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Nasal Parasites

Does anyone have info or experience with nasal parasites? I am concerned because I continue to blow out consistent pieces of mucuos that look like a small worm shape casing. However none have appeared to be alive. My medical doctor insists that they are mucous. I have seen a sinus specialist who has never heard of such a thing but was baffled by the consistent shapes. I did visit El Salvador in 05 and came back with giardia which took the medical doctors forever to diagnose. Does anyone know of someone who can help me with this dilemna?
  janet57 on 2006-11-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
janet57, i am exited to see your question because i am experiencing the exact same symptoms. my dr.also insists that there are no parasites present, but i can feel something attached to the lining of my nostril. i also am removing the wormlike casings, which appear to have tiny legs and some type of hook or bony appendage to attach itself with, which is causing pain and some bleeding when i try to remove it. please let me know if you get any insight on this, as it has been ongoing, and becoming a matter of great concern
mwb0118 last decade
There is nothing like nasal parasites the things which you are talking about are only mucous polyps ( an over or outgrowth of mucous membrane ) and nothing else so, stop worrying about it because it is a very good sign if a mucous polyps comes out of it's own otherwise they require surgical treatment.

Dr. Kireet Taneja
Dr Kireet last decade
Dear janet57,
dear mwb0118,
dear Dr. Kiret:
There are some insect that can parasite animal or humans and can be depositated in nose or skin.
I have no experience in this ambit, but you should take one of these pieces (mucous or worms), put into a little plastic bag and give to your doctor. If you are not satisfied with his opinion, then send to a laboratory and ask for an analisis.
In other hand, parasitism in the mucouses ever produces some symptoms and almost ever is painful when the eclosion of the larves. If you have no some symptoms, then you can think this is not a parasite.
Best wishes
andres last decade
I have had these. I live on a horse farm and at first was coughing up string like things. Consistent with the second poster some looked like they had some small (appendages, legs or something) things coming off them. When I would cough them up or occasionally blow them out of my nose they were approx. 1 inch long and clear. Also, they appeared to be hollow. Embarrassed I put a few in a cup of water (they dry out quickly) where they then turned white). I brought them to my doctor who said they were nothing but he also didn't know what they were. I am 32 and have never seen anything like this. My sons pediatritian said they were probably casts of the small airways.
Conversly, I do have nasal polyps.At times I have felt like there was something stuck in my nose. Maybe a Netti Pot would help.Please let me know if you learn anything. Best wishes.
Dagney last decade
I will tell you right off the bat I am not a doctor of any kind nor have I had any formal schooling on the subject. I am not convinced that polyps are most likely what you are describing if it is constantly happening all the time. If you are going to send a specimen into the lab, it is my opinion that it should never be put in water, but rather saline. If it is an organism, because the the osmotic difference, putting it into tap water can cause it to swell to the point where it cannot be recognized (if it is in fact something other than mucous)If it is (muscous)and you are constantly blowing these out, check with your doctor about taking supplemental enzymes. While the are typically used to aid digestion, some people have found it also helps with chronic problems similar to what all of you are describing, though I suspect in the last reply the 'casings' are blown out with mucous that is very bubbly, thick, and sticky as well as having elastic-like properties...with a fair amount of yeast also in the extra sticky snot. It is also my belief (which I have to tell you some view as paranoid) that it is wise to to take a deworming dose of prescription antihelminths every two years, especially if you work with animals. I have found that many pet owners are oblivious to the fact that many parasites their pets can have, can be transmitted to you even when praticing strict sanitary rituals. A good Vet should inform ALL pet owners of the importance of regular deworming of your pets which can be done on a less frequent basis as long as your pet takes heart worm preventative without lapse in administering it. Talk with your Vet about it, I believe every pet owner should even if heart worms are not known to be prevalent in your area. While heartworms cannot infect man as far as we know....the preventative medication stops many other parasites besides heart worms from reached maturity (or a reproduction stage) Talk with your doctor to see if they would be willing to prescribe a deworming dose of antihelminth drugs for both cestode/trematode as well as nematodes (two drugs, not three) and if they would write it evry two to three years. If no, check with another doctor, You will porbably find one willing.
mrdusty last decade
whoops, forgot to mention info on the enzymes. It is thought buy some (including me) that the ezymes derived from plants (most brands display that the enzymes are plant or vegatable based if they are so) The theory is that they have been shown to be active at a larger range of pH's than enzymes derived from sources other than plants.
mrdusty last decade
Just responding to the many great replies for my original email. Just as a follow-up about the saga... I did end up going to an infectious control doctor, who appeared to be very knowledgeable, although he did not have experience with such a thing as nasal parasites he did have experience with parasites. He so graciously took a sample and personally assisted the lab tech that very day in examining it. Nothing of a parasitic or infectious nature was found. So, I am getting them less rather than more and will rest in that for now.
janet57 last decade
I am experiencing soft round little fleshy larva or nymph like creatures in my nasal passage. These are about this size of the number 8 on the key board. Using a magnifying glass all appear to have a triangular or pear shaped head with with large round bulbous eyes located on the each side of the head. This creature also appears to have a hooked type seperated or divided beek. I have also been experiencing something moving over my face occasionally throughout the later parts of the day and evening. This experience does not end here. there also seems to be a collection of something in the corners of my mouth and inside the mouth which once inside the mouth have the propencity to want to remain there in spite of my efforts to move it into a position to spit it out. This concerns me, because for the last few months I have been battling bed bugs. So now I ask; is it possible due to the pesticides in my apartment can these bed bugs be seeking refuge in my nasal cavity, and if so is there some new kind of mutated creature comming into existance? I believe this whole experience has the makings for a B rated horror movie. If it were not for the magnifying glass I could ver well mistake one of these things for just a bugger. And I just noticed that bugger begins with B U G. So whats up with that? Anyone out there with a magnifying glass also, experiencing the same thing?
billybronco last decade
As stated above I am experiencing something collecting in the corners of my mouth. I neglected to mention that often I have the feeling of something small and invisible moving over my face, forehead, and around my ears. I will often take my thumb and index finger one on each side of my mouth and remove the collected materialwhat ever it may be. I find myself gently brushing my face off of what tiny creature I feel moving across my face. I work in a small grocery store just on the outskirts of a major metropolitan down town area. Even though it is a very attractive area to live in there are many homeless and indigent peoples in the area due to the fact that three beautiful cathedrals and county social services are located here. Last night while at work two homeless women came into the grocery store while observing them I noticed that they too were repeatedly brushing their faces with their hands and in the same manner removing once again whaever was collecting in the corners of their mouth. So I ask this question; what is out there that is contagious; which is probably more common to the homeless and to those who serv them, than the rest of the peopleout there who have no contact with these people. Also can this be related to my itchy eyebrows?
billybronco last decade
Their is infection of nasal parasite ,parasite is about size of pus cell having 4 or 5 flaygellum on one side causing irritation and cause also waterry nose .It cause sneezing as well.Iver mectin an animal antiparasitic drug is used in allopathy to cure the problem
DR.SHADAB 9 years ago
Lay report. What I would do:

Nasal roundworms are very common. They occur in a very small percentage of people, but that percentage adds up to millions and millions.

There is substantial exposure in modern America. You are at risk. Nasal roundworms are commonly called thread worms. Their cousins are seen in dog feces, the large white worms that look like spaghetti. This is no joke.

They are more common in certain geographical areas but directly follow certain conditions: poor hygiene, unsanitary food handling, risky sex practices, compromized immune systems, genetic populations with low historical exposure to specific varieties of the worms. Example: more aggressive subspecies of thread worms from south and latin america and Africa are potentially much more dangerous to northern europeans that have reduced immunity to these organisms (specific variety). African Americans often have reduced resistance to Asian varieties of these and other parasites. It is about geographical history and what your ancestors fought on that soil.

Notable example, common thread worms in Great Britan are logically less likely to do extensive damage to a native Brit. All other things being equal ( no immune disorder etc).

Moronic platitudes from doctors and the misapplied questions must be dealt with.

Dismissing certain parasites because you have not been to Africa or South America is a misnomer. Our food handlers, fellow travelers and sexual partners are from all over the world. The dog that licks your face, the racoon or rodent that licks your flatware, plates or food has licked just about everything. Everything that exists on this planet is resident in the US population.

'Modern Medicine' has not figured out how to deal with this cheaply so they have trained the HMO doctor to evade responsiblity with dismissive questions such as....have you been to Africa...

Or to intimdate you with cohort labeling....' this is only associated with immune compromised people...or people who have risky sex with ....' You know the tactic. They take a general indicator and make it the sole, hard fast rule. Then they deny the other relatively common scenarios.

That most doctors don't know these basic facts about parasites is evidence of the collapse of modern medicine. This information is among the ABC's of medicine. Basic stuff.

