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Enlarged liver

I had a cat scan a couple of weeks ago and have I have an enlarged liver and a 6 mm kidney stone. I am being tested now for hepatitis but, because of the doctor shortage here in Canada, it will be another 3 weeks before I will be able to get the test results. Meanwhile, I would very much like to begin taking some form of treatment to help me feel better.
My symptoms are as follows:
1. Stomach cramps. They are sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right. The pain reminds me of a labour contraction in that it seems to encircle my entire lower stomach and gains strength and then recedes.
2. Stomach pains. Almost in the centre of my stomach area, just below the ribs, but a little bit towards the right side. It is a dull pain and only lasts for a minute or two.
3. Headaches. Beginning at the base of my skull at the back of my neck and then through my head and stabbing pain behind the right eye.
4. Chronic fatigue. THis relly feels like the worst symptom. I might feel fine for an hour and then suddenly, my eyes will want to close and all I want to do is sleep. Every movement or thought requires too much effort.
5. Lower back pain on the right side. Very sharp pain and almost constant. Never seems to completely go away.

My eating habits are poor and i am working hard to improve. I am eating steamed vegetables and fruits. I drink coffee in the morning, sometimes 2 large cups. For breakfast I will have a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of soy milk. For lunch, steamed vegetables and I very often skip dinner. It seems that it takes a long time for me to entirely digest a meal so I have a full feeling for a long time after I eat.

I would appreciate any good suggestions. I'm finding it more and more difficult to function at my job and to do even the smallest chores at home. The fatigue is, for me, the worst symptom.
  ally54 on 2006-11-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I wanted to add to my post.
I thought I should mention that I am 52 years old and going through menopause. I suffer from severe and frequent hot flashes.

I don't know if it is important, but I also have psoriasis on both my right and left elbow (but worse on my right elbow) and inside my right ear.

My r
ally54 last decade
Case Taking Sheet Part 1

GENERAL SYMPTOMS (Related to you in person)

Age: Sex: Built: Occupation:

1. Do you have any strange, rare, peculiar, unusual or personal symptom, feeling or a recurring thought?
2. Write down all your marked mental symptoms taking the guidelines as suggested below:

- Deliriums, Hallucinations, Fancies or Illusions.
- Dominant emotions in your temperament ( depressed, angry, shame, jealous, absent mindedness, fickle mindedness, hurry, agreeable, arguing, moody, suspicion, others.. etc )
- Your fears and recurring dreams.
- Loss in memory if at all (names, words, streets etc.)
- Propensities ( tendency to do/think about a certain act)

3. Your response to changes in environment

- Feel worse in the morning / afternoon / evening / night.
- Feel worse in cold or hot weather / climates.
- Feel worse in stormy or calm weather.
- Feel worse in dry or damp weather.
- Feel worse in motion / touch / jar / any particular position.
- Feel worse in bright light / loud sound / sharp smell etc.

4. What are your cravings and aversions in food?

- Cravings:
- Aversions:

5. Describe your menstrual affections ( if any )

- symptoms before / during / after
- early / late
- scanty / excessive

6. Write down the diseases running in your family.
7. Write down if you notice any abnormality with your sleep, hunger, thirst and bowel movements.
8. What are the various diseases / surgery which you have overcome from in your life and do you think your present illness is having a relation to the disease or after effects of the drugs taken during the time.

Case Taking Sheet Part - 2

PARTICULAR SYMPTOMS (Related to the parts affected in your body)

9. Do you have any strange, rare, peculiar, unusual or personal symptom, feeling or a recurring pain in the affected parts?
10. Describe your physical sufferings in the specific locations.
11. How does the suffering / pain get aggravated or ameliorated with the changing environment as suggested below:
- Time ( morning, afternoon, evening, night)
- Hot, cold, dry and wet environments.
- Touch, pressure, motion, jar, position, rubbing etc.

