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My 2 month old grandson was on Nutramegent soy milk for about 2 week, when he broke out with dry, coarse skin on his back, arms, and legs.

He constantly whines unless you carry him or rock him to sleep. At night his crying is like a cry of distress.

The doctors aren't giving us any satisfaction what do you recommend?
  sendenthomas on 2006-12-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Check out this thread for a discussion of similar cases:


sounds like the baby is reacting to soy to me, not uncommon. is so, he cannot have that formula as it is harming him.

john34 last decade
I think the behavior of a 2 month old baby that you described, other than the eczema, sounds normal to me. Babies are SUPPOSED to have their mothers near at night. Crying in distress could be because he wants his mommy. She should try holding him for at least 20 minutes after he falls asleep before laying him down, or else SAFE cosleeping which will help him not to be scared at night.
If she is interested in relactating, breast milk sounds like the best option for this baby. Go to lalecheleague dot org and look for a local leader who can give you information about induced lactation.
And I am interested in the eczema thing as well, because my son and I have it (he is 2 1/2 and breastfed but for some reason he has it - not sure if it's some of the food he is eating or some other thing).

FYI Soy formula has been linked to reproductive problems.
amyphilo last decade
food protiens apparently survive into breatmilk. My wife had to go on an ultra restricted diet for 2 years while she breastfed my son. If she at something like fish or milk, he would vomit and get sick after breastfeeding. somehow the breastmilk remembers what mom ate. so, your diet is his diet has well, literally.

John g
john34 last decade
Yes, I know - it is just that he has just recently gotten it and he is over 2 years old. So it's hard to tell if he is getting it from table food, contact with something, or something new I am eating.

And the one on me - is only in one spot on my body - I am not even sure if it's eczema, yeast, or something else.

As for my son, my 2 month old baby who is breastfeeding has no eczema, so I am guessing with my 2 year old it must be something else.
amyphilo last decade
Oh yeah, for the original poster - I find that one really easy way to get my baby to go to sleep is to wear him in a baby wrap. If your grandson's mommy wants to learn how - she should go to wearyourbaby dot com or maybe thebabywearer dot com
I can even carry my baby on my back now, and it's great for the mall! Or anywhere really. He goes to sleep this way, and I can keep carrying him, or else after a while, take him out gently and lay him down and he sleeps longer that way.
amyphilo last decade
We have been giving him breastmilk and he still seem fussy especially at night. He will scream (shriek) for 3-5 miniutes after feed and nothing we do will console him.

The he is fine after 3-5 minutes but he will not lie down. He seems as if he wants to throw up but doesn't. I really think the doctors are missing it. They seem to think that he has acid reflux.

We are at wits end.
sendenthomas last decade
our son was like that before the eczema outbreak (for several months). it is a sign of allergy/intolerance. Mom may have to go on a really restricted diet then breastfeed, to give his gi tract a chance to recover. He could be highly allergic like our son, in which case he will react to food proteins in breastmilk. remember it can take at a minimum several days for the allergic protien to clear mom's system. I know its tough, but, what you do in the next few weeks will have a huge impact on the child's future. the more he gets exposed to allergens, the worse his condition will get. my wife ate just a few meats (chicken and turkey) some fruits (no citris) and greans for a long time. it was hell, but somehow the baby would react to anything. In the end it was worth it though, he appears to have healed. find a really good homeopathy as soon as possible. don't use antacids or other drugs if you can help it....

john34 last decade
Also I have heard that for a quicker elimination diet, you can go on a really restricted diet and slowly introduce foods back in to see what was causing it. There is information on this on askdrsears dot com as well as probably drjacknewman dot com.

Is the mother nursing or bottle feeding expressed breast milk? That can make a difference with fussiness and reflux - if he has reflux then he needs small frequent feedings at the breast and to be elevated after feedings.

If the baby is getting bottles sometimes the flow can be too fast or the caregiver might be overfeeding the baby and causing excess fussiness.

But around 2 months, most babies get extremely fussy because their intestines must colonize with bacteria. Also 2 months is a common period of fussiness because of growth spurts. And my ped. said she thinks that their neurons have to make connections around that time that could cause fussiness.

If the baby doesn't want to lie down, there is a special bed called the Amby baby (it's kind of like a hammock) swing that is safe for sleeping for a few months anyway. You can read about that on askdrsears dot com. It keeps them elevated and doesn't cause flat head.

I like Dr. Sears for sleep advice and advice for the fussy baby. But either way, the mother usually knows what is really wrong with the baby. She knows the baby best. So trust your instincts and I hope that the homeopathy and / or elimination diet works for her.

Keep in mind that even if she does an elimination diet, the mother needs adequate calories and plenty of fluids to keep herself healthy and keep up the milk supply.
amyphilo last decade
I've been through this also. My daughter started getting eczema at 2 months of age, also.

I went on a very strict elimination diet (as John described) consisting of 3 foods and my daughter still had problems with eczema and her bowel movements.

Eventually she was put on Alimentum (specialized formula for food allergies and colic) and did really good on it.

But, she continued to get eczema. She's finally healed with a combination of probiotics, Essential Fatty Acids and, most importantly, homeopathy.

I'd suggest trying to find a very good homeopath.

I wish I'd tried it sooner because I probably would not have had to give up nursing.

As an aside, I carried my babies (three daughters) almost constantly for the first 9 or 10 months of their lives. It is natural for them to want to be physically close to their mothers, particularly if the child is feeling discomfort (and eczema is horrible) or pain.

I wish you luck. This was one of the most difficult things I've ever gone through. :(
josiewales last decade

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