Any medical practicioner that would not respond with a scientific inquiry; ask questions, swab, culture, run blood antigen analysis or any number of diagnostic techniques is remiss and frankly, dangerous. ( I just described the HMO role model) Todays crowd? throw in greedy, lazy and incompetent. Increasingly from second and third world medical schools, the lower end of their class...etc. Those willing to work for the HMO. Many have a chip on their shoulder, carry class and cast mentalities and won't recognize any illness unless you are of a deserving class or demonstrate a visible text book dilemna such as elephantiasis.

People are human and the new crowd of medical practitioners are just as human as you and me, but more poorly trained then the generation chased out by the HMO paradigm.

Thread worms or nasal round worms may or may not be very dangerous. Thread worms may be accompanied by pin worms or other conditions, which may also be nasal. In fact, you may have to really examine your health.

Identifying the parasites:
You will notice these at night. You will notice them as itching, tingling at nostrils edge or against CPap fixture and skin, after dark.

One symptom is the returning flow. You blow your nose, you think a snot is coming out, then it seems to retreat. You are frustrated. Guess what, this is a game of hide and seek. You won't win that way.

One clear way to identify is the encrusted specimen. You will feel dried up bits of flem just below your inner nostril. As you remove it with a kleenex you notice what looks like a hair follicle. Then you look closer. The dried out green flem looks partially translucent. Against he light you will see one to three small pod like shadows. You may notice a small darker area and even the red of blood. Oddly in small quantity and not flowing from your nose. The 1/4' to 1' strand that looks like a hair from your nostril will have a strange bend/ twist at the end while the body is smooth and nearly straight or slightly curved. If you touch and feel it, you will know it is not a hair. If you cut it with tweezers the texture will confirm this.

But the visual is very clear.
Google thread worms and nasal pinworms. You will see pictures.

Some may suspect HMO's efforts at dumbing down medicine are to blame for this unbelievably glaring, basic lack of knowledge as reported in this forum exchange. But character is a key. How can anyone trained in medicine and the art of examination not apply some socratic principle and genuinely ask questions, then examine accordingly? Good grief.

What can you do? You are going to have to deal with these facts.

1. Examine your base. Are you fundamentally healthy and just facing a parasite?

- odds are you are healthy.
diabetes,severe illness, stress can temporarily knock your immune system down. Address these areas immediately. That is move one.

- if you have an HIV or Hepatitis exposure or suspect an underlying condition such as Luekemia etc, firmly press to have this baseline information established with testing, not knee jerk, know it all responses from half baked physicians.

Side Note:
These high performance HMO physicians that look like they are hurinating their pants while they are typing into the computer, instead of listening to your symptoms....they are the norm. They are close to worthless. Do not let these mental midgets make you feel uncomfortable or stupid. Make a clear simple request and have it in writing. Hand it to the doctor. Guide them and smile. Bring out the best in them and help them return to the practice of medicine, which includes diagnostic science. You will realize they are only temporarily acting like mental midgets...and just good people under duress. Well most of them.

Keep a file. If you don't get what you want, call you insurer, report your incident. Remember, they are trained similarly. You are documenting. Document briefly or you will wear yourself out. Start over with another doctor, possibly at a teaching university. Likely your best bet.

2. Treating your parasite.
-in early stages Erythromycin or cousin Zithromax may be effective.
More specific medicines ( which are essentially oral pesticides/ poisons) can also be prescribed by your MD. You may not have to go that far if you address your underlying immune paradigm; stress, temporary severe illness (pneumonia etc), diabetes, repeat exposures from food, pets and sexual partners. You do not need to have an immune disorder to have this parasite and others. They are around and infect totally healthy people, in fact millions of healthy people.

Man is good at carrying around parasites, you are not likely to die or even experience more than discomfort. But ultimately they can eat your brain or cause stroke or blindness. Why not deal with this thoroughly?

3. However you treat. Eliminate your source of contamination. I am saying this twice. Identify it.
Food handlers. Sexual partners. Pets. Contaminated food; crab, oysters, fish for example carry amebas and blood, liver and lung flukes ( dangerous and very common worm like parasistes)

4. I am not an MD. I spend a great deal of time with many and have thoroughly investigated this specific issue for personal reasons. You guessed it. Nasal round worms. I had them. I have not been to Africa. Living in California I have culutral exposure that equates to central and south america and Africa. I have been to Japan and feasted on crab endlessly. I have gorged on deep sea fish, raw, cooked and half cooked. I have been a manly red meat, rare beef connosieur. I have a presumptive diagnosis of a liver parasite as well, not yet identified by biopsy. My immune system is normal, multiple screen for HIV, STD etc. But my contact for nasal round worm could be as simple as an unclean public fixture ( frame holding toilet paper) contaminated toilet paper, contaminated foods ( these contaminations would be from fecal matter and nasal flow, from the infected party to the toilet paper, fixture or food.)

