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ATTN: Mr. De Livera/Dr. Sajjad/rishimba/rajivprasad 2


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ATTN: Mr. De Livera/Dr. Sajjad/rishimba/rajivprasad

I had posted my symptoms under another thread, but only got responses from dr.deshlok and gavin murthy, which were conflicting, hence I am confused. I was looking for another opinion. Here's the thread, where I have posted my symptoms and a long questionairre abt my personality, etc. and where the responses of mr. murthy and dr.deshlok are present.
I have also posted my symptoms below.

Here are my symptoms :

I am of South Asian descent, age 20, male, living in canada, 73 kg, 5ft 6 inches.

I presently have a lot of scales stuck to my scalp. They are generally white in colour, at times off-white or greyish/light brown. they are not evident in my hair like dandruff, they are just stuck to my scalp. These are extremely itchy and the temptation of itching is too
much. Once I itch it is often better but it doesnt solve the problem. The itching is all
over my head but especially stinging/unbearable at the top of the head near the crown and
towards the front.

Its not like dandruff flakes where the scales are loose. They are stuck to the scalp. Sometimes there are acne like bumps on my head but not very often and not a lot, just the
odd one here and there.When I scratch my scalp at the area of scales, often 5-6 hairs come out attached to a scale/flake.

My scalp is very oily and so are my hair. My scalp sweats quite easily. Therefore when it is hot, it sweats adn gets oily and the itchiness increases. If i dont shampoo my hair for one day, then the hair and scalp become extremely oily and unmanageable. When they are oily, the hair fall out much easier and also the scalp gets even more itchy. Also when the hair are oily, they tend to bunch together and cover the scalp even less.

I also feel that when I am stressed, the scalp gets oilier quicker, scalp itches more and hair fall out even easier. This is also increased at night, the oiliness of the scalp and the itching. When I wake up the hair and scalp are also more oily and unmanageable and very hard to comb/style. I do not use any kind of gels, hair sprays, mousses, conditioners,etc.

My hair are extremely thin. I lose hair in pretty much every section of my head. The centre
of the head and the top of the head, the crown, especially also the sides of the head-
temples where I have lost a significant amount and the hair are also thinner hear altho they are extremely thin all over. as well as near the forehead and back of the head in the upper neck area.

whenever i touch my head a hair or two fall. Whenever I run my hands through my hair a few easily fall out. when i take a bath loads fall out when shampooing or when applying anything topical like oil,etc. when i towel dry again lots of hair fall out. The hair that falls out,
always has a white scale attached at its root, adn mostly the part closest to the root of the fallen hair is white. After shampooing and washing my hair, the itching is temporarily relieved and after I have dried my hair they dont fall off that easily.

Often when my scalp itches, my skin, esp my face also itches. But nowhere on my body do I have any kind of rashes, patches, serious outbreaks,etc.My back itches quite a lot and there are sometimes acne like bumps on it and scales most of the times. My face often gets red and dry patches (this mostly is the case at night, or when I have a cold or am sneezing) . Also my face often gets really dry after washing it. This dryness is often very irritating and lotion doesnt help it. These dry patches on my face are around the mouth and under the eyes easily shed and the scales are white. Sometimes the patches under my eyes when they shed the skin have a stinging/burning sensation and become red. There is also some similar
white scales attached in the inside of my ear but not very many or visible.Also there is
quite a bit of itching all over my body.

I have also lost some hair in the genital area and there are small hairless patches in areas where I have facial hair. also areas with facial hair also itch often.
There is no pus or such on the scalp and no real redness or swelling either. I am
hypersensitive. ie, my skin gets swollen easily due to a mosquito bite and very sensitive to change in temperatures. I have allergies as well as I am mostly sniffling. My bouts of cold
and sneezing are frequent and strong and my nose is often running. I take a multivitamin
pretty much daily.

The hair loss/scalp scales-itching condition has worsened in the last two-three years and especially bad in the last year. I do not know if this has anything to do with it but moved from Pakistan to Canada about 4 years ago when I was 16. My hair has been falling since I was 14 or 15, but has greatly accelerated in the last two or three years. I have a history of dandruff which was extremely stubborn and I was never able to get rid of
it using either head and shoulders, selsun blue, nizoral or any other dandruff shampoo.

