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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank you. I will look for the thread!
Marissa7 5 years ago
Hi- where you are posting right now is what is called
your treatment thread.

Just wait for Evocationer to post his form and then you
post the answers.
simone717 5 years ago

(Please spend the most time on this section and give DETAILED answers - the homoeopathic remedy is very often decided on the basis of the mental and emotional state of the patient !)

1. What are the issues in your life that bother you the most. Not physical issues but mental or emotional ones. List each one separately and describe why each one bothers you so much.

2. What emotions are the most troublesome for you? What situations provoke these emotions. How do these emotions make you act? Do you feel any ill effects from expressing or not expressing these emotions.

3. What incidents in your life have had a deep impact on you? Describe each incident in detail and how they made you feel? What did you do in those situations? What effect have they had on your life?

4. What are you afraid of? Especially important are phobias, but it might be objects, situations or events that just produce a high level of anxiety. How do you manage your fears? How do you react when confronted with these fears? What would be the worst situation for you to be put in that would provoke these fears? You may need to talk about each fear/anxiety separately.

5. What hobbies do you have? Why do you like each of these activities?

6. Do you have any persistent thoughts, ideas or beliefs that are difficult to stop or cope with? What are they?

7. Do you have any unusual gestures or movements of the body? Do you feel any unusual sensation or pain throughout your body? What exactly does it feel like is happening in your body?

8. When you experience your fears, persistent thoughts, or difficult emotions, what kind of sensation or reactions do you get in your body?

9. When did you feel at your best in your life? What was that like for you? If you imagine the complete opposite of this feeling or moment, what would that be like?

10. Do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern of behavior, especially when trying to deal with your problems? What is this pattern? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION PLEASE CONSIDER CAREFULLY AND GIVE DETAILS.

11. What difficulties or problems do you have in relationships? Talk about your family, your romantic relationships, your spouse or partner, your friends, and your work colleagues. You may need to talk about all of these separately.

12. List 5 positive things about yourself. Are there any situations where this positive attribute becomes negative (is a problem)?

13. List 5 negative things about yourself. Are there any situations where this negative attribute becomes positive (is useful)?

14. Do you have any reoccurring dreams? Describe them in detail, including any feelings that come while dreaming. Dreams are very important in unlocking the deepest truth of a patient’s case, but it is not enough to simply describe them in a sentence. Give as much information as you feel comfortable doing.

15. Did you have any reoccurring dreams as a child, or earlier in your life? Describe those in detail including any feelings that came with them.

16. What were you like as a child, your character, your personality, your fears, your dreams, your problems?

17. What kind of environment did you grow up in? What problems where there at home, with your family, with your parents, with your siblings, with school?
Evocationer 5 years ago

In homoeopathy, prescription is based on precise details of various symptoms from which you suffer. To tell or write to a homoeopathic physician 'I have a headache ', ' an eruption ' or “a cough” would not be enough. If you inform him 'I have headache with sharp shooting pains in the left side of the head and temple, these pains always come on when the slightest cold air strikes the head. I feel better by pressing the head very hard.” Then only you have given all the information required for making a good homoeopathic prescription. The success of the prescription depends; largely on how detailed your description of the symptoms is.
We require the following details about your symptoms.

LOCATION: Please give the exact location of sensation, pain or other symptom. Also describe where the pain or sensation or symptom spreads.

SENSATION: Express the type of sensation or the pain or other symptom that you get in your own words however simple or funny it may seem. You may have a sensation that a mouse is crawling or the heart was grasped by an iron hand or you may have a pain that is cutting, burning jerking, pressing. Express the sensation or pain as it feels to you. Try to explain the whole sensation in the exact way it is happening and not just the word. We need to understand the whole process of the sensation as it is happening to you.


Many factors are likely to influence your complaint. Some factors may intensify it and some factors may relieve the trouble. A detailed list of the factors is given at the end. Please refer it while describing each of your troubles and indicate which factors make the complaint better or worse.