Note that the high frequency of use of public restrooms, for example, creates a window of contact that bridges human to human contact. Fluids protect these organisms for brief periods.

No, you cannot get syphillis from a toilet seat or handle, but you can definitely pick up a host of illnesses including; hepatitis, fungus, crabs, scabies, worms, mersa. Hepatitis B for example can survive in dry blood ( any mucousy mess) for up to 48 hours. Contact with a cut or lesion begins the process.

Hepatitis A is commonly transmitted by food handlers.

Parasistal Hepatitis ( such as liver flukes) is commonly transmitted both in raw fish and more commonly on contaminated food ( human transfer through human fecal contamination). Same with tape worms and in particular south american brain worms, epidemic in some south american countries. The victims come to the US for treatment. Guess what they bring with them?

'Have you been to Africa....Latin America....' Go figure.

You get the picture. Commons sense. Good hygiene.

When you find a doctor that mans up and does the diagnostic and treats you, let the world know about his/her greatness.

Then burn the MD that had his/her head up their ass. Write them, the hospital, the local medical board, the CDC and the board of health and report the failure to diagnose and treat versus the successful diagnosis and treatment.

Protect the next generation from the clowns that are destroying our standard of health care.

It will help a great group of people (doctors) that have been prostrated by HMO's to do bad things.
They will gain leverage to provide better care.

Take some time to read about the cylce of Lui Lui (eye an brain worm). It will paint a picture of what is out there, how hard it is to diagnose and how the treatments largely rely on boosting your immune response. But meds are required. People not treated stroke, lose cognitive skills and evengo insane then die.

Modern American medicine has turned its back on parasistes, probably primarily as a result of the HMO paradigm.

My lay belief is that these problems are spreading and at a an increasing rate, due to overcrowding, poorer public hygiene and lack of commons sense issues like providing clean water for washing.

Good luck. My suspicion is you have thread worm. Consult a specialist in parasitology.

25 years ago an epidemic of parasitic snails was identified in California. The source was contaminated lettuce and you can deduce the ultimate source.

The outcome is dysfunction and death. Since it was deemed financially and politically challenging so the entire issue was just withdrawn from the media and public conscience.

Who is tracking that one?

As the population is overlayed with more and more of these issues, it will eventually become apparent and an outcry may result in some correctivce action.

However, in the mean time you have to protect yourself.
tometonight 8 years ago
Regarding identifying parasites. Regarding follow up with specialist that says no confirmation, please consider.

1. Not all specimens are viable for testing.
2. People with little or no experience are not able to recognize viability or calibrate properly, or read results accurately.
3. Synical doctors often can the specimens because in their mind, you were wrong from the start and they know everything.
4. Labs miss under the best of circumstances and many can specimens to save money. You got it, they charge but do not test. You can only risk that on negative reports. That paradigm is rampant.
5. When the specialist said he had no experience you should have insisted he refer you to someone that does, and forgoe your fee,

What gives these idiots the right to learn on you? Good grief. Of course it came back negative. From the start.

If you are serious, invest $500 in a photo microscope with slides. Take a series of pictures over time. Put them on the net. You will get confirmation via the preponderance of the salient observation.

Your history of giardia and travel to south america indicates you are a prime candidate for multiple parasites.

Regarding the gentleman that writes about movement on skin, face. It was reported to me that scabies do that, are more active at night. they crawl over your skin in larval stage, then bore in to scabie and reproduce.

I am not practicing medicine, just a lay person with strong opinions based on personal research, experience and common sense.