12. Do you think there is a specific pattern of occurance of the suffering with regard to time, period or any internal biological changes in the body?
rishimba last decade
Thank you for your interest rishimba.
I am a 52 year old female, about 5' 8', medium build. I work as an administrative assistant for a personal injury law firm.
Re: Case Taking Sheet Part - 1

1. I have no strange, rare, peculiar, unusual or personal symptom or recurring thoughts.

2. The dominant emotions in my temperament are fear and sadness. Fear of dying, fear of losing people I love, fear of being alone.....I've suffered from depression for 10 years, off and on. I have a recurring dream where there are kittens or puppies or babies that i have neglected. They are ill and dying and I am feeling guilty for neglecting them. Only once have I had a severe loss of memory and that was recently. I was walking home and suddenly I forgot where I was and where I was going. It lasted for only a minute or two.

3. I feel worse in the late afternoon through to the evening and in cold, dark weather. I love bright light and loud sounds make me nervous. I don't like being in a room where more than one person is talking. I become very irritable and can't focus on anything if there is too much noise.

4. I crave sweets, particularly mints and chocolate and I dislike dairy milk.

5. I am menopausal and suffer from severe and frequent hot flashes.

6. My mother has high blood pressure and my grandmother on my father's side died at an early age of heart failure.

7. I wake often through the night, about every two hours. I am not hungry very often. Occasionally if I have a nap in the afternoon I will wake up with a very strong craving for something sweet, other than that I don't care about food. It seems I either have diahhrea with a lot of mucous or I am constipated. It's very rare to have a normal bowel movement.

8. As a newborn I had a complete blood transfusion because my mother had RH negative blood and my father RH positive. My tonsils were removed at the age of five. I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever at the age of ten. At the age of 20, when I gave birth to my son, I hemmorhaged and had a D & C and a blood transfusion. At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with depression and the doctor put me on nefazadone and imovane for about 3 years. When I was 50, he again diagnosed me with depression and put me on Paxil for one year. At the age of 54 I had cysts in my uterus and had surgery to remove the cysts and to burn the lining of my uterus. Thereafter, my menses stopped. I am concerned that the enlarged liver might be from the drugs I took for depression.

Re: Case Taking Sheet Part - 2

9. The exhaustion and sleepiness is the most recurring feeling I have. It will hit me suddenly for no reason that I can think of and will last for the rest of the day making it very difficult for me to function.

10. Back
The pain in my lower back, on the right side, feels like a bruise. It is always there, but sometimes it is so bad that I can hardly bear it. Nothing seems to help when it becomes that bad.

Head and Neck
The pain in my neck and over my head, behind my right eye begins with a stiff neck on the right side and then a sharp pain behind my right eye. This results in a bad headache and dizzy feeling. It has been with me almost every day for the past 3 to 4 weeks.

Occasionally I will have a very sharp pain that lasts for only a few seconds on the left or right side of my stomach. On other occasions it will throb, particularly if I am laying on my side. On other occasions it is almost like a contraction and this can last for an hour or more. I have the feeling at that time that I would have diahhrea, but it does not happen. Some mornings when I wake up, there is a heavy feeling in my stomach, as though everything has been pushed up and now has to come down.

11. The pain in my lower back is aggravated when I touch it.

12. I can't think of any specific pattern.

Thank you again for your interest and I would appreciate any help you can give me.
ally54 last decade
-do you like being consoled during your tough times or do you like being alone all by yourself.
rishimba last decade
I prefer to be alone and sleeping during my tough times.

P.S. when I re-read my post I note that I made some mistakes. I was 46 the second time I was diagnosed with depression and I was 48 when the cysts were removed from my uterus. I also forgot to tell you that when I turned 50 I was diagnosed with C-Difficile.

I was tired again when I posted and obviously that answers the question of whether or not I have a loss of memory.
ally54 last decade
on any one day, take 3 doses of NAT MUR 200C at 4 hours interval in empty stomach.

come back for a follow up dose after 15 days, with your status if required.
rishimba last decade
Thank you rishimba.

I live in a small town and it is difficult to find Nat Mur. I have Nat Mur 30c at home and I wonder if I can take that instead of 200c I want to begin treatment immediately.
ally54 last decade
please begin with NAT MUR 30C.

take 3 doses at 3 hours interval and wait for the changes for the next 7 days.

meanwhile, order for NATMUR 200C as this is the right potency for you.

you will take NAT MUR 200C after 7 days if you feel that their is absolutely no change with 30c potency.

Else, wait for the improvements and take 200c when the improvements stop.
rishimba last decade

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