DISCHARGES: You may have a discharge from nose, ears, mouth, eyes, ulcers, fistula, eruptions on skin, private parts, etc. Please describe your discharge in detail including colour, consistency, appearance, odour etc.

1] Your Complaint:

(Use your own words as far as possible, but if you have recognized or diagnosed the condition, give this information also.) By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me to understand what your body and unconscious mind is conveying. This can help me find a remedy for you.)
• What is the name of your complaint?
• When did the complaint begin?
• Where is it located?
• What sort of sensations (or emotions) do you associate with it? Sensation may or may not be painful
• Does anything make it better or worse?
• How does it bother you? How does it affect your day-to-day life?
• How does it feel like to have this/these problem/s? What are your feelings about being a person with this kind of complaint
• Did any event happen which caused the complaint? Describe the emotion associated with it.
• What are the other symptoms started with it, esp. mental and physical symptoms, which are not directly related to the main complaint.
• What are your reactions to it? How do you manage it?
When does it tend to occur?(time/day/other event)

PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FOR EACH SYMPTOM/COMPLAINT SEPARATELY. DO NOT INCLUDE ALL OF YOUR COMPLAINTS TOGETHER IN EACH QUESTION eg. all questions answered for Leg Pain, then same questions answered for Migraines, then same questions answered for Panic attacks etc.
Evocationer 5 years ago

(Symptoms that don’t fit anywhere else, but are things that tend to affect all of you as a person, but are not emotions or thoughts)

1. Sleep - what position do you tend to sleep in?
- what position can you not sleep in?
- do you do anything unusual in your sleep?
- any problems with going to sleep, staying asleep, or waking up?

2. Appetite - What foods do you crave/desire strongly?
- What foods do you hate eating (have an aversion to)?
- What foods have a negative effect on you or cause symptoms?
- What foods have a positive effect on you or seem to improve your health or symptoms in some way?

- What is the effect of hunger or fasting on you?

3. Thirst - What drinks do you crave/desire strongly?
- What drinks do you hate to take (are averse to)?
- When are you most thirsty?
- When are you least thirsty?

4. Stool - Do you have any problems with your bowels or passing stool?
- What is the shape, color, odor of the stool?

5. Urine - Do you have any trouble passing or retaining urine?
- What is the color, odor of the urine?
- Do you have any sediment or debris in the urine?

6. Sweat - How do you feel about the amount of perspiration you have?
- Where do you have the most sweat?
- What is the odor?
- What color does it stain clothing?
- Does anything in particular cause you to sweat abnormally?

7. Sexuality - Any problems with your sexual desire?
- Any problems with your sexual ability or function?
- Any history of sexually transmitted diseases?

8. Menses (Women)
- How many days is your cycle?
- How many days does the flow go for?
- What is the appearance of the flow?
- What is the odor of the flow?
- What kind of stain does the flow leave?
- Any discharge before, during or after?
- Any pain before, during or after the flow?
- What symptoms come before the flow?
- What symptoms come after the flow?

9. Environment – How does the weather affect you?
- How does the temperature affect you?
- How does the season affect you?
- What physical activities affect you?
- Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to?

10. Anything else you feel is important that hasn’t been covered by previous questions?
Evocationer 5 years ago
I to am experiencing this problem I am 12 I only have one question how many of you have had sushi before you experienced this problem I to feel something in my nasal cavity but I also feel it at the roof of my mouth.
please someone find an answer. It feels better when I am lying down I and am falling asleep quite rapidly at night. In the morning it is worse during the afternoon it calms down and at night little to no problems.
brawl2 5 years ago

Dr. Nail Nathan

By Neil Nathan MD

UPDATE May 16, 2015

I have scheduled Dr. Larry Klapow to be on my radio program for the upcoming July 24th show (changed from June 26), and we will be discussing our most recent findings during that program, as well as giving an overview of what we know.

So, for those who have been patiently (pun, intended) following our work on the Vk worm, we wanted you to know that we continue to pursue research on its diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Klapow has recently discussed some new treatments which we believe will significantly improve our ability to treat the Vk worm and we are happy to share that information on my radio program which will air 2-3pm PST on Friday, June 26th. The info to hear the show live will be up on the blog that week.