This is a forum for discussion. Not medical advice.
tometonight 8 years ago
Hi Tometonight,

Thanks for your comments, great info. Im experiencing parasites under my scalp and I think I may have initially caught the internal ones at a restaurant once and when I took herbs for them the migrated into my head region. Look at the topic I posted by clicking my name then going to my topic called hair loss parasites under the scalp. Do you have any suggestions. I took the recommendation given me for sulphur, which seems to be helping me in general but don’t know if it will totally wipe these thing out w/in the 15 day wait period and Im not totally aware of what kind of diet I should be eating other then what was mentioned.
shoronda 8 years ago
WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE once apone a time. my name is brad and i am a drill supervisor site manager last job tanzania 2 years remote bush camp cattle country 80 employees on site aficans and two ex pats .
maeria 10 times over 4 years
scabbies from camp
bed bugs in teeth cavity x 3
bucket baths from bore
fresh fish lake victoria
constantmovement under scalp
i did kill two tadpoles under scalp squashed jet black with skin texture of silk .
sores on feet and fore arms that dont heel no puss or ouzing just open and a parisite living in each opening .
arms will heel over if left alon 34 months but can excite grab with tweezers and arm starts to light up with white tracks from scared sore to next one and so on .breeding cycle .
every 8 or 10 weeks 5 or 6 large lumps apear on back of neck then for two days constant flow of clear liquid two more days gone then my scalp breaks out in hundreds of small blister lumps containing liquid two days gone then entire body can feel sesameee seed in size and feel under skin i fell like a bird with full crop . i can also feel on back of neck 10 or 15 coiled up worms with hard crustation also on scalp but mainly on neck try to extract one of my pets can feel worm wriggle and slaping arond on palm but not visual to eye.
have had two large lumps on scull for 18 months would appeare to be home base can scrath poke manouver and lump disapears but always returns feels like an old scar but scrtch lightly amd sterts to open out then break skin and worms by hundreds start exiting when this happens my dog starts to shake head and promtly leaves the room exit stage right to backyard i had to put my best friend down vet said liver had turned to liquid stomach the size of bascket ball sad day .
when it seems my cup runnith over small brown egg type things start to turn up all about me in fridge on bench tops on floor etc also in my food got to a stage i just eat the also can get many different looking critters to exit botom lip both sides both ear lobes both eye brows bridge of nose and large lump in right nostral passage put finger on it and quicklly dispearses only to return on two ocations touched worm to feel and retracted up nasal cavity into scull at a alarming rate i was a lot concerned by this .
some times can get a critter from scalp eye brow looks like triangular kite withlong mouth two eyes and hooks on wings these are near inposible to extract as when found tend to dart around and you need to break skin and a big oponing is neede to get out hence leave alone or sores on eye brows not a good look
if i have the hottest shower i can handle 2 or three hours can get all worms out and then what feels like the sessamee seeds start to come out but after this i get some relieif and can get some sleep and all settles for a week .
i believe i am a mentaly strong person from living on steets as a kid sleeping in old cars toilets salvo bins and learnt to look after number one i tend to upset a lot of poeple cause i call it as i see it and most poeple dont like the truth.
apon presentation to hospital a pattern begins i understand you tell poeple of critters under skin you cant see anything .
alarms we got a live one and sicitrist attend . on on ocasion had a severe feeling of presure on brain lasted about three houres . and only went to hospital to get a record off the lumps that keep reacuring on back of neck . after catching my pet tadpoles i was on top off the world i got evedence and most off all i can prove to my family and most of all my son that iam not in the head .and yes i was smocking crystell meth but wait for it to ware off before going to hospital entered system and placed in room about 5 poeple well bugger me no doctor a sic shes acessed paracitic phicosis i am not happy told her my 9 year old daughter got more brains than her i tell her i have two frozen critters in small esky she saya all i see is dead skin you super woman still in esky she well show me i open esky last thing i remember i wake up three days later in mental hospital full lock down and extremely angry i am sticking to my story but samples lost or binned i refuse meds but i had to bend after two weeks and pretend i was feeling better and take the anti syc meds i got along very well wiyh head syc nice person but told him i will come back for my dignity when i prove .oh one time found a fat white worm on floor of shower with two nippers and also one time washing feet with garden hose and a large fat worm exited my heel .thats enogh for now . if i wasa dog you would put me out of misery .
helllp 6 years ago
Tometonight, or to any others out there who can help with this topoic; I thank you for this post. It confirms what I have been experiencing for over five years now and haven't gotten the doctors to help me. I wonder if you would mind posting the medication that finally cured the nasal roundworm.
I've tried all the natural remedies, but nothing works. Since I've had this for so long now, I know it won't be easy to cure.
Please post what you took, for how long, or the doctor who finally believed you. I will travel to him/her. I live in Florida.
Thank you for helping us!
Marissa7 5 years ago

Have you been diagnosed for pin worms
or round worms?

Have you taken any medication from the Md's?


Have you seen any of the worms?

Sometimes people think they have worms when they really
have a mold allergy, which if you are living or working in
a building that has hidden mold- produces all kinds of
sensations on the skin and drs. do not diagnose this and
don't know what to do about it.