More recently I have used sebcur (shampoo with salicylic acid) and stieprox (Ciclopirox
Olamine). None of these helped. I have used a corticosteriod shampoo called clobex (clobetasol) which is for scalp psoriasis. This has not significantly improved my condition, however it is the only thing that moderately relieves the itching and sometimes reduces the scales . However as soon as I stop using it regularly, all the scales build up again and the
itching returns. Medicines for sebhorreic dermatitis have not helped me. The corticosteroid
i've taken for scalp psoriasis is the only thing that has helped only slightly as mentioned above. Also there is nothing that has stopped or slowed the hair loss.

I do not know the exact scalp condition I have as no dermatologist has given me a definitive diagnosis. It looks like scalp psoriasis but i am not sure.

I also have a genetic history of hair loss. My father is bald and my brother who is 31 is almost bald too. However usually male pattern hair loss is near the crown and near the
forehead near the hair line which is where my father and brother have lost hte most hair. But my hair loss is a combination of my scalp condition as well as genetics as the hair falls in all areas of my scalp.

My height is 5 feet 6 inches and I am relatively short, as both my dad and my brother have a decent height. Due to my height and my hair loss I often have low self-esteem and stress. Since the past 7-8 months I have to urinate often. It feels like I cannot hold my urine in. I mean I often feel like I have to urinate but when I go, there's not much accumulated. I do not have significant thirst and dont drink too much water.

I do not consume any alcohol.
I eat quite a bit of meat, mostly chicken but also a lot of beef. However I regularly have vegetables and fruits as well. I usually sleep late at night and am stressed at times due to university work.

Also I generally have bad breath in the morning (even after I brush...its not something with my teeth or gums as I visit the dentist regularly). Especially when I am hungry or dont eat for a while, my breath is quite bad. This is also hereditary as my dad also has the same problem.

Please let me know names, dosage and frequency of the medicines I should take.

I apologize for all the details, but I felt that all these details were necessary to explain my condition. I look forward to getting a response here.
  avid123 on 2006-11-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I do not know about the recommendation of others. I suggest you to take Natrum Mur 6x, 5 tablets four times daily for 15 days. If no improvement then contact again.

sajjadakram635 last decade

SOMETHING on 'Psorinum' :
Psorinum digs deeper into the back-ground of Skin disorders (for literal meaning = even previous births or say hereditary factor). Psor. with careful periodical repeated doses, eliminates tendencies (family-histories) of Skin disorders, which includes the innocent tendency to have skin darkening with age (that is mal-nutrition and mal-absorption in the G.I.Tract).

For understanding 'Psorasis' and treatment modalities, please read the following link :

titled : 'Psoriasis From three Years' .... From yogita2003 on 2006-03-21
'It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read other INFORMATIVE articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade
that was the confusion on my previous post...one person recommended nat mur 200 and the other recommended psorinum 1m...so what should i do?

and dr. sajjad, dr.deshlok suggested one dose of nat mur 200 due to the severity of the problem...so whats your take on that?
avid123 last decade
Hi! Patient from Canada

20 year old I have experience with my daughter who is 23 now. She had similar problem She went to India for a music program and some reason or other she experienced the same problem posted by this gentleman of 20 years

one Dr Rajni Shah specialised in hair loss program gave a prescription of homeopathy and a shampoo for 4 weeks Now HER SYMPTOMS ARE COMPLETELY CURED AND SHE IS BACK IN NORMAL Of course the reason for improvement and prescription is only proper diagnosis and right medicine I suggest you may also contact Dr Rajni Shah in Mumbai His fees is US 150/00 for first consultation and medicine 3 months program Cure is definite and you will benormal within 4 weeks

Best of Luck

hare krishna mani
radhekrishna last decade
so who has the verdict on the conflict b/w psorinum and nat mur, and dr.sajjad, if it is nat mur then should i take 6x or 200 given that my problem is chronic and quite severe. thanks
avid123 last decade
Start taking Natrum Mur 6x and then go up if 6x stop further relief.

sajjadakram635 last decade
so 20 tablets a day (5 at a time?)
also any specific times...like morning, before/after meal,etc.
avid123 last decade
Yes 5 tablets every three hours four times daily and if it is not possible for you then twice daily,morning and night.Before or after meal makes no difference.
sajjadakram635 last decade
To me it seems like a dose set of PSORINUM 1M ( 2 doses at 1/2 hour interval )

Note symptoms for the next 20 days.