All of our shows are archived, so if you cannot catch the program live (you can ask questions during the show) it will be available afterwards from Voice America, The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today.

July 15, 2012

Dr. Lawrence Klapow discovered a “new” roundworm, or nematode, approximately 15 years ago. As with many ground-breaking discoveries, the scientific community has been slow to accept or embrace his findings, despite the fact that he was able to complete a double-blinded study in which patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were found to harbor this nematode in a surprisingly high percentage of cases. To be more specific, of 40 patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Varestrongylus klapowii (which we will now refer to as Vk) was found in over 60% of them, while not found in any of 20 controls.

This alone should stimulate researchers to delve into this area with great excitement. Unfortunately, this has not yet occurred.

While describing his findings to us at a GMA staff meeting several months ago, Dr. Klapow reminded us that the Vk worm is similar to several other nematodes that are capable of making an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. Dr. Gordon and I looked over at each other at that moment, simultaneously struck by the possibility that this would explain one of the unusual phenomena faced by patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)—–namely, the rapidity with which those patients react to chemicals or scents that set off their symptoms.

Let me explain. When a patient with MCS is exposed to an offending chemical, or scent, they will usually react almost instantly. This means that within seconds of exposure, they will experience extreme fatigue, cognitive impairment, or neurological events (spasms, tics, dystonias, even seizure-like activity). What has made this difficult to understand is that we have been viewing MCS as a form of allergy; however, no allergic reaction, even an anaphylactic reaction (e.g eating shrimp and breaking into hives or having trouble breathing) occurs that fast. Those reactions take at least 5-15 minutes to manifest. So why do MCS patients react so instantaneously?

Dr. Klapow’s suggestion, once understood, is that perhaps it is this nematode, Vk, which lives primarily in the sinus and lung tissues, that is reacting to these chemical stimuli, producing acetylcholinesterase, which, in effect acts as a kind of neurotoxin or nerve poison, producing these effects.

Intrigued by this idea, we have embarked in a research project to study this possibility.

We started by asking as many of our MCS patients as possible, if they would allow us to wash out their sinuses and allow Dr. Klapow to analyze this material for the presence of the Vk worm. As of this date (7/14/12) we have looked at 33 patients, and 30 of them have clear evidence of the Vk worm. We have looked at 5 controls, only one of whom is positive for the worm.

The first question appears to be answered: do patients with MCS have the Vk worm present? Over 90% of them do. (The three patients who tested negative are being re-tested now as well.)

Does this worm make acetylcholinesterase? We are working with several research groups and have sent them specimens for analysis. We hope to know this shortly.
Do MCS patients have an increased level of acetylcholinesterase when exposed to a chemical that we know provokes a response in them? Several of our courageous patients have volunteered to check out this possibility and we are working with several labs to provide this information for us.
Does this mean that treating a patient who has this worm might help to cure them of MCS? We do not know yet, but we are looking into this possibility with great interest.
We will keep you abreast of this exciting research being done at GMA, as it unfolds.

This study is closed to new participants. We are sorry, but most GMA studies, including this one, are open only to GMA patients. If you feel you need more information on this as a potential treatment, you or your practitioner are welcome to set up a phone or Skype consult with Dr. Nathan. Make appointments.

Dr. Nathan is unable to provide detailed information to all the patients writing to request free information on how to treat. He plans to do a write up of updated information on the progress in this study when he has enough time in his busy schedule. Thank you for understanding.
glenp 4 years ago
I wanted to thank tometonight for the info you kindly posted. I have been to South America, but I believe the hookworms in my nasal passages are currently the result of gardening in thongs or sometimes bare feet in the heat of the summer while using loads of fresh farm manure-horse, lama, chicken, cow, etc. I farm organically and don't use chemicals of any kind. On my last liver cleanse about a month ago approximately a thousand dead hookworms came out of me. I picked up a large truckload of manure last summer and have been infected now just over a year.

