sincerely look forward for your kind support and guidance.
Deepak Ranjan last decade
I am not against the idea of Bellis. i just wanted him to take a second opinion.
gavinimurthy last decade
I support the view of Mr. Joe as I got fed up with my sister's problem. Whenever, ovulation is induced, the cyst became a nuisance and she has to go back to danasol or surgery. That made me to rethink on her treatment and I took the path of homeopathy for her. Bellis works well immediately after surgery. It cures wounds in deeper parts as well. I don't think Bellis is anyway inimical to puls. She can be on Bellis for three months atleast and try to conceive the natural way. It is the right time to give her Bellis to stop the cyst growth. I believe Bellis won't interfere with natural menstrual cycle and there is a possibility that she can conceive the natural way. That would be the best idea to follow with. No homeopath will look into Bellis for chocolate cyst and certainly will suggest something else. You can believe in Joe Mr. Deepak Ranjan and give a try for a couple on months. No harm will be done.
muruganrsa last decade
Dear Sir,

I have started using BEll Per 30 from today. I have put 3-4 pellets in a 350 ml bottle and will be giving two times a day after giving ten strokes.

I will be keeping you informed for your advice.
Deepak Ranjan last decade
Dear Sir,

As I have already infromed my wife has been taking BELL Per 30 from 2nd Nov but the medicine was discontinued for 2 days as she had developed cold and fever. The medicine was again resumed from 11 th Nov.

My wife is showing intial signs of pregnancy although pathological reports confirmation are yet to be done.

Please advise if she can continue BELL PER 30 during this period.


Deepak Ranjan last decade

Please reply.


Deepak Ranjan last decade
Dear Deepak

I am happy that you shared your wonderful news with me to inform me that your wife was hopefully pregnant. I shall await your further news in confirmation ASAP.

You have asked me a question that I feel I am not qualified to answer as to whether or not you should continue with the Bellis Perennis. My gut feeling is that it would be better for her to continue to use the 2 remedies as usual as it is accepted that Homeopathic remedies can be safely used during pregnancy.

You can request her to have another scan in about a month and if all goes well we can then decide what we should do next.

I would invite the advice of others who have been posting on this thread to seek their views on how to handle this case which to me is unique.

Please note that if in future I do not reply immediately you can always contact me by phone on

9411 2696789 (Residence) 9411 2380001 (Office from 11.00 to 16.30hrs)

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Deepak

I am awaiting the latest news on the results of the latest tests that your wife would have made to confirm her condition.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade

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