- See the Site -www.surviving mold-
several people on here thought they had parasites and they
had mold reactions.

other site on nasal parasites-

simone717 5 years ago
Hi Simone,
Thanks so much for your reply. I'm so glad to respond. Yes, I have been diagnosed with pinworm and roundworm. I coughed up a larva in the very beginning of this nightmare, that was my first symptom. About two weeks later, my sinuses started tickling and I would hear like a cracking noise in there, late at night.
I also have passed large roundworms. One of them, I took to a Vet and he diagnosed it as dog roundworm. That makes sense because I may have caught this from snuggling and holding a bunch of newborn puppies up close to my face, and didn't immediately wash my hands or face. I also may have been exposed to racoon roundworm when I rescued a baby racoon and brought it into my home.
I know better than to do that... NOW!
You can also get parasites from contaminated meat, vegetables or fruit, so it's everywhere.
It's truly been a painful journey. I don't want to get too physically close to anyone, for fear I am contagious, which I believe I am.
Anyway, I did have lab work done that gave me the positive diagnoses for Ascaris, Toxocara and Roundworm.
I'm also positive for Toxoplasmosis, Epstein-Barre and Herpes Simplex.
I think we become susceptible when our immune system is weakened.
The only medication I've managed to get was four Albenza pills, 400 mg. for the pinworm. I'll need a specialist and some longer therapy to get better. If you don't get treated early, the larva travel all through your system, and becomes Visceral Larva Migrans, and that's tough. The larva form cysts anywhere in your body. I have 4 of these, diagnosed. 3 in/near my brain that have serious complications, and one in my liver.
I would love to hear back from you and from anyone who's found a good doctor. I have decided to focus my efforts on finding the few people out there that can and will help me, so please send me any suggestions, doctors names, or research labs you recommend. My mission is to, in turn, help others who need help, and to raise awareness that this is an emerging infectious disease in the U.S. Doctors need to pull their heads out of the sand, for God's sake! People are dying from your neglect!
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Marissa7 5 years ago
Have you tried proper homoeopathic prescribing. We have lots of cases of cured parasites in our literature.
Evocationer 5 years ago
No, actually, I have not. I've tried lots of herbs, special foods, and many things I found online, but not strictly homeopathy. I would be open to learning more if you'll direct me to it.
I have a strict diet, no sugar, white flour products, no yeast or wheat, etc.
Thanks for your reply and I look forward to hearing more about what you have.
Marissa7 5 years ago
It would require a full case to be taken, and a single medicine prescribed on the basis of all relevant and peculiar (individual) symptoms, including mental and emotional ones. Any one of the 10,000+ medicines we have might be indicated for you personally.
Evocationer 5 years ago
Thanks so much for the reply. Any treatment I get,unfortunately, must be covered under my health insurance. I'm assuming here, that this treatment would not be covered...
I'd like to find out more about it, though. Can you refer me to some good reference material on the subject, so I can learn more?
Marissa7 5 years ago
Any treatment you received here would be free. Nobody here charges, even if like myself they are a professional homoeopath.
Evocationer 5 years ago
Reply to Evocationer,
I'd like to receive your help. I'm in the U. S. Please give me your instructions. My email address is posted with my profile. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!
Marissa7 5 years ago
Hi Marissa,

Evocationer will put a detailed form on this thread.
This is your treatment thread. The owner/moderator
of the forum wants everything on the forum and not
by email as a protection for people so they won't
get scammed, asked for money, and being advised
unsafe prescriptions by email.

If you want to read a basic book on homeopathy for
free you can google Mary Aspinwall, on the right side
of her page, she has free stuff and you can download
a pdf of basic homeopathy book for free ( she also

Homeopathy does not work anything like allopathic or
herbal medicine. It works on the principle ' like cures Like'
There is a materia medica at the top of the forum where
the alphabet is listed-that includes thousands of remedies. You will see one remedy covers a huge amount
of things. You don't have to have all the symptoms of
the remedy.

The remedy is to be a 'similar' match to your totality
of symptoms - mental physical, emotional, what makes
you better and worse, etc. When you get a close match
your body will not allow your 'disease' and the remedy.
It reacts by raising your life force to clear everything that
is not right. The clearing usually follows a path- called
Herings Law of Cure ( you can google that) Your life force
is what is doing the work, the remedy is a catalyst.


simone717 5 years ago
Thank you. I will look for the thread!
Marissa7 5 years ago

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