I have tried a saline garlic mix squirted up my nose, plus wormwood, black walnut tincture and lastly the most painful was food grade diatomaceous earth. I think I killed some but they seem relentless so I will seek out the medications u mentioned and want to thank u again. We feel the same about GP's, and if I would have listened to specialistds or GP's I'd be dead right now and my son's lungs would have been ruined by a misdiagnosis of asthma. He doesn't have asthma, but I bought the medications when he was 6 so that the doctor wouldn't take my son away from me for being an unfit mother. He is a very athletic 29 year old today. I cured my 8 large thyroid tumors by eating an alkaline diet and refused regular c treatments and I am now c free, and auto immune disease free. Cheers my friend.
TheHealthyAquarian 2 years ago
I'm not sure what's going on with me....but I'm very sensitive to touch are anything going on with my body! My cat came in and every time I petted him I would feel things jumping on me and trying to get in my nose! It was driving me crazy...my nose itched so bad, I took some lavender oil with a Qtip and wiped my nose with it and two stange very small things fell out that were almost naked to the eye that were very small flat and round trimmed in black circles! I looked the paracites up and it looked to be round worm.I have a lot of Coons that get on my porch and in their food! I was very concerned about this but thought I got them! I cleaned and scrubbed everything down in house and dewormed my cat plus treated his coat and put Damactious Earth all over the floors ,porch, animals,carpet...it's been about a month sense all this happened and now I feel like something crawling around in my sinuses! I'm tripping out now and have been blowing really hard to just get a little mucus and blood out!It could be my amagination are what they call hibby jibbys but I made a appointment with my Dr. To see if she can find anything in there! But the parisites jumping in my nose were differently round worm parasites! I take Diamatious Earth " Food Grade" daily to clean are prevent parasite infestation but do not believe it works for one inside my nose! Hope you find out what's going on with you!
Sharon4 2 years ago
Dr. Yes there is parasites that can infect every part of the body! Have you ever watched " Monsters inside Me"? True stories of people being infected with parasites ,some die and some live!There are parasites that eat your eyes, there are parasites that get in your lungs, your liver, your brain and yes your nose! There are parasites that can go right through your feet and take over your entire body!I'm confused sir you said Dr.?So many people get misdiagnosed are accused of being crazy and sometimes it's to late by the time they find the culprit! 87 percent of people have paracites and most don't know are ever will know they are there! And some do! 😟
Sharon4 2 years ago
Have you ever been to the Tropics? If so did you walk barefoot on the sand? There is a parasite worm that can penatrait right through your foot! They lay thousands of eggs witch can take over your blood, your salava and after many years of reinfecstation they can kill you! I can't remember the name of them but I'm sure you can look it up! Hope your okay but just thought I would make you aware of this!
Sharon4 2 years ago
I have had this for a long time. Same thing but blood forms and moves like a snail. I found white coral like substance sounds like spitting in my nose looks like white clouds but oxygen hardens it. Something swam behind the bridge. I believe it's making cocoons in my head. I busted one open and a sack filled with clear fluid and matter popped out. Drs won't chech. It's eating my cartilage out of my head. I've progressed using ivermectin liberally. I hope I got it but I think there is a few adults I can't get. Pain. Blood feels like acid when it hits my skin. Fighting everyday. I need help too
movingface 2 years ago
janet57 said Does anyone have info or experience with nasal parasites? I am concerned because I continue to blow out consistent pieces of mucuos that look like a small worm shape casing. However none have appeared to be alive. My medical doctor insists that they are mucous. I have seen a sinus specialist who has never heard of such a thing but was baffled by the consistent shapes. I did visit El Salvador in 05 and came back with giardia which took the medical doctors forever to diagnose. Does anyone know of someone who can help me with this dilemna?