Do not take COFFEE during the treatment.
rishimba last decade
a dose set (2 doses) means 4 tablets and then 4 more tablets half hour later? and to be taken on one day only?

also can i drink tea during that period instead of coffee? and someone else had indicated not to use perfumes/colognes during that period when psorinum has been used.
avid123 last decade
this is starting to seem like my previous thread...psorninum vs nat mur.
avid123 last decade
i dont know if i mentioned this in my symptoms, but my body seems to itch all over. there are not scales/eruptions/redness where it itches, it jus itches at random places (back, forearm, hip, stomach,etc. ) and it is quite irritating as i cannot avoid scratching
avid123 last decade
Dear Avid 123

Well in order for you to get some relief from medications, please fast for one day without any food and medications and try if it works. As per one of my friend's medical history, he was advised to FAST FOR ONE DAY WITHOUT FOOD AND MEDICINES so that the earlier medicines will work for the body His conditions cured after the fast Of course you MUST SPEAK TO YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR IN CANADA, if you have one and act suitably.

My recommendations is that you must call Dr Rajni Shah in Mumbai and speak to him to suggest a suitable remedy for you

The forum doctors are well experienced and their recommendations and suggestions are always good subject to the consitution of the body and application of prescriptions

call if you need I am in Ottawa

Yours well wishers from Ottawa canada

hare krishna mani
radhekrishna last decade
thanks for your suggestion. but i have tried that on several occassions and it has not helped me in this regard.
avid123 last decade
i recently noticed this...the hair on the outer sections of my shins (both left and right) has also gradually fallen, very little left, which is very thin. (somehow this is kind of symmetrical) and also my facial hair hav gradually become really thin and there are quite a few small hairless areas on my chin/face.
avid123 last decade
dr.sajjad...i checked my local stores and they only hav nat mur 30ch. can i take that and if so what is the dosage i should take and for how long.
avid123 last decade
Dear Dr Sajjad

Is it the Biochemic Nat Mur, you are suggesting, if yes, please mention it, otherwise the patient may get confused


sazim last decade
Sazim's comment is really true on prescriptions. This is what I mentioned several times to the forum My success with Joe's prescriptions were his diagnosis of my constitution and recommendation of prscription May not be suitable but with detailed discussion Homeopathy can really absoultely give solutions to all problems except surgery
My experience with homeopathy for the last 22 years is the proof of it. I suffered ith over 13 symptoms in my body and many of it were cured with Joe's prescriptions PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND PROPER HERING AND OBEDIENCE helped me to overcome all difficulties and now by God's grace I am end up with only one major problem ELEVATED ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE
radhekrishna last decade
Dear Avid 123,
You are not in good shape...but medicines suggested by my friends will only work if you take Mercurius ...one dose every Sunday...for three consective Sunday's. (Bad breath is an indication of a miasm being present).

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
what is the difference between regular nat mur and biochemic nat mur and how do i find out wich one it is when i am buying it?
avid123 last decade
If you are confused with natrum mur ,you can take slenium 3x,one tablet thrice daily and intercurrent with mercurius.It will also help you.
sajjadakram635 last decade
It is Selenium.

sajjadakram635 last decade
wich one do u think is better for my case....selenium or nat mur (because nat mur is available, but just in 30c, so i just wanted to know the dosage of that )
avid123 last decade
I would like to change the prescription.Natrum mur 30c,one dose every week and selenium 3x,one tablet thrice daily. If natrum mur 3x is available then still you can tke with selenium.It will speed up the cure.

sajjadakram635 last decade
3x is not available, but i found out that nat mur 6x is available . so will 6x be better for me or 30c?
and if i buy 6x and take it along with the selenium, should i keep the same dosage you had prescribed earlier ?

thing about my area is that most medicines are available only in 30c
avid123 last decade

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