Unfortunately, I feel I know exactly what you are talking about. Months ago I noticed a couple bumps in my sinuses. Actually it was more like very thick skin that no matter how much I flushed my sinuses, I couldn't get rid of. I finally got bold and went to town with an very sharp object and cut through it, out came the blood and then low and behold, I saw it: a live worm just under a half an inch and moving! It about blew my mind. Yes, parasites can indeed live in your sinuses. Once I broke through the biofilm it became worse. I could feel them in my mouth, and moving throughout my nasal cavities. It was horrific. I never flushed out my system more and once I did, that same week, I blew my nose and a long green string substance came out..I think it was a dead worm. There was no mucus. Just clear with that long gross green thing and I had been doing all I could to kill off the parasites. I am extremely careful now with that. I take wormwood, clove oil and black walnut oil daily. I also have ordered a Hulda Clark Zapper from someone online and am waiting for delivery. I have come to believe that parasites are more than just a common problem..more like an infestation. I consider myself a clean person..I don't walk around barefoot except at the beach...I don't have any young children so I am not exposed to daycare centers. I don't eat raw or under cooked meat. None of that. However, I do have a couple of cats and that could be the culprit. I have not seen any parasites in my nasal cavity since that fateful week when I captured one and the others were "set free" so to speak but I have no reason to believe they are gone. In fact, I now have one finger that is swelling and has a joint problem and I strongly believe one of those (or more) has migrated to that area. Parasites are experts at creating biofilm that is basically as strong as plastic. It protects them and makes them fairly undetectable in blood test. From what I have heard wild oregano oil is very helpful in removing the biofilm, clove oil is the only thing I am aware of that will kill the eggs though. Just remember if you release one they run like rats and go to the safest area in your body as to not be found. Please be careful. It is not a simple fix..it takes time and dedication. Lastly the other thing I have found very helpful is my little ozone machine. I make ozone water and add drops of the oils I mentioned earlier to a pulsed sinus irrigator. Too many drops and it hurts so if you do it, be mindful of all of that. I don't know if any of this is healthy or not so please don't rely on me. I am simply sharing what I sometimes do or have done. I have read ozone eradicates biofilm. And again..if you feel they are in your sinuses, chances are they are all over. I have read extensively about a device called a magnetic pulse by Bob Beck. (the powers that be removed his site from the internet but you can still youtube Bob Beck testimonies and find a wealth of information.) Additionally, many people make and sell magnetic pulsers on ebay, etc. Apparently it goes deep in the tissue and kills any viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus..that which doesn't belong. If you go that route, they say it doesn't matter which side of the magnet is north or south as long as it pulse. Do your research please. I have read to never ever use a magnet on you that faces south to your body or it stimulates their growth..even tumor growth if you have it. (a magnet without a pulse that is..) Also I have read that any magnet without a pulse is useless for health and only a gimmick. I don't know..just relaying what I have read and heard. I am no doctor and am not offering medical advice. I have nothing to sell to you either. I am just saying that I have personally seen a live parasite in my nose which had been living behind biofilm that was my own skin, only much thicker. Be very careful with all of this. A healthy diet is always important in keeping them at bay. But please don't think you are dirty if you have them or even unusual. From what I have read they are an epidemic all over the world..not just 3rd world countries. Ludicrous. Good luck to you.. take care of yourself and do all you can to not allow them to spread, even if means allowing them to live in the biofilm in your sinus cavity before you see a doctor who believes you or have all you need to remove them in other areas. And be careful who you tell. My own mother thought I was crazy and to this day that subject is off limits. I know what I saw though and nothing can change my mind. Again, I am sharing my experience and what I have done..definitely not offering medical advice or trying to sell you anything. You are not crazy though. Take care.
Frouziev 6 months ago
Thanks for the post. Just wanted to say that
Walking on the beach barefoot or sitting on the sand
Can be a problem if the beach allows animals
- because the defecation matter can release hookworms
That can burrow into your skin.
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simone717 6 months ago
Nose; formication, crawling; insects, as from

Boger's General Analysis 7; nose and sinuses

Nose; formication, crawling; worms, as from; root

Nose; discharge; crusts, scabs; plugs, elastic

Mind; delusions, imaginations; bugs, insects, of

Mind; delusions, imaginations; insects

Mind; delusions, imaginations; worms; bugs, insects, and
anuj srivastava 5 